The holiday season has come very close, with the first campaign being Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). If you are looking for Shopify apps to help improve store performance, this article has the best Black Friday 2022 deals for you.

According to Zippia, in 2021, shoppers spent $8.9 billion online on Black Friday and $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday. At the same time, businesses also achieved an estimated $30 to $40 billion in sales on Black Friday 2021.

Thus, this is an excellent potential for Shopify merchants to increase their sales to millions of dollars by giving holiday buyers precisely what they want: a convenient, safe, and hassle-free purchasing experience. 

Here is the time for Shopify apps to come into play. How? 

Look at our best Shopify app to enhance your online store below!

BSS Commerce Black Friday 2022 Deals 

B2B/Wholesale Solution


For Shopify B2B merchants, B2B/Wholesale Solution is essential that combines all-in-one. The app with fully bespoke B2B pricing will enhance your sales quickly. From the backend, you can create orders with personalized pricing.

To manage B2B customer registration, leveraging our solution to add custom fields. Based on occurrences, tag an order or customer. Also, you can configure the tax display and VAT-exempt rules.

Not yet; you can prevent retail customers by setting the minimum and maximum order quantities. This function is handy for hybrid stores (stores that sell for both retailers and wholesalers). You can restrict customer checkout if the order minimum/maximum quantity/amount is not reached.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 25% OFF on all plans.

Highlight features:

  • To differentiate customers from the start, create bespoke B2B registrations.
  • Customize product pricing based on customers/customer tags.
  • Set up tier discounts based on order product quantities.
  • Add and update customer auto-add tags based on smart conditions.
  • Create customer orders with custom pricing/quantity breaks manually from the backend.
  • Auto tax exemption for validated EU VAT numbers/ABN 
  • Tax Display Included / Excluded
  • Automatic currency converter.
  • Add any information to the Order or Draft Order. 

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install and use the code “BSS-BFCMLS” at checkout.

>>> Smart manage your B2B store & satisfy customers with B2B/Wholesale Solution!

Product Labels & Badges


Product labels are an effective means of communicating with customers and providing immediate product information. Products labels and badges work as gentle nudges on the shopper, leading them to purchase the product and resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Thus, to better navigate and engage customers, Product Labels & Badges is ideal. With BSS Commerce’s app, you can place a text/image label on any image position, even with all resizing needs. Especially with this Shopify Black Friday Cyber Monday, let your customer know which products are on sale!

Moreover, you can create your label or badge, whatever you want. Mobile Display, Discount Range, Price Range, Visibility Date, and Country Restriction are all supported.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 25% OFF on all plans

Highlight features:

  • 3000+ pre-designed labels & badges updated weekly
  • Work effectively with all common themes without requiring any code changes.
  • Allow for the display of many labels at the same time.
  • Easily customize the label display: 9 pre-calculated places at the product photos in various sizes.
  • Set the label/priority badges and wise criteria.
  • Maintain all labels/badges in a clean and visually appealing grid.

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install and use the code “BSS-BFCMUP” at checkout.

>>> Catch customer attention with Product Labels & Badges

Product & Variants Options


Product variants are an excellent method to give customers more options when purchasing products from your business. You can provide your clients the option of selecting the best product for their needs by selling several variants of the same product.

Ideally, Product & Variants Options help store owners create customized products based on your branding. Style your brand to improve the customer experience.

There are no restrictions. You can create endless product options, such as image swatches, text, numbers, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and buttons. Moreover, the app is user-friendly, so even beginners can use it without coding knowledge. 

Black Friday 2022 deals: 25% OFF on all plans

Highlight features:

  • An Unlimited number of options: Textbox, Number field, Checkbox, Dropdown menu, Radio Button, Color Swatches, Image Swatches, File Upload, Date & Time Picker are all available.
  • Add an additional fee for some product variants.
  • Show/Hide options depending on specific criteria.
  • Customize the Option Styles to match the layout of your theme.
  • Provide a textbox with a character counter.
  • Customization tools are available: Customers can select from an unlimited number of choices on the product page.
  • Display Order Options information in the email confirmation and packing slips
  • All themes are compatible.
  • Apply product and variant options in bulk.

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install and use the code “BSS-BFCM2022” at checkout.

