Fulfillment is growing and gaining popularity thanks to the explosive growth of e-commerce. Accordingly, most trade transactions are automated to make buying and selling quicker and more straightforward, leading to increased orders. Therefore, to satisfy customers’ needs and optimize their business in this direction requires a prompt and timely response from the logistics and supply chain industry. And you wouldn’t be able to do this without the best Shopify fulfillment apps.

The best Shopify fulfillment apps are born as an inevitable with many outstanding advantages, promising to be an indispensable factor in many business activities. However, do you understand fulfillment and support applications yet? This post will answer any remaining questions you may have with the following sections:

  • The definition and importance of fulfillment
  • Benefits of using the best Shopify fulfillment apps
  • Who should use the Shopify fulfillment app? 
  • Top 7 best Shopify fulfillment apps review
  • How to find the right app for your store

Let’s get started now!

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What Is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is the process that starts from the moment the goods are entered into the warehouse until the buyer receives the product, including picking up from the seller, storing, processing the order, and picking up the goods from the warehouse, packed and shipped to the correct customer’s address. 

In other words, fulfillment on behalf of sellers does all the work related to inventory management, order processing, and shipping, making sure products reach customers (shoppers) more quickly. Fulfillment is also known by many different names, such as product distribution centers or logistics.

Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps

As mentioned above, the arrival of fulfillment is an inevitable consequence of the strong growth of the internet and e-commerce. That strong development also brings many problems for the business that the completion itself is solving very well, in which there are generally three core problems. So what are the issues, and how has fulfillment been resolved?

  • Manage and reduce inventory costs. The role of fulfillment in this issue is warehouse leasing, full-service service before and after the order arises at a more preferential price. Thanks to that, the company saves about half of warehouse costs, staff costs, and time to focus on business activities.
  • Have a balance of seller interests and buyer’s satisfaction. Best Shopify fulfillment apps arrange and professionally process orders to deliver on time and in the correct quantity to buyers and collect money for the seller if required. Thus, the seller can sell the goods and make a precise profit without wasting time processing and delivering the goods while the buyer is satisfied to receive the goods on time.
  • Cross-border sales. With fulfillment, it can be easier for businesses to export online. Many fulfillment companies have branches located in many countries, maximizing the business’s need to expand when the domestic market has saturated.

Who Should Use The Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps?

All Shopify e-commerce businesses can use the best Shopify fulfillment applications such as efficient inventory management and fulfillment solutions. Depending on the size and available resources, sellers can choose the following fulfillment method:

  • In-house fulfillment: In which the company owns its warehouse and at the same time manages activities related to inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment. This form is suitable for a large-scale company or a new company that does not have many customers and orders. 
  • Dropship: Dropship is very suitable for people who like to sell various items and do not want to spend money on warehouses and goods handling activities; just invest in marketing activities to increase brand reputation. However, it can be seen that the risk comes from the supplier’s quality; if not careful, it will lose customers and affect the store’s reputation. 
  • Outsourced fulfillment: This is a form where the sellers/companies outsource service from fulfillment companies. The fulfillment company performs all cargo-related operations, including picking up, storing, order processing, delivering, and collecting on behalf of the seller.

What Can The Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps Do For Your Store?

The Fulfillment Process

A fulfillment service process takes place according to the following procedure: Receiving goods from the seller -> Storage -> Handling when an order arises -> Delivery -> Collection if required -> Handling after-sales requests (such as return, exchange).

But instead of having to do all the steps in the process manually, the best Shopify fulfillment apps can help you in so many ways. Not only do they recommend the best service providers at affordable prices, but these fulfillment applications offer a wide range of automation features. That means they provide services that help you fill your order quickly and easily. Put simply, it is like doing dropshipping through Amazon or AliExpress.

More than that, when you put yourself in the shoes of your customers, you’ll want to be able to track your order. And that’s precisely why you need them. Mainly they allow your customer to control the order, such as knowing where his order is, when it is delivered, etc. 

Besides, these Shopify fulfillment apps will ensure your orders are delivered in good condition and on time. This will be the key to helping you retain customers and build trust with your brand. This means that both the lifetime value of your customers and the long-term profitability of your business will increase.

In short, the benefits of the fulfillment application are enormous; at least, it saves time and delivers customer satisfaction. All you need to do is find the right app for your store. To do that, you can not skip the section below.

Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps Review 2021

Monthly pricing Ease of use Automatic features Real-time tracking update Filter orders Overall
Easy Fulfillment Free to install 4/5 4 /5 N/A 4/5
Fulfillrite Free to install 5/5 5 /5 5/5
Auto Fulfill $10



4/5 5/5 4,5/5
Fulfill Sync Free


5/5 4/5 4,5/5
ShipBob Fulfillment Free to install 5 /5 5/5 5/5
Amazon FBA Shipping $25

($20 for each extra Amazon Marketplace)

4/5 5 /5 N /A 4/5
Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment Free




5 /5 5/5 N/A 4,5/5


Easy Fulfillment

Easy Fulfillment Shopify App

Rating: 5.0 (86 reviews)

Are you having too much trouble shipping your order? Don’t worry because everything will be quickly resolved with Easy Fulfillment by Ship Hero. As one of the best Shopify fulfillment apps with close to 100 5-star customer reviews, Easy Fulfillment allows you to automatically use a carrier to store and ship products for your online store. In other words, there is no cost of keeping the goods or renting a warehouse, and delivering the goods to the customer is fast. 

Indeed, when using this application, you will save most of your time. Instead of spending time on inventory management or manual shipping, you spend more time marketing your business and serving your customers more. Besides, this is also a cost-effective way for yourself by reducing cargo storage space and staff costs required for fulfillment. 

And yet, it will sync all of your inventory with your online store. That means you’ll never over-sell your products. As soon as you install the Easy Fulfillment, the order completion process is in place. You can continue to access all essential data in the application, such as real-time inventory and shipment tracking or order updates, without affecting inventory operations. In short, with the intuitive dashboard, you can track orders, invoices, or even payments with ease.


  • There are many conveniently located warehouses across the United States. 
  • No minimum order quantity is required. 
  • Orders are made by third parties, helping to save time and costs. 
  • Provide real-time warehouse synchronization with your online store.
  • Track invoices and payments on one dashboard


  • The customer care team responded late. 
  • Advanced features not included.


The app is entirely free to download with no additional setup fees. However, you will be charged the order fees and the storage space you use for your products.


Fulfillrite Shopify App

Rating: 5.0 (64 reviews)

Outsourcing brings many benefits to retailers in the e-commerce market. And Fulfillrite will be the perfect choice for you as it provides end-to-end fulfillment services for e-commerce companies. Specifically, it integrates its intelligent systems with your online store and provides services such as order processing, packaging, returns, or inventory storage. So you can focus on core business activities without spending much time on order fulfillment. 

In particular, Fulfillrite is highly suitable for small and medium businesses because it is ready to serve with a minimum of 40 orders per month and a maximum of 40 SKUs. Besides, the application can do many different categories of goods, including technology, electronics, accessories, consumer goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and clothing. You can access a customer portal to manage shipments, orders, inventory, and more. The app also allows you to control the shipping methods to track prices simultaneously on the same dashboard. 

In short, Fulfillrite is not an application that offers too many features, but nod gives you safety, efficiency, and cost optimization with in-house fulfillment. Even if you are a small business with limited capital, you can participate in this world-class fulfillment network.


  • Provide efficient order fulfillment services. 
  • Delivery of the day for requests received at 2 pm
  • Track orders and inventory with the innovative scanner
  • Capable of handling complex items, including products requiring additional assembly. 
  • Support your customer to return the item.
  • Ease of use and excellent customer support.


  • There are still restrictions on control and order management.


Free to download. Contact Fulfillrite for fulfillment fees, postage, and storage fees for individual products and orders.

Auto Fulfill

Autofulfill Shopify Fulfillment App

Rating: 4.9 (87 reviews)

In addition to the basic fulfillment features like the Shopify fulfillment app list above, Auto Fulfill has a more distinctive feature. It allows you to automatically mark when orders have been completed, which keeps your store up to date on your records. This is especially suitable for dropshipping stores or multiple vendors. 

Specifically, with independent operations such as automatically sending orders to suppliers, Auto Fulfill saves you time and effort when placing orders on the website. Moreover, it also provides an intuitive control panel that includes many functions that help you and your suppliers’ track and updates your order list. Any changes made to your order can be easily edited or added to the order notes. The suppliers can then take over quickly without affecting the fulfillment process. 

