21+ Top Apps Bigcommerce Necessary for Your Store

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The default BigCommerce already has many features for both B2B and B2C, yet it still missing various necessary functions for wholesale business. On the other hand, BigCommerce Pro and Enterprise version, which are optimized for B2B, seems quite expensive for small and mid-size companies. Therefore, we have listed the recommended top 20+ apps Bigcommerce B2B below.

1. Bulk Order Placement Feature

Bulk order is one of the most vital apps Bigcommerce for any store to have if they aim for B2B customers. Letting customers add multiple products to the cart and place orders in a few clicks is lovely for the wholesale purchase process. 

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC


Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC is a viable option if you are looking for an app that offers professional order functions, especially bulk orders for wholesale businesses.

With a premium price out of reach for small businesses, this app is geared towards mid-sized businesses that desire professional order functions of corporations.


  • Upfront fee: $500.
  • Recurring fee: $49.99/month.

Highlight features

  • Filter category & product page. 
  • Display real-time inventory on-page.
  • Customized sort for products.
  • Select default customer group.
  • Assign product prices in bulk as you wished.
  • Create custom discounts for customer groups.
  • Enable bulk order placement for customers.
  • Bulk CSV upload for custom pricing.
  • Limit quantities per product SKU.
  • Create minimum order requirements for specific groups.

Quick Buy


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Different from the application mentioned above, QuickBuy is a choice for small businesses. Since it only requires a small recurring fee, QuickBuy provides simple but straightforward features to enable the bulk order function on your store.


  • Free trial of 7 days.
  • Recurring fee: $29.00/month.

Highlight features

  • Import CSV file for bulk order placement of SKU and quantity.
  • Add/remove products before adding to cart.
  • Change product quantity at ease.
  • Compatible with customer group discounts.

Quick Shop

Quick Shop is a handy apps Bigcommerce B2B websites on the BigCommerce platform. You can choose which categories you want to show on the Quick Shop Page.


  • Free trial up to 7 days.
  • Recurring fee: $29.00/month.

Highlight features

  • Allow bulk order placement for B2B customers.
  • Filter products based on categories.
  • Display the customer’s wishlist in the drop-down category menu.
  • Add multiple products with custom quantities to the cart in one click.
  • Set permissions or restrict access for customer groups.

Add All To Cart by IntuitSolutions


The Add All to Cart application is quite a lesser option than other bulk order bigcommerce apps marketplace. However, it’s still a viable choice if you’re a new wholesaler.

Adding quantity boxes next to products on the category page makes bulk ordering fast and easy. It’s perfect for wholesale customers who buy in bulk, but it’s also a great addition to any site where customers pick up multiple items in a single order.


  • Upfront fee: $1,495.
  • No recurring fee is required.

Highlight features

  • Purchase multiple products at once.
  • Allow selecting variations of products.
  • Add quantity boxes next to the product on the category page.
  • Add multiple products at once without leaving the category page.

2. Quick Order Feature

Unlike B2C customers, B2B customers already have a list of products in their minds before actually placing an order. That’s when the quick order feature becomes handy as it simply lets customers add multiple products to the order via a sheet of SKUs or product names with quantities.

Quick Order Page by IntuitSolutions

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By default, the order process on BigCommerce is pretty slow, which can only be fixed via adding a full-fledged quick order feature.

Quick Order Page by IntuitSolutions lets customers add products quickly to the shopping cart by searching the corresponding product name or SKU.

Both product options and quantity are customizable, which means customers can change them to their liking in split seconds. Quick Order feature helps shorten the purchase process, limit abandonment and improve product sales.


  • Negotiable price, starting at $995.

Highlight features

  • Allow sales reps to directly add products to the cart in place of B2B customers.
  • Support adding multiple products to the cart.
  • Integrated search feature by product name and SKU.
  • Selectable product color, size and quantity.
  • Manual restriction on customer groups.

3. Reorder Product Feature

Same as quick order, reorder feature also lets customers quickly place orders of multiple products. Yet, it’s optimized for wholesalers who have already ordered these products before.

