Influencer and Influencer Marketing campaigns today have become a strong development trend in marketing, helping to build trust and bring products closer to customers. According to research by Sprout Social, 74% of users consult information on social media before making a purchase decision. This is also why the best Shopify influencer app is born to make it easier for online stores to reach the public and turn them into customers.
Consumers tend to trust recommendations from third parties rather than from the brand itself or the business. Anyone with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks can thoroughly recommend your products or services to their fans. However, if they are not the right people, share on. Not only is it ineffective, but it also makes your followers feel uncomfortable.
Giving you a closer look at influencer marketing and the best Shopify influencer app, this article will help you solve any questions. 
Let’s get started now!

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that uses influencers (people who influence the public) to send a brand’s message to the market. Instead of advertising directly to a group of customers, you will inspire and pay influencers to help you do that. Influencers spread their voices through social media channels with content either pre-compiled by the brand or written in their way by the influencers.
Whether the size of your business is large or just a tiny store, harnessing the power of influencers is a must. Influencers help enterprises reach customers quickly and increase users’ trust in the company’s brand. Especially with new products and brands launched to the market, the use of influencers in marketing campaigns also helps businesses effectively reach potential customers and attract public attention in the period—short time.

Best Shopify Influencer App Review

Best Shopify Influencer App Monthly pricing Influencer quality Influencer accessibility  Performance analysis Overall
Gatsby $99 – $799 4/5 5/5 4.5/5
Dovetale Free – $50 – $250 5/5 5/5 5/5
linkr $49 – $79 – $99 – $249 5/5 5/5 4.5/5
vwala $9.95 – $29.99 – $59.99 4/5 4/5 4/5
Carro Free 4/5 5/5 4/5
Instagram shop by SNPT Free 5/5 4/5 4/5
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Gatsby: Influencer Marketing

Best shopify influencer app
Rating: 5.0 (54 reviews)

Gatsby is the best Shopify influencer app available today with other marketing automation tools. It is especially relevant for Shopify stores that are looking for influencer marketing on Instagram. First, it helps you identify the right influencers and build a fully automated marketing strategy. This means that, instead of a manual, time-consuming process, the app will do all the work from finding influencers, coordinating coordination, tracking, and measuring performance.

And yet, Gatsby reaches out to influencers from the people who follow and actively buy from your store. To find out their interest, the app also allows you to enable an automated email campaign that introduces offers and generates a follow-up and confirmation link to these influencers.

Key Features:
  • To identify influencers who follow and buy from you.
  • Reach customers via Instagram and invite them to be your influencers.
  • Automate workflow triggers to help you build your marketing strategy.
  • Measure the growth of your influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Integration with Hubspot, Klaviyo, Refersion, Google Tag Manager, Justuno, Privy.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Integration with many third-party applications makes creating email/SMS forms easy.
  • Easy to use and get started even with a small business.
  • Create relationships with influencers quickly.
  • Help ease the burden of Shopify store managers.
  • Track and feed data into email marketing automation systems.
  • Automate thank you emails.
  • There are not many user reviews yet.


  • 7-day free trial.
  • Esebtuals: $99/month
  • Basic: $499/month
  • Standard: $799/month
  • Pro: Contact for more details

Dovetale: Influencer Marketing

Best shopify influencer app
Rating: 5.0 (21 reviews)
Dovetale: Dovetale launched influencer Marketing in 2017, so it’s probably still relatively new for Shopify store owners. However, Dovetale is on this list because it brings together many features that help in brand marketing by promoting social networking sites. Although new, Dovetale has proven that it is a practical application with a rating of 5.0 on Shopify Appstore.
It can be overwhelming when you first log in to Dovetale because it does not show instructions on the screen. But you can adapt quickly with the video tutorials on Dovetale University. Besides, this application allows you to follow the development of your competitors on social networks. That means you can come up with better campaigns based on those analytics.
And yet, as an influencer marketing app, of course, Dovetale will also help you find influencers and turn them into marketers for your brand. Finally, the app provides reports on the results and performance of marketing campaigns.
Key Features:
  • Do influencer recruitment in DM and email through the general application page.
  • Automatically send products to many influencers at the same time.
  • Allow influencers to customize products.
  • Set up custom discount codes, referral links, and a fully automated commission structure.
  • Track the performance and commission levels of each audience in the community.
  • Make quick payments via PayPal.
  • Integrate with Instagram, PayPal.
  • There are free plans.
  • Include a beautiful and easy-to-use influencer sign-up process.
  • Have potent filters to help you find and reach the right influencers for your brand.
  • Include ML tool to help identify accounts with high Bot rates.
  • Beautiful and seamless interface.
  • Good support.
  • The free plan is limited to community members.
  • Free
  • Growth: $50/month
  • Professional: $250/month

