eBay continues to play a significant role in the online market despite being one of the oldest and most well-known eCommerce platforms in the entire world. However, for newcomers, selling on eBay can be challenging because there are too many different item categories to pick from.

As a result, in this post, BSS Commerce Shopify introduces you to the 20+ best eBay trending items to sell online, along with the benefits of eBay that you shouldn’t ignore. Don’t hesitate any longer; let’s scroll down to discover now.

eBay: At a Glance

Introduction to eBay

eBay was established in 1995 on the fundamental tenet that most people have access to the means of doing business. The developer’s goal is to create a model of universal, inclusive entrepreneurship that allows anyone, wherever on the globe, to sell, purchase, and prosper online.


eBay builds channels to link millions of retailers and buyers in more than 190 markets worldwide. No matter who they are or where they are on the globe, the technology gives all of the users the ability to grow and succeed. eBay’s reverberations affect not only the customers but also the businesses, communities, and the world, bringing forth waves of change.

The global reach of eBay today is extensive. eBay brings together millions of sellers and buyers, whose interests are as varied as each other, through in-demand goods that fill gaps in the market, advance collections, and make people satisfied. Only on eBay can millions of individuals find exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s a trendy item from now or a collectible item from decades before.

How Does the eBay Platform Work?

On eBay, there are two ways to make a purchase. You can either pay a set price with Buy It Now and get the item right away, or you can place a bid on an item to try to win it at a cheaper price in an auction. Learn more about these options here.

Auction-style selling

Due to its auction-style sales, eBay became popular. For a specific number of days, a conventional auction is performed. You place an initial offer at the beginning of the auction, after which purchasers will increase their bids. The highest bidder wins when the auction is over.

When selling rare, collectible objects, this method of selling works wonders. In order to regulate whether you sell the thing before you can get the price you think it is worth, you may use this strategy by establishing a reserve price or the lowest price you are ready to accept for the item.

Buy It Now

With eBay’s Buy It Now option, a seller can set a fixed price for a product. Customers can view the upfront price and purchase the item right away without having to place a bid. As there is no bargaining or waiting for an auction to end, this method of selling is efficient and practical.

Who Should Sell on eBay?

There are mainly two categories of eBay retailers, including PowerSellers and Amateur resellers. An amateur reseller is one who sells a limited number of things at a set price. Professional sellers known as PowerSellers invest a lot of effort in making purchases, packaging goods, shipping and receiving commodities and running auctions.

Getting the products in front of a global audience with eBay will help you succeed in this period of expansion of the secondhand economy, whether you’re a novice reseller or a PowerSeller.

Some Benefits of Selling on eBay

Learn more about the 4 main benefits of selling on the eBay platform below:

Approach a Vast Customer

Having so many individuals interested in what you sell is one of eBay’s biggest advantages. In the second quarter of 2023, the U.S.-based eCommerce platform eBay had almost 132 million active buyers worldwide. The availability of the product listings will make your goods visible to these interested users, who frequently use eBay to begin their search for necessary things.

Earn More Revenue for Each Product

When selling products on eBay, the format of an auction listing gives you the chance to boost the sales price of an item relative to a direct sale to a consumer. The exposure of a noteworthy product might increase interest in your brand’s products, even though this may also imply that the highest bidder receives a lower salary. As a result, the fixed-price items posted for sale on eBay using the Buy It Now option will sell for more money.

Get New Customers Through eBay Sales

It’s a terrific chance to let the eBay customer know about the online store after you make a sale. With the right approach, you can persuade them to come to the store and make a purchase there, resulting in a recurring client.

Optimize the product listings, offer competitive pricing, deliver first-rate customer service, take advantage of eBay specials, and use social media to your advantage. If you wish to increase eBay sales, you can drive more traffic to the eBay store and boost sales by implementing these suggestions.

Sell Anything

On eBay, the important thing is that may buy and sell almost anything (with the exception of prohibited or illegal things, of course). Whatever your market, eBay has a ready audience for you. The list includes endless commodities, including auto parts, books, electronics, apparel, and handmade goods.

It can be concluded that eBay is a potential market for anyone who wishes to do online business. Don’t stop here; in the section below are the top 20+ eBay trending items to consider.

