For business-to-business (B2B) sales, the ability to craft a compelling customer quotation page can make or break a deal. To enhance your likelihood of success, it is crucial to grasp the key components of a winning quote on eCommerce platforms. Thanks to delving into the requirements of your target audience and showcasing the distinct value your offerings bring, effective quotation page management can significantly boost your chances of closing a deal.

In this article below, BSS Commerce Shopify will explain in detail what a quotation page is, how it works in the eCommerce field, its functionality, prospects, and challenges to enhance B2B sales via a quotation page. Now, let’s stay tuned!

What is a Quotation Page in B2B eCommerce Businesses?

In a B2B eCommerce environment, a quotation page plays a crucial role by enabling potential buyers to request an offer for products or services. This offer typically includes the price of the item, any extra fees or taxes, and the transaction’s terms and conditions. B2B quotes are usually created in response to a Request for Quotation (RFQ) from a customer looking to negotiate a better price based on specific circumstances, like a larger quantity or simplified logistics.

Quotation Page

Key Elements of an Effective Quote Page to Refer to:

  • Your Company Information: Full company name, VAT number, complete address of your registered office or branch, contact details (phone, email), and contact person
  • Your company logo aids in brand recognition and building trust
  • Customer Details: Information about the customer receiving the quote
  • Quote Date: The date of quote generation
  • Quote Number: A unique identifier for the quote
  • Expiry Date: The validity period of the quote
  • Detailed Service or Product Description: A thorough description of the quoted products or services
  • Pricing: detailed pricing, payment terms, and any applicable discounts or promotions
  • Terms and Conditions: The transaction’s terms and conditions

These elements provide transparent and detailed pricing information, instill trust in potential customers, and boost sales productivity. For any B2B eCommerce store striving to offer a seamless and efficient buying experience, this feature is indispensable. In the next section, let’s discuss in detail the main functionality of Request for a Quote (RFQ), as well as how it works in an eCommerce environment.

Main Functionality of a Quotation Request Page

The Quotation Request Page, as its name, has the Request for a Quote (RFQ) function which plays a crucial role in an eCommerce environment as it fosters communication between buyers and sellers. The RFQ feature enables the system to:

  • Create a customized proposal by extracting pertinent information from different sources such as inventory, pricing, and shipping details
  • Evaluate it by established guidelines

Customers commonly use the RFQ form on the website to request a quotation, enabling them to potentially negotiate a better price based on specific circumstances like quantity or logistics. Sales representatives then respond with detailed pricing and payment terms. Placing the quotation request strategically in various locations, such as the product page, customer dashboard, wish or shopping list, and quick order or reorder forms can enhance the overall buying experience.

Request for a Quote (RFQ)

Sellers have the option to permit guest viewers to submit RFQ requests or mandate registration for access to this feature. The RFQ tool can be beneficial in multiple ways:

1. Once a customer submits an RFQ request on the storefront, it is then made visible to sales representatives in the back office.

2. Sales representatives have the option to take up the request, transform it into a quote, and send it back to the customer for confirmation.

3. Alternatively, sales representatives can approve the customer’s quote and change it into an order.

4. Sales representatives can allocate various statuses to RFQs and discuss details with the customer or address any remaining queries.

5. Customers can check the status of their submitted RFQs and reply to messages from sales representatives.

6. The default RFQ workflows should be adaptable to suit the business requirements of the company.

With these functionalities, your eCommerce store can take advantage of its strengths and complete a request for a quote effectively.

Why You Need a Quote Request Page on Your B2B eCommerce Store

Below are specific reasons why you should use a quote request page on your B2B eCommerce store:

#1. Enhanced Customer Interaction

Quote Request Page (QRP) provides a platform for your customers to engage directly with your company. Here, they have the opportunity to outline their requirements, quantities, and additional specifications, fostering a sense of customization and empowerment. This level of interaction facilitates a deeper comprehension of customer needs and contributes to the cultivation of robust customer connections.

#2. Automated Quote Management

Implementing an automated system for managing quotes can optimize the creation and delivery of quotes to clients. By reducing manual work, decreasing the likelihood of errors, and accelerating response times, this solution can enhance the effectiveness and output of your sales staff.

#3. Sales Productivity

A quote request page can greatly enhance sales efficiency and help sales teams concentrate on acquiring new prospects and finalizing transactions instead of being tied up with manual quoting tasks. Additionally, an automated system has the capability to manage numerous quote requests to expand its ability to address higher quantities of sales inquiries.

