Shopify Wholesale Store: 9+ Successful Website Examples

The Shopify B2B storefront is great for wholesalers, creating many opportunities for high profits. Here we list the top 10 successful Shopify wholesale stores examples to see and learn.

How To Set Up B2B And Wholesale Stores On Shopify In A Effective Way

1. Endy Sleep 


Endy Sleep is a well-known Shopify wholesale store aimed at B2C and D2C customers, provides high-quality Canadian mattresses, pillows, bed frames and bedding and the likes via their online eCommerce website.

The business pulls off the free-trials model, which shouldn’t be available for bedding products. Endy Sleep lets B2C customers try out mattresses for a 100-day period without any charge. Customers who love their products can pay for the mattress within the period. There’s also a full refund policy available in case you dislike their Canadian mattresses.

The Shopify store is very lightweight, functional and responsive. It works perfectly with an intuitive shopping cart system and smooth order & checkout process.

2. MakerGear


The MakerGear by Rick Pollack is well-known to be one of the earliest businesses that build their store on Shopify. They provide efficient and precise industrial-grade 3d printers, which mostly target wholesale businesses.

The company is founded by Rick Pollack, who is originally a software engineer and not a machinist. In 2009, Rick began his love with 3d printing as one of his hobbies, which then developed into his career. With his first 3d printer’s successful sale campaign, Rick built a Shopify store to approach potential online B2B customers. Today with a total of three industrial 3d printer models at hand, Rick continues to expand his business with great care. 

MakerGear’s products also consist of other related items like filaments, supplies, printing machine parts and 3d printing services with all of them available on the top menu. Their Shopify store consists of many pictures, yet still has a smooth performance overall with little-to-no loading time, which is impressive and astounding.

3. Au Lit Fine Linens


Au Lit Fine Linens is a well-known linen brand with a long history dating back to 1981. In line with their success, the Shopify store was created to make it easier to reach the target audience. wholesale and retail.

The store offers a wide variety of bedding, pillows, cushions, duvets, loungewear and other bathing products. Au Lit Fine Linens achieves the smoothest buying process with satisfying customer experiences by combining clean displays, memorable designs, efficient page loading and impressive content collections.

4. Floorplan


Besides the retail system from Los Angeles, Floorplan also built itself an e-commerce site on Shopify. Their main product range is rugs, ranging from original designs to custom ones, even products in different materials such as magnolia, hand-woven, power-loomed and tufted.

The company successfully creates a detailed content system of choosing and taking care of your rugs on their website, which actually makes their products interesting. Floorplan operates both wholesale and retail and achieves a large number of customers on both fronts.

5. Made In Cookware


Monitored by a team of renowned chefs worldwide, Made In Cookware becomes a well-known kitchen wares brand trusted by hundreds of professionals. Chip Matt has successfully created an eCommerce website that complemented Jake Kalick’s cookware likes: pots, pans, knives, plates, glassware, flatware and even cookbook!

The cookware Shopify wholesale store provides quality cookware at affordable prices to customers around the world. With visual-pleasing designs, the responsive ordering process, Made in Cookware is an example for the Shopify store of wholesale and retail fronts.

6. BLK & Bold


Via the Shopify platform, Pernell Cezar Jr. and Rod Johnson created impressive storefronts that feature their latest collaboration with the NBA league. BLK & Bold is a prime example of a successful Shopify wholesale store that focuses on coffee-based products.

With the main products being caffeinated coffees and loose leaf teas, BLK & Bold is committed to bringing high-quality products, and at the same time committed to working for the community. The company contributes 5% of profits to youth programs, supporting job creation and helping to eradicate homelessness.

7. Taza Chocolate


Inspired by the Mexican-flavoured chocolate, Alex Whitmore and Kathleen Fulton founded Taza Chocolate to bring high-quality and unique flavor chocolate products to customers worldwide. The business works directly with Mexican farming partners to help them set up a fair and ethical workplace while achieving the highest-quality obtainable cacao.

8. Verve Coffee Roasters


A trusted coffee product since 2007, Verve Coffee Roasters was founded by a group of 3 entrepreneurs, Mike Eyre, Ryan O’Donovan, and Colby Barr. The business operates in both retail and wholesale, serving the best available coffee to customers worldwide, including the United States and Japan.

Besides various coffee products, Verve Coffee Roasters also provides a unique subscription system that allows customers to customize their coffee order easily and pay for it from time to time to receive their coffee bags. The website is well optimized to ensure great performance for both wholesale and retail customers.

9. Tofino Soap Company


Tofino Soap Company, founded by Angela L’Heureux in British Columbia, sells many natural products like candles, soaps, oils, fragrances, skincare and even hair care products. All of their products are committed to using natural ingredients worldwide, packed in biodegradable paper bags. The company is well-known for its quality products.

10. Lunchskins


Lunchskins is one of the successful bionic Shopify wholesale stores.

The business focuses on plastic-free products like sandwich bags, snack bags, gallon bags and even paper straws. All of these products are either reusable, compostable or biodegradable with grease, moisture-proof and unbleachable. Lunchskins online orders directly help to raise funds for the Oceanic Preservation Society.

The storefront design is simple and easy on the eyes. Product categories are smoothly designed with interactive product images.

With BSS Commerce’s Shopify B2B/ wholesale solution app, you can offer your B2B customers a great ordering experience. This app has everything you need to run a successful wholesale business on Shopify.

Those above are Top some of the most successful Shopify wholesale store examples that you can learn from and get inspired by. Hope it helps!

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