Reorder Button by IntuitSolutions

Reorder feature is essential for any wholesale business. That said, Reorder Button by IntuitSolutions is a solid choice that allows customers to reorder post-purchase products easily. By clicking the button, customers are shown their previous orders on a required login preview window.


  • Upfront fee: $1,995.
  • No recurring fee is required.

Highlight features

  • Add a reorder button that allows customers to add products from previous orders to the cart.
  • Preview previous orders and products in the same window.
  • Place reorder of single, multiple products or the entire order as wished.

4. Minimum Amount Per Order Feature

To achieve a considerable profit per order, it’s necessary to set up a minimum amount of items required for an order and a maximum amount for the sake of appropriate shipping fees and other related reasons. 

MinMax Order Limits


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To set up limits of products per order is usually necessary for B2B business. MinMax Order Limits app is the solution that allows you to set up minimal and maximal values for a specific customer’s order.


  • Recurring fee: $79.99/month.

Highlight features

  • Limit total price per order.
  • Narrow the number of products per order.
  • Reduce the product quantity per order.
  • Limit similar products in an order.

4. Request For Quote Feature

Most of the time, wholesalers might feel incompetent and want professional assistance from your B2B businesses. Letting them send a request for quotes to you might be a great idea to communicate to your customer faster and give them appropriate advice in the ordering process.

Quote Ninja

B2B Ninja (formerly Quote Ninja) is a quote solution for BigCommerce that lets wholesale customers create customizable quotes with just a few taps.

Customers may conveniently create their own quotations from your storefront. A streamlined dashboard allows your sales reps to access, manage, and edit received quotes.

B2B Ninja is a B2B application designed specifically for B2B companies. It’s one of the best bigcommerce apps you need to increase sales while saving time.


  • Custom pricing depends on your requirements.
  • Plans starting at $75/month.

Highlight features

  • Submit quote requests for single or multiple products directly from the product/cart page.
  • Create sample quotes that utilize shipping, tax, price rules.
  • Convert a quote to an order with one click.
  • Send quotes with an alternative checkout page to fasten the customer checkout process.
  • Support HTML and PDF quotes.

Quotes by FreshClick


Customers on your BigCommerce store can upload single or multi-product quote requests directly from a product tab, or you can generate a new quote from your Quote Manager using the Quotes by FreshClick application.

Your sales reps will then log in to the quote manager and generate a customized/discounted quote for the customer. The customer will then be emailed the quote along with a checkout address, allowing them to load it and complete the transaction.


  • Custom price depending on the number of products your store currently has. For the time being, there’s a total of 7 pricing options.
  • Pricing plans starting at $75/month.

Highlight features

  • Enable the add to quotes button on the product detail page.
  • Quickly access, organize and monitor any quotes received on a quote management interface.
  • Create and send bespoke quotes via email with PDF attachments.
  • No restrictions on the number of users.
  • Quote management rights are divided into user levels.

6. Hide Price/Call For Price Feature

Hide the product price, then place a call for a price button on the product page might increase the chance of getting contacts from customers, especially when it comes to B2B orders.

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing) by IntuitSolutions

Minimum Advertised Pricing is a highly customized apps bigcommerce that allows you to display pricing on your website with many rules set and purchase options provided by your vendors.


  • Free with premium plans of advanced features.

Highlight features

  • Hide product price until customers log in or add product to cart.
  • Hide price completely except on the product page.
  • Display a lower product price when customers add to cart.
  • Display product price only when it meets some circumstances.
  • Customize pricing rules and restrictions.

Call for Price


Call for Price is a versatile method that allows you to easily publicize or hide product prices while adding a call-to-action that can transform a deal into an actual sale. This method will conceal both the price and the add to cart icon while adding a Call for Price button on the product page.


  • 7-day free trial.
  • Recurring fee: $29.00/month.

Highlight features

  • Customize the content & display the Call for Price button.
  • Enable/disable button for specific products.
  • Manage customer inquiries via email and reply if needed.
  • Create custom email templates that fit your store.
  • Secure the Call for Price button via Captcha.

