Industry: Technology Equipment
Location: Croatia
Features used:
🔷 Registration Form, Custom Pricing, QB/AB, Shipping Rates, Auto Tagging, Order Quantity Limits (BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution)

🔎 Overview

ORQA, founded in 2018 by Srdjan Kovacevic, Ivan Jelusic, and Vlatko Matijevic, is a cutting-edge company with a mission to establish itself as the world’s leading technology provider of First Person View (FPV) and advanced Remote Reality (RR) applications. Based in Osijek, the company’s development and production center, Orqa comprises a team of FPV enthusiasts and engineers dedicated to designing and building the world’s best FPV gear. The company’s vision revolves around developing enabling technology for next-generation vision systems.

💪 Challenges and Support

In pursuit of enhancing their B2B customer experience, ORQA sought the assistance of BSS Commerce’s B2B Wholesale Solution. Their requirements included implementing a dedicated registration form for B2B customers, quantity-based discounts, customer tag-based discounts, ‘buy one get one’ offers, setting up exclusive shipping rates for B2B customers, utilizing tags for customer management, and enforcing order quantity limits for B2B customers.

💡 Finding Solution

During the setup process, they encountered challenges and had specific customization requests to align the platform with their preferences.

BSS Commerce’s B2B Wholesale Solution provided a comprehensive set of features to meet ORQA’s specific requirements:

  • Dedicated B2B Registration Form: Implemented using the Registration Form feature.
  • Quantity/Amount Break Discounts: Utilized the Quantity/Amount Break feature for volume-based pricing.
  • Custom Pricing based on Customer Tags: Integrated the Custom Pricing feature for personalized discounts.
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One) Offers: Employed the BOGO feature to enhance promotional strategies.
  • Shipping Rate Configuration for B2B Customers: Utilized the Shipping Rate feature to set exclusive rates for B2B customers.
  • Auto Tagging for Customer Management: Implemented Auto Tag to streamline customer control.
  • Order Quantity Limits: Utilized the Order Limit feature to enforce minimum purchase quantities for B2B customers.

Throughout the app usage, the BSS Commerce support team played a pivotal role in assisting ORQA during setup and configuring all modules. Additionally, the support team provided ongoing assistance in customizing the platform according to ORQA’s preferences, such as styling the Registration Form to align with the theme’s aesthetics and customizing warning messages related to order quantity limits.

✅ Success Metrics

The implementation of BSS Commerce’s B2B Wholesale Solution proved highly successful for ORQA, with the company expressing satisfaction with the enhanced B2B app. A representative from ORQA stated, “We’ve been using your app, the B2B/Wholesale solution on Shopify for some time now, and it’s been great so far. It really helps us with our business.”

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