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20+ Best eBay Trending Items to Gain High Profits

eBay is a great platform for free-to-business anything you like. However, there are many various fields that you don’t know and should pick. In this section, BSS Commerce Shopify will provide a detailed review of the list of the 20+ Top Trending Items on eBay. Let’s scroll down to view it now.


One can find some of the newest devices in today’s market such as phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, television sets, and video game consoles sold online at such storehouses of treasures like the eBay platform. This fact makes eBay one of the best places to find vintage consoles and games for retro gamers.

electronics ebay trending items

BSS Commerce Shopify suggests having a walk through its electronics game catalog in eBay trending items if one feels nostalgic about 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit gaming. Learn more about digital cameras, camera drones, smartphones, smart watches, desktop computers, Apple cell phone headsets, and other items here.

The Best Tip to Save with eBay

Let’s embrace the latest advancements in technology that include phones and their related accessories like chargers, and memory cards among many others. For budget discounts choose brands and label them such as Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Samsung, Alienware, or HP, and get the newest devices at the best price.

Please remember that eBay offers new or pre-owned electronics in one place; thus, listening into, switching on, and attempting a few times leads you to obtain everything from smart home devices to VR equipment.

Parts & Accessories for Motorcycle and Car

Parts & accessories for motorcycles and cars are known as one of the top trending products on eBay platform. Here, you can discover the best sellers with the best high-quality products to serve your car. The typical items include car and truck parts, motorcycle parts and accessories, maintenance, stands and towing, wheels, tires and parts, commercial trucks, and more.

auto parts accessories ebay trending items

In addition, in the item location section, you can customize items such as the US only, North America, Europe, Asia, and default. And the options for buying formats like Best Offer, Auction, Classified Ads, Buy It Now, and All Listings

Collectibles and Art

Can say that this is the place to find unique collections since 1995 with vintage and antique items. If you are interested in reading comic books, magazines, and collectible comics, this catalog is really ideal.

There are multiple types to pick from, including Modern Age Comics (1992–Now), Platinum Age Comics (1897–1937), Graphic Novels, Manga and Asian Comics, Comic Book Supplies & Accessories, etc.

collectibles art ebay trending items

Along with such trendy characters as Harley Quinn, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Walking Dead, and more, users can totally choose any character. It can be claimed that collectibles and art are indispensable lists on the eBay platform because the number of searches is up to 330 thousand per listing.

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

The next in the collection of 20+ best-trending items on eBay are clothing, shoes, and accessories. These products are always high-demand items on eBay. In this category, you can find out the diversity of the products for both males, females, and kids.

About clothing, there are many different colors to pick from and many types by season. For instance, Sports Fan Apparel and Souvenirs, Uniforms and Work Clothing, Wedding and Formal Wear, World and Traditional Clothing, and all Specialty Clothing, Shoes and Accessories are in the catalog.

About shoes, backpacks, and bags for kids: There are more than 3,200,000 search results per all listings and many color options to pick from. As a result, not only is eBay one of the usual eCommerce shopping platforms, but it also fully provides the necessary items for kids and unisex kids.

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Sporting Goods

Are you prepared to play like a professional? Whatever your favorite sport is, eBay has the equipment you need to compete at the best. The eBay platform has recreational items and equipment for all occasions and ability levels, whether you wish to try bowling for the first time or find inner peace during a soothing yoga session.

eBay’s sporting goods offering includes equipment for baseball, basketball, soccer, and other team sports for those who wish to be a member of a team. That includes safety clothing, gloves, balls, training equipment, and anything else needed to improve skills in sports subjects.

sporting goods ebay trending items

With the eBay platform, let’s free to discover high-quality sporting goods from trusted brands, such as Adidas and Nike are available for sports footwear such as football or soccer cleats, ice skates, and running shoes. With an extensive selection from eBay of athletic products from leading brands, you’re certainly guaranteed to get high-quality equipment that will last.

Baby Essentials

Be it for the first-time mum, or experienced dads, the safety of the children has always been a major worry. eBay has neonatal safety gear at competitive prices with local baby stores. Using a high-quality baby monitor from eBay, you could be monitoring the child whether in the living room or any other part of the house.

Some other top sellers on eBay include strollers like Graco strollers, perfect for taking the kids for a walk in the neighborhood. You could also look into eBays huge assortment of baby bottles comprising of BPA-free Dr. Browns baby bottles, together with nursery bedding, diapering, car safety seats, bathing, grooming, and many other things in several different colors.

