If you’ve opted to use Shopify as the foundation for your future B2B eCommerce store, you’ll most likely need a more in-depth technical assessment of how you’ll implement it. Shopify comes with great features and capabilities that will give you an immediate advantage. Nevertheless, how can you modify and customize it to achieve the Shopify B2B commerce you’re looking for?

The answer, in part, comes down to selecting a complementary set of solutions that may be integrated to accomplish precisely that!

First, consider the first interaction your Shopify B2B experience when they visit your website.

Things To Consider About Shopify B2B Experience

Shopify is an excellent platform for direct-to-consumer sales. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and cookie-cutter. The issue is that B2B selling requires specific standards in some circumstances, and Shopify may be stifling your future growth. You may use the same site where you sell directly to consumers (D2C) as your B2B site when you first start. However, this has significant consequences for your business and inhibits scalability in several ways, as outlined below:

Shopify Profits From Shopify Payments

B2B customers frequently prefer to purchase on credit. Due to its business strategy, Shopify charges so little to generate money on every transaction performed. Including your B2B transactions, they have little motivation to pull your B2B clients away from this. If you offer expensive things to wholesale buyers, this is not good for your Shopify B2B store at all.

Complex Shipping Rules

You can only use one shipping method when using a D2C site for Shopify B2B commerce. You can’t create bulk shipping regulations that apply to both consumers and wholesale clients because they’re treated the same. Not to add, your consumers may want to send their products from numerous warehouses or locations and view real-time availability.

Sales Reps Are Needed To Scale

Perhaps you’ve progressed to the stage where you require the assistance of others on your team to support your sales efforts. This is frequently in the form of sales representatives. Shopify cannot integrate sales reps as a job that gives them access to inventory, customers, and the opportunity to place orders for them. In fact, this critical job as you scale is not available on Shopify.

Shopify B2B Experience

B2B Customers Don’t Want To See B2C Promotions

Every time you sell something directly to the consumer, you compete with the dealers you want to work with. This is known as channel conflict. Every time they visit your website and shop as a customer, it irritates people, especially if you are careless with your marketing and advertising. 

In contrast, most B2B customers value relationships, so if they notice aggressive digital marketing practices, they may be hesitant to do business with you if they see aggressive digital marketing practices. Specifically, this comprises all pop-ups, advertisements, remarketing campaigns, abandoned carts, and other sales-related strategies.

B2B Customers Expect A Different Shopify B2B Experience

While there are features of B2C eCommerce that improve the Shopify B2B experience, the primary goal of B2B is very different from that of B2C. The notion that B2B organizations must completely replicate B2C experiences is causing costly, if not dangerous, misalignment inside B2B eCommerce initiatives. 

As a result, to design the finest B2B eCommerce experiences, we must concentrate on the areas where B2B differs from B2C. Besides, we must create commerce engines that accommodate the specific intricacies of B2B rather than attempting to impose B2C features on a completely different process.

If you already understand this, this might be when you need the help of Shopify B2B apps. Instead of starting another Shopify store exclusively for wholesale, which doubles the cost, you can ultimately use the application to separate the two categories of customers in the following ways.

Shopify B2B commerce

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Login And Registration

You can easily create a registration form from your Shopify backend. It is a pretty simple configuration in Shopify.

In addition, administrator approval of customers is necessary since it allows you to control what clients fit your demands. Before people view the prices, ensure they are appropriate to your criteria. For unconfirmed clients and visitors, you should conceal item costs and show a personalized message such as “login to see price” or “you need permission to access this page”.

But how can you make it easy for new clients to apply for access, especially if you need to control their application? The wise methods to accomplish this are to use a custom form builder available on your Shopify site and private store.

Private Store

Private stores help privatize your online store in a private zone to help your B2B business. Select only a few clients to browse your store. Besides, offer your exclusive things for purchase by only a few Shopify B2B members.

Lock your store for visitors: Approve or reject enlisted clients as you see fit. Before they can visit your shop, make sure they are suitable and reasonable.

There are several options accessible on the Shopify app store, and one of the most popular is a Shopify app called B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price. Specifically, B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price enables you to create a robust private passcode or secret link that protects your content to the greatest extent possible. It includes locking your pages with a passcode or adding a token to your connection to restrict access to only specific clients. Aside from that, your products may also not appear; consumers will gain access via a hidden link provided by Admin.

