Simplest Guidelines To Configure Payment Failed Emails In Magento 2

A customer can choose many of your products, adding them to cart, passing through the checkout process and the deal is closed. However, this flow would be disrupted by one failure. In this article, we mention steps to configure your system’s Magento 2 payment failed email, in a whole, this email would help to soothe disturbing payment problems. 

In Magento 2, if there is the chosen payment method fail to complete the transaction during the checkout process, the system will automatically send a notification email to the customer. This email informs the failure of the payment method. On the other hand, in many cases, this email plays an important role in keeping your customer for their next success purchase from your site.

Hereby, we include the easy and common method to configure your payment failed email for sending to customers as your wish.

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Firstly, update the email templates

Before accessing the Payment Failed Emails configuration, make sure that you have updated your email templates. This update can be executed in Admin panel > Marketing > Communications > Emails Templates.

In case, your system has not had the template for payment failed emails, create one in Admin panel > Marketing > Communications > Emails templates > Add New Template.

In Load Default Template: Choose Payment Failed then Load Template.

magento 2 add new email template paymetn failed emails
Add new email template payment failed emails in Magento 2


When the template is load completely, you could now create an updated email as your wish, according to your business’ style and wring genre. Follow these steps:

  • Fill out the Template Name and Template Subiect. The Template Subject will show up as the Subject of the email sent to customers
  • To modify the template content, you can add more variables in Insert variables
  • Directly edit the content by modifying HTML as needed in the Template Content
  • If you need to make any CSS declarations, enter the styles in the Template Styles box

Then, get down to configuring Magento 2 payment failed emails

Once you have updated your Payment Failed, now you need to assign it to the automated system. Access Store > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Payment Failed Emails

Configure payment failed emails in Magento 2
Configure payment failed emails in Magento 2
  • Payment Failed Email Sender field: select the store contact to be the sender of the email message
  • Payment Failed Email Receiver field: select the store contact to be the receiver of the email message
  • Choose the desired email template that you have created or updates in the Email Templates. If you choose “Use system value”, the default template will be used.
  • Send Payment Failed Email Copy To field: if you want to send the payment failed emails to numbers of people at the same time, enter their email addresses in the field. Each email is separated from each other by a comma.
  • Choose one of the sending email methods in the Payment Failed Copy Method:

+ BCC: If you want the email is sent to many people but no one can see who are/is also received this email, choose BCC. The list of recipients is included in the header of the same email. The BCC recipient is not visible to the customer and he/she doesn’t know that a copy is sent to many addresses.

+ Separate Email: Send a copy email as a separate email.

  • Save Config to complete the Payment Failed Email configuration.

A final thought

A meticulous payment failed email would improve your virtual store’s situation by decreasing the abandoned rate. Therefore, don’t forget to make your emails softer by using dedicated languages and content. Try to make irritating messages into the balmy ones!

One thing to keep in your mind: manage to keep track of all the transactions occurring within your store. Make sure that you are always be notified when any new order or modifications arise. We are so glad that this extension could do you good! Try out to verify our module’s quality.

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