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Magento Integration with Afterpay

1. Magento Detail Requirement

We have a latest 1.9.x Magento store and want to integrate Afterpay payment method. We have tried to install the extension but got the following issues:

  • There are javascript issues on the checkout page, and the checkout process is not working.
  • Afterpay information is not showing on the product page (logo and payment info).

This is live site and we need immediate support!

2. Solutions from our Magento Development team

We assume that you are using this extension https://github.com/afterpay/afterpay-magento. When integrating a 3rd party extension, we strongly suggest to clients that they should make changes on a development site before moving to live server.

Regarding your javascript issues, we need to know if you are using default one-page checkout of Magento 1.9.x or you are using another one step checkout (OSC) extension. As far as we know, Afterpay extension is supporting:

  • AheadWorks OSC
  • Firecheckout
  • Gomage
  • Magestore OSC
  • IWD
  • Quick checkout
  • MW OSC

We will need to investigate further in case Afterpay javascript conflicts with one step checkout extension. Also, javascript issues may come from other 3rd extensions that use different javascript library.

Regarding Afterpay information on the product page, we think this is an issue with Magento template. It could be fixed if you place Afterpay template files in right directory.

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