B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price - Shopify b2b private link

Please check out How To Create The Shopify Custom Registration Form for more details.

Login To See Prices

Similar to the private store, logging in to see prices is also a feature that helps you verify customers from the beginning. Many people think that forcing customers to log in will create a bad Shopify B2B experience. However, that’s when your registration builder is too wordy and poorly navigated. Luckily, many apps on the market today can help you with this without requiring any coding knowledge.

One of them is B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price. It enables you to create powerful wholesale registration forms that may capture as much information as you need, including company address, company registration codes, and even the option to attach files (such as tax exemption documents). Furthermore, you may also configure criteria such as whether or not to monitor applications and a robust set of notifications.

B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price - b2b login to see price

When combined with your B2B login system, you have a robust approach to managing access to your Shopify B2B commerce business access. 

Custom Pricing

Most Shopify B2B businesses require tools that encourage clients to boost their average order value. However, Shopify does not have these functionalities by default. Therefore, you will need to employ custom pricing apps.

First and foremost, custom pricing assists you in attracting clients. Customizing the correct price for each customer (retailer and wholesaler) allows you to appreciate corporate customers while attracting new ones.

Second, effective unique pricing tactics will assist you in swiftly increasing sales. Best of all, you will not just benefit from the discounted products, but traffic to your website will also grow, allowing your store’s other products and services to be seen. These are the items that will assist you in generating conversions and leads.

Third, isn’t it fair to charge individual customers and wholesalers the same price? A well-thought-out unique pricing strategy will assist you in gaining every business customer. When customers notice the benefits, they will not hesitate to purchase more to obtain higher discounts.

Custom pricing is a must-have approach for Shopify B2B commerce, not only Shopify. Have you thoroughly grasped this technique? Learn more right now.

Do you understand the importance of custom pricing? Now is your time to experiment with B2B/Wholesale Solution. BSS Commerce is well-known for developing robust apps, and its Shopify B2B app is no exception. It takes a bit more time to install than the other apps on this list, but it is definitely worth waiting.

B2B/Wholesale Solution - custom pricing

Starting with automatic tagging makes it simple to tailor the price to a particular client and product groupings. You can quickly reduce the costs by a specific percentage/amount/fixed price and control pricing schedule time. Moreover, the admin backend is an essential component of the application. Suppose you want to make manual orders; the application’s backend will help you establish specific discounts for each customer.

Shipping & Check-Out Process

One of the most popular demands of B2B stores is confining distinct shipping rules based on the customer’s identity. You have to decide whether you only want a setup for your B2B customers to get priority shipping, or you want some customers always to receive free shipping.

While Shopify has a powerful shipping system, it’s not enough. Hence, you need to use an extra solution. There are many solutions available, as with custom form builders, and many come with the ability to establish even more complicated rules.

The shipping apps available in Shopify AppStore, which allows you to establish rules based on a customer tag, is a perfect example. In fact, you’d just attach a tag to a specific client, and when checkout, they’d see the exact shipping costs you’ve specified. With the addition of a shipping tool, you can now customize your B2B shipping rules specific to your needs.

shopify b2b app

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On the other hand, the Quick Orders/ Bulk Order feature of B2B Portal/ Net Terms can assist B2B customers can rapidly view the entire product inventory. Besides, they can easily add numerous things to their cart or checkout directly from the QO page. 

B2B Portal/ Net Terms - BSS Commerce

In addition, Net Terms and Bundle Kit are two more significant features. Select clients can use the net Terms to establish unpaid orders directly from their shopping cart. Then, customers must pay within the specified period (For example, Net15/30/45/60/90).


Last but not least, you need to consider the invoice feature. An invoicing solution is likely already built-in if you integrate an Shopify ERP system to manage your B2B orders. If not, you can activate B2B invoicing directly from your Shopify store. Otherwise, BSS Commerce Shopify can help you integrate the ERP system into your store.

shopify b2b invoicing

You can also leverage invoicing software. It can help your business with payments to track down customers who haven’t paid you. The running of a firm necessitates using a dependable and proper invoicing plan. Furthermore, whether the company is new to the market or already well-known, things will not run as smoothly as possible without a competent invoice service.