linkr ‑ Influencer Marketing

Linkr Shopify Influencer App
Rating: 4.6
Developer linkr GmbH presents that linkr is the first app focused on influencer marketing. Not only is it the leader, but it is also the best Shopify informer app available today. What do you think when just using linkr, you will be able to promote your brand to millions of people on social networks? That’s right; this is the app that will give you direct access to today’s most famous influencers.
First, linkr allows you to create and send partnership invitations to influencers immediately after the successful installation of the app. At the same time, your brand and products are also listed directly on linkr. Next, you also have the power to decide everything in your marketing campaign, from who you want to work with to how you pay them. 
Finally, linkr currently only supports stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. So make sure your store is located in these countries if you want to use linkr.
Key Features:
  • Set up a quick promotional campaign in less than 5 minutes.
  • Provide ready-made campaign templates.
  • Include a powerful campaign customizer.
  • Allows you to choose how you deal with influencers, including exchanges, sales commissions, performance, bids, and more.
  • Look for influencers that are quality and relevant to your brand.
  • Give you access to an exclusive, carefully curated network of influencers.
  • There are many options for dealing with influencers.
  • Easy to use and accessible to influencers.
  • Set up a campaign quickly within minutes.
  • Provide useful influencer analytics.
  • Good customer service.
  • The plans are pretty pricey.
  • Setting up a new sales channel in the trial version can be buggy.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Search & chat: $199/month
  • Relationship management: $349/month
  • Shop integration: $699/month

vwala: Influencer Marketing

Vwala Shopify Influencers App
Rating: 4.6
If you’re looking for the best Shopify influencer app that’s fully automated and seamlessly integrated with your online store, vwala is the right choice. In just a few minutes, you can set up the application and use it easily. In particular, the application completely implements your influencer marketing program automatically. That means you can focus on increasing sales by building relationships with influencers on social media, including YouTubers, bloggers, and more.
Furthermore, this app helps you find relevant influencers by recommending and convincing them to join the marketing program with its benefits. And yet, you have complete control over your campaign’s effectiveness with the performance metrics that vwala offers. Specifically, this information will be displayed immediately on your dashboard, from which you will easily view, edit and make the right decisions.
Key Features:
  • Fully automated implementation of influencer marketing campaigns
  • Install widgets into the storefront to attract influencers.
  • Track the performance of influencer marketing campaigns right on the dashboard.
  • Allow influencers to update campaign content on the performance dashboard.
  • Provide payment capabilities for multiple influencers at the same time via PayPal.
  • Automatically upgrade features every week.
  • Integration with PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, klaviyo.
  • There is a free trial.
  • The affiliate marketing dashboard is friendly and easy to work with
  • Run an influencer marketing program professionally.
  • Allow influencers to keep track of work performance.
  • Automatically generate coupons on Shopify.
  • Customer care team quickly.
  • Affordable price compared to the market.
  • Communication with influencers is limited.
  • 14-day free trial
  • Micro: Free plan
  • Startup: $9.95/month
  • Growth: $29.99/month
  • Standard: $59.99/month

Carro: Cross‑Store Selling

Carro Shopify Influencers App
Rating: 4.5 (116 reviews)
If you are a small online store or you simply want to save money, Carro will be a great influencer app for you. This app introduces influencers to you by disclosing information when they make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, or follow you on social networks. And of course, thanks to that, you also have a list of influencers. It’s also a lot easier to start building a relationship with them.
You also have the right to choose which influencers you want to work with from the list and send them messages via Carro. And yet, Carro will support influencers with good performance with specific rewards. Primarily, this application is entirely free. An app that is both free and helps you find influencers for your brand, why not experience it right away?
Key Features:
  • Provide influencers with contact information from your purchases, subscriptions, or following your store on social media.
  • Allows you to choose the most influential people to collaborate with and send messages to
  • Automatically send notifications when influencers and newspapers interact with your brand.
  • Support influencers with rewards of products they choose.
  • Integration with MailChimp, Instagram, Facebook, Klaviyo, Gmail.
  • There is a free plan.
  • Provide customer information to buy, sign up, or interact on the store’s social network.
  • Connect with influencers easily.
  • Simple setup.
  • Provides complete control over the way and position that your partners sell further.
  • Sometimes providers do not respond to the message.
  • A user has had an issue with an order that hasn’t been delivered to his partner.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • Intro: Free
  • Starter: $50/month
  • Growth: $250/month
  • Enterprise: $1,000/month
If you only intend to use the feature with influencers, the free plan is thoroughly enough for you. See more here.

