If you are looking for a new Shopify theme that meets the requirements of a modern, sophisticated store but is still unique and different, then you should consider the Parallax Shopify Theme. Parallax theme is designed to create a rich browsing experience for your customers, and it can be really effective in helping you increase your sales.

In this article, let’s find out about Parallax Theme – Shopify store theme that provides the striking Shopify parallax scrolling effect today!

Parallax Shopify Theme: Overview

What is the Parallax theme?

parallax shopify theme

Parallax Shopify Theme is a vibrant and impressive theme designed by Out of the Sandbox specifically for Shopify sellers to help them build an ideal and unique online sales website. The highlight of this theme is the harmonious combination of two interesting and effective design trends – parallax scrolling and one-page design.

Talking the scrolling effect of the Parallax Shopify Theme, it is an extremely strongly developed feature and is also the most unique feature of Parallax. Thanks to the scrolling effect, Parallax has gradually become more and more popular among web designers and Shopify sellers.

Shopify Parallax Theme also allows you to display your products and services in a flexible yet complete and detailed manner on a single page. As a result, it not only allows customers to quickly and easily view all of your products without having to jump through multiple pages but also reduces page load times, providing a more modern and intuitive layout. This improves user experience and makes it easier for customers to search and purchase, reducing customer churn and increasing sales.

Who is Parallax Shopify Theme for?

Overall, the Shopify Parallax Theme is highly flexible and applicable. It will fit:

Dropshippers: Parallax is designed to meet the unique needs of dropshipping businesses. With a sleek and modern design and visually appealing storefront, Parallax helps dropshippers showcase their products effectively. Not only that, seamless integration with popular dropshipping apps and tools makes all activities such as inventory management, order processing and tracking, payment management, and customer management become easier than ever. This helps dropshippers reduce labor costs and other operating costs.

The store has a variety of products: With Parallax, you can process a large number of transactions efficiently. The theme is optimized for performance, ensuring fast page load times and a smooth browsing experience, without lagging, stuttering, or crashing even during peak sales periods. Parallax’s superior inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities enable businesses to scale operations without compromising performance.

Physical stores looking to expand their online presence: Parallax will definitely be the ideal choice for physical sales businesses that can enhance their in-person sales experience in the digital environment. A variety of features such as location, contact information, and points of sale are all supported by Parallax, allowing customers to easily connect and search for your physical stores.

Shopify Parallax Theme Pricing

The Shopify Parallax theme is available for $170. This is the average price of a professional Shopify theme and is definitely worth the investment if you want your store to stand out from the competition. For this price, you get access to all Parallax features. Besides, the provider also allows you unlimited free use, but you can only experience some basic features of Parallax.

Therefore, if you want to own unique features and maximize the power of Parallax, you should invest in your store instead of using it for free to increase the uniqueness and competition for your store. your store compared to other competitors.

With a beautiful, clean, and sophisticated interface, you can tell a brand story with all the unique scrolling effects, taking customers through your store with excitement, impression, and satisfaction. So why don’t you use the Parallax theme to make your store more unique and new than ever?

Shopify Parallax Themes’ Key Features

Parallax Effect

In recent years, the parallax scrolling effect has become increasingly popular as it provides a unique and engaging web browsing experience for users. Background images move at a unique speed different from the foreground image content, creating an illusion of realistic depth that makes your homepage more engaging and interesting than ever.

Using Shopify Parallax theme scrolling gives you an eye-catching website with a 3D effect. The innovation and uniqueness in the store interface that the parallax effect brings will certainly help customers have a lasting positive impression of your store, making them feel excited to continue exploring the store. This is also an effective way to help you retain customers longer, increase conversion rates, and create a breakthrough in revenue.

Hero Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth even more. An outstanding video not only helps your website stand out from the competition but is also a unique and effective way to convey your message to customers. Google algorithms are increasingly favoring websites with video content while video content has also been shown to increase dwell time on websites.

