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Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension Free & Paid: Top 8+ Best For 2024

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To some businesses where the product is not easily manifested such as intangible industries or visual presentation is a prerequisite, sales turn out to be an impossible mission without imagination. Thus, the gallery takes on the role of a portfolio of talent, calling out the best imagination inside customers so that they can sketch the products/services.

Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times. Only default gallery widgets sound less adequate because a little single-digit album is never enough. What you need is a Magento 2 photo/image gallery extension! Install these 8 best options of Magento 2 Image Gallery extension free and paid to empower your exhibitions to speak for themselves right now.

Full Review of Best Magento 2 Photo Gallery Extension Free & Premium

Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension Free

#1. Magento 2 Photo Gallery by Decima Digital

Photo Gallery - Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension Free

If you are looking for a user-friendly and powerful extension to create unlimited image galleries for your online store, Magento 2 Photo Gallery with $0 is the best option for you.

Even though it is a Magento 2 gallery extension free, Photo Gallery by Decima Digital still offers a wide range of features while maintaining user-friendly simplicity. It allows you to easily add and manage images or photos, use image tags to filter, choose the number of photos to display on a page and specify the page to display them on.

#2. Masonry Responsive Image Gallery by MagentiCity

Magento 2 photo gallery extension free - Masonry Responsive Image Gallery

This MagentiCity module is prominent as a leading Magento 2 Image Gallery extension free. Despite it is a FREE extension, it has a good frontend presentation. Basically, the user can upload images, edit the description, and assign multiple to the category page. There is no configuration for the transition effect but to its default showing method, it is sufficient enough to the look.

When customers hover over the image inside the Magento 2 photo gallery, a description will be demonstrated in front of the blurred background. When clicking, one image will show out as a popup in the dark background. Click the arrows to move back and forth. Of course, users cannot place images on the album or set metadata like other paid extensions.

#3. Magento 2 Image Gallery by BSSCommerce


With a reasonable price ($79), the Magento Image Gallery extension developed by BSS Commerce brings you an excellent gallery fitting all screen solutions and devices.

It helps to build up unlimited photos for multiple albums with large supportive image formats to display in high quality. Embed a video by inserting URLs, optimizing metadata, and custom CSS transitions and duration when swiping photo sliders are compiled in the extension.

One good point is users are able to assign a Magento 2 image gallery to any page by using the widget, setting up the desired position, and its scope counts from each store view.  Admins can import and export an album to a CSV file, given a highly configurable tool to demonstrate their visuals.

#4. Magento 2 Product Image Gallery by WebKul


The price is $89, this module enables users to upload single images and add them to albums. The disadvantages are users cannot upload multiple photos at the same time, yet the SEO metadata is not included in the module. Videos URL is not supported either.

There are configurations for opening/closing effect, caption, background, cyclic, interval, border, and slide count. If you have no specific configuration requirements, this module has developed a friendly and easy operation for users. It is good for one looking for a Magento photo image gallery and popup combination in one extension.

#5. Magento 2 Lookbook by Landofcoder


Buy this Magento Product Image Gallery extension now as it applies promotion prices from $89 to $69. Landofcoder is a tool that allows you to upload unlimited image gallery Magento and display photos with multiple layouts.

Key features:

  • Create unlimited images and perform pictures in eye-catching lightbox and slideshow
  • Display image galleries with multiple layouts
  • Be able to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Add image galleries to the product page and link images to related pages
  • Freely add & edit photo descriptions
  • Assign photos to various galleries and attach image gallery Magento on a separate photo gallery page
  • Specify metadata for images and pictures
  • Create a lookbook layout.

#6. Magento Photo Gallery & Product Image Gallery by Fmeextensions.

magento product image gallery-fme

For $99, it’s another option in the list of Magento 2 photo gallery extensions free and paid, this module allows you to show an image gallery on product pages and category pages with an attractive Lightbox.

Key features:

  • Display photo albums on products and category pages
  • Assign image gallery Magento pages to various albums
  • Freely customize thumbnails, photo sliders, and frame settings
  • Support the multi-store website and be responsive to all devices

#7. Magento 2 Image Gallery by MageArray.

magento-2-photo-gallery-magearrayThis Magento 2 image gallery extension is a tool that helps you display multiple images organize these images and list them into a gallery and categories for $49.

Admin can use this Magento image gallery extension to publish photo albums of products, events, customers’ stories, etc. This is one of the best options for the Magento 2 Image Gallery extension free and paid that has a range of functionalities that empower store owners to show galleries with different views (product thumbnails, full-sized pictures, image slideshows).

Key features:

  • Display your images in a gallery design
  • Responsive for optimum performance on all device sizes
  • Upload bundle of images – The extension allows us to upload a bunch of images using image import functionality.
  • Create an unlimited number of image category
  • Freely get all controls of the gallery from the backend

#8. Image Gallery by Webinse.


With only $25, this Magento 2 Image Gallery has the basic function of a gallery extension. This module allows you to add photo or image galleries to your store and create photo albums.

Top features:

  • Dedicated Gallery Page on the frontend
  • Create albums for galleries
  • Display images on the lightbox popup
  • Responsive layout
  • Add titles, descriptions of albums, and images
  • Be able to show albums and photos on CMS pages

But before installing this Magento Product Image Gallery extension, users are required to install their core extension for M2 on their website.

Why Should You Use Paid Magento 2 Photo/Image Gallery Extensions?

When you upgrade to the Paid version of Magento Image Gallery extensions, there are many more perks and functions you could add to your gallery. Below are the two reasons for you to upgrade your image gallery Magento for a better experience:

  • With a Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension free, the albums included would be limited to inserting images and descriptions. The paid photo/image gallery Magento extensions will profit your business with much more promising features, such as allowing images & video in slideshows, or optimizing the album in the search engine, etc.
  • When you purchase Free extensions, by default you will be standing alone and receive fewer supports on Magento upgrades and updates compatibility. Companies that have paid extensions will offer you free upgrades and updates for your extensions when you migrate to newer Magento versions, as well as instant support in installing and user guide problems.

GOOD TO KNOW >>> Product Visualization Today, Sales Rocket Tomorrow, Magento 2 Photo Gallery extension is a must-have.

Final thought

Each Magento 2 image gallery extension free and paid has strong and weak points; choosers should know about the policy, support, and custom competence between suppliers to decide which is the most suitable extension. It is to be continued and please keep up with us for more Magento 2 Image Gallery Extensions incoming!

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