For new merchants, every dollar is crucial. While some business expenses are unavoidable, there are others that can be minimized. Exploring the selection of best Shopify free apps is an excellent strategy to save money, as you can often find apps that provide similar functionality to their paid counterparts.

In the blog following, BSS Commerce Shopify has compiled a list of the 15+ best free Shopify apps that offer a range of features that you can compare, refer to, and consider to determine which is the most suitable Shopify app for you.

Pros and Cons of Using Best Free Shopify Apps

Typically, the most effective complimentary Shopify applications would require a small payment. Nevertheless, there are numerous exceptional alternatives available that come at no cost. In this section below, BSS Commerce Shopify will provide the pros and cons of using the best free apps for Shopify store:


  • Totally free
  • No mandatory upgrades
  • Free applications are straightforward and user-friendly. Ideal for small enterprises aiming to establish their online presence.


  • Free applications often come with restricted functionality, limiting certain features that are exclusively accessible through a paid subscription.
  • Lack of ongoing support and comprehensive documentation.
  • When compared to paid applications, free apps may not offer the same level of customization options.

In this section below, BSS Commerce Shopify will refer to the top 15+ best free Shopify apps. This is the process we used to curate our top selection of best Shopify free apps:

1. Carefully considered apps that have an outstanding overall rating of 4.3 or higher on the Shopify app store, ensuring exceptional quality.

2. Focused on apps that offer a comprehensive range of features tailored to a specific niche.

3. Specifically, we looked for best Shopify free apps that are completely free or provide a sufficient free plan, allowing users to test the app’s benefits before deciding whether to upgrade to a paid version.

Now, let’s dive into the list of the best free apps on Shopify:

Review 15+ Best Free Shopify Apps 

Free Apps for Shopify Provider Rating Used for
1. BSS: Product Labels & Badges BSS Commerce 4.9/5 Highlight products with labels and badges
2. BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution BSS Commerce 4.8/5 All-in-one solution for B2B/wholesale
3. BSS: Product Variants Option BSS Commerce 4.9/5 Custom product variant options
4. MIDA: Heatmap, Record & Replay BSS Commerce 4.8/5 Capture store visitor interactions
5. MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator BSS Commerce 4.7/5 Add multiple store locations to help customers with better direction
6. BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty BSS Commerce 5.0/5 Referral & loyalty programs within minutes to increase sales and expand lifetime value
7. BSS: B2B Subscriptions BSS Commerce 4.9/5 Help to sell subscriptions with ease
8. Omnisend – Email Marketing & SMS Omnisend 4.8/5 Email & SMS marketing automation
9. Shopify Inbox Shopify 4.7/5 Conversations with customers
10. Eggflow: Instant Traffic Eggflow 4.4/5 Display your products in other Shopify stores as product recommendations
11. Back In Stock & Restock Rocket Rocketmonk Software 5.0/5 Send back-in-stock alerts
12. SEO Image Optimizer Wizard StoreYa 4.9/5 Optimize your images, site speed & generate an SEO report
13. Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat Pushdaddy 4.3/5 WhatsApp chat & live chat, chatbot, push notification
14. Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Hextom 4.9/5 Promote free shipping with progressive messages
15. Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners CartKit 4.9/5 Collect info from visitors using popups & banners

#1 BSS Commerce – Product Labels & Badges

  • Free plan available

Product Labels and Badges app by BSS Commerce

The Free Plan of Product Labels and Badges app by BSS Commerce offers a range of features to enhance the user experience. It allows the creation of two distinct labels for 20 items, offers over 50 complimentary samples, and provides a free fix for theme-incompatible issues. The plan also enables the customization of labels with text and the application of multiple conditions for a personalized experience.

Lastly, it allows the organization of items by stacking labels or badges for an aesthetically pleasing display. Therefore, merchants have the flexibility to customize the position, size, and other display settings to suit their preferences.

