Setting up an e-commerce store means you have to take care of many jobs like building a website, promoting a brand name, after-sale jobs, and so on. How can you allocate your time properly if you do all the work manually? Indeed, you will be reeling from work without realizing that your store’s profit is not as expected. Did you know that one way to help you increase conversions and revenue is from your return page? What if your customer has the ease and freedom to return without going through live chat or complicated email? That’s why we’ve compiled to help you with the best Shopify returns apps available today.

By looking at the app’s many aspects, we have come up with the top 7+ most popular Shopify returns apps today. For example, ratings, customer reviews, features, credibility, etc. These apps make your in-store return experience automated and fast for yourself and your customers. This brings customer satisfaction, thereby building a loyal customer network for your store. So if you want to increase sales, don’t miss any of the information in this article!

We have made a Shopify review series and filtered out lots of great apps for your future demand. So, don’t forget to give it a click!

Quick Summary: How Does Returns App Help Your Shopify Store?

What Are Returns In Shopify?

In today’s online retail market, return is a way to help you reach the conversion volume and long-term value of your customers instead of a cost as before. Also, the stronger the e-commerce market, the fiercer competition between brands. Especially when customers often compare buying experiences at different stores. 

To satisfy customers’ expectations, the convenience and speedy return of goods is a must-have investment. There is a 25% return rate for fashion retailers. If you don’t turn it into a conversion opportunity, you will lose money. So I’m going to define the return returns using the following three things:

  • A return is a process of restoring an item a customer has purchased but feels defective or inappropriate to a supplier. Then the supplier makes a refund, exchanges or gives a gift card, and so on. 
  • Returns of goods are the factor affecting the customer’s buying decision. It will be easy for customers to abandon their shopping carts for stores with unclear or complicated return-back policies. When shopping online, customers have not previewed the item, so they are critical to return. 
  • Returns policy affects the trust and loyalty of customers. The people who return to your store are also the customers who have faith and are satisfied with your store’s buying experience. In addition to product quality, the return policy is the key to encouraging them to buy more and increase long-term value for customers.

The Difficulties In Returns Of Shopify

Returning causes problems with Shopify stores. That is why many store owners often try to minimize the number of returns. However, it is an ineffective way. 

First, the first difficulty you have to go through with Shopify returns is the manual return process. Shopify does not support automated features for returns. Therefore, for each return order, you will have to do it all yourself, from responding to the customer, approving the return to printing the label, and so on. Surely you will not be able to have enough time and effort to pay attention to the return of the goods and do other jobs. 

Second, this challenge comes from your client’s side. Without a return management app, customers will have to go to the customer support team or fill out a form to request a return. This is time-consuming on both sides and of course, it will leave your customers unhappy. Also, don’t expect to build a loyal customer base if it is repeated over and over. 

Third, you will quickly encounter fraud without strict inspection and management. Return fraud is no longer a strange thing for e-commerce stores. When you are overwhelmed with returns, you cannot thoroughly verify your goods’ availability, which is the reason for your losses. 

In the end, you will not be able to control and analyze return performance accurately. What I mean here are the returns analysis reports on your website. This plays an essential role in trend analysis. For example, information like which items are often returned, common reasons for returns, etc., make it difficult for you to sum it up by hand.

Shopify Returns Policy

How Do Best Shopify Returns Apps Solve Those Problems?

Fortunately, the Shopify app returns the best: the savior for the challenges you face during the return process. These return applications will be the return solutions that help you organize and manage your return process intelligently and efficiently. Not only automates the return steps, but it also allows you to track returns, analyze trends, and come up with a solution to optimize logistics costs. 

Besides, these best return apps help you build your brand by branding your return pages. This is how to create trust and increase brand awareness from customers. The apps also offer a wide variety of options for customers, from refunds to exchanges, gift cards, or discounts. All of these go towards the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction and long-term value for the customer.

Best Shopify Returns Apps Review 2022

  AfterShip Returns  Ezslips Returns Omega Returns & Exchange
(Returns Drive)
Clicksit Return Returnly Return Prime
Monthly Pricing





Free Free


(additional fee for each return processed)



$149 (plus other charges)






Automated Features 3/5 5/5 5/5 4/5 5/5 5/5
Coverage Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide UK US & Canada Worldwide
Customizability 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 5/5

(only available from Pro or higher plan)

✔️ ✔️ x ✔️ ✔️
Best For Small businesses All types of businesses Small and medium business Small and medium enterprises in the UK Medium and large businesses in the US & Canada All types of businesses

AfterShip Returns Center

Best Shopify Returns Apps - Aftership Returns Center

Topping the list of the best Shopify returns apps with over 700 5-star customer reviews is the AfterShip Returns Center. Not only integrating with Shopify, but this AfterShip app is also installable on both Magento and BigCommerce platforms. On top of that, it stands out among other returns because it allows you to manage your profits and simplify the return process. From there, your store can increase customer satisfaction and loyal customers. 

