Industry: Food and Beverages
Location: Sri Lanka
Features used:
🔷 Product Labels (BSS: Product Labels & Badges)

🔎 Overview

In the twenty-first century, where wellness and self-care have become crucial priorities for consumers, Harrow House emerges as an illustrious entity. It offers a diverse assortment of products ranging from natural teas and coffee to cinnamon, tamarind, Soursop, and fresh berries. The goal of ensuring the highest standards of natural production and freshness has distinguished Harrow House as a brand that deeply cares about the well-being of its customers.

Operated by Elpitiya Plantations PLC, an associate company of Aitken Spence (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka, Harrow House has etched its mark as a trusted and revered brand guided by principles of “Freshness,” “Wellness,” and “Ethical Trade.” They not only provide their customers with products that are a delight to the senses and contribute to a balanced lifestyle but also place the highest ethical standards in their workforce usage.

💡 Finding Solution

“The crucial advantage for us,” stated a representative from Harrow House, “was the necessity for an adaptable tagging system that maintained uniformity across all our stores and the website.”

From the brand’s standpoint, this label system serves as a simple way to represent different aspects across the website in a direct and informative interface. Labels help economize the time of manually adjusting details or titles for each product while swiftly drawing consumers’ attention to temporary information. For instance, they effectively signify seasonal offerings such as Christmas or Black Friday specials, as well as new arrivals, instantly catching the eye right when customers enter the website.

Moreover, these labels act as a bridge between customers and brands by streamlining the search process. By strategically showcasing essential details that directly impact a customer’s buying decision, they ultimately reduce the time needed for customers to make decisions.

💪 Challenges and Support

One significant challenge is the oversized display of labels across various pages. During the label setup process, the brand noticed discrepancies in label presentation between different pages, notably between product pages and others. This variance in presentation impacts the visual appeal and overall aesthetic of the website, directly affecting the efficiency of image display. The root of this issue stems from differences in configuring labels using pixel and percentage settings, both of which are options offered by the BSS: Product Labels & Badges application.

Another obstacle relates to the display of labels on featured products showcased on the home page. For seasonal items like Christmas specials or newly introduced products, customers aim to introduce these labels directly on their home page. Despite the app providing features to display labels for featured products on the home page, custom adjustments made to the website and theme render the fundamental functionality unable to fully meet the requirements for this specific need.

✅ Success Metrics

The support agents and technical team have been instrumental in advising the brand on essential setup knowledge for labels. We diligently highlighted the nuances between setting up labels based on pixel and percentage configurations, emphasizing the distinctions between desktop and mobile views. This guidance has been pivotal in ensuring that labels are displayed accurately, aligning seamlessly with the customer’s layout requirements, and circumventing any design discrepancies.

Moreover, for requirements that aren’t included in the basic features, the team has been promptly proactive in suggesting customizations tailored to the customer’s needs. This proactive approach aims to optimize the customer’s label usage experience, ensuring that all their specific demands are met to achieve the most efficient label utilization possible.

Review from Harrow House: “Great product and good service! BSS had the flexibility to incorporate all the requirements of custom labels based on each of our promo types as well as the feature of activating the offers by tags and collections, meaning that we did not have to spend too much time managing all the promos. We could program the promos once a week and then sit back and let BSS do the work.”

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