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BSS Product Labels & Badges

#2 BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution

  • Free plan available and 14 days free trial

B2B/Wholesale Solution application by BSS Commerce

The next name on the list of the best free Shopify apps is the B2B/Wholesale Solution application by BSS Commerce. The free plan includes all the features included in the app.

Starting with wholesale pricing, the free plan offers tailored pricing, allowing you to set specific prices for different products or customers. It also provides volume discounts, encouraging larger purchases by offering reduced prices for higher quantities. In terms of wholesale customers, the plan includes a registration form specifically designed for wholesalers, simplifying the process of onboarding new wholesale customers.

The free plan also includes a range of wholesale features, such as an order quantity limit, which allows you to control the number of items a customer can order. And finally, tax control is another key feature of the Free Plan. It helps streamline VAT exemption and tax display rules, ensuring that your business remains compliant with regulatory requirements.

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#3 BSS: Product Variants Options

  • Free plan available and 14 days free trial

BSS Product Variants & Options

BSS Product Variants & Options app is a comprehensive customization solution, benefiting both B2B and B2C businesses. With its wide range of eight different option types, such as image swatch, textbox, multi-select, file upload, and more, this application provides unlimited possibilities for customers to personalize their products. This app effectively enhances sales growth by encouraging customers to customize their purchases.

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BSS Product Variants Options

#4 MIDA: Heatmap, Record & Replay

  • Free plan available and 14 days free trial

MIDA: Heatmap, Record, and Replay app by BSS Commerce

The MIDA: Heatmap, Record, and Replay also is one of the best free Shopify apps that enables you to track and analyze your customers’ interactions as they navigate through your website. This app offers a range of top features in its free plan. It supports up to 400 unique visitors per month, providing insights into user behavior.

MIDA includes session recordings and heatmaps, offering visual representations of user interactions. It also features a live view, allowing real-time monitoring. The app also enables the exclusion of specific countries or IPs, offering targeted analytics, and there are some options to reset recordings once to ensure data relevancy.

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#5 MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator

  • Free plan available and 7 days free trial

MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator app developed by BSS Commerce

The MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator app developed by BSS Commerce enables you to effortlessly include store locations, either one by one or in bulk through using a CSV file. The free version of this app includes a number of excellent features. Its filter and search capabilities allow customers to locate dealers or stores quickly based on phone, location, or country.

The application provides versatility in the presentation of information by allowing the location of displayed fields. Crucially, it facilitates the display of up to five store locations, enabling businesses to exhibit several locations. When combined, these elements improve the user experience and make finding a store easier.

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#6 BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty

  • Free plan available and 7 days free trial

BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty app by BSS Commerce

The BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty app by BSS Commerce allows users to add referrals, refer their friends, and receive rewards and loyalty programs via social shares. This app offers automated rewards for referrers and referees to streamline the referral process and eliminate manual tracking. It provides customizable options for social sharing, email content, and branding that align with your brand’s style, promoting your business across various platforms.

In addition, loyalty referral programs with multiple rules that allow tailored rewards based on the referrer’s actions are also one of the great features of BLOOP, which boosts customer loyalty and incentivizes repeat purchases, turning customers into brand advocates.

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#7 BSS: B2B Subscriptions

  • Free plan available and 14 days free trial

BSS Subscriptions

BSS B2B Subscriptions offers a complete subscription solution, enabling merchants to deliver products to their customers on a monthly basis. This not only helps reduce churn rates but also boosts revenue. This app provides a free forever plan with highlights such as subscription plan regular and prepaid billing, subscription management, emails and Shopify payments, PayPal Express, or are supported.

The Subscription Plan provides a comprehensive solution for business transactions, supporting both regular and prepaid billing. Email support for effective customer communication supports multiple payment gateways, ensuring a smooth payment process.

