5+ Must-Have Magento Store Extension For New Business Website

by Anna Nguyen

Magento is an e-commerce platform with open source technology. It is considered one of the most difficult platforms. However, Magento also provides numerous functions and benefits for the business and in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses using it.

If you choose the Magento platform to start your business, you should read and learn a lot from the basics to advance knowledge.

You can explore the Magento 2 extension with the blog >> A Quick Overview of Magento 2 Extensions.

Furthermore, the installation of a new extension is a must-have action while running your business. It’s not an easy problem again because there are thousands of extensions suggested for you. To save your time and efforts to find new ones, we suggest the Magento store extension list below that is indispensable for your site. 

What Is Magento Store Extension?


Magento store extension is a set of codes that aids the Magento platform’s ability to perform various tasks. In technical terms, those extensions are a directory that acts as a container for PHP and XML files in the form of blocks, controllers, helpers, and models related to a certain business feature.

In brief, Magento extension is the PHP code package that includes features to upgrade the functioning of Magento 2’s default store.

Why You Need Magento Store Extension When Running A New Business Website

Have you ever seen a website with multiple functions that your site doesn’t have although all are built on the same platform? Did you think they were attractive and did you hesitate to install several for your website? 

If you are disturbed about whether to install the Magento store extension or not, let’s see the reasons below!

The limitation of default Magento


A platform provides utility for more than 200,000 businesses that can not have detailed functions for specific products or services. 

While both customer demand and suppliers are increased, the competition is harder, it requires your website to have differences from others. You may create customized products, offer attractive customer policies, design eye-catching product pages, etc…

Most functions I mentioned above are not included in default Magento and you need to find them outside. 

To easy-to-understand, I have an example. The demand and income of customers in the US are not similar to Germany’s, so you don’t want to have the same product prices in all the store views. In this case, the best solution is to change the prices among store views. However, default Magento does not allow us to do that. It’s one of the drawbacks of default Magento.

Attract customers 


Being a newbie, it’s important to attract more and more customers to visit your store. And Google is one of the strongest places for you to show your power. Let’s focus on SEO and/or advertisement. 

When your site ranks at the top on SERPs, the traffic on your site will increase. And they are your prospects – the future customers. 

Help you go faster in getting the high rank, using Magento store extension is the best choice.

Build your business reputation


Are you puzzled about how Magento store extension can build your business reputation? Yes, you are not confused. Many Magento extensions are developed for this purpose. 

To build a business reputation, you should create a relationship with your customers or another way is to ask customers to leave the review. Create relationships by enhancing the customer’s experience and do not forget support. Ask for the review by reminding them with notifications or messages or chatting privately.

When you have a relationship with your customer, they will come back to your store in the next shopping time and they can suggest your site address with others. When you have good reviews on your product pages, new customers will see and trust your product. Both revenue and reputation are improved.

Magento store extensions with diverse features will not disappoint you. These functions are wrapped up in detailed extensions below.

5+ Magento Store Extensions Help You Achieve Your Target 

1. Magento 2 SEO Extension – $149

This is an amazing toolkit with dozens of features. Based on researching and analyzing the factors that impact the rank on SERPs, BSS Commerce developed Magento 2 SEO Extension.  


This toolkit integrates 10+ features that ensure boosting up your ranking:

  • Rich Snippets: Make products stand out on SERPs and attract customers by displaying a variety of product snippets in SERPs (price, rating, review, availability, brand, customized attributes, etc.), showing categories, and allowing breadcrumbs to appear on SERPs for improved site navigation, etc..