With the Hero Video feature of Shopify Parallax Theme, you can place a video hero in the first area of your homepage to attract visitors’ attention right from the moment they visit your website. The content of the video can be about introducing a new product or a brand story, as long as you ensure it is creative, unique, and touches customers well.

Furthermore, the Parallax Shopify theme’s Hero Video feature is designed for flexible integration with popular video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. So from now on, you can easily upload your videos or embed videos from other video-sharing services onto your website while still ensuring the video operates smoothly and is displayed with the highest quality.

Sticky Header

A sticky header plays a significant role in keeping the title of a website or app in the same place on the screen while the user scrolls down the page. With sticky headers, customers can easily navigate without having to go to the top of the page to move to another page they are looking for.

Parallax Shopify theme allows users to customize Sticky Header to their liking. You can set aesthetic options like color, typography, size, and menu icons to match your brand positioning and target customers. Thanks to that, owning a unique and distinct header is no longer difficult and customers can also more easily remember your brand.

Optimized for Large Images

This feature of the Shopify theme Parallax is designed to optimize the display of large images on your website. It allows you to optimally upload and display large images without affecting page loading speed. Plus, when you combine optimized large images with parallax effects, you can create a vibrant and outstanding website.

This feature is also optimized to work well on many different platforms and devices. Whether users access via laptop, PC, mobile phone, or tablet, images will be displayed in the best way and compatible with their screen size for the most intuitive experience.

Quick Shop

Quick shop allows customers to access condensed product pages without leaving the current page. When they see a product they are interested in, Quick Shop displays basic information such as images, descriptions, prices, and other product attributes to ensure customers can evaluate the product honestly and get the most comprehensive overview without having to switch to the product detail page.

Customers can also add products to their cart, adjust quantity or size, and proceed to checkout from the Quick Shop window. This saves time and creates a convenient shopping experience for your customers.

Product Filtering

Using product filters on your online store means you provide customers with a means to find the products they need with the least amount of effort. Filters allow customers to sort products based on the features, specifications, and prices they’re looking for.

Effects of Product Filtering of Parallax Shopify theme:

  • Easier navigation
  • Improve product visibility
  • Enhance your shopping experience.
  • Encourage more purchases

Product Zoom

Parallax’s Product Zoom feature helps customers see product details clearly and conveniently on your website. It allows them to zoom in on the image to the desired level, and admire the product at many different angles so they can have an accurate and complete view of the product before deciding to purchase. This helps customers feel more confident in their purchasing decisions and increases the likelihood of converting into a successful transaction.

Slide Out Cart

Many studies have shown that the rate of customers abandoning shopping carts without purchasing in all industries can be up to 70%. This is such a large percentage that requires website developers to come up with a suitable solution to simplify the purchasing process to remove customers’ fear.

By setting up a Slide Out Cart, the Parallax theme allows users to quickly navigate between the cart and your store, and add products without leaving the product or collection page. This is truly one of the best features of Parallax that makes it a top choice for businesses looking to boost sales.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool for building trust, forging strong connections between sellers and buyers, and encouraging potential customers to engage with your product or service. No evidence can be more effective in promoting a brand and affirming customer trust than positive reviews from customers. With it, you can help increase conversions for your store and build lasting relationships with customers.

Google Maps

Displaying the exact location of the store, and providing detailed information about the address, phone number, and website path is what Google Maps will bring you when using Parallax Shopify Theme. Thanks to it, customers can find the shortest route to your location easily. This not only saves customers time and effort but also adds trust and convenience to their purchasing experience.

Special Page Templates

The Special Page Templates feature enables you to create special and customized pages according to your business needs such as about pages, product information pages, blog pages, contact pages, and many more. By using beautiful and professional themes, you can create a unique user experience and attract customers to your website.

Promotional banner

Having an active advertising banner on your eCommerce store will further highlight your promotions, discounts or unique offers. Customers are more likely to stay when promotional banners appear in the store in an eye-catching and unique way. This proves to them that they can immediately get exceptional value for their money and encourages customers to buy more instead of just leaving it in the cart.