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Explore More Our Partner Black Friday 2022 Deals Apps

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing


UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is the Shopify App Store’s most popular affiliate/referral app. You can quickly develop and manage your marketing campaign with this all-in-one solution.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 20% OFF on all paid plans

Highlight features:

  • User-friendly: A quick setup process with thorough instructions. Automated processes with automated capabilities, such as auto-generated affiliate links, coupons, and auto-approval affiliates/referrals, can assist save time.
  • Create your affiliate team: Create your affiliate registration form. Furthermore, you may create various affiliate programs with multiple commission incentives.
  • Manage your affiliate program: With a dependable real-time tracking procedure, you can keep track of all referral orders and manage your affiliate performance.
  • Protection against fraud: Reduce the chances of affiliate fraud and referral scams costing your company money.
  • Integrating with PayPal allows you to automatically complete payment operations for your affiliates with a few clicks.
  • Support for affiliate recruitment via a free listing on UpPromote Marketplace or a Multi-level Marketing feature.
  • Customers can earn a modest commission by referring your products to their friends and family using the customer referral tool.

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Use the link to install UpPromote. The discount is automatically applied via the link.

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PageFly Landing Page Builder


PageFly is a user-friendly Shopify Landing Page Builder app serving more than 160.000 merchants. It brings a complete package to build high-converting stores with simple drag-and-drop, no coding required, creating a seamless digital experience across devices.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 20% OFF on All Plans

Highlight features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor: Create and personalize any page easily.
  • Mobile view customization: Create a unified digital experience across all devices.
  • Strong compatibility: Use PageFly to connect your favorite tools to increase conversion.
  • Build your first pages with all features for free. No time limits.
  • Chat with us at any time of day or night. PageFly support team will respond within 6 minutes.

How to get Black Friday deals apps: 

  1. Log in to the store you want to sign up for.
  2. Install the app via the link
  3. Go to the PageFly app.
  4. Go to Setting => Billing => Click to Apply coupon: BFCM20
  5. Approve the Shopify charge on the next page. An existing charge (if any) will be canceled.

>>> Make your landing page stand out from the crowd with PageFly Landing Page Builder

TT Ali Reviews Product Reviews


TT Ali Reviews Product Reviews is a fully functional review app for gathering and displaying customer feedback regarding your products and Shopify store with Photos. Shopify & Shopify Plus retailers utilize the app to increase customer retention and sales by fostering word-of-mouth.

The best Shopify reviews app to multiply your conversations, import reviews, widget page display, Instagram feed, return customers, manage reviews, etc. 

Black Friday 2022 deals: 70% OFF on all paid plans

Highlight features:

  • Translate reviews for your global clients
  • One-click import reviews from AliExpress
  • Product page review display
  • Two kinds of layout switching
  • CSV file reviews import
  • Product reviews management
  • Email after-sales management
  • Picture reviews show
  • Multilingual support
  • Conversion promotion
  • Instagram feed

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install TT Ali Reviews Product Reviews now and use the code ( at the checkout. 

>>> Let’s spread out recommendations with TT Ali Reviews Product Reviews!

Live Chat, Help Center, Helpdesk


You can leave customers a magnificent impression by providing a simple and reliable customer service system. Especially in Black Friday Shopify, store owners usually face a pile of work, good customer service will help you stand out from your competitors. 

Willdesk, as an all-in-one eCommerce customer service platform, is the best option to help you provide personalized customer service and increase your sales revenue. Ideally, deeply integrated with Tracking and FAQ features, it supports users in doing logistics and FAQ self-service queries. It also integrates with messenger, CRM and various other features. 

Instead of managing customers’ tickets from different platforms, for example, live chat, contact us page, email, social media, etc. Willdesk assists you in controlling in only one place. You can still see order details for a customer, and refund, cancel, and duplicate orders without leaving the helpdesk app.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 70% OFF on all paid plans

Highlight features:

  • Multilingual (40+)
  • 24/7 self-support
  • Multi-platform integrations
  • Branded Self-service widget
  • Boost sales through live chat 
  • Get a complete customer index
  • Manage all channels in one inbox
  • Integrate with Order Tracking and FAQ
  • Let customers review based on satisfaction

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install Willdesk Live Chat, Help Center, and the discount will automatically apply.

