Now it’s October for this year, one golden period for online sellers is awaiting. As we all know that the Q4 is one of the best timings for eCommerce since there will be various chances to drive more traffic, increase sales for your stores and gain promising profits.

To get your dropshipping business well prepared for Q4, 2021, you need to know which aspects might be affected the most during the sales season.

Grasp the key point while making preparation – Inventory.

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According to the research, there are five main concerns from store owners: rising ad spend, customer service, inventory, shipping and fulfillment, returns.

Since there are also big challenges coming along with opportunities in Q4. What you will face would be like fickle inventory, increasing ads fees, expensive shipping as well as bad delivery delays, etc. When you got much more orders, so do others. This adds incredible pressure to the production, processing, and delivery lines. If you are not fully prepared for all of these challenges beforehand, you are about to lose your customers, their orders, and perhaps 80% of the annual revenue.

Here the Inventory becomes a crucial point when you are making preparation.

Once the inventory can be well-managed, other concerns including returns, fulfillment, and customer services will all also be improved, they all depend on the shortened processing time more or less.

Prestock – One of the effective ways to manage inventory easier

Pre-stock, and especially pre-stock in a local warehouse in your target market could be a great solution to avoid uncertain inventory, bad delivery time, and unhappy customers.

The risk could be reduced by pre-stocking your own inventory for your products to make sure the processing time will not be impacted. It will be better if there are local fulfillment warehouses to stock and ship the parcels to your customers.

Finding yourself a reliable and proper warehouse to prestock your winning products in advance. But how? 

The key to issue the inventory problems is finding yourself a reliable and proper warehouse to prestock your winning products in advance. 

Solutions for private inventory and storage

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Shopify users can find CJdropshipping as a one-stop dropshipping solution in the Shopify App Store. 

By this app, online store owners can enjoy the most comprehensive supplier solutions for free, including: 

✅ Free Private Inventory storage

✅ Free Product Sourcing

✅ One-Click Product Listing

✅ Automatic Order Fulfillment

✅ No MOQ

✅ Fast Shipping with Reasonable Price

✅ Bulk Purchase Service

✅ Quality Inspection

✅ No Membership Fee

✅ 24 Hours Online Support

✅ After-sales Service

✅ Various Add-on Featured Services…

Mature fulfillment warehouses from CJ

Thanks to self-owned overseas warehouses, sellers can purchase private inventory and stock in CJ’s warehouses with no storage fee. 

When there’s a new order, the item will be picked up from private inventory and dispatched directly within 24 hours, which greatly shortens the turnover time.

Thus, finding a reliable warehouse is not as difficult as you think it would be. It can’t be better if the warehouse is a local one in your marketing country.

Until now, CJ has been working on expanding the warehouses both in China and overseas to help dropshippers stock and fulfill the orders. Including two US warehouses, one German warehouse, and four warehouses in China.

All of these warehouses can be used by dropshippers to stock inventory with no storage cost and fulfill orders with fast local shipping. 

As the US and EU markets are the main markets for drop-shipping, so the US warehouses and German warehouse could be the top choices for you.

What will pre stocking from CJ bring you

  • You don’t need to worry about the inventory.

Winning products sell much faster than you can imagine, and there is not get the supply from the supplier, if you don’t pre-stock for your winning products, there is a chance that you got orders, but the products are out of supply.

  • The processing time will be much shorter.

When you pre-stock in CJ warehouses, the processing time would be in 24 hours compares with 2-5 days processing time without a stock in the CJ warehouse

  • The delivery time is in 3-7 days, which is very competitive during the high season.
  • You will win your customer’s trust and satisfaction because it will show send out from the domestic warehouse.

Let CJ manage your inventory in your store

Besides the inventory services, Shopify users can use CJ to source their own winning products, sync orders to CJ and let CJ fulfill them automatically by connecting stores and products, sync tracking numbers and order status, instead of looking for suppliers and placing orders all by the seller themselves.

Sellers can choose to allow CJ to manage inventory from stores. In this way, CJ will become the inventory manager of the products on Shopify automatically when you make the product connection, and it will be more convenient for sellers to master the inventory status of CJ and arrange your business.

Final words

The shopping experience of customers is so important to every online store runner, especially during Q4 campaigns. Even though there are insidious uncontrollable elements that might affect the fulfillment process, all we can do is to handle every manageable part carefully.

For this reason, using an integrated tool application is necessary. It can remove the burden of heavy and tedious work for sellers. Meanwhile, the sellers can take the advantage of the resources that it provides and run online stores more smoothly.

Opportunity favors only the prepared mind, more chances to make the sales growth are always waiting for the prepared dropshippers. CJ will be here to provide better a dropshipping solution for every eCommerce seller in the world.