With the onset of eCommerce, Shopify is emerging as the preferred platform for businesses of all sizes. As the need for online stores grows, merchants must focus on improving website performance, ensuring a seamless shopping experience, and easily expanding their operations. Ashley’s Artistries serves as a notable example of a brand using our Eurus Theme to achieve success.

In many ways, Ashley’s Artistries chose Eurus Shopify theme to bring a new appearance to their Shopify store. Did we complete Ashley’s Artistries’ brand expectations? Scroll down to learn more about our project for customizing their Shopify theme!


About Ashley’s Artistries

Ashley’s Artistries is a treasure trove of creative ideas and mom & kids-oriented products. It all started as a small family business, and through dedication and passion, it has blossomed into something truly remarkable. The heart of Ashley’s Artistries lies in the loving and artistic hands of a mom who understands the intricate balance of catering to both children’s and parent’s needs.

Why did Ashley’s Artistries Come to Eurus Team?

Ashley’s Artistries faces several challenges as it operates as a multifaceted product store. Their products range from jewelry and fashionable clothing catering to women’s tastes to children’s products, including toys, accessories, and practical household items suitable for the entire family. This extensive catalog includes up to 8 distinct collections, further complicating the task of creating an effective product showcase to highlight the latest additions.

A Few Requests from Ashley’s Artistries

Some of the requirements from Ashley’s Artistries given to the Eurus team:

  • Beautiful & clean layout
  • Organizing Categories
  • Loading Speed
  • Shopify App Compatibility

These reasons made Ashley’s Artistries turn to the Eurus team for the ideal solution: the Eurus Theme with design & setup service

Ashley’s Artistries Expect the New Update

As stated above, Ashley’s Artistries is finding a comprehensive solution to address their needs. It is looking for a beautiful store with image frames that effectively showcase its products. It is a top priority to create an engaging and appealing shopping experience for its customers, enhancing the presentation of its diverse product lines.

Additionally, they aim to integrate their website with social media to engage with customers and leverage marketing opportunities. By connecting on social media, Ashley’s Artistries can improve stronger customer relationships and drive brand engagement.

How Eurus Team Gives the Solutions for Ashley’s Artistries

After receiving the customer’s request, Eurus team allocates human resources into 3 combined teams to plan and provide the best solution to the customer. The Sales Admin team joins meetings with the customer to learn about the brand story and vibe of an online store and customer requirements.

After that, the team transmits information to other teams taking the order. The design team brings design options for the customer to choose the most suitable one. Finally, the Development team implements the design and ensures app compatibility.

In conclusion, after a process of discussion and working together, our team came up with a solution to address Ashley’s Artistries’s problems as follows:


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Design a beautiful website

One challenge that emerged early on was dealing with the large amount of product and merchandise information these stores needed to operate. The variety of products under the Ashley’s Artistries brand presented a particular challenge: they needed a solution that allowed customers to browse various styles and types quickly. It also needed to be easy for Ashley’s Artistries team to manage and launch major product sales. Thus, the demand for the Design team is harder than ever.


After researching and coming up with design solutions together, we gave Ashley a few website design options so she could choose the two most feasible options for our development team to create a demo app.


Besides solving the problem of presenting product information as well as showing the full content of the store’s 8 collections, Ashley expressed the desire to use more images to show the product’s features. And we have completely satisfied her.

Finally, after working on ideas since August 2023, Ashley’s Artistries now has a complete and stunning website interface with clear showcases.


Compatible handling

Before working with the Eurus theme, Ashley’s Artistries had a Trust Badges app. After completing the interface on the website, the business hopes to be compatible with the Trust badges.

After working with the development team and design team to come up with a suitable design, the compatible interface of the Trust Badges app has been optimized with quality display.


Improve performance

One of our team’s achievements in solving problems is improving the performance of Ashley’s Artistries website. According to Page Speed Insights analysis, we can see that after being improved, the indexes are all at a positive and stable level, especially the SEO or Practice score is considered almost perfect.


With high-performance ratings, Ashley’s Artistries with Eurus theme brings a better experience to users, thereby bringing many positive reviews from customers.

Satisfied with Product to Human Resources

Ashley’s Artistries is not only satisfied with the success that Eurus theme has brought to their business, but they are also interested in developing more for their website. As a theme provider, we are happy to complete a good project and bring good experiences to customers. Especially, when our help brings customer business success and new conversions.

After working with the team, Ashley’s Artistries was completely happy and gave amazing feedback to the Eurus team.


As a member of the Eurus team, we are very grateful for these positive reviews from Ashley and her team. This valuable feedback is a great motivation for us to be able to develop our products further, bringing the best experience to customers.

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