Industry: Home Furnishing
Location: Netherlands
Features used:
🔷 Product Labels (BSS: Product Labels & Badges)

🔎 Overview

Founded in 2020 by two furniture experts in the Netherlands, Hello Chair has established itself as a specialist in contemporary chairs and tables. With a keen eye for interior design, the company boasts a diverse range of products from over 30 brands, available both online and in physical stores located in Bussum, Culemborg, and Delft. Offering customization options, Hello Chair allows customers to personalize their chairs and tables according to their preferences.

💪 Challenges and Support

Hello Chair’s decision to integrate the BSS Product Labels & Badges application aimed to emphasize their product range, utilizing labels and badges strategically.

Labels were strategically used during Black Friday to highlight discounted products across all pages, while badges displayed discount codes for customers to use during the checkout process. However, during the initial setup, the Hello Chair team encountered several challenges, including:

  • Label display issues on product pages
  • Misplacement of labels on thumbnails
  • Badge duplication/wrong position

💡 Finding Solution

The BSS support team played a crucial role in overcoming these challenges. Through manual installation of codes, the team ensured that labels and badges functioned precisely according to the Hello Chair team’s configuration. Additionally, unnecessary codes were removed to prevent the display of redundant labels and badges in unrelated sections.

This comprehensive solution not only resolved the technical issues but also underscored the collaborative effort between Hello Chair and the BSS support team.

✅ Success Metrics

After two months of utilizing the BSS Product Labels & Badges app, Hello Chair’s team has expressed high satisfaction with both the BSS Product Labels & Badges application and the support team’s responsiveness.
Hello Chair’s success story with the BSS Product Labels & Badges application underscores the importance of a seamless integration process and responsive support of the BSS team. Any concerns raised were promptly addressed by the BSS support team, earning them 5-star reviews on the app listing by Hello Chair’s team.

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