  •  Advanced Breadcrumbs: Upgrade the default Magento features with optionally choosing between long/short URL paths, and customizing the category priority.
  • HTML Sitemaps: Store owners can create a sitemap for each store view that includes products, categories, CMS pages, and more links. Especially you’re sitemap auto-update if there are any changes in structure.
  • XML Sitemap: Create an XML Sitemap with connections to the homepage, products, categories, CMS pages, and other resources and divide them by category, date, and manufacturer.
  • Robot Meta Tag: Easily assign a Robot Meta Tag to each URL. Besides that, you can set up the NOINDEX, FOLLOW Robots Meta header on selected pages.
  • Hreflang tag: This tag is used to notify Google that your contents have different versions in multiple languages. Hence, users will be offered the appropriate material in the suitable language
  • Canonical tags: These tags are used to inform search engines that a website is an official version. Then you won’t have to worry about duplicate content issues or Google penalties.
  • 301 redirects: Users who visit the deleted product pages will be redirected to the other destination instead of a 404 error page.
  • Meta Tag Template: Add a variety of Meta Tag templates to use for a variety of items and categories. Moreover, allow for a variety of variables to be inserted into meta tag templates.
  • ALT Tags: You can rapidly add alt text to images by creating an alt tag template.  
  • External Links: External links will be marked as NO FOLLOW automatically. And these links are no longer crawled by Google.
  • SEO toolbar: You can see a summary of your SEO results about URL, Meta data, the number of heading, Canonical URL,… and receive the notice if your site has any problems.
  • SEO Report and Audit: On the backend, SEO Reports allows you to check your page’s current SEO status by showing the current length of the meta title and meta description text and giving suggestions to optimize.

2. Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing – $249

Taking advantages and benefits from different segmentation is what store owners want. However, default Magento just allows setting up the price per website scope. So, that’s why you need Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing.


Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 allows admins to specify multiple pricing for the same product in each store view of their Magento store, as well as quickly set up base currency for each store view.

Highlight features you get from this module:

  • Easy-to-set multiple prices for a product in different store views.
  • Create pricing strategies for each segmentation by setting special prices and tier prices.
  • Allow customers to check out using the store’s base currency.
  • Set the shipping cost for each store view (Table Rate, Free Shipping, and Flat Rate)

3. Magento 2 Review Reminder – $79

There are many reasons to choose Magento Review extensions for your business website. But most importantly is to engage the customer’s truth. The online shopping behavior of most customers is reading the reviews. Hence, to increase your business competitiveness when being a newbie on Magento platform, let’s focus on growing and improving the product reviews.

Firstly, customers often forget to leave a review after ordering, so you should use Magento Reminder to ask them for a review.


The Magento 2 Review Reminder extension is a useful tool that automatically sends review reminder emails to customers to remind them to contribute product feedback.

This module is active with the following core features:

  • Auto-send the reminder to review through email..
  • Display review reminder logs to keep track of all orders and product reviews.
  • Limit how many review reminder emails you send per order.
  • Schedule or delete review reminder emails after X days!
  • Send the reward coupon applied for customers’ first product reviews. 

4. Magento 2 Promotion Bar – $79

What will you do to promote a marketing campaign? Just using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat or what else? Hope you will not forget your site page. 

Your website is an effective channel to promote all the campaigns because this is a direct place that customers can buy and interact with. You should create notifications on your webpage to attract and let your customers know what program is happening.


The Promotion Bar is a Magento 2 extension that allows store owners to generate eye-catching promotion and notification bars to promote new products and communicate vital news or changes.

Without code needed, you have complete control over the promotional banners:

  • Up to 5 positions to display the message bar.
  • Display one or more of your promotion/notification bars in a slider on one page.
  • Choose the target customer group to be visible.
  • Set the valid date and expiry date of the bar.

5. Magento 2 Gallery – $79

It’s difficult to make a purchasing decision when we can see what it looks like, especially when online shopping. Hence, you should prepare eye-catching but real product images to keep your customers on your site longer and persuade them to place the order.


You can use the Magento 2 Media Gallery extension to upload images and videos to demonstrate to your consumers how to utilize your products properly. A photo/video gallery is a more advanced way to use product graphics to increase sales and build customer confidence. 

Take the benefits with this module by:

  • Adding images/videos quickly and easily, then organizing them into albums.
  • Selecting the store view to show the album.
  • Displaying high-quality images/videos in an appealing and easy-to-customize slideshow.
  • Using the widget option, you can place the gallery anywhere in the store.
  • Optimizing each album’s information for search engine optimization.
  • Importing/exporting multiple albums/items at the same time.


If you just start your business on the Magento platform, it’s really important to read and learn about Magento. Selling online will skyrocket your income if you have careful preparation in the beginning. 

This article shows you 5+ suggestions of Magento store extensions you should have to increase the competitiveness of your website. Hope it is helpful for you.

You can read and try with 101+ Magento 2 Free Extensions.

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