Industry: Home and Garden
Location: Australia
Features used:
🔷 Product Labels (BSS: Product Labels & Badges)

🔎 Overview

Milosbackyard, an Australian family-owned business, ignited by their affection for their Cavoodle, Milo, and an understanding of the deep connection between pets and their owners, ventured into the online marketplace in search of high-quality yet affordable pet products. As they discovered a treasure trove of enticing lifestyle items from their trusted suppliers, Milosbackyard expanded its offerings to include pet accessories, outdoor living, gifts, home decor, and wellness products. Now positioned as the ultimate destination for all things pet and lifestyle, they boast a collection of exclusive products and a dedicated team committed to helping customers find the perfect items tailored to their preferences and lifestyles.

💡 Finding Solution

Labels, or tags, play a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of websites, particularly those engaged in online sales. As navigational aids, labels guide customers to specific products or sections within a website. They improve product visibility, highlighting new arrivals, bestsellers, or items on sale to capture potential buyers’ attention and drive sales. Additionally, labels contribute to a website’s aesthetics by providing a visual hierarchy.

💪 Challenges and Support

Milosbackyard aims to integrate a “free shipping” label across its extensive product range using BSS: Product Labels & Badges. The sheer quantity of items requiring this label makes the manual selection process overly laborious, posing a significant challenge to its implementation. They also aspire to exclusively display the “free shipping” label for products currently in stock, adding an additional and logistical hurdle of accurately reflecting stock status on their platform.

✅ Success Metrics

To streamline the application of label rules across their products, Milosbackyard adopted a strategic approach within the Condition section of the rule-setting. By choosing to apply labels to products with “Specific Tags” and assigning a fixed tag, such as “free-shipping,” to the products requiring labeling, the brand has seamlessly managed to affix labels to a multitude of items without the need for manual selection or individual rule creation for each product.

Moreover, to further refine its labeling process, Milosbackyard leveraged the Inventory Status section available in premium plan packages. This feature allows for the customization of conditions when setting up labels, enabling businesses to select labeled products based on their inventory status. Conditions like ‘In stock,’ ‘Out-of-stock,’ ‘Stock Availability Equal or Greater than,’ or ‘Stock Availability Equal or Smaller than’ ensure a more nuanced and automated application of labels, aligning them precisely with the stock status of each item in their inventory.”

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