In terms of how it works, it provides a reputable portal to help you create pre-paid labels, and return them to the store, and customer’s carrier of choice. Specifically, customers can choose from three types of returns: returns, refunds, store credit, or exchange. And yet, your Shopify store will be equipped with a limited dashboard that displays detailed information such as status and returns. This visually constructed dashboard makes it easy for your customers to handle returns on your Shopify online store. 

Besides, the AfterShip Returns Center app helps you automate return requests on different systems, which allows you to focus on other tasks like store promotions.


  • Include basic, easy-to-use return management features. 
  • Automate the return process. 
  • Provide an intuitive interface, and multiple return options for your customers. 
  • Build loyal customers. 
  • Provide a branded returns page.
  • Payment can be made by phone number or email. 


  • Some languages ​​cannot be edited. 
  • It is annoying you with the review form. 
  • Defective customer support.


AfterShip Returns Center offers a free plan and three premium plans as follows:

  • Free: This plan includes three returns per month, a branded return page, portal management, email notification, and a discount with a USPS return label. 
  • Essential: $9.99/month includes 20 returns, all free plan features, plus auto-approval and routing rules. 
  • Growth: $29.99/month includes 100 monthly returns, multi-language, fast cashback, exchange options, and features of the two plans above. 
  • Pro: $99.99/month includes the above features, 400 returns, return performance report, QR code return, and automatic label creation with over 11 shipping units.

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Returns & Shipping Automation

return and shipping automation
Install now

Manually managing your online store has never been easy. Not enough time to develop and promote the brand but still have to worry about return issues? This is where the Shipway – Returns & Shipping Automation comes in. It was introduced as an e-commerce solution for shipping, especially for automation and return issue problems.

First, the outstanding features that the app offers include:

  • Flexible multi-channel sales capabilities.
  • Reliable and automated shipping solution.
  • Provide fraud detection tools to help reduce return rates.
  • Automate receipt and return of goods.
  • Complete control and management of the warehouse.

On top of that, one of the features that make the Returns & Shipping Automation app listed on the list of the best Shopify returns apps is the variety of refund options. Specifically, it offers you a one-click refund with three possibilities: bank account, UPI, and Paytm. Alternatively, you can also customize your payment refunds through Shopify gift cards for your customers. And yet, for the return issue alone, this application provides you with most of the basic features such as weight-based tracking, automatic batch shipping label creation, GSTR reports, automatic returns, tracking orders in one place, and so on.


  • Easy integration with Shopify.
  • Automate returns with one click.
  • Provide a branded returns page.
  • Email notification to customers.


  • Customer support has many shortcomings.
  • The user interface is quite dull.


The application is entirely free to download and use. You do not need to pay any hidden fees during use.

Returns Drive

Embark on a hassle-free journey with Returns Drive, a rising star among e-commerce apps. This gem of an application, not only being absolutely free, is a powerhouse of features designed to make your life simpler. Getting started is a breeze – you won’t need much time to dive into the user-friendly interface and experience the sheer speed of support. This app is your shortcut to seamless return management, ensuring you spend less time worrying and more time growing your business.
What makes Returns Drive stand out is its unique Shopify Sync Feature. This feature allows you to seamlessly manage return orders on the Returns Drive app while keeping your Shopify store perfectly synchronized, eliminating double entries and confusion for pure efficiency.

Returns Drive streamlines your returns process with the powerful features set:
– Branded return page and automated notification to keep customers updated.
– Smart return portal for both returns & exchanges
– Sync return orders to Shopify & vice versa to effortlessly manage returns.
– Generate prepaid labels
– Set rules for return requests: return window, customer, and product tag to reduce invalid requests.
– Various refund options: Store credit, discount code & original payment methods
– Intuitive Analytics board


  •  Provide exclusive Shopify sync feature
  • Very fast & dedicated support
  • Provide a branded returns page.
  • Seamless returns process & flexible notification setup


  • Do not integrate with many couriers for a prepaid label
  • Do not have drop-off returns


The application is entirely free to download and use. You do not need to pay any hidden fees during use.

Clicksit Return Center

Clicksit Shopify Returns App Logo

Clicksit Return Center is also a popular returns app with a 4.8-star rating from over 300 customer reviews. First, I would like to mention the CollectPlus system, which makes your Shopify store’s quick return processing suitable only for shop owners living in the UK. So if you are from other countries, this app will not be the right choice for you. 