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#8 Omnisend – Email Marketing & SMS

  • Free plan available

Omnisend email and SMS marketing

The Omnisend email and SMS marketing automation application is absolutely is one of the best free apps on Shopify that assists numerous eCommerce stores in increasing their sales to a wider audience. The free plan of this app offers a range of features to boost marketing efforts. It allows reaching up to 250 contacts and sending 500 emails and 60 global SMS messages per month.

The plan includes professional email templates, customizable popups, and signup forms for creating appealing marketing materials. It also offers pre-built automations to streamline workflows and round-the-clock live support for a smooth experience.

#9 Shopify Inbox

  • Free totally

Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox is one of the best free Shopify apps developed by Shopify. It is a complimentary messaging tool that enables you to engage in conversations with customers while they browse through your store.

The Shopify Inbox app offers a host of top features for free. It allows you to turn on chat and track results seamlessly within the Shopify admin, providing a streamlined workflow. The app enables you to manage conversations from your online store chat and the Shop app, ensuring effective communication with your customers.

With profile and cart details, you can quickly understand who your customers are. This free Shopify app also allows you to send product recommendations, photos, and discounts directly from the chat, enhancing customer engagement. In addition, it automates greetings, contact capture, and FAQs, saving both you and your buyers time.

#10 Eggflow: Instant Traffic

  • Free plan available and 7 days free trial

Eggflow Instant Traffic

One of top best free Shopify apps is Instant Traffic by Eggflow. This free app enables you to showcase your merchandise as product suggestions, complete with product titles, descriptions, promotions, and images, across various Shopify stores.

The Instance Traffic app offers a variety of top features in its free plan. It provides free traffic from partners, enhancing the visibility of your products. The app allows you to select up to 5 products to promote, giving you the flexibility to focus on your key offerings.

It also includes a feature for category restrictions, enabling you to target your marketing efforts effectively. The free plan offers email support, ensuring you have assistance when needed. Lastly, it includes a Google Ads feature, allowing you to leverage the power of online advertising.

#11 Back In Stock – Restock Rocket

  • Free plan available and 14 days free trial

Back in Stock: Restock

Restock Rocket is one of top exceptional free Shopify apps that automatically sends alerts when you replenish your stock, thereby assisting you in boosting sales. The free version of Back in Stock: Restock App has a number of excellent features.

First of all, it keeps you informed with thirty emails and push alerts each month. Users may easily register with it because it has a ‘Notify me when available’ button and a signup form. You may customize anything in the app to suit your preferences. With its limitless registration options, you can make sure you connect with as many clients as possible.

Moreover, the app automatically notifies your consumers when new stock arrives, and it guarantees that support is always available by offering 24/7 assistance.

#12 StoreYa – SEO Image Optimizer Wizard

  • Free totally

SEO Image Optimizer Wizard

The SEO image optimizer app is a useful tool for optimizing your images, enhancing site speed, and generating a comprehensive SEO report. If you’re seeking ways to enhance your store’s SEO, this app is the perfect solution. It optimizes and compresses images, improves site speed, conducts audits, and ranks your site for various purposes, such as business, marketing, technical, and eCommerce.

With its segmented actionable items, the app will guide you toward improving your store’s performance effectively. Through conducting a thorough SEO site audit, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of why your site isn’t generating the desired traffic and learn how to enhance it.

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#13 Pushdaddy – WhatsApp, Live Chat

  • Free to install

Pushdaddy WhatsApp Live Chat

Thanks to the Pushdaddy WhatsApp Live Chat app, you can switch seamlessly between WhatsApp chat and live chat with just a click and simplify your customer interactions with automated features such as share buttons, marketing automation for abandoned cart recovery, and order confirmation emails.

Because this is a free Shopify app, you can enhance your customer support by integrating many platforms, staying connected with your customers through push notifications, enabling multiple operators to handle chats simultaneously, providing instant answers to frequently asked questions, and keeping your customers updated on their order status.

