Industry: Web Agency
Location: Italia

🔎 Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, Nama Studio stands out as a women-owned boutique agency dedicated to creating successful e-commerce stories. Leveraging the power of Shopify, a revolutionary platform reshaping the online retail experience, Nama Studio works closely with clients simplifies e-commerce processes, and optimizes the potential of Shopify. Since some of their clients need features that are not Shopify’s default, they hope for solutions provided by third-party developers. We are honored at BSS Commerce to have been counted on, with their trust placed in our services. One notable success story with our clients is Devco, a trading company in the industrial supplies sector, with their main store at

💪 Challenges Faced

Devco, with extensive experience in industrial supplies, faced a specific set of challenges. Their primary requirement was an enhanced registration form. They needed a form that collected comprehensive customer data, including business information and VAT details. The form had to seamlessly integrate with Shopify’s default style, be user-friendly, and incorporate additional customization through custom code. Devco also sought assistance with coding-related queries, solidifying the need for a dedicated partner like BSS Commerce.

💡 Finding Solution

With such requirements from the client, Rossella Ferrandino, Tech Lead at Nama Studio, took on the responsibility of communicating with us – BSS Commerce to address client issues. The support team from BSS Commerce stepped up to the challenge, delivering solutions that met expectations. The registration form was meticulously crafted, meeting all the specified requirements, such as displaying a different message on the registration confirmation page according to the industry specified in the registration form. BSS Commerce not only addressed coding-related queries but also showcased its expertise in solving technical issues promptly. Devco and Nama Studio’s partnership with BSS Commerce provided a seamless experience, with the recognition of the attentive customer service and bug-fixing capabilities of the BSS technical team.

The impact of the collaboration was substantial. Since integrating BSS Commerce’s B2B Wholesale Solution, Devco’s Basic Shopify Plan store experienced a surge in success. The registration form, now optimized for user-friendliness and styled to match Shopify’s default form, attracted around 1000 new registered customers for about half a year. This reflected a significant increase in customer engagement.

✅ Success Metrics

The partnership between Nama Studio, Devco, and BSS Commerce exemplifies how collaboration and innovation can transform e-commerce success stories. By addressing specific challenges, providing tailored solutions, and optimizing the use of third-party apps, the collaboration achieved remarkable results for Devco. This success story stands as a testament to the capabilities of Nama Studio and BSS Commerce in navigating the complexities of e-commerce and leveraging platforms like Shopify to their full potential.

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