Parallax Shopify Theme Styles

If you are afraid that your store will be monotonous, not consistent with your brand style, and similar to other stores that also use the Parallax Theme, don’t worry, Parallax offers you 4 choices with 4 styles. Different ways are Aspen, Madrid, Vienne, and Los Angeles.

The special thing is that these 4 styles are all named after big and famous cities in the world. Of course, each name will partly reflect the characteristics of each style based on the highlights of each city. Each style will also serve a number of different audiences and fields, but the Parallax theme is quite popular and highly flexible so you can use it for almost any field you want.

Now, let’s learn more about each style!

#1 Aspen Style

aspen style parallax shopify theme

Aspen is a city located in the state of Colorado, United States. The features of this city are the beautiful mountain landscape with white snow all winter; Cultural and artistic features take place all year round. All of these outstanding features you can find in Shopify Parallax Theme’s Aspen Style.

Aspen Style has a modern yet intuitive and attractive style, it offers many configurations. A cool, neutral color scheme and a minimalist look with simple elements, empty space, and large images create a clean and professional website for your store.

The special scrolling effect makes articles stand out even more to attract readers, so use it to give your content a boost. Using smart and creative Parallax scrolling effects, you can create unique and captivating websites.

Aspen Style offers many premium features that every user wants, including slideshows, bold photos, large photos, and movies. You can also take advantage of a variety of homepage options, including testimonials, logo listings, Google Maps, and newsletter subscriptions. This allows you to create a unique and customized homepage for your business.

In particular, the Aspen style becomes extremely flexible and highly configurable thanks to the availability of a variety of layouts for portfolio pages, blogs as well as “long format home page” designs. You can organize and present content creatively and attract customers with these diverse layout options.

#2  Madrid Style

madrid style parallax shopify theme

In contrast to Aspen, Madrid has a lively and bright appearance. The historical and artistic wealth of this city is clearly reflected in the Madrid Style of the Shopify Parallax Theme.

The interface is designed with intuitive, clean, and sophisticated elements, creating a highly aesthetic experience. Streamlined arrangement and the use of free space are also featured in this design style. Bright and bold colors are used to make a statement and attract attention. Colors can be mixed and combined creatively, creating harmony and uniqueness for the website interface.

The Parallax effect gives the web page elements permission to move at different speeds as the page scrolls, creating a deep and engaging effect. Not only that, interactive elements such as buttons, sliders, quick shops, product filters, or videos are all integrated into the product to provide comprehensive information to customers. This helps create an intuitive and engaging experience for users when searching for and discovering products in your online store.

#3 Vienna Style

vienna style parallax shopify theme

The Vienna style of Parallax Shopify theme offers a beautiful and sophisticated experience, inspired by the architectural and artistic beauty of the city of Vienna, Austria.

Vienna Style’s interface is built with clean, minimalist elements and soft borders, creating an aesthetically pleasing and engaging user experience. The main colors of Vienna are also gentle and elegant tones such as white, gray, light yellow, and pastel colors that represent sophistication and elegance, contributing to creating a formal, polite but elegant space and modern for the website.

The Parallax effect creates smooth movement, not too ostentatious but very suitable for highlighting products and enhancing the soft, elegant features of the store. Interactive elements such as hover effects, animations, and galleries are also integrated into Vienna Style to create emphasis, excitement and vibrancy for the website.

In short, the timeless beauty of the city of Vienna is fully expressed through each font, color, and distinct line in the Vienna Style of Parallax theme. This is an attractive and sophisticated style that offers a beautiful, professional online shopping experience and cross-platform compatibility.

#4 Los Angeles Style

los angeles style parallax shopify theme

The Los Angeles style of Parallax Shopify theme brings a modern, vibrant, and culturally rich beauty of the city of Los Angeles, California.

We are very familiar with the modern, creative, and dynamic lifestyle of the people of Los Angeles and the Shopify Parallax Theme has captured all the characteristics of the beauty and lifestyle here in this style. By creating a minimalist structure, and intelligently utilizing empty space interwoven with sharp lines, Los Angeles Style has successfully conveyed the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of this city to the audience and visitors.

