Ajax Shopping Cart Magento 2 – New Trend For Every E-commerce Website

by Anna Nguyen

Ajax shopping cart Magento 2 is a great idea to improve customer experience. And this is a trend that almost all businesses are targeting and focusing on.

According to the customer engagement statistics report: “Companies earning $1 billion yearly may expect to earn an additional $700 million on average within three years of investing in customer experience trends”.

CX is a crucial aspect of digital consumer interaction since customer perception is a fundamental feature that drives brand loyalty. If your customers like you, they will choose to stick with you and eventually become brand ambassadors.


Source: Revech

That’s why almost all businesses never stop investing in customer experience trends.

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About Ajax Shopping Cart Magento 2

What is Ajax?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In essence, Ajax is a fast technique for an online application to handle user interactions with a web page, eliminating the need for a page refresh or a full page reload after each interaction. 

This allows for rich behavior in a browser, akin to that of a desktop application or a plugin-based web application.


JavaScript code initiates Ajax interactions. When the Ajax interaction is over, JavaScript updates the page’s HTML source. The changes are applied immediately, without the need to refresh the page. 

Ajax interactions can be used to evaluate form values using server-side logic (as the user is filling them out), receive comprehensive data from the server, dynamically change data on a page, and submit partial forms from the page.

Ajax helps update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page.

Ajax Logic Applied To Magento 2 Shopping Cart 


The shopping cart button is added with ajax logic that ensures add-to-cart action is done just in one page – product list page. 

With ajax logic, the shopping cart is more effective and useful. It offers the smoothest, out-of-the-box customer experience.

Benefits You Get When Using Ajax Cart Magento 2

Don’t miss the trend in the business market! There are hundreds of reasons that convince you to use Ajax cart Magento 2.


  • Better conversion rate

As a result of decreasing loading page time thanks to Ajax cart extension, the conversion rate is improved much faster than the original. 

With each additional second of load time, website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42 percent (between seconds 0-5) (according to Portent, 2019). Hence, you aren’t worried about the conversion rate problem if you get this tool.

  • Good website performance

Speeding up the loading time is a good signal to make your website better. Ensure time on your page is enough to create the conversion rate. With nice dwell time, other indexes are also improved like time to interactive, abandoned cart rate, bounce rate, etc…

  • High customer satisfaction

Your customer will experience a smooth purchasing process without disruption with Ajax cart Magento extension. That’s what any shoppers desire when shopping online.

If you bring your customers a happy feeling, customer value is increased and your revenue also skyrockets. 

It’s an amazing extension, but who can use it? Read to have clear information here.

Ajax Shopping Cart Magento 2 By BSS – Extension For All Webstores


BSS Commerce is one of the prestige and quality Magento extension providers with a Bronze Solution Partner of Adobe. We are proud of bringing the best website solution for your business.

With Ajax shopping cart Magento 2, it can assist you in making the Add to Cart button more powerful.

When users click the Add to Cart button on the product listing and category pages, this module allows you to show preview product details via a popup. Customers will be able to add items to their cart without being redirected or having to reload the website, which will improve the shopping experience.

Another feature that helps boost your sales is promoting related, up-selling, cross-selling products. The store owners easily configure to display multiple products on the success popup after the customer clicks on add to cart button.


Ajax cart extension is available and works well with all Magento types of products. That includes simple products, configurable products, downloadable products, virtual products, grouped products and bundle products.

More and more advanced features are ready waiting for you to get:

  • Revise cart to close sales without page reloads
  • Unlimited possibilities to include more options for customers
  • Freely customize the popup cart content and display
  • Responsive design for mobiles & tablets
  • Show popups when adding to the cart from any page, including the product page, catalog page, and search result page!
  • Set up a timer for Auto-closing Popup
  • Provide 5+ animations of displaying popup 
  • Provide cart flying effect after customers add product to cart


Do you catch the trend of the eCommerce market? If not, don’t waste your time anymore!

Get Ajax shopping cart Magento 2 right now!

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Multi-platform eCommerce solutions and web development services providers in the world. With experienced and certified developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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