#4. Improved Customer Experience

Quote Request Page has the potential to significantly improve the overall customer experience. Customers value prompt, precise, and tailored responses to their queries. Thanks to implementing an automated quote system, businesses can deliver these benefits, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, it enables customers to have a transparent view of pricing, empowering them to make well-informed purchasing choices.

To summarize, the inclusion of a Quote Request Page in a B2B eCommerce store is a great solution. It elevates customer engagement, streamlines quote administration, enhances sales efficiency, and enhances the overall customer journey. It’s a win-win situation for both the business and its customers.

Challenges in Enhancing B2B Sales with Quotation Page

In addition to the advantages of using a quote request page on a B2B eCommerce store, the process of putting in place a quote management system has several obstacles. The following are the main issues that are frequently related to technology that you should consult:

  • Setting up the software
  • Integrating it with external systems
  • Incorporating the necessary business rules
  • Dedicating time and effort to train personnel

Benefits of Quotation Page in B2B Sale Operations

Developing a strategic plan tailored to your business’s specific requirements is crucial when implementing a quote management system. Despite the obstacles that may arise during the process, the advantages it brings to your sales operations and customer contentment justify the investment:

For Executives For Buyers For Sellers
  • Transparency of the quote generation process
  • Improved insights into customer preferences
  • Possibilities for evaluating and experimenting with product offerings, pricing, and additional services
  • Maximize your productivity by minimizing waiting time and focusing on discussing crucial aspects related to your orders.
  • Easy to compare prices from various sellers, making it convenient to find the best deal
  • Enhance your budgeting skills with accurate shipping and handling costs, allowing you to plan your expenses effectively
  • Personalized offers tailored to your preferences, including product recommendations, discounts, and loyalty points, based on your previous requests for quotation.
  • Experience a seamless shopping journey that not only saves you time but also boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Increase your selling time by reducing the time spent on quote preparation
  • Minimize errors with automated calculations and accurate inventory and pricing data
  • Enhance efficiency with customized and pre-approved quote and proposal templates
  • Streamline your reporting and analytics processes for simplified insights
  • Accelerate the learning curve for new sales representatives
  • Stay informed and focused with email notifications and alerts
  • Experience a seamless approval process for smoother operations

Manage Seamless Quotation Page with BSS B2B Quote App

BSS B2B Quote app

With the BSS B2B Portal Quote Net 30 application by developer BSS Commerce, you can enhance your B2B productivity effectively. This efficient app simplifies large-scale ordering and quote handling, providing a strong customer portal for smooth transactions.

Moreover, it speeds up the buying process, improving customer satisfaction with its quick order feature. The flexible net-term choices cater to different financial needs. Also, the sales rep function of the application customizes interactions, nurturing better business connections.

Rating: 4.8/5 with 110 positive reviews


  • Free plan is available
  • 14 days free trial
  • Advanced: $25/month
  • Premium: $50/month

Top Features of BSS B2B Quote App

  • Streamline Ordering Process: Enable B2B customers to easily add numerous products to their shopping cart.
  • Quote Request: Customers have the option to request quotes and engage in price negotiations for the most competitive rates.
  • Flexible Payment Options: B2B customers have the convenience of paying at a later date within the specified timeframe.
  • Corporate Profile Management: Allow users to create company accounts, as well as add and oversee sub-users efficiently.
  • Enhanced B2B Capabilities: Access additional features such as re-ordering, ordering multiple variants on product pages, and bundling kits for increased convenience.

Almost all merchants highly value this application due to its extensive functionalities that streamline B2B transactions and improve the process of wholesale ordering. Customers particularly appreciate its adaptability, personalized pricing options, and user-friendly customer portal for effortless management.

One of the big pluses of this app’s seamless integration with Shopify and supplementary features such as company merchants. Therefore, the BSS B2B Quote application is regarded as an invaluable and cost-effective solution for intricate wholesale requirements.

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Bottom Line – Quotation Page

In general, efficient management of a quotation page plays a crucial role in optimizing sales procedures, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting revenue for B2B eCommerce businesses. Thanks to integrating comprehensive Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality into their website, businesses can generate precise and tailored quotations that cater to their unique requirements.

If you are a startup business or small business and don’t have enough budget to invest in a quote page, let’s get a free trial of the BSS B2B Quote application to solve your issues. This app has a free plan available and fully features your basic requirements for a quotation page.

Hope that these suggestions from the BSS Commerce Shopify about a quotation page are useful for you in understanding it, how it works, and the benefits that it offers. Don’t forget to visit our site frequently to read the latest news and learn about the eCommerce industry.