BSS Commerce Magento 2 Extension Update – August 2022

In August 2022, our main focus is updating B2C extensions with a wide range of functions from administration to sales motivation, product improvement and user experience. 

As thousands of store owners requested to migrate to the newest version of the Magento platform, Magento 2.4.4 and PHP 8.1 compatibility is our priority this month.

You can have a quick check of extensions that are compatible with PHP8.1/M2.4.4 in August below:

In Category  Magento 2 extension Version PHP 8.1 compatibility M2.4.4 compatibility
Administration Magento 2 API Multiple Store View Pricing v2.3.2 Have updated Fix bugs
Administration Magento 2 Auto Invoice v1.0.6 Not yet Have updated
B2B Extensions Magento 2 Customer Attributes v1.4.1 Not yet Fix bugs
User Experience Magento 2 Mega Menu v1.1.4 Have updated Have updated

Another Magento development trend is the Hyva theme, an innovative frontend solution to optimize your website performance to the best.

Hence, in the last week of August, we just released 2 new Hyva theme compatibility modules: Social Login for Magento 2 and Magento 2 Product Tags.

More Hyva theme compatibility modules coming soon next month: Magento 2 Force Login, Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist and Magento 2 Product Attachment.

Besides the compatibility updates, we also do bug fixing, update available extensions and develop new ones.

For the details, you can read more below!

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B2B Extensions



Magento 2 Customer Attributes

Magento 2 Customer Attributes is a helpful tool that enables displaying additional attribute fields on the registration page to collect more important customer data.

In v1.4.1, we updated the missing table and compatible knockout js on M2.4.4.

Magento 2 Convert Existing Account to Sub User (Addon)

This add-on enables turning existing customers into sub-users of any company account.

And the new version v1.0.3 is updated by fixing the bug not to be able to assign customer to sub-user without SMTP module config.




Magento 2 Auto Invoice

Magento 2 Auto Invoice allows generating invoices and shipments automatically to speed up the payment process.

For this module, v1.0.6 is updated to be compatible with Klarna Checkout on M2.4.4 and compatible with M2.4.x.

Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing

Magento Multiple Store View Pricing is a useful tool that allows store owners to set and display different prices for each product in each store view of the corresponding store as desired.

In v2.3.0 EE for 2.4.x, we updated module working for custom options prices.

Magento 2 API Multiple Store View Pricing

Magento 2 Graphql API extension makes running and managing pricing for multiple stores easier.

In August, we updated 2 versions of this extension, one version for Magento CE and one version for Magento EE.

With v2.3.2 CE for M2.4.1 – 2.4.x, we fixed 3 bugs:

  • Fix bug run command when setup module
  • Fix bug not saving checkbox Use Default Value of custom option price (for select input type: dropdown, radio button, etc.)
  • Fix bug falsely saving currency rate in backend.

We also make it compatible with PHP8.1/M2.4.4.

With v2.3.1 EE for 2.4.x, we fixed 1 bug:

  • Fix bug not compatible function preg_match() of PHP8.1

Sales Motivation



Magento 2 Popup

Popup is one of the best marketing tools, a simple yet effective way to increase conversion rates.

BSS Magento Popup extension allows you to create and set up unlimited popups to easily achieve your marketing target.

In the new update v1.1.7, we fix some bugs to 

  • Fix bug cannot edit popup after deleting layout
  • Fix bug relating to age verification template
  • Fix bug configuring popup positions Top

Product Improvement



Magento 2 Configurable Product Wholesale Display

Magento 2 Configurable Product Wholesale Display supports showing all associated products in a grid table view which allows wholesale customers to order and add all chosen items to the cart at once.

The only issue with the module is the bug not updating the “Total” section according to product quantity and price, and in the v1.4.2 update, we fixed it.

User Experience



Magento 2 Mega Menu

This module lets you design the menu by freely customizing the menu URL, inserting various labels to highlight menu items and inserting static blocks for better website navigation.

In the v1.1.4 update, it is now compatible with M2.4.4 and PHP8.1.


*Note: The latest version of the BSSCommerce extension is available on your account.

Please login to your account and go to My Downloadable Products to get the link to update the version on your site.

Besides manually installing Magento 2 extensions via SSH, we also support installing via composer.


  • Quick installation
  • Easy management
  • Synchronization with Marketplace

Please take a look at our guide for composer installation support: 


If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

We are always willing to support you.

For more reference, see our Magento 2 Extension Update in July 2022.

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