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Customizing Magento 2 BSS Thinnk Theme

1. Magento Detail Requirement

Recently we bought this Magento 2 theme https://bssthemes.com/thinnk-theme.html. The theme is pretty good however we need someone to customize some parts of it to fit our business.

Please take a look at the following changes:

  • customize Megamenu
  • show more products on the homepage
  • add shop by brand features
  • add/remove some blocks from CMS pages
  • add more category filter options
  • make changes to transactional emails

It would be great if you can check the theme’s document and use best-practice to implement the changes, then we can upgrade the theme whenever they provide a new update.

I’m looking forward to having your response.

2. Solutions from Our Magento Development team

We suggest that you should check the theme’s document carefully before making any further changes. If Thinnk supports a feature, we should try to configure it, instead of having another developer to customize Magento template files.

Regarding your requirement, we have gone ahead and checked the following document:


We found that the theme already supports:

  • Customize Megamenu: there is a Magento Megamenu extension that has been integrated into this theme
  • Show more products on the homepage: you can configure the number of products to display on four types of sliders on your store.

Therefore, we will need to customize the other points only.

2.1. Shop by brands: This is a popular feature, you can easily create a brand attribute and then create a module to show all the values on a custom page. You can even make the process much faster by considering a Shop by Brand extension from a lot of providers.

2.2. Add/Remove some block from CMS Page: You can perform this task by editing Magento layout files.

2.3. Add more category filter options: this should be the same solution with #2.1, you have to create new attributes and then make them filterable on front-end.

2.4. Make changes to transaction emails: Magento already supports to add/edit transaction email template via back-end interface. Please note that some HTML tags cannot work on email, so you have to test carefully before sending a new email to your customers/subscribers.

We hope that you can find the right solution after reading this post. And enjoy this Magento 2 theme.

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