Industry: Retail
Location: Netherlands
Features used:
🔷 Page lock (BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price)
🔷 Registration Form (BSS: B2B Wholesale Solution)

🔎 Overview

Telecom Today operates an exclusive VIP store, serving individuals meticulously screened and personally connected by their staff

💪 Challenges and Support

Requirements: The store owner faced the challenge of establishing a secure B2B environment by implementing a login portal. The objective was to restrict public access to products, requiring B2B customers to sign up first. Furthermore, the store owner wanted to review and approve or reject customer registrations, ensuring that only legitimate businesses gained access. The store owner was also required to provide comprehensive business details during the sign-up process, and confirmation emails were deemed essential.

Setup: During the setup phase, customization played a pivotal role in achieving aesthetics and compatibility with the store’s theme.

💡 Finding Solution

To address the challenges, two key apps were recommended: B2B Login & Lock Access and B2B Wholesale Solution.

  • B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price: Implemented the Login View Pages feature to restrict access to all pages for non-logged-in users.
  • B2B Wholesale Solution: Leveraged the Registration Form feature to extend Shopify Default with custom fields. Customers were directed to a registration form where they submitted business details. The store owner gained the authority to approve or reject registrations, ensuring control over customer access.

The Logical Flow:

  • Step 1: New customers entering the store encountered a complete lockout, unable to view any pages. They were prompted to create a new account.
  • Step 2: Upon selecting “Create an Account,” customers were redirected to the Registration Form page. The form, enriched with custom fields, required customers to submit business details. The store owner could then approve or reject the registration. Only approved customers gained access to the website.

✅ Success Metrics

Following BSS team support during installation, the solution seamlessly aligned with the store owner’s objectives:

  • Complete Site Lockdown: The site is effectively locked down, showing only essential store information. Public access to products was restricted, ensuring a secure B2B environment.
  • Streamlined Customer Engagement: The requirement for login or registration streamlined customer engagement, ensuring that only approved B2B clients accessed the site.
  • Efficient Data Collection: The implemented solution via a custom registration form facilitated efficient data collection. All customers were required to log in or register before making purchases, contributing to a robust customer database.

Client feedback reflected high satisfaction:

  • Smooth Store Setup: The store owner highlighted the app’s role in rapid website development, emphasizing that a functional website was built within a short timeframe.
  • Customer Support: The continuous support from the support team is highly praised, quickly addressing all questions during the setup process and resolving any potential issues or requested adjustments.

Detail feedback from the store owner:

“We built up the store right away by using the BSS Commerce Shopify app. Our webshop has been functioning in a very practical way since we have BSS & of course the great support of you and the tech team.

Instead of having to hire an entire external web dev team to create a website for us with all the different functions to satisfy our needs, we have the feeling we easily were able to set this up ourselves (fundamentally). And if there were any parts we needed a helping hand with, we could always count on you guys. So overall it has been a great experience so far 🙂

Let’s say it made running a business very smooth and easy from day #1. I think I built the entire Shopify website by myself within 5 working days. I could not have done so by myself (with no 3rd party web developer) if I had not found such a helpful plugin as BSS Commerce. So from scratch to the final product, it took less than a week of work for a working website with the portal, registration system, etc. That is pretty impressive don’t you think?

This was the foundation. Of course, we did some customization over time, but that was just some preference and small add-ons.

I might be a bit tech savvy myself, but I am no professional web dev, nor did I study IT.

Just with sheer willpower, and your and your colleague’s help, I managed to build it.

I couldn’t have done it without you & your team’s support :)”

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