7. Wholesale Payment Feature – One of the best apps Bigcommerce

Some of the wholesale payment features below promise great control over your payment process. Some even help shorten it up to closing deals faster.

First, let’s jump into some applications for the purchase order feature. Not all wholesalers can pay for their massive orders right away. The purchase order (PO) feature lets customers and store owners agree on a later payment while allowing the checkout process to be finished via the PO number. 

Purchase Orders by MyIntegrator


Purchase Orders by MyIntegrator lets B2B customers make purchases instantly on your BigCommerce store by placing orders with a Purchase Order (PO) number. The app is simple with a modest recurring fee, designed to work best with all sizes of businesses, from small to large ones.


  • Free trial up to 14 days.
  • Recurring fee: $79.00/month.

Highlight feature

  • Optimized to work seamlessly for the default one-page checkout of BigCommerce.
  • Fully customizable product settings.
  • Custom restrict settings to disable purchase order function for specific customer groups.
  • Optimized for mobile.
  • Enhanced display for maximum user-friendliness.
  • ERP or custom account settings for integrated systems.

Purchase Order Solution


The Purchase Order Solution module is part of the Ebizio Checkout app, which enables the purchase order function and allows your customers to place a PO number at the checkout process of your BigCommerce store.

As the website admin, you can directly view the purchase order number on the BigCommerce order history to process the order and finish the payment for PO orders.


  • Recurring fee: $79.99/month. 

Highlight features

  • Allow late payment from customers via purchase order (PO) function.
  • Collect the PO number at the checkout section.
  • Let customers enter PO numbers when checking out.
  • Allow customization of checkout fields.
  • Completed PCI-compliant integrated into the BigCommerce checkout. 

Payment Groups


The PaymentGroups app is superficial, giving you some valuable extra functions and complete control over your store’s payment display methods.


  • Free trial: 7 days
  • Recurring fee: $29.00/month.

Highlight features

  • Offer your B2B customers specific payment methods to choose from, like cheque or bank deposit.
  • Compatible with Stencil, Blueprint themes, as well as both new and legacy BigCommerce checkout pages.
  • Require no complicated installation. Plus, for Stencil themes, the admin can install easily via Script Manager.
  • Change settings for payment groups without editing any related files.

Customer Group Restricted Payment Methods


Pre-approved consumers will be able to choose payment methods from a list of restricted payment methods by the website admin on the BigCommerce platform thanks to the Customer Group Restricted Payment Methods module of the Ebizio Checkout package.

This module is ideal for B2B websites that wish to allow consumers to choose from a list of limited-access payment methods at Checkout, such as Purchase Order.


  • Recurring Fee: $79.99/month.

Highlight features

  • Setup payment methods list on the checkout page.
  • Enlist wholesale unique payment methods like Net Term, Purchase Order, Payment on Delivery or more.
  • Work great for BigCommerce with PCI Compliant integration.
  • Compatible with one-page checkout modules and popular BigCommerce themes.



Apruve helps BigCommerce wholesalers to offer net terms to their customers while also receiving payment in 24 hours. It manages the customer’s loan applications, invoicing, returns, and billing. The software is wholly programmed, allowing you to concentrate on your company rather than how you’re paying.


  • Tier based SaaS and invoice fees

Highlight features

  • Give your customers payment options and credit limits via online credit management.
  • Fast payment received within 24 hours after the invoice was created.
  • Enable automated invoice and collection management on application.
  • Create a team account for customers (or company account) for wholesale orders.
  • Working payment online and offline as wished.

8. B2B Shipping Feature – Apps Bigcommerce

Shipping will be a total mess if you don’t spend enough attention on this process, especially when it comes to apps bigcommerce and wholesale dropshipping. That’s why we’d like to recommend the following modules to you.

Customer Group Restricted Shipping Methods


Thanks to the Customer Group Restricted Shipping Module from Ebizio Checkout package, the website admin can finally restrict B2B customers to select only specific shipping methods.

