All-in-one B2B/ wholesale solution for Shopify merchants

Full price customization

Offer discounted/custom price on selected products for any customers. Create quantity/ amount break rules with various types of discounts.

Easy configuration

We manufacture the application for non-technically knowledgeable traders to arrange in a moment.

Customer support

Receive a fast response whether you’re troubleshooting issues or looking for business advice. No time zone barrier.

Essential features for Shopify wholesale store

Shopify Custom Registration Form

Get more customer data and understand their needs better with custom fields in B2B registration form

Create unlimited custom forms & fields

Build your own registration form with various options like multiple checkbox, data field, radio options. You can add EU VAT, ABN validation field to your form.

Manage all customers in the grid

Have better control of B2B registrations based on tags, in one place. Easily review and approve registrations before creating a account on your store.

Unify customers data for Shopify store

Sync all approved customers to Shopify customer management area.

Shopify Quantity/ Amount Breaks

Offer different price tiers for products based on the quantity/ amount a customer purchases

Quantity Breaks

Set a discount or special price for a certain group of products and customers with minimum order/ product/ variant Qty. For example, “buy 1-5 items, get a 10% discount”.

Quantity Increments

Enter an integer number to set a quantity increment value. For example, allow buying packs of 5 items, i.e (5,10,15, etc).

Amount Breaks

Shopify B2B/ Wholesale solution app also lets you create order/ product/ variant amount-based pricing. For instance, “buy 1000-2000, get a 20% discount”.

3 types of discount rule

Provides you with different discount types. You can apply a special price for selected products or reduce the original prices of products by a fixed amount or a percentage (%).

Shopify Custom Pricing

Offer wholesale and tiered pricing to select customers in your retail store.

Certain products/ customers

Allow you to create exclusive pricing for certain products/ collections and customers, or even offer different pricing for the same products

Diverse custom pricing rules

You can set a special price to selected products or decrease the original prices of selected products by a fixed amount or percentage (%)

Pricing schedule time

Our Shopify B2B/ Wholesale solution app lets you schedule the start/ end date of applying custom pricing. Easy to control

Advanced Order Settings

Allow you to set min/ max order quantity for customers, create discount code and more

Order Limit

Set min B2B order amount/ quantity for customer’s checkout on the Cart page and Buy It Now button.

Discount Code

Easily create discount code for B2B customers and apply on Cart page. Integrated with Orders/ Draft Orders

Add Fields to Order/Draft Order

Easily to add custom notes to orders/ draft orders. Seamlessly integrate with any 3rd apps’ custom fields on the cart page

Manual Order

Create orders with custom pricing/ quantity breaks for your customers right from the Backend. Easily manage custom order


Automatically detect customers’ location and switch to their currency. Show notifications on Cart Page

Public API for 3rd-party

Open API to easily integrate with 3rd-party about Custom Pricing, Quantity Break, Variants’ Price Calculation, Search Products/ Collections/ Customers

Choose best-fit pricing plans for your business needs


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