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BSS Partner’s Week – Get Your New Year Gift!

Happy New Year!

For 2021, it’s the year of hard work, honesty, and optimism, so let’s greet it and the good fortune it brings in the new year of 2022! Keep luck on your side with BSS’s best Magento solutions, which are now even more affordable.

For a great jump start for 2022, BSS Commerce has prepared the program for only our treasured partners named “BSS Partner’s Week”. A small – yet thankful gift for our trusted partners.

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Introducing BSS Partner’s Week

BSS Commerce is pleased to accompany more than 200 partners. This number speaks volumes on BSS’s reputation among Magento’s solution providers as a trusted and reliable partner. 

We wish to continuously provide you with the very best in quality and service. To show our gratitude for having you in our community, here is a small gift from ours to yours:

  • Discount 30% off for all extensions will be applied (include combo/package).
  • Discount code: PARTNER21
  • For TOP Partners only
  • Running date: January 5th-12th, 2022. GMT +7

Note: Please log in to use the code.

new year gift

Joining Us And Get New Year Gift

BSS Commerce is a trusted Magento service provider with the aim to create the best successful solution at the best price possible. Hence, we are always on the look for partnering with others with similar goals and determination. 

If you are an eCommerce agency or an expert in designing, developing websites, do not hesitate to enter the partner registration form here. Our new year gift is available for you.


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What You Can Use New Year Gift For?

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar – $79.00

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 74% of consumers consider free shipping to be a more enticing factor than lower prices (50%) or free returns (35%) in motivating them to make a purchase. And we can calculate and review revenue between supporting free shipping and not to see clearly the importance of freeship. 


Let’s take this module to highlight your free shipping message!

Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field – $119.00

Every business wants to find out customer insight, so the method often used is collecting customer information. Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field will support that effectively.  

You can manage all customer attributes and create a performance marketing plan that will skyrocket your business income.


Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing – $249.00

Easily optimize revenue from customer segmentation with Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing. 


Price flexibility, which can be achieved by setting various pricing for a product for each Magento 2 shop view, is required to improve business efficiency and cut costs in the selling process. And there’s no better time than now to get started!


Magento 2 B2B/Wholesale Package – $939

Getting started with wholesaling on Magento is always a problem. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled all of the essential Magento 2 B2B features into one convenient location.

Don’t hesitate to use this package to create a seamless and frictionless wholesale customer journey on your website from beginning to end.


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Thank You!

End of 2021, BSS Commerce wishes you a wonderful holiday and another successful year to come. New year, new challenges, new opportunities included. Together, we will conquer all of the challenges that the coming year will bring and embrace all of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We treasure your support and hope to strengthen our long-lasting relationship in the year to come.

For our future partner, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US now!

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