WufWuf, a UK-based pet supply enterprise, enhanced its B2B customer engagement by utilizing BSS Commerce’s B2B/Wholesale Solution. This integration allowed for a customized registration form and individualized pricing strategies, addressing the need for a more tailored wholesale experience. Overcoming initial setup challenges with BSS Commerce’s responsive support, WufWuf now enjoys a streamlined B2B process, reflected in their positive 5-star review of the solutions provided.

Industry: Pet Supplies
Website: wufwufb2b.com
Location: United Kingdom
Features used:
🔷 Registration Form, Custom Pricing (BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution)

🔎 Overview

WufWuf, headquartered in London, is a pet-centric company founded by passionate pet parents who understand the challenges faced by pet owners worldwide. Specializing in premium pet treats and toys, WufWuf boasts over 200 unique toys, with most being produced in Europe. The company is committed to providing high-quality treats, characterized by being Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, and Rawhide-Free. Dispatching over 1 million items annually, WufWuf is expanding its product lines monthly and seasonally, while also introducing premium brands like Gigwi to the UK.

💪 Challenges and Support

Venturing into the realm of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business, WufWuf faced a distinctive challenge – the need to engage directly with wholesale customers.

In pursuit of a dynamic solution, WufWuf aimed to implement a custom form, extending beyond the conventional, to gather detailed information during the registration process. This form needed to encapsulate vital data, ensuring that wholesale customers could provide specific insights into their needs, company name, and company number.
Additionally, WufWuf harbored the vision of tailoring pricing structures for individual accounts, reflecting a commitment to customer-centricity in their wholesale dealings.

💡 Finding Solution

In May 2022, WufWuf successfully addressed these challenges by implementing the B2B Wholesale Registration Form developed by BSS Commerce. This application allowed WufWuf to effortlessly create a new registration form with custom fields, ensuring that customers provide the necessary information during the registration process. Additionally, WufWuf utilized the Custom Pricing feature to easily apply discounts for logged-in customers on specific products. The ability to apply discounts at a granular product level through multiple pricing rules proved instrumental in aligning their B2B pricing with the diverse needs of their clientele.

During the setup, WufWuf encountered some issues with the auto installation, such as the Registration Form’s custom field not displaying and the Custom Pricing not showing the set-up custom price. The BSS Commerce team promptly addressed and resolved these issues, ensuring a seamless installation process.

✅ Success Metrics

After more than a year of implementation, WufWuf expresses high satisfaction with the B2B Wholesale Solution app as well as the BSS Commerce support team. The WufWuf team left a glowing 5-star review on the Shopify app listing, commending the application and customer support: “Very helpful and fast customer support who helped me kindly. Great app for those who want a solution for their B2B business in Shopify.” This positive feedback underscores the success of BSS Commerce in meeting the specific needs of WufWuf and enhancing its B2B operations.

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