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Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are an indispensable piece of a complete eCommerce shopping platform. With more than 2,700,000 search results per listing in the catalog on eBay, this is certainly an ideal choice for pet lovers.

Here, you can discover many different brands and their various products. Examples include cat supplies, dog supplies, bird supplies, backyard poultry supplies, reptile supplies, pet memorials and urns, small animal supplies, and wholesale lots.

pet supplies ebay trending items

Not only that, but to ease your search, you can choose to customize by pricing, buying format, brand, and conditions like new, used, or not specified. In general, this is a great stall to come over the lovely items for pets that you should visit.

Toy and Hobbies

One of the biggest benefits of the eBay platform is the variety of items, which allows anyone to locate one-of-a-kind items such as a metal wind-up toy from the 1940s, Star Wars collectibles, Cabbage Patch Doll or Barbie from the 1980s, or vintage game console from the 1990s. Fans of DC’s Aquaman or Marvel’s Spider-Man can totally collect then-and-now action figures, American dolls, or Disney princesses in this catalog.

In addition, eBay has a large range of gifts for birthdays and holidays. For toddlers, age-appropriate games that are nonetheless enjoyable for everyone at the table, such as Pie Face, Connect Four, Bingo, or Go Fish, are simple to find.

Or perhaps you have a group of trading card game fans? eBay has some fantastic deals on Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. Don’t hesitate any longer; let’s visit right now to discover the most unique items in the Toys and Hobbies catalog of the eBay platform.

Vintage and Antique Jewelry

The best site for purchasing or even for selling vintage and antique jewelry is eBay. The store features an extensive assortment of unique gifts from various eras and styles. Let’s proceed to go to eBay website itself and type “vintage and antique jewelry” in the search field right away.

The sequence involves displaying various objects such as necklaces & pendants, bracelets & charms, jewelry sets, rings, mourning jewelry, dress & scarf clips, cufflinks and all other vintage/antique jewelry.

vintage and antique jewelry ebay trending items

Remember that you may narrow down the results through the use of Side Refine Panel based on age, style, medium, etc. Nevertheless, first, you should read this description; then consider the seller’s rating at which there is this item; finally, be prepared to buy it!

Watches, Parts and Accessories

One of the popular online markets where people buy and sell watches, its parts and accessories is known as eBay. The critical thing is that the eBay platform provides a safe and secure transaction platform, allowing you to shop with confidence.

The platform offers both new and used products so you can choose what is right for your needs and pocketbook. The company also sell different watch brands such as Hamilton, Omega, Citizen, Casio, Bulova, Rolex, and Seiko among others with elegant and luxurious type. This is a very interesting catalog with various products, watches in mixed lot, watches, watch accessories & parts, tools, and guides.

Health Care Products

eBay is a famous online marketplace that sells a variety of healthcare supplies. Medical equipment, personal care goods, vitamins and supplements, mobility assistance, first aid supplies, and other items are among those available here. eBay provides a convenient platform for buyers to find and purchase healthcare items from a range of sellers.

It can be claimed that healthcare items on the eBay platform are sourced from well-known brands like OneTouch, Philips, EQUATE, ResMed, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Mucinex, Vicks, and more.

The top-selling items in this catalog are frequently health care, diabetes care, ear care, feminine care, first aid, foot creams and treatments, hot and cold therapies, monitoring and testing, and over-the-counter medications and treatments.

Makeup Products

If you are looking for a unique gift for a mother, girlfriend, or anyone else, come to the eBay platform right now! In the makeup products catalog, eBay has many options like face powders, lipsticks, foundations, and other beauty products to help achieve the perfect day or night appearance.

False eyelashes, mascara, and a bright eye shadow palette are a few of the eye makeup details needed to make an outstanding appearance on the face.

Also, eBay has made a significant impression with the most famous brands in the world, like Estee Lauder, Lancome, Mary Kay, Maybelline New York, Clinique, NYX, Loreal, and Eyeshadow.

With lipstick products, visitors can pick from peach, purple, orange, red, and a variety of other eye-catching colors. You can totally give the mother a Mother’s Day gift basket filled with all of the cosmetic products you handpicked specifically for her with the makeup products catalog on the eBay platform.

Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements

A wide assortment of vitamins and lifestyle supplements are available on eBay from a variety of sellers, for example, Prevagen, Nutricost, NOW Foods, Puritant’s Price, Purity Products, Nature Made, Garden of Life, Optimum Nutrition, and more. eBay offers buyers a simple platform for finding and purchasing these supplements from a range of suppliers.

You can search for the information need to find here about the products, like vitamins and minerals, weight management, endurance and energy bars, drinks and pills, dietary supplements, and other vitamins and supplements.

vitamins lifestyles ebay trending items

Furthermore, in the cart and checkout section, visitors can check items from all sizes with high-quality products, shipping, delivery, payments, and return information. The next big plus is that the eBay platform also provides details about sellers with ratings and positive feedback. Thanks to this data, buyers have something to think about before making a purchasing decision.

Vision Care Products

Vision Care Products is an indispensable catalog on the collection of 20+ eBay trending items. You can totally visit to discover the online stall about eyeglass items if you don’t have time to directly buy in-store. It can be claimed that this is a great idea because visitors can pick from many different types of eyeglasses in multiple colors.

Not only that, there are many well-known and worthy brands in the world to buy, like Oakley, Foster Grant, Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Oliver Peoples, and more. More than 1 million search results per listing with the various products that meet the needs that you can refer to, such as eyeglass frames, reading glasses, eyeglass cases and storage, and eyeglass parts.

And clean eyeglass items like eyeglass straps, cords, and grips; eyeglass cleaning tools and supplies; contact lens storage and equipment; contact lens solutions; and more.

Massaging Equipment & Supplies

Massaging is an indispensable piece of equipment for each family; it not only brings a sense of comfort but also helps to improve health efficiently. For all of the massage needs, check out the variety of products offered by Massaging Equipment & Supplies on the eBay platform.

You may get everything you need to create a soothing and healing experience, from massage tables and chairs to oils and accessories. The products on eBay are available from famous brands like Oster, Wahl, BestMassage, HoMedics, Panasonic, Osaki, Human Touch, and more.

eBay has the equipment and supplies you need to meet all your needs, whether you’re a licensed masseuse or just want to improve your wellness regimen. Shop right now to find the ideal equipment to aid in relaxation and renewal.

Shaving and Hair Removal Products

If beauty and skincare products are only for females, shaving, and hair removal products are necessary for males. The term “shaving and hair removal products” in the collection of the 20+ best eBay trending items refers to the multiple products that assist in shaving and hair removal from various body areas.

These goods range from manual and electric razors to lotions and waxing kits to epilators. You can buy these items from retailers on eBay in countries all over the world, giving a simple and convenient option to get the hair removal necessary products.

The top-selling shaving and hair removal items that you can refer to on eBay include electric shaver parts, laser hair removal and IPL, razors and razor blades, men’s razor blades, shaving creams, foams and gels, shaving and grooming kits and sets, and more.

However, this catalog also has some items for women, like waxing or 6X face eyebrow shaver trimmer dermaplaning shaper razor hair removal tool for women.

Bath and Body Products

Bath and body is known as one of the essential products for everyone. With the provision of widespread brands in the world like Victoria Secret, Dove, Degree, Irish Spring, Avon, etc., eBay is quickly becoming a worthy platform for anyone, even the most demanding customers.

The stall in the catalog always showcased many options, including body soaps, hand washes, body washes and shower gels, body sprays and mists, bath and body mixed items, bath bombs and fizzes, and more.

bath and body ebay trending items

In the cart and check-out sections, all the description information about the products, attributes, shipping speed, customer support and ratings about positive feedback are clearly stated. From these elements, you can totally make the right decision. With each order on eBay, you will receive a return within 30 days (if you have one); however, you will still be charged shipping fees.

Home Furniture

Shop eBay furniture for hundreds of options, including desks, mattresses, bookshelves, desktops, dressers, and dining sets that suit the customer’s taste. You may find bookshelves, desks, office chairs, and other home office equipment on eBay to help you concentrate on finishing the task properly.

Not only that, the right furniture is crucial to turning a house into a home, whether you’re moving into a new location, cleaning up what’s currently there, or beginning from scratch. Fortunately, you no longer need to spend countless hours attempting to pick between a sea of couches, chairs, and dining tables.

Family time is spent eating together, and future memories will be centered around the dining table. Setting the ideal mood for family dinners and entertaining requires careful consideration when choosing a dining set. As well as sideboards, buffets, cabinets, and accessories, the eBay platform also provides a large selection of dining chairs to meet all your needs efficiently.

