Discount with minimum purchase Magento 2

How to Set Discount Cart Rule with Minimum Purchase in Magento 2

Never stop pressing the customer by overwhelming offers!

Promotions must be restless in modern marketing. As a customer, probably one of my favorite promotional outlooks is to get a direct discount right upon the order, on the right moment, more essentially; it creates the happiness on my mind as if receiving the gift from Santa Claus in midday of summer.

To merchants, beside generating coupons or accumulating reward points, granting a discount percent after order reaching a definite value could probably be a smart way to wake up the aggressive shopping adrenaline running inside customers’ vain; motivate them to buy more and scroll the catalog products circularly.

Configure discount to a specific category with minimum purchase

Learn now how to set up a cart price rule that blows your customers away with a percentage discount upon a minimum purchase to a category. Format of the discount rule is generalized as X% off all order amount of Y (category) over $Z dollars, applying to a specific category.

For example, I buy candies, candlesticks and candles, after mine reaches from $500 or above, I get a 20% discount on candles prices.

Simplify Catalog Management with Magento 2 Dynamic Category – Assign products to categories automatically based on advanced conditions!

Step 1. Establish a shopping cart rule

Conduct step by step due to this coherent article Create Cart Price Rule: Step by Step Tutorial and Annotation.

We will handle in an instant recap:

At the admin sidebar, find and click to Marketing, select Cart Price Rules.

Click to Add New Cart Price Rule at the right top to direct to new cart price rule configuration panel.

Basically, the first step you have to do when generating a new rule is to add information for the new one as following: set the Rule Name, add a brief description to the rule, enable the Active sector (form No to Yes) and select websites as well as customer groups to apply the rule. Finally, set calendar and priority for the new rule.

Discount with minimum purchase Magento 2
Configure general rule information

Step 2. Determine the conditions

In this step, you do the most important work, is to create operational content for the cart price rule. Scroll down from the Information and expand the Conditions part, under the sentence Apply the rule only if the following conditions are met, do as follow:

If ALL of these conditions are True.

Click  to add conditions:

Select Product Attribute combination to have the sentence below:

If an item is FOUND  in the cart with ALL  of these conditions true.

Click  to continue:

Under Cart Item Attribute, Select Price in Cart.

  • Result is: Price in cart is

Change is to equals or greater than.

At the ellipsis (…), enter a purchase threshold value. For example, the price in cart must to meet $500 or more, enter 500.

Click to continue:

Under Product Attribute, choose Category.

Result is: Category is…. .

Click   to see category tree. Tick checkbox to include desired category. Press Enter or  to add to the conditions.

Click  at the end of the sentence to omit the unwanted conditions or re-select true information.

Discount with minimum purchase Magento 2
Set the Conditions

Step 3. Determine the actions

Choose in the drop down menu Percent of product price discount.

Enter Discount Amount. For example 20 percent, enter 20.

Actions Configuration

To avoid another promotional rule applying on the purchase, swipe from No to the green Yes in Discard Subsequent Rules.

Click Save and Continue to move on to the next step.

Step 4. Determine Labels

Enter name as to set cart rule Label for all and default store view to see during checkout step.

Discount with minimum purchase Magento 2
Labels Configuration

Step 5. Save and test the Rule

Save the rule. Let some time, normally each night, for new price rules to automatically process with the system rules. Test its ability to works correctly afterwards before putting the rule into daily operation.

Overall thinking

One big shortage of the configuration is that a store owner can apply the rule to his/her default website, not for many store views. Even if you are fine with that today but in the next years of business, in futuristic scenery, you need to assign rules to specific store view too, because different store views have different backgrounds.

Don’t be afraid, we have come up with a solution to deal with the current Magento 2 setting, visit Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View for Magento 2.

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