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Migration from Bigcommerce to Magento

1. Magento Detail Requirement:

Bigcommerce or Magento? After reading this article Bigcommerce vs Magento, our CEO has just given a decision.

We would like to migrate our e-commerce website from Bigcommerce to Magento latest version. The new site must contain:

+ all customers data, orders, products, sales history, etc.

+ the same look & feel

+ all other customized applications like Yotpo reviews, Smose.io (a rewards point system), warehouse/distribution system, shipping & payment methods. Etc.

Please suggest the steps to achieve those points and give us your estimation too.

2. Solutions from our Magento Development team

Bigcommerce to Magento migration is a quite complicated job, especially in this case you need the new site has both data and functionality from your old site.

To move data, we strongly suggest that you should use a cart-to-cart tool like Shopping Cart Migration.

Using 3rd tool will even help to transfer data when the live site is still running.

To move functionality such as Yotpo reviews, Smile.io; our Magento certified developer will need to audit your site firstly. After reviewing your website, we can provide the list of the functions that we should implement on the new Magento store. We will also provide you the detail estimation of that whole process.

Regarding the look and feel, our best practice is to create the new Magento theme and customize it to make sure the layout is the same as your Bigcommerce website. You can find the list of our Magento 2 responsive themes that passed Magento Quality Program, and then choose the suitable one for you.

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