With this module, you can configure your checkout to give different consumers access to other shipping methods or set restrictions for specific products. When customers place orders, the chosen delivery method will appear on the Bigcommerce order record dashboard.


  • Recurring fee: $79.99/month.

Highlight features

  • Select shipping methods per customer access level on the checkout page.
  • Enable late payment for shipping options for specific products.
  • Compatible with all BigCommerce themes.
  • Integrate without issues on the BigCommerce platform.

Comprehensive Marketing Solution


DataFeedWatch is a leading feed marketing and PPC automation solution available in over 60 countries and across 2000+ eCommerce channels with the goal of helping agencies, retailers, and online merchants grow, both locally and globally. Their dedicated integration to BigCommerce enables merchants and agencies who manage the performance of thousands of products, to connect all their stores in just a few clicks, opening the door to multichannel product listings and comprehensive data feed optimization.
datafeedwatch pricing plans


  • 15-day free trial
  • Plans start from $59/month.

Highlight Features

  • Competitive prices 
  • 24/7 support from feed experts 
  • Over 2,000 channel integrations
  • Intuitive feed optimization panel
  • Automated Search Ads functionality
  • Product-level analytics
  • Competitive price insights
  • Feed review to check and fix errors 
  • Daily feed updates 

9. Well-rounded Management Feature

Having extra controls and monitoring your store might benefit you in the long run. To make sure your B2B business goes smoothly, try using the modules we recommended below.

Acumatica Cloud ERP


With the Acumatica Cloud ERP, you can handle all aspects of your business, from your products, orders, customers, inventory to even shipping, accounting and refunds. The system module is integrated well with BigCommerce to give you an all-out solution.


  • Recurring fee: $79.99/month.

Highlight features

  • Offer reasonable prices for retail and wholesale customers.
  • Elevate customer self-service and monitor orders at ease.
  • Aggregate, identify strategic data to extract customer insight for improvements.
  • Streamline fulfillment process.
  • Promote and build brand awareness.
  • Manage your store’s finance with high security and user-level access restrictions.



BundleB2B is the SaaS technology solution for B2B eCommerce that wholesalers need to advance their online store. It provides enhanced capabilities and enables the business to conveniently promote B2B operations online, thanks to its seamless integration with the BigCommerce platform.

It also boosts the self-service experience for both shop owners and consumers by getting a full suite of main B2B features.


  • Custom price with an upfront fee of $1600 and a recurring fee of $100/month.

Highlight features

  • Sign-up and manage sales rep accounts while sending quote requests to customers.
  • Allow customers to create, save and share multiple shopping lists as wished.
  • Manage the corporate account and set up multiple buyer tiers.
  • Let customers view, track and pay for wholesale invoices.
  • Enable B2B customers to set up billing and shipping addresses.

Inventory Source


Inventory Source is an Bigcommerce apps marketplace for website wholesale businesses to manage stock effectively. The application is optimized for automating and customizing the wholesale dropshipping experience via an extensive supplier network.


  • Free module.

Highlight features

  • Support integration of 180+ supplier networks.
  • Automate the dropshipping process.
  • Customize product categories and prices with simple controls.
  • Process orders from suppliers without the middle-man cut.
  • Freely set up or optimize the pricing strategy without product number restrictions.



PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it easy to build and maintain subscriptions, payment schedules, and automated invoicing for BigCommerce B2B stores. The application allows customers to subscribe to your payment plans. They can also keep their subscriptions as well as credit/debit information.


  • Free with premium plans of advanced features.

Highlight features

  • Set up subscriptions for the pricing plan.
  • Create and manage pre-order products at ease.
  • Allow customers to create & manage their subscriptions.
  • Save the customer’s choice of payment methods.
  • Seamless integration for BigCommerce orders.
  • Compatible with most BigCommerce themes.
  • Generate recurring or manual orders with save cards.


Apps Bigcommerce is a powerful optimized wholesale platform. That said, if you want a complete experience of B2B eCommerce on BigCommerce, you should consider trying out some of the top apps we listed above.


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