Los Angeles style often uses bright and eye-catching colors to create appeal and energy. The combination of contrasting and opposing colors also brings a sense of playfulness and vibrancy.

This type of theme is easy to install, adjust, and use because it doesn’t require you to have any programming expertise. Due to features like multilingualism, flexible design, SEO requirements along the creativity it offers, Los Angeles is famous as a great tool to showcase your online magazine or fashion store.

Stores using Parallax Shopify Theme

#1 40 Colori

40 colori parallax shopify theme

40 Colori is a men’s fashion brand from Italy that uses Parallax Theme for its online store. At first glance, 40 Colori has a modern, sophisticated, and neat appearance thanks to the combination of neutral colors, highlighting the typical masculinity of a men’s fashion store.

In addition, Parallax’s outstanding features such as Mega Menu, Slideout Cart, Promotion Banner, and Sticky Header are also utilized by the store to optimize customer experience and promote the store’s products in the best way.

#2 Five Way

five way parallax shopify theme

As a food brand from England, Five Way also appears in the list of stores using Shopify Parallax Theme for their promotion and sales activities. A powerful parallax effect is used to add uniqueness and difference to the store. The long-form homepage is also optimally designed, giving customers the most comprehensive and complete information about the products that Five Way provides. Customers can also shop more quickly and conveniently with Quick Shop without having to navigate to a separate product page.

#3 EzoWare

ezoware parallax shopify theme

EzoWare is a store that sells home appliance products. The combination of brown and white gives the store a cozy, familiar feeling, extremely suitable for the business’s product line – towards home and family. A special feature of EzoWare’s website is the product zoom feature that helps customers see and evaluate every smallest detail of the product.

In addition, two outstanding features of Parallax, Quick Buy, and Slideout cart, are also fully equipped at EzoWare stores to help shorten shopping time and help customers easily check their shopping cart without leaving the current page.

Top 3 Best Alternatives of Parallax Shopify Theme

#1 Eurus

parallax shopify theme eurus theme

Although it is a posthumous Shopify theme, Eurus Theme is one of the fastest-growing and widely used themes because of the combination of three main pillars: speed, functionality, and optimization for mobile. Extremely optimized design and equipped with the features we produce, Eurus Theme deserves to be a perfect alternative to Parallax Shopify Theme.

Highlight features:

  • Quick View
  • Smart product Filtering & Sorting
  • 20+ conversion-driving features
  • Devices-detected Dark/Light mode
  • Easy 40+ drag-and-drop sections
  • Visual storytelling

Best for: Fashion and Apparel, Arts and Crafts, Jewelry and Accessories, Outdoor and garden. Baby and kids…

#2 Cossa

parallax shopify theme cossa theme

Cossa is an amazingly mobile-friendly parallax-enabled Shopify theme that is sure to grab your customers’ attention at first sight. Here are some outstanding features of this great theme.

Highlight features:

  • Drop-down mega menu
  • Product filters
  • High-resolution full-width parallax banner
  • Dynamic Checkout Ready
  • The New Look book
  • Quick View Product Colors
  • SEO Optimized

Best for: Running Shoes, Sports Shoes & Clothes

#3 Moleez

parallax shopify theme cossa theme

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, minimalist theme with super fast page loading speeds and magical parallax effects, you definitely shouldn’t miss Moleez. With a sleek, modern design coupled with powerful marketing and conversion-oriented features, Moleez is sure to take your online store to a whole new level!

Highlight features:

  • Built-in mega menu
  • Product variant swatches
  • Hover product effects
  • Quick buy
  • Powerful Ajax product filters
  • Responsive on any device
  • Display your product in 360-degree

Best for: Clothing, Electronic, Home decor,…

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the Parallax Shopify Theme is currently one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use themes and is suitable for most business and product designs. With the constant growth of e-commerce and the need to create attractive and interactive websites, the parallax effect that this theme brings will make your website more lively and attractive to attract customers’ attention and create a strong impression of your brand.

Let’s start building your dream store today with BSS Commerce Shopify with this amazing Parallax Shopify Theme!

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