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Qikify Sticky cart, Slide cart


An essential tool to create a high-converting online store with Sticky Cart, Slide Cart and multiple boost sale tools in one app

Black Friday 2022 deals: 20% OFF on all paid plans

Highlight features:

  • Reduce abandoned carts by adding a Sticky Cart Button to all pages, which can bring your consumers directly to the cart or checkout page. It’s simpler and faster to check out, and you’ll never forget about the cart again.
  • Increase add-to-cart conversion with Sticky Add to Cart Bar: By always displaying the Sticky Add to Cart Bar at the bottom or top of the screen, you may increase the add-to-cart conversion rate.
  • Improve the consumer experience using Slide Cart: Allow your consumers to make remarks, use discount codes, and estimate shipping charges without leaving the checkout page.
  • Encourage customers to buy: With the Free Shipping Progressive Bar and Countdown Timer, you can create motivation that encourages customers to buy.
  • Reduce the length of the checkout process: The Sticky Cart Button allows customers to skip straight to the checkout, cart page, or open slide cart.

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install and apply code QKFBFCM20 in-app.

>>> Enhance your customer satisfaction with Qikify Sticky cart, Slide cart

Synctrack Sync PayPal Tracking


Synctrack helps merchants auto-sync order tracking numbers to PayPal & Stripe. Trusted by over 15.000 merchants to win disputes and solve “PayPal holds” with 1 million transactions/ month, Synctrack is the must-have app to protect your business against financial risks.                                         

Black Friday 2022 deals: 

    • Exclusive deal: 20% OFF monthly on all paid plans. This discount code will expire on 30/11/2022.
    • 50% discount on YEARLY PLAN for Pro Plus and Unlimited

Highlight features:

  • Super Fast & Secured syncing: With orders fulfilled, 100% tracking numbers shall be added to PayPal & Stripe with one click. Manage transactions through the PRO dashboard
  • Old orders syncing: Process old orders within up to 365 days
  • Multi-store integration: Track the performance of all transactions across connected stores in one account
  • Unlimited Paypal/Stripe accounts: Support unlimited PayPal/Stripe accounts on all Synctrack pricing plans
  • Third-party support: Sync all checkout gateways & other third-party order information to PayPal & Stripe

How to get Black Friday deals apps: 

  • For BSS 20% discount:
  1. Install Synctrack
  2. Go to the Synctrack app
  3. Go to Account Plan => Click Apply discount code: BSSBF20
  • For a 50% Yearly Plan discount:
  1. Install Synctrack
  2. Go to the Synctrack app
  3. Go to Account Plan => Choose Yearly Plan (Pro Plus or Unlimited), and the discount will be applied automatically.

>>> Install Synctrack now!



LitExtension Store Migration App is a fully automatic migration solution for potential Shopify users. It employs cutting-edge technology to help you quickly and precisely import data such as items, customers, orders, and so on from your current platform to Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 10% OFF on all paid plans

Highlight features:

  • 3-step setup: LitExtension makes it simple to migrate your store with a few clicks, a dropdown list, and some information.
  • There were no sales lost due to the migration process: The LitExtension App ensures that your current shop is not disrupted. It can function regularly to receive new customers and orders or to allow you to change your product data.
  • High Security: We have a set of procedures, technology, and policies in place to protect the security of your data.
  • The fastest migration speed: We optimized this App using our extensive knowledge of the Shopify API to achieve the quickest possible data conversion.
  • Demo Migration is now available: Try the Demo Migration to see how simple and efficient your store migration can be. A whole demo only takes up to 15 minutes.

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install LitExtension Store Migration now and use the code “LitBSS10” at the checkout.

> Get the app now!

Language Translator ‑ LangShop


LangShop is a multi-language & multi-currency app. It is an internationalization solution for your Shopify business. You’ll improve customer experience by translating all Shopify store content in one-click, including images, 3rd party apps, dynamic content, and Shopify checkout, Pro (Google API, DeepL), automatic AI machine, agency, and manual translations available. Moreover, it helps maximize the conversion rate by automatically converting prices into local currencies based on customers’ geolocations. Shopify Markets support.

Black Friday 2022 deals: 35% OFF on all paid plans for the next 6 months

Highlight features:

  • Accurate translation with Glossary support
  • ALL your store content translation: Shopify Checkout translation, email notifications, images, and dynamic content translation
  • DeepL Pro and Google API support
  • Different images for every translated version of your store’s content
  • Unlimited currency & language switchers
  • Friendly SEO booster

How to get Black Friday deals apps: Install LangShop and use the code BSS_BFCM on the pricing page.

>>> Catch the opportunity to reach customers globally!

Hope you can boost your Black Friday Shopify this year with our deals above!