However, for those of you who are in the UK, the Clicksit app offers excellent returns. Of course, all of the apps on this list provide you with automatic returns, and Clicksit is no exception. But it allows you to use the most flexible return policy; you can even create your own. 

Besides, your customers will actively use the application to serve their needs to return goods instead of contacting you. With the extensive CollectPlus system, customers can return items at any of the network’s return stations, and then they will be collected automatically.


  • Work effectively with UK store owners. 
  • Flexible return policy. 
  • Automatic returns via the extensive CollectPlus system. 
  • Track returns and send information to customers.
  • Have the ability to arrange returns by mobile phone number or email. 
  • Monitor returns through a single dashboard. 
  • Handle unlimited returns per month. 
  • Installation and integration with the Shopify store are easy.


  • Do not present a return label to stores outside of the UK. 
  • Compatibility with some Shopify themes.


The app is free to download. You will need to pay an additional fee for each return processed with the CollectPlus option during usage.

Returnly: Returns & Exchanges

Returnly is called to be one of the best Shopify retuns apps

If your goal is to build store loyalty, then Returnly is the return app for you. Why? Because it not only provides quick and easy return support features, it also increases customer satisfaction. In addition to the same basic features as the above apps, Returnly offers in-store credit, which customers can use before shipping returns. 

Besides, the application is straightforward to use with just a few clicks to make your customers feel satisfied and accessible during the return process. However, for now, the app only works with stores in the US and Canada. For shop owners from these two regions, you can customize the return page to match your brand. Furthermore, all operations are automated with this application. The only thing you need to do is set up a product return policy, and then Returnly will do the rest for you, like creating labels, refunds, and so on.


  • Allows customers to shop with credit card stores. 
  • Automate the return process in the US and Canada. 
  • Make replacement order processing easy with an automated exchange policy. 
  • Offer instant discounts. 
  • Offer brand-tailored customization. 
  • Build trust with customers thanks to a fast, reputable return-delivery environment. 


  • There are different, complicated pricing structures during use. 
  • Customer support is slow.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

Returnly offers rates depending on your current Shopify plan

  • Basic Shopify: $29/month.
  • Shopify: $59/month.
  • Advanced Shopify: $149/month.

Besides, you may incur additional charges. For example, customization features, reports, and so on will cost you extra fees.

Return Prime

shopify app return prime
Return Prime is a new-age Exchange/Return Management App that is built specifically for Shopify stores to make the process smooth and seamless. Return Prime is a 5-star rated app that is trusted by 5000+ brands across 50+ countries in 25+ languages. It lets you create your own branded exchange/return portal which is completely customizable. 
Simplicity is the key at Return Prime and so the dashboard has been built to give a similar experience as you get with Shopify. Return Prime cares for the customers of their customers and so every feature built ensures a seamless post-purchase experience for the customers. 


  • Define the return and exchange window as per your policy to automatically restrict customers from making requests.
  • Ask customers for photos and additional information before they can request a return or exchange.
  • Translate your entire customer returns journey in any language of your choice.
  • Use our automation to automatically approve all requests to make a fully automated returns system.
  • Design and send email notifications to your customers in any language.
  • Connect your logistic account and send return labels instantly to your customers.
  • Create reasons specific to a product/collection.
  • Refund via gift card, discount code, or directly to the customer’s card.
  • Charge for return labels and deduct them from the refund.
  • Restrict returns or exchanges on specific orders or products.
  • Let customers exchange with any other product of their choice.
  • 14-day refund on all paid plans, no questions asked.


  • The free plan only has 5 requests.
  • Exchange with other products is only available on Paid Plans.

Pricing: 30-day free trial.

  • Free Forever: 5 free requests/month post 5 request additional charges of $0.49.
  • Grow $9.99: 30 free requests/month post 30 request additional charges of $0.49
  • Grow $19.99: 60 free requests/month post 60 request additional charges of $0.49
  • Grow $49.99: 180 free requests/month post 180 requests with additional charges of $0.49
  • Grow $99.99: 450 free requests/month post 450 request additional charges of $0.49
  • Scale: Reach out to the sales team to get a custom plan.

Sendcloud ‑ Shipping & Returns

SendCloud Shopify Returns App

Just being trusted by more than 15,000 commercial businesses, Sendcloud deserves to be on the list of the best Shopify returns apps. First of all, Sendcloud is not only a return support application, but it also provides comprehensive shipping solutions that make your store’s shipping process much faster and easier. Of course, I will focus solely on the app’s return support features on today’s list. 

Next, the app helps you connect with 25 global carriers, and Sendcloud’s shipping platform is even more scalable. And yet, it designs a custom return portal that gives your customers the freedom to return without wasting time seeking help from the store. This will save time for you, the customer support team, and your customers. 

