We’re saying goodbye to 2022 and moving on to a brand new 2023. This year has been an unprecedented one, to say the least. It is a difficult year for eCommerce. However, with BSS Commerce Shopify Apps, we have seen tremendous growth and a successful year.

At BSS Commerce, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and impeccable customer service. This post is a recap of BSS’s fruitful year, including our key milestones, activities, and our attempt to bring better products and services to BSS customers. 

Without any further, let’s get started!

Amazing Growth

Despite many challenges, BSS Commerce Shopify has made great strides and won customers’ trust as a leading development agency with over 10 years of expertise.

Proof that our revenue increased 3 times compared to 2021. Significantly, total revenue in the last month of 2022 witnessed a growth of up to 2.5 times.

Obviously, we would not be able to look back on such a successful year without your help! We’re proud to serve over 25,000 active users, with the total reviews number increased 2.5 times to 3000 (Avg. Rating 4.9)

Review Rating


Moreover, BSS Commerce Shopify is proud to be accredited as Shopify Expert since September 2022. 

BSS Commerce Shopify Experts

Always Put The Customer At The Center And Earn Loyalty

Impressive numbers can be mentioned as:

  • Newly created tickets throughout 2022: 15000+ tickets 
  • Avg Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.9

To bring the best service & buying journey to our customers, we have improved not only the process but also the support team. 

First, BSS has hired more supporters to adapt to the increasing number of client requests. However, it doesn’t mean the quality of supporters goes down. We have done pieces of training and sharing internally for supporters to catch up with situations, requested updates, and new features for better app functionalities. 

Second, to solve the increase in requests during special occasions, our support team manages members for OT within the time. We also provide further support via appointments, calls, chat, and detailed emails for clients struggling with using apps and products. 

Third, BSS always listens to our customers’ needs. If incoming requests are out of existing products, the support team will direct clients to different possible solutions or be willing to provide development/customization services. 

A Year Full Of Efforts For The Development

BSS Commerce is constantly updating Shopify apps to fit the market and merchant’s demand. In 2022, we released a total of 500+ new features corresponding to 9 Shopify Apps.


  • Product Options: Price Add-on, In-cart Editing, Conditional Logic,…
  • Product Labels: Text hover label/badge, Clickable label/badge,…
  • BLOOP: Multiple rules – Referral Program, Custom Sharing URL,…
  • B2B Solution: Extra Fee, Shipping Rate, Price List Per Customer. Buy One Get One (BOGO),…
  • B2B Portal: ReOrder List, Multi Product Variants Order,…
  • B2B Login: B2B Login 2.0, Advanced Settings – Passcodes,…
  • MIDA Sessions Recordings: Release new app,…

Along with the entire team’s efforts, BSS Commerce stands at the top 1 “B2B” and “Product Labels” keywords on Shopify App Listing. We’re also a top monthly contributor on Shopify Community with 150 accepted solutions and 600 posts. Our expert developer team supports all the solutions.  

BSS Commerce Shopify Community

The Dedication Of The Whole Team

To make every unexpected thing come true, the Shopify team also witnessed a huge growth in total members, which increased by 250% compared to 2021

Furthermore, as a united group, we always try to support each other as much as possible to bring high-quality products and impeccable customer service. For example, if new developers need clarification about processing support tasks and commenting tasks for supporters, we provide feedback to team leaders and individuals. And result in decreased time resolving issues.

By 2023, we’ll make it to 200 members and promote new leaders. Along with it, our development orientations are:

  • Raising x5 revenue, growing app market share
  • Becoming top B2B/ B2C apps on the app listing
  • Gaining x2 active users and a total of 5000 reviews on the app listing

Not yet, BSS has in-house training for members through monthly knowledge sharing. Among them, prominent ones can be mentioned Shopify Automation Testing, Ads Sharing, code structures of our Shopify apps, etc. 


BSS Commerce training members


Partnership: A New Milestone Achieved And Sponsor Event

Despite just stepping up the partnership in 2022, the team has already reached an impressive 150+ partners. With 60+ co-marketing activities with app providers, we take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to bring new prospects for both parties. We’re also open to technology integration. If you are an app provider, don’t hesitate to contact us since we’re always trying to expand the number of integrations in 2023.

Last but not least, we’re honored to accompany Shopify Partners Vietnam Meetup Hanoi as an Exclusive Sponsor this year. Such a wonderful experience! We are excited to connect with 100 top Shopify Partners in Vietnam and overseas. 

BSS Commerce Shopify Meetup Event 1



Wrapping Up

It’s time to close 2022 and prepare for the next era. We’re ready to “conquer” the next milestones and bring the best solution to our customers. 

Thanks for your support over the past year. 

Happy New Year, and let’s move toward 2023!