As a result, an invoice is a piece of business paper used by a buyer and a supplier. It includes the quantity and price of a particular commodity or service. The payment word in invoices denotes the time of delivery, and as a vendor, you can use an invoicing tool to record and keep track of payments and payments that are due.

This would provide you complete control over all your payments and transactions, guaranteeing that your business suffers no losses.

If you utilize appropriate invoice software, you will be able to collect payments efficiently and directly for your business. There are various advantages to using an invoice system to help your business. It can help you operate a lucrative business, but it can also ensure that you get paid on time by your clients and partners. Here are six advantages of using invoice apps for your business.

shopify b2b experience

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B2B/Wholesale Solution – Comprehensive Shopify B2B Key

The solutions listed above are excellent approaches to lay a solid foundation for your Shopify B2B commerce store. With the inclusion of B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS Commerce Shopify you can take it a step further and provide a comprehensive and feature-rich Shopify B2B experience, allowing you to customize B2B prices, control taxes quickly, and even order limits. You’ll get the following benefits if you enable B2B/Wholesale Solution:

B2B/Wholesale Solution - Comprehensive Shopify B2B Key

  • Complete B2B Price Customization: Offer discounts to any kind of client. Create quantity/amount breaking the rules using deals. Backend orders with configurable prices can be created.
  • Order Limit & Multi-Currency: Set the minimum and maximum order amount/quantity, change the currency based on the user’s region, establish a B2B discount code, and add custom fields to the Order/Draft Order.
  • B2B Sign Up, Tags & Tax Control: To manage B2B customer registration, add custom fields. Based on the occurrences, tag the order/customer. Set up VAT Exemption Rules and Tax Display.
  • Easy Configuration: They design the program for non-technically savvy traders to set up in seconds—no modifications to the theme code, no same variants using a content label. Even better, the app and Shopify theme’s similarity is rigorously evaluated ahead of time to ensure that highlights run flawlessly.

If Not Shopify Apps, Then What?

If you are worried that using multiple applications cannot create uniformity, what can alter the Shopify B2B apps?

Consider having a dedicated branded B2B site that offers account-specific pricing, wholesale shipping restrictions and automatically imports products, descriptions, inventory, and orders from your Shopify store, keeping your B2B and D2C channels in sync. A system that gives access to sales professionals that operate as a conduit between your brand and a wholesale customer, providing them with the tools they need to be more successful with their accounts. 

Ideally, hiring an expert can help you enhance the Shopify B2B experience seamlessly. There are numerous different methods for getting Shopify specialists to work on your B2B website. The first is to assemble a team of expert developers. The second option is to do everything yourself if you have adequate time to accomplish everything by hand. Finally, you can build an in-house team of developers who will write the code and launch the Shopify store for your company right in your office.

In addition, hiring a team of expert Shopify B2B developers to establish an online store for you is the ideal mix of cost and skill set available for creating an online Shopify platform for your store. 

BSS Commerce’s Shopify B2B Development Service is what we’re talking about—designed from the ground up to help you give your top consumers a better purchase experience that allows them to buy and sell your products more efficiently. Do you want to know what you can do better? Contact us to see whether the agency can assist you with scaling your sales activities.

BSS Commerce Shopify B2B Development Service


Shopify is a terrific platform for B2B businesses because it can help you power up your business and reach out to more clients. However, to thrive, Shopify’s built-in features are not enough. 

If you’re afraid that using multiple apps will mess up your store and not be seamless, BSS Commerce’s apps can all integrate with each other, like B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price, B2B Portal/ Net Terms, and B2B/Wholesale Solution.

Offering B2B sales is an excellent method to enhance overall sales. Regardless of how tiny your business is, getting started sooner is a definite way to ensure success. While Shopify B2B apps are helpful, it’s not the only option for creating a Shopify B2B experience. On the other hand, professional developers will concentrate on using novel technologies supplied by the platform to improve the business. In contrast, you may focus on marketing and inventory management. When it comes to using B2B services online, we at BSS Commerce Shopify have a profound grasp of business demands. 

Simply contact us to obtain instant assistance from an expert, seasoned Shopify developer.

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