Probably, this is one of the applications with the most powerful automation features. It allows you to spend more time on marketing and other business activities. At the same time, customers also benefit from the freedom to track order information and be satisfied with your store’s fast and professional service.


  • Provide powerful automation features. 
  • Allow you to update customer information with automatic update of order status. 
  • No need to use a CSV file for order listing
  • Providers can quickly manually enter information and track updates. 
  • Easily mark completed orders without any human intervention.


  • Customer support needs improvement.

Pricing: 7-day free trial.

  • Small: $10/month
  • Medium: $20/month
  • Large: $30/month
  • Custom: $30/month

For more details on each plan, see here.

Fulfill Sync: Bulk fulfillment

Fulfill Sync Is One Of The Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps

Rating: 4.7 (76 reviews)

One of the best Shopify fulfillment apps, Fulfill Sync: Bulk fulfillment, was released by the Stock Sync team. Thousands of online e-commerce stores trust this auto-fulfillment tool, and it now offers more than 30 million order tracking codes. 

Why? With Fulfill Sync, instead of manually updating your tracking code and order processing, you’ll receive order tracking shipping files from your suppliers automatically. Just find the order number from this file, and you will be able to easily track and update the execution status. 

In addition, tracking codes will be activated through Shopify’s default email for buyers. If you want to connect directly, Fulfill Sync can also accommodate full support like SFTP, direct link, email, FTP, and more. Furthermore, the application supports a wide range of formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX, and XML, thanks to the 3PL communicators. 

In short, like the other apps on the list, Fulfill Sync saves you not only time but also effort. All orders are processed automatically, without the need for you to update each order. It is also easy to track orders after the fulfillment is created and financial status updates.


  • Automatically match orders and update tracking code. 
  • Include email notifications for tracking number updates. 
  • Support many connection formats and methods. 
  • Provide the ability to filter orders by status. 
  • Update financial status after the order is completed automatically.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Have quick customer support.


  • There could be an error uploading excel files. 
  • The automatic features are not compelling yet.


  • FulfillSync Credit: Free to install
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month

In the beginning, use the free plan to make sure the app works and works for your Shopify store. Then with unlimited plans, you will have infinite fulfillment.

ShipBob Fulfillment

ShipBob Best Shopify Fulfillment App

Rating: 4.7 (43 reviews)

ShipBob Fulfillment is an e-commerce fulfillment solution from developer ShipBob. With ShipBob, you don’t need to schedule a pick-up or delivery to a shipping company. Instead, your products will be managed directly from the ShipBob warehouse. That means the app will help you get products to your customers quickly and easily without your intervention. 

In addition, each item in the ShipBob warehouse is cataloged, which gives you easy access to product codes and sales management. When integrating ShipBob with the online store, the app will automatically synchronize customer orders, then pack and ship in two days. Best of all, you don’t need any coding knowledge to use this app. Everything is done with a few clicks and detailed instructions from ShipBob Fulfillment. 

Of course, your customers will also be pleased to track their orders and ensure that the charges they’ve paid for are being delivered. Also, if you are in the United States, the good news is that ShipBob accepts products from the US to anywhere in the world. That means you can sell across borders without any geographic restrictions.


  • Easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. 
  • Real-time order and information synchronization 
  • Same-day shipping and coverage for two days
  • Provide advanced reports and filters. 
  • Capable of shipping from the United States to anywhere in the world. 
  • Powerful inventory management features.


  • The fee is quite expensive. 
  • Customer support is not good.


The app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay per completed order, inventory storage fees, and a few other custom projects.

Amazon FBA Shipping

FBA Amazon Shipping Shopify App

Rating: 4.9 (163 reviews)

ByteStand’s FBA Shipping is one of the famous Amazon fulfillment apps. So if your Shopify store is selling products on Amazon, then this app would be the perfect choice for you. It allows you to integrate your Shopify store with Amazon FBA systems worldwide, meaning it automates the fulfillment of multi-channel Amazon FBA anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use international FBA centers without additional apps?

And yet, the app will update the order every five minutes so you can see your order fulfillment process. At the same time, when the order is shipped, an automated email will be sent to your customer. As a result, Amazon FBA Shipping removes all the hassle of manual tasks that make your operations inefficient. 