You can also customize your return rules and return information pages to match your brand, building customer trust, and satisfaction. Finally, Sendcloud automates the bulk shipping label printing process without any copy and paste.


  • Simple, practical controls and features. 
  • Easy to use without coding knowledge. 
  • Able to advertise well. 
  • Diverse options for transportation services. 
  • Provide bulk shipping label printing.
  • Offers customization of your return information page and branded email. 
  • Personalize the return portal with each customer.


  • Customer support has many shortcomings. 
  • There is a fee for printing labels.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Essential: Free includes service points and branded return portals.
  • Small Shop: $45/month includes separate carrier contracts, branded pages, and scheduling with carriers.
  • Large Shop: $99/month, including dedicated customer service, unlimited shipping rules, and the tracking page’s convenience.
  • Business: $199/month includes Pack & Go solution, delete image open Sendcloud, and dedicated account manager.

Besides, you will incur additional charges such as printing of labels, etc.

Bold Returns

Bold Shopify Returns App

Like most of the apps above, Bold Returns also offers essential return support with customizations and policies you set up. As mentioned above, building a perfect return process is also powerful marketing in the eyes of customers. This makes your store professional, and trustworthy and builds customer loyalty. 

With Bold Returns, you can build a return site with a variety of custom options. Precisely, customers can track the entire return process from request to shipping, including shipping labels. Provide a lot of helpful information, but your website will be designed to be easy to use and highly aesthetically pleasing. You can still ask the customer to add other details during the return process, such as adding notes, photos, etc., to the return slip. This helps you avoid return fraud and track return performance. 

Also, you can set up the desired return rules such as customization, deadline, and so on. Plus, the app provides advanced reporting to help you analyze store profits. You will save a lot of processing time thanks to this helpful feature.


  • Print automatic return labels with UPS. 
  • Provide a customer tracking system. 
  • Provide set rules to return the goods. 
  • Allow customers to track the return process. 
  • You may ask the customer for other information on the return slip, such as the reason for the return, etc.


  • Not flexible in shipping because integrating with each UPS. 
  • Lack of customer support.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

The application costs $19.99 per month, and there are no hidden fees during use.

Returns Management System

Returns Management System Dashboard

The Returns Management System not only has conventional return support features, but it is also a complete return management system. The best thing about this app is that it allows your customer to return multiple items in one go instead of making numerous small requests. From there, your store can email customer return labels, or customers can create labels themselves. Next, as a return management system, the application comes with lots of graphical analysis reports, providing complete information on most returned items, most common reasons for returns, monthly returns, and so on. 

Also, your customers can provide returned goods photos. This helps you keep track of your products’ status and avoid return frauds that cause your store to lose money. And yet, the application provides other essential return features such as automatic return label printing, preset custom reasons for returns, provision of daily return time windows, customization of product returns, disabling international returns, and setting up returns rules. 


  • Allow the customer to return multiple products in one return. 
  • Allow setting flexible return rules and terms. 
  • Create a non-returnable product catalog with just one click. 
  • Provide a daily return time window. 
  • Provide graphical reports showing return status. 
  • Easy return goods management.


  • Cannot load return information into a CSV. 
  • Users can not build their reports. 
  • Email notification to customers is not reasonable.

Pricing: 30-day free trial.

The app costs $19.99 per month and doesn’t have any hidden fees.

How To Pick The Best Shopify Returns Apps For You?

Although we have reviewed the best Shopify returns apps, which one is the one that is both the best and best suited to your Shopify store? For the most effective use of these apps, you must find the one for your store. So what’s the best way to find that app?

First, let’s look at the problems with your store’s returns. From there, list the customization, automation, and so on that, you would like. When we know our needs, finding suitable returns will become a lot faster. 

Plus, you also know that most apps have free trials or free plans. Of course, they do not include all the features, but just testing the performance and efficiency for a specific time is enough for you to determine if this application is suitable or not. 

After experimenting, you also need to consider your budget and your desired investment level. You don’t always have to choose the best all-rounder and featured app that will fit your store. Because the ultimate purpose of using these apps is to increase the customer’s long-term value, with small stores and low return rates, you don’t need too advanced and expensive solutions.

Final Verdict: Best Shopify Returns Apps 2022

The Shopify returns apps summarized above are the best apps that many users have verified. However, there is no perfect solution. Each application has its strengths and weaknesses, so you need to consider finding the application that best suits your business. I know that choosing the proper application will be difficult. But follow the steps above; you will find the right app for your store.

Depending on your business’s size and the needs and challenges your business faces, make the right choice. Sure, you won’t want to spend money, but it won’t get the effect back. I hope this article will help your store increase profits!

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