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Magento 2 Quote: Top 19 Free, Medium & Premium Extensions!

Want a Magento 2 quote extension or Magento 2 quote module? This blog helps you summarize the top 19+ options from free, medium, and premium prices. 

Negotiating price has always been a frequent demand in B2B trading since buyers hope to pay a lower price than the original product’s price when they order in bulk. That’s why the Quote function is included in Magento Commerce. 

However, the default features are still very basic and cannot meet the increasingly complex requirements of online buyers and sellers.

For that reason, store owners should not ignore Magento 2 quote and these 19+ extensions. Don’t worry about the cost as you will find free and even premium options.

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Premium Magento 2 Quote Modules ($100 – $349)

1. Magento 2 Request for Quote by BSS Commerce – $199

Request for Quote is one of the best Magento 2 B2B solutions by BSS Commerce that is offered at a competitive price. With a good reputation over the years, the module commits the best support for online stores. 

Customers can: 

  • Add several items to the quote cart. 
  • Receive notification via email and from My Quote in the frontend. 
  • Convert approved quotes to check out quickly.
  • Re-submit the quote to reach the most enjoyable price. 

magento-2-request-for-quote(Request for Quote by BSS Commerce)

Admin can: 

  • Display the “Add to quote” button for specific products, categories, or all products.
  • Select specific customer groups to enable the quote function. 
  • Specify a minimum quote amount per customer group. 
  • Approve, reject, or customize quote requests.
  • Free installation, free one-year support. 

(Manage quote in the backend)

Top review: 

Request for Quote BSS Commerce supports a complete solution for the quote process. It handles the entire process, makes a seamless and professional quoting experience. The coding is also excellent. 

Furthermore, tree one-year support with an experienced team is another great benefit that many store owners may love.  

2. Premium Request for Quote by FME Extensions – $129.99

In addition to Magento 2 Quote Extension Free listed above, this Magento developer also introduces to the market a premium version. The additional functions will surely satisfy you more than what the free version does. 


  • Allows buyers to ask for cost estimates of multiple products. 
  • Display the “Add to quote” button on product pages and category pages. 
  • Customize the “Add to quote” button with text and color. 
  • Select specific customer groups to enable the quote function.
  • Support email notification.
  • Allows customers to add comments and review quotes in the frontend. 

Top review: 

The extension is very lightweight and will not slow down websites. Extra requirements for enhancement are completed for a very reasonable price.  

3. Request for Quotation by Cedcommerce – $149

Request for Quotation by Cedcommerce is compatible with Magento 2.1 and 2.2. With the module, customers can edit their quotes before approval.  

Customers can: 

  • Quote multiple products at the same time. 
  • Access all quotes easily in the frontend. 
  • Edit their quotes before approval. 
  • Estimate shipping rates according to shipping methods. 
  • Approve/reject PO offered by the admin.
  • Directly checkout if the PO quantity and price are approved. 

(Request for Quotation by Cedcommerce)

Admin can: 

  • Cancel/ approve submitted quotes.
  • Offer a PO for the quote request. 

Top review: 

The module has no error during installation and works very smoothly. It’s also compatible with various Magento themes. 

4. Quote Extension by Landofcoder – $169

Quote Extension by Landofcoder performs its features as described very well and is compatible with the latest version of Magento. 


  • Support Ajax adding to quote.
  • Support live editor for price. 
  • Make remarks for the entire quote request. 
  • Easily add or delete products from the quote request. 
  • Add tax to quote. 
  • Convert approved quote requests to orders. 

5. B2B Cart to Quote by Aheadworks – $199

B2B Cart to Quote by Aheadworks is quite similar to Premium Request for Quote by FME Extensions in features, except for alternating cession of control over quotes. 

Top review: 

This Magento vendor delivers additional support with excellent speed and very good customer service. 

6. Quotation Manager by MageBees – $199

Quotation Manager by MageBees performs quite similar functions as the extension by Mageplaza and is compatible with Magento 2.0 -2.3. 

request-quote(Quotation Manager for Magento 2 by MageBees)

Top review: 

The module is a really good choice for its price. The features as described may not work as expected at first, but the support team will help out very quickly to fix any bug. So, their support is good.

7. Request For Quote by Mageplaza – $249

At a premium price, this quote extension by Mageplaze contains rich features to support the quote process on Magento websites. 


  • The Quote button can be enabled on multiple pages.  
  • Submit mass quote requests by SKUs. 
  • Admins can approve, reject, or modify any request. 
  • Support mutual reply function around a quote. 
  • Accept file attachments in quotes.
  • Allow admins to set a quote expiration date. 
  • Remind customers of the quote expiration date 
  • Support all types of emails with available templates 

(Request for Quote by Mageplaza)

8. Request a Quote by Amasty – $349

Being a premium module at the highest price on the list, Request a Quote by Amasty brings Magento stores with an excellent and thorough solution. 


  • Auto-approve quotes with a specified discount 
  • Hide prices of specific products to any customer groups 
  • Convert quotes to orders conveniently in one click 
  • Automatic reminders if a quote is about to expire 
  • Connect quotes to other systems such as CRM, ERP using API
  • Add tax in the requested price 
  • Support daily email reports of new quotes 
  • Manage all Cron tasks on a grid in the backend 

(Request a Quote by Amasty)

Top review: 

All features work well out of the box and the team is very supportive. It’s worth the price. 