In fact, the app allows you to use Amazon’s FBA power all over the world via the Internet. The completion process is automated without requiring you to work. If you are looking to expand your brand globally and increase sales, don’t miss this app!


  • Leverage the power of the worldwide Amazon FBA system to help you expand your business. 
  • Update delivery status and tracking number every five minutes on the Shopify dashboard. 
  • Automatically send order status emails to your customers. 
  • Automate every fulfillment process of orders. 
  • Offer real-time delivery to your customers.


  • Customer support is not good. 
  • There is no installation guide. 
  • Do not support multiple languages.

Pricing: 7-day free trial.

You need to pay $25 per month to use the Amazon FBA Shipping app. Additionally, for each additional Amazon market, the app will charge $20.

Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment Shopify App

Rating: 4.8 (38 reviews)

Like the Amazon FBA Shipping app, Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment allows you to send orders to your customers through Amazon automatically. This makes your fulfillment process much more efficient, economical, and fast. Especially with Shopify stores selling cross-country, Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment is a great application because it globally takes advantage of the Amazon FBA system. You will have the opportunity to reach many customers without a delivery problem. 

Of course, the app has powerful fulfillment functions for your online store. First, it’s the ability to synchronize your store’s products and orders with Amazon. Not only that, but the app also synchronizes inventory and provides you with tracking information, which helps you keep customers up to date on their order status. 

Furthermore, the application provides you with an easy-to-use control panel with simple operations. With just a few clicks, you have all the information you need. In other words, Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment will be a practical companion to help you manage and fulfill orders.


  • Having the control panel is intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Connect with the Amazon FBA system globally to help your store reach customers from anywhere. 
  • Automatically synchronize your Shopify store with the Amazon system. 
  • Provides powerful automation features that eliminate manual jobs. 
  • Save on handling and fulfillment costs with excellent fulfillment and management system.
  • Good customer service.


  • Syncing takes quite a while.


  • Free Plan: Free
  • Starter Plan: $19/month
  • Basic Plan: $35/month
  • Advanced Plan: $50/month

You will have a trial version with a total of 50 orders. In addition, the detailed features in each plan, please see here.

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How To Determine The Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps For Your Store?


For the best Shopify fulfillment apps above, I’m sure price isn’t the issue. Instead, the choice of features that your store lacks or needs is something to consider. Among the apps above, some are easy to use with intuitive control panels that lack advanced features. Easy Fulfillment, for example, does a great job of fulfillment, but it doesn’t have too many advanced features like filter orders or reports, and so on. Also, if you’re looking for an app that helps with batch execution, then Fulfill Sync is a great experience. 

In short, you need to understand what your store needs to determine the required features and fulfillment application for you.

Customer Service

Customer support is also an essential factor when choosing an application. Why? When you have trouble installing or using the application, who can solve questions most easily? The customer support team. However, not all apps will respond to you quickly and promptly. So, consider this criterion. It’s best to check the reviews from the people who used them to see if they got quick help. 

Most applications are committed to 24/7 or fast support, but is it true or not? You need to verify. If you are familiar with these applications or can learn by yourself, this criterion can be ignored.


The carriers here, I mean, are the carriers that carry out the fulfillment of orders. Some apps will do this directly for you, while others will link with other carriers. If you want to sell across borders or target specific markets, you should make sure that the app supports shipping to those locations. For example, Amazon FBA Shipping and Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment are two applications that take advantage of the power of Amazon FBA, which can help your store reach customers around the world.

Final Verdict: Using Best Shopify Fulfillment Apps To Growing Your Store

Surely after reading this article, you will realize that fulfillment is a significant part of e-commerce. However, not every store owner can find an effective method for this problem. So, I firmly believe that the best Shopify fulfillment apps above will be a great companion to help you overcome the challenges of your business. 

These are all the best apps we choose and research under many criteria, including rating, review, features, price, and so on. Best of all, most of the apps are free to download or have a free trial, so you should be able to experience them before you decide to use them. 

Indeed, choosing the proper application will make it difficult for you. But with the selection criteria above, you’ll be able to find the right app for your Shopify store easily. Let’s grow your business and deliver the best customer experience with these apps!

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