In a nutshell, eBay is an eCommerce platform with a friendly interface that is convenient for selling. Although there are multiple options about the industry and business here, you still should refer to some items that shouldn’t sell on eBay. It includes adult-only items, alcohol, species of animals and wildlife, OEM, beta, and academic software, worn-out clothes, foods, and more.

Be aware that prohibited or restricted goods can differ greatly from nation to nation. As a result, let’s go to the eBay portal for the nation and check the list of approved items to find out exactly what can and cannot be sold.

What is the Price of Selling on the eBay Platform?

Like any other platform chosen to sell on, the eBay platform has its own set of costs that you should be aware of, according to the eBay Seller Center. In there, it includes international fees, currency conversion charges, and payment for optional listing upgrades. An insertion charge when creating a listing and a final value fee after the item sells are the primary forms of selling fees.

Payment for Optional Listing Upgrades

Depending on the advancement, varies from $0.50 to $6.00. By adding special elements like a subtitle or bold font, you may improve your listings and help them stand out. Depending on the cost of your item, the format, and the length of the listing, different prices apply for these optional listing enhancements. The differences are described below.

NOTE: Free of charge, you may schedule your listings to start and end at a future date and time and add up to 24 photographs with zoom and enlargement. The cost of scheduling a listing in the classified Ad type is $0.10 USD.

Currency Conversion Charges

When you create listings or sell products on a global eBay site, eBay may exchange your money into a different currency in order to collect money owing to it or pay you money that is yours.

For example, when creating a listing on eBay.de for the payment of which fees are applicable (eg insertion and/or optional listing upgrade fees) as such when your registered address in the USA the Funds are converted by eBay.

Once you sell an item on eBay.de, eBay calculates a payout amount by converting the sale proceeds from EUR into USD using the current transaction rate of exchange as it existed during that sale.

If your registered address is in the US, eBay will apply and keep a 3% seller currency conversion fee. Please go to the fee page for your nation or region of residence if your registered address is outside of the US for information on the seller currency conversion charge.

Insertion Fees

If you have an eBay Store, you may receive more than 250 zero-insertion fee listings each month. Upon exhaustion of the zero insertion charge quota, the following insertion fees apply:

  • If your item doesn’t sell, there will be no reimbursement.
  • Fee for each listing and each category: when listing the items in two categories, you will also be charged an insertion fee for the second category.
  • When choosing to create multiple auction-style listings for the same item, you will also be charged a price for each listing.
  • Listing fees for listings with multiple goods are only charged once.

Final Value Fees

eBay charges a final value fee for each completed transaction and sold item. Final value fees are a percentage of the entire sum paid by the buyer, which includes the purchase price, handling fees, the cost of the shipping service, sales tax, and any other fees that may be relevant.

You only pay one final value fee when the item sells, and there are no additional costs associated with processing payments through third parties. This charge is computed as a portion of the total sale amount plus $0.30 per order.

The entire price of the sale consists of the item price, any handling fees, any shipping costs the buyer pays (with some exclusions), sales tax, and any additional fees that might be necessary.

Any quantity of items bought by the same customer at checkout and shipped using the same shipping method is referred to as an order. According to eBay’s fee credit policy, you can be eligible for fee credits if need to repay the customer or cancel the sale.

Other eBay Fees

There are other selling costs that you could run into besides the insertion and final value fees that are the most typical on eBay. You must pay a higher insertion fee if you wish to sell something using a classified ad. There will be charges based on the upgrade if you want to add them to your basic eBay listing.

On top of that, you will be responsible for all associated charges if decide to use any additional services offered by eBay, such as shipping labels.

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Ending Words

BSS Commerce Shopify hopes that this information is helpful to you and it satisfies all of the queries about picking eBay trending items. After reading and pondering the collection of the 20+ most trending items on eBay, you can make a decision about what to sell on eBay easily and smartly. It’s important to conduct research before making the platform selection for the online store.

However, if you are seeking a high-quality Shopify & Shopify Plus agency that gives solutions to speed up your online business’s growth, BSS Commerce Shopify is a great choice worth trying. With more than 30,000 B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses, trust and use BSS’s potent apps and Shopify development services to quickly expand, increase conversions, and soar sales efficiently.