Magento 2 Quote Modules at Medium Prices ($49 – $99)

1. Quote System by Webkul – $49

Quote System by Webkul is one of the best extensions at medium prices. The module is cheap but covers rich features that will level up your quoting process. 

(Quote System by Webkul)


  • Allow admins to approve, disapprove, edit, or delete submitted quotes from his panel.
  • Only log-in customers can submit quote requests. 
  • Send instant notification to customers and admins as well. 
  • Allow customers to add images or attach file into the quote request. 
  • Enable both parties to send messages to the other via the quote request. 
  • Display or hide prices or the “Add to cart” button on product pages or category pages. 
  • Support custom options.  

2. Magento 2 Email Quote by Magecomp – $49

Magento 2 Email Quote by Magecomp is quite simple in functions. A very different point of the module is that it even works for not-log-in customers (guests). 


  • Allow customers to send their cart with a quote request 
  • Customers can share their cart with the admin to get a custom quotation 
  • Quotes are sent to the admin via email 
  • The admin can create orders from the backend with custom options, custom price, coupon code, then prepare a quote to send back to customers 

Top review: 

Magento 2 Email Quote works very well without bugs or problems, which is an excellent value at the product’s price.

It’s also easy to install and works flawlessly to receive quote requests from customers through email. 

3. Bulk Request for Quote by Solwininfotech – $49

Bulk Request for Quote by Solwininfotech is an excellent module for its price. Not only covers all basic features like many other Magento quote extensions, but it also comes with different points.    


  • Allow customers to attach files with the quote requests for detailed clarification. 
  • Require customers to complete Google reCaptcha in order to avoid spam requests. 
  • Support custom email with auto-generated responses. 
  • Support a request for quote form with name, email, phone, budget status, project title, and requested date.
  • Customers can see request history as a list in the frontend.  

Top review: 

Bulk Request for Quote works very well with no conflict with other modules. Besides, it’s also easy-to-install and the support is free within three months. 

4. Bulk Request a Quote by SunCart – $65

As its name implies, the extension by SunCart is quite similar to other Magento quote extensions in features.  


  • Provide customers with a quick RFQ form.
  • Allow adding multiple products to the quote request. 
  • Customers can include their shipping address in the quote. 
  • Admins receive requests via emails (defined in the backend).

5. Advanced Request a Quote – $99

Advanced Request a Quote is launched to help customers to bargain the product price with the store owner directly. The way this module works is quite similar to many other Magento quote extensions. 


  • Allow customers to submit multiple quote requests for different products at one go.
  • Support a quotation list available in the frontend.
  • Work well with all product types. 
  • Admins can track the incoming quote requests easily. 
  • Notice customers about the status of requests via email.
  • Support inverting quotes into orders.

6. Request for Quote by Milople – $99

This Quote module for Magento 2 includes quite attractive features and gives store owners the flexibility to customize the quoting experience. As a result, customers can enjoy the best support within the process. 


  • Display the request a quote form via a pop up in the frontend 
  • Display the store’s phone number and allow customers to contact via this number 
  • Admins can customize labels such as “inquire now’ label, “call on us” label 
  • Enable quote function on product pages, category pages, compare pages, wishlist, upsell products, related products, and advanced search list 
  • Support all product types 
Request-for-quote-milpole(Request for Quote by Milople)

Free Magento 2 Quote Extensions

1. Magento 2 Quote Extension Free – FME Extensions

Magento 2 Quote by FME Extensions is a free but quality extension to improve the quote process on your website with an automated Request for Quote form.

It allows customers to fill in their data and submit quotes to acquire an accurate price by using simple entry fields. 


  • Provide customers with an automated Request for Quote (RFQ)form.
  • Allow them to upload files to complete the RFQ form.
  • Receive notifications about RFQ form via email.
  • Store owners can easily manage submitted quotes in the backend.

request-for-quote(Free Request for Quote by FME Extensions)

Top review: 

The extension features a great database management system that allows store owners to perform a search of specific quotes with using filters. It works really smoothly and is highly customizable.   

2. Magento Quote – Cart2Quote

This free extension enhances Magento stores with a Request Quote and Submit Proposal functionality, also known with the name “Propoza.”

With Magento Quote extension, customers are enabled to submit quotes and wait for your reply with custom price proposals. Finally, the agreed price proposals can be converted to order with ease. 


  • Display won/lost and open requests in a dashboard.
  • Support customizable quotation form that links to your product catalog.
  • Receive instant notification if any customer submits a request.
  • Create custom price proposals in seconds. 
  • Manage all proposals in one place in the backend.

Top review: 

The extension is a comprehensive quoting system with dynamic pricing. It gives buyers the freedom of choice to inquire before they commit to an order.

Otherwise, full of detailed features are performed very well. 

3. Call for Price – AdornCommerce LLP

This is another Magento 2 quote extension free that is very helpful when sellers do not have a pre-defined price for any item.

Call for Price helps you to hide prices of any item in the frontend and replace the “Add to cart” button by the “Call for Price” button. 


  • Hide prices and create custom messages for any product or category.
  • Disable the “Add to cart” button, display the “Call for Price” button.
  • Work well with all product types. 
  • Customize CTA button from the backend. 
  • Set notification email of customer requests.

Wrapping Up

Each Magento 2 quotation extension listed on the post will meet different requirements.

We hope you guys will find a suitable one on the list and are also pleased to hear from you other solutions you think are helpful through the comment box below. 

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