3 Reasons Why You Should Install Magento 2 Shopping Cart Extension

by Anna Nguyen

Have you ever met your customer’s complaints about the loading time of your site being low or they need to have multi-click to cart button to be redirected to the checkout page? So on. There are hundreds of reasons to convince you should install Magento 2 shopping cart extension.

In this blog, we will show you 3 main reasons and give you the solution to optimize your shopping cart. Read now!

About Shopping Cart Magento 2

A shopping cart in the eCommerce platform is a piece of software that facilitates the purchase of products or services. It accepts the customer’s payment and distributes the information to the merchant, payment processor, and other stakeholders.

Besides that, Magento 2 shopping cart contains a lot of products, and customers can remove or add products, check them out at any time.


Why You Should Improve Your Magento 2 Shopping Cart?

The limit of default Magento cart 

The default Magento has developed a good cart function that suits the basic customer’s demand. It allows customers to click on cart button on the product list and then redirect to product page. If adding to cart on product page, product is auto-moved on mini cart.  

However, to increase competitiveness in the Ecommerce market, this simple function is not enough. Default Magento cart is not optimized for bringing better website performance and customer experience. 

Improving shopping carts positively affects the indexes of website and business revenue. That’s the first and important reason to encourage you to optimize your cart.

Decrease cart abandonment rate


Source: Baymard

According to Baymard, the related shopping cart problems account for more than 50% of cart abandonment rate. They are:

  • Too slow delivery process: 22%
  • Too long/complicated checkout process: 17%
  • Couldn’t see/calculate total order cost up-front: 16%

Meanwhile, cart abandonment costs e-commerce companies $18 billion in annual sales revenue. It’s not a small number. 

That means if you can resolve shopping cart problems, your business cart abandonment rate will decrease a lot. 

Enhance customer experience

When you improve your Magento shopping cart, it ensures add-to-cart process is smoother. There is no waiting time to load the page, no interruptions in the shopping process.

Improving shopping cart can be done by multi-method such as adding product to cart without redirecting, customizing product quantity directly in mini cart, setting specific cart rules for each store view or category…

The more improvement you do, the more satisfaction you get from your customers.

Ajax Add To Cart – Best Magento 2 Shopping Cart Extension

Magento 2 Ajax Add to cart extension is completely suitable for store owners who desire to improve their shopping cart. It resolves most of the deficiencies of the default Magento shopping cart and gives more advanced features to improve both abandoned cart problems and customer experience. 


Click on the best Magento 2 shopping cart extension to checkout!

What can this Magento 2 shopping cart extension do for your website and your customer?

Streamline add-to-cart process

The default add to cart button does not complete its function correctly when you are redirected to the product page if clicking on the cart button. Hence, you need Ajax cart to support this function. 

Customers can browse product details and select products at the popup without being redirected after clicking any Add to Cart button – regardless of position.

Furthermore, rather than the normal one less visible and tiny successful notification line, the popup provides greater visibility and subtly encourages your clients to completely engage in the purchase process.


Boost sales at ease

 According to market research company, Forrester, up-sell and cross-sell recommendations constitute between 10-30% of e-commerce revenue.

Of course, we can’t miss this benefit for your better revenue. Easily set up multiple products in the popup to encourage customers to buy more. That can include up-selling products, cross-selling products, and related products. 

The admin can set a time restriction for the popup to appear so that clients have adequate time to look at similar products before making a purchase choice. If not, they can go to checkout by clicking the view cart button.


Customize attractive popup

For store owners, Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart is designed with a customizable design and configuration. You can change the text and color of popup elements like button text, hover…

This feature allows your popup to match the website theme, and work well for each sale season. Let’s try designing your own popup!


Work well with 6 Magento types of product

Simple product, Configurable product, Grouped product, Bundle product, Downloadable product, and Virtual Product are the six forms of product information on the Magento platform. This addon can be used with any product type.

As a result, the Magento 2 Add to Cart extension works effectively with all business types. On the product page, the steps in the purchasing procedure are also comparable.

Other highlight features

  • Revise the cart to close sales right on product list
  • Responsive design for mobiles & tablets
  • Display popups when adding to cart from Product Page, Catalog Page, Search Result Page at any possible positions
  • Set up a timer for Auto-closing Popup
  • 5+ Popup animations await. No more abrasive popup cart!
  • Make the cart flying effect


Magento 2 Shopping Cart Extension is necessary and important if you want to improve your website performance and enhance customer experience.

We also suggest the best solution for this purpose – Magento 2 Ajax add to cart. We hope you are pleased with this solution.

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