Industry: Home and Garden
Location: Netherlands
Features used:
🔷 Net Terms, Company Accounts (BSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30)
🔷 Registration Form, Custom Pricing, QB/AB, Extra Fee, Tax Exempt, Shipping Rates, Cart Note (BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution)

🔎 Overview

Established in 2018, Blooms out of the Box was founded by Simon Speelman and Erna Ebbinge, visionaries driven by a critical examination of traditional flower packaging. Their brainchild, Blooms out of the Box, emerged from a desire to revolutionize plant shipping materials. Initially focused on air-purifying plants, Blooms Out of the Box has expanded its range to include herbs, Christmas trees, dried flowers, and more.

At the core of their innovation lies the patented Blooms out of the Box – a sustainable solution designed to minimize packaging while efficiently delivering plants. The 3-in-1 design epitomizes sustainability, eco-friendliness, and recipient convenience. Blooms out of the Box is to maximize its positive impact on individuals’ well-being while minimizing any adverse effects on the environment. They are the top destination where innovation meets sustainability for a greener, healthier, and more enjoyable gifting experience.

💡 Finding Solution

From a store owner’s perspective, Erna from Blooms out of the Box has been in search of specific functionalities to streamline and elevate her business’s relationship with wholesale customers.

  • Personalized Pricing Features: To forge stronger bonds with wholesale clients by offering tailored pricing on selected items, as 90% of their sales come from the wholesalers. This feature allows them to extend special discounts to loyal patrons while safeguarding profit margins.
  • Simplified Registration Process: Needing a swift and user-friendly registration process for wholesalers to promptly commence their shopping journey upon enrollment.
  • VAT Tools: Searching for features like VAT Exemption and Tax Display are crucial for compliance with tax regulations in their countries. “We charge Dutch tax for all customers within the European Union applies. For B2B customers in other EU countries, customers can fill in their EU-VAT-number, which is directly checked, and if correct, no tax is charged to the order”, explained Erna.
  • Purchase Late: Furnishing customers with the ability to settle payments within a specified timeframe post-order placement is pivotal in facilitating smooth transactions and building trust.
  • Corporate Account Functionality: Simplifying the purchasing process for their employees by amalgamating individual shopping carts into the company’s shared cart, enhancing overall efficiency and user convenience.

💪 Challenges and Support

Customers have encountered some challenges and expressed specific desires while utilizing our B2B applications.

  • Layout: When using the BSS: B2B Portal/Net Termm, the store owner has raised concerns regarding the “Go to Customer Portal” button on the account page. They find it relatively small and positioned in a manner that lacks clarity for their users.
  • Testing Hindrances: Sometimes, Erna reported experiencing some difficulties while testing features as a customer before their rollout for customers’ use.
  • Desire for Additional Features: They desire to incorporate a note box into the cart page and the purchase late form, that would enable customers to leave specific requests or notes for the store owner, visible only to logged-in users.

✅ Success Metrics

Through collaborative efforts, the BSS Commerce team provided swift solutions and recommendations. They clarified customer queries and addressed issues, resulting in tailored utilizations of the B2B Portal/Net Terms and B2B/Wholesale Solution applications.

BSS: B2B Portal/Net Terms: Leveraging Net Terms and Company Accounts, with detailed guidance on the Company Accounts feature.
B2B/Wholesale Solution: Customizations to the Cart’s Note and Registration Form layout, along with Custom Pricing, Quantity/Amount Break, Extra Fee, Tax Exempt, and Shipping Rates.
The feature recommendations adeptly addressed the clients’ anticipated requirements for a B2B application. The team remains committed to promptly addressing customer queries and continually striving to present optimal solutions, allowing clients to optimize sales operations for B2C and B2B customers within a single website.

Review from Blooms out of the Box: “Great support! Actually, the reason why I have decided to proceed with the BSS apps. Jocelyn and the team answer within hours and have provided great support. The possibility to combine different apps from the same team is also great.”

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