In addition, you can experience many other features in the app, including WhatsApp Chat, Auto-Abandoned Cart, Facebook Messenger, Reviews, FAQs, Sign-Up Forms, and Email Integration.

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#14 Hextom: Free Shipping Bar

  • Free plan available

Free Shipping Bar

The Free Shipping Bar app by developer Hextom is one of the best free Shopify apps, this is an excellent app to consider implementing as it showcases dynamic messages as customers add more items to their shopping carts. It effectively informs them about the remaining amount they need to purchase in order to qualify for free shipping.

The free plan of this app offers a range of impressive features. It provides a completely customizable banner that can be tailored to match your brand’s unique aesthetics. With the app, you have the flexibility to display the banner at any desired position, ensuring maximum visibility.

In addition, advanced targeting options are available for both devices and pages, allowing you to execute precise marketing strategies. You can add a link to the bar, guiding customers to specific pages of your choice.

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#15 Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners

  • Free totally

Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups Banners

Multiple free features are available in the Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups Banners app by CartKit. This is highly recommended as one of top best free Shopify apps to improve your online presence. It offers smart bars for regular, targeted, and significant information display. Pop-ups are used to convey messages, offer new coupons, and collect leads.

Using the app, you may increase consumer interaction by sharing a coupon, making a statement, or directing traffic to a unique website. It lets you match the looks of your business with fully customizable styles for all pop-ups and smart bars. Finally, it has a drag-and-drop editor that gives you the freedom and usability to design any kind of widget combination.

#16 GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO

  • Free totally

GA: Free Gift, Buy X Get Y+BOGO

This free Shopify app provides a gift with a purchase feature, enticing customers to increase their average order value (AOV) without increasing traffic. It provides tools to track revenue and AOV, offering valuable insights into your business performance. Also, it supports different types of conditions, allowing for flexible and targeted marketing strategies.

You can utilize this free and user-friendly gift application to design unique offers that include supplementary products, effectively amplifying your revenue. The accessibility of these complimentary items simplifies the customer journey, allowing visitors to swiftly add desired additional products to their shopping carts without any interruption to their overall shopping experience.

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Factors to Think About Prior to Choose the Best Free Shopify Apps

Shopify apps offer a remarkable opportunity to enhance the performance of your eCommerce store and streamline tasks, allowing you to dedicate more time to other essential aspects. Nonetheless, it is important to be cognizant of potential challenges that may arise when utilizing an increasing number of apps. These challenges may include:

Decreased speed of the website

The speed of your website can be reduced due to the loading time of the apps used on it. The number and resource requirements of these best free Shopify apps can have a negative impact on your site’s speed. Prior to installing any new app, it is advisable to evaluate its necessity and consider removing any old apps instead.

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Occasionally, there may be instances where one application is incompatible with another, and such situations can arise. Prior to installation, it is advisable to investigate whether other Shopify users have attempted to use both applications together or to directly communicate with the app developers. Failing to check compatibility before installing apps can potentially result in a decline in sales, conversions, and website traffic. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest time in conducting thorough research.

Depreciated apps

Apps have a specific function and, as is the case with all things in technology, the solution they offer may become obsolete and unnecessary over time. It is important to regularly assess the status of your apps to ensure they are current and supported, thereby preventing any potential adverse impact on your website.

The Final Verdict

To sum up, it can be claimed that there is a wide selection of top-notch free Shopify apps available, each catering to different goals and objectives. The aforementioned list is one of the best free Shopify apps published by reliable developers. After setting up your dropshipping store with Shopify, it is highly recommended to explore the extensive range of apps in the Shopify App Store. Take the opportunity to browse through various categories and compile a list of functionalities that align with your website’s requirements.

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Finally, hope that this list provided by BSS Commerce Shopify is useful for you to boost sales and enhance the online appearance of your online store. Don’t miss out on any posts on the BSS Commerce blog to explore the latest news and knowledge about eCommerce and Shopify.

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