Industry: Web Agency
Location: United States

🔎 Overview

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, standing out requires a blend of expertise and innovative solutions. Ecom Luxx, a seasoned player with over 15 years of experience in Shopify Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, and SEO, sought professional E-Commerce Development services. Focused on meeting their client’s demands, especially in the realm of wholesale and retail, Ecom Luxx embarked on a partnership journey with BSS Commerce. This collaboration aimed at integrating professional solutions into their B2B projects, catering to the specific needs of store development and enhancement.

💪 Challenges Faced

Ecom Luxx faced unique challenges in meeting the diverse requirements of their client’s stores. The need for features catering to wholesalers, such as Quantity Break, Registration Form, Order Limit, Manual Order, Multiple Currency, Force Login, and Net Term, presented a complex scenario. Finding developers capable of encompassing all these features was a rare feat.

💡 Finding Solution

Enter BSS Commerce, provides a comprehensive suite of apps designed for various purposes:

  • Wholesale Solution App: Offering Quantity Break, Registration Form, Order Limit, Manual Order, and Multiple Currency features.
  • Login/Lock & Hide Price App: Enabling Force Login to enhance security and control access.
  • Customer Portal App: Facilitating Net Term functionality for clients who need flexibility in payment options.

In addition to these core solutions, BSS Commerce worked closely with the representative of Ecom Luxx – Mr. Conal to implement customizations. The interface and logic flow of Net Term forms and quantity break tables were adjusted to enhance user-friendliness and align with the overall theme.

✅ Success Metrics

The collaboration yielded positive results, addressing the challenges and delivering a seamless B2B experience for Ecom Luxx and its clients:

  • Enhanced Checkout Flow: The implemented solutions provided a fairly smooth checkout process, particularly beneficial for the older age group, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Customized Design and Logic: The Net Term checkout form and quantity break table underwent customization to align with the friendly user interface and theme, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience.
  • Successful Registration: Ecom Luxx witnessed the first wholesale customers successfully registering via the dedicated form and completing the checkout process.
  • Client Feedback: Trustpilot

Ecom Luxx expressed their satisfaction with the collaboration and the solutions provided by BSS Commerce. They highlighted the excellence of in-app functionality, emphasizing the use of B2B/Wholesale Solution and BSS: B2B Portal/Net Terms to deliver a well-rounded B2B experience for their clients. The positive feedback extended to BSS Commerce’s communication and customer service, praising their responsiveness, assistance, and attention to detail.

In the words of Ecom Luxx: “Thanks so much guys we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help! Excellent support as always 🤘🏼”

This success story exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in overcoming the challenges of e-commerce development.

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