Instagram shop by SNPT

Instargram Shop Shopify Influencer App
Rating: 4.7 (855 reviews)
Want to boost your conversion rate on Instagram? Instagram shop by SNPT is the perfect choice for you. It helps you connect directly to the Instagram platform and download photos from the feed fully automatically. But most of all, this app turns influencers into marketers for your store quickly. From there, you can certainly boost sales and improve your store’s ROI.
With each marketing campaign, the Instagram shop by SNPT will track the performance of influencers. Besides, it will constantly search for new faces suitable for your store to carry out the following campaigns. Best of all, the app also promises that if your brand doesn’t improve, you won’t lose a dime to the supplier.
In a nutshell, the app will choose the right influencer for your marketing campaign while also offering a fair price to pay for them. If you are or are about to sell on Instagram, then you should try this app. In addition to the above influencer marketing feature, the application also offers many other great features.
Key Features:
  • Find the right influencers for your marketing campaign automatically.
  • Reach influencers easily.
  • Monitor and analyze the performance of influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Find out the right price to pay influencers.
  • Other features are for the Instagram shop.
  • Free download.
  • Help increase sales revenue and countable ROI.
  • Suitable for businesses that want to expand their Instagram Shop.
  • Provide a lot of value to the Instagram store.
  • Good customer support.
  • Many features are limited if you don’t upgrade to the premium plan.
The app is entirely free to download. However, some features will be limited after downloading the app if you don’t upgrade to the paid plans.

Affiliate & Ambassador Portal by ConvertOut

Ambassador and Affiliate Shopify Influencer App
Rating: 4.8
More than just an influencer app, Ambassador has many other features, to as its name suggests. If you wonder what makes this app on the list, you will be surprised with the answer. Firstly, in 2021 the application was selected by Shopify as an employee of the year. And yet, with more than 600 trusted online stores to grow your business, Ambassador is an experience worth trying.
In terms of features, the app helps you do influencer marketing in a significant way. Besides, it also automatically tracks the performance of your marketing campaigns, freeing you up time for other tasks. As for your ambassadors, they also get the perfect perks, including choosing their promotional codes, tracking sales, and requesting payments.
Key Features:
  • Manage and develop effective influencer marketing programs.
  • Generate a discount code at the ambassador portal.
  • Allow you and influencers to track sales.
  • Give influencers the right to request payment on PayPal through the ambassador portal.
  • Include the ability to set different commission and discount rates for each audience.
  • Automatically send an email when an influencer completes registration, makes a sale, or receives payment.
  • Integration with Omnisend and Klaviyo.
  • There are free plans.
  • Installation quickly in just a few minutes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Smooth campaign-building process.
  • Missing Instagram handle.
  • Customer support is not good.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • Starter: Free to install
  • Growth: $39/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $299/month

Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing

Seconmapp Influencer App
Rating: 4.8 (1036 reviews)
Secomapp not only provides features related to influencers, but it can also build many programs with its commission structure. Specifically, you have complete control over these programs, such as ranking affiliates’ commissions on performance or setting specific prices for each product.
If you are worried about finding the faces of your brand, Secomapp makes it easy for you to recruit anyone, including influencers, professional affiliates, even clients. Besides, the application analyzes the performance of these strategies through images, including graphs and pie charts. This means that you and your affiliates can both know the effectiveness of your campaign and take future measures.
Last but not least, paying for your affiliates is also more accessible than ever with Secomapp. You can do it manually with the option to pay with cash or store credit.
Key Features:
  • Allow you to set commissions based on performance or product groups.
  • Provide analysis of campaign results in the form of graphs and pie charts.
  • Offer coupons to individual marketers for easy tracking.
  • Allow you to make payments to affiliates easily with cash or store credit.
  • There are free plans.
  • Setup is easy and requires no coding knowledge.
  • Give you access to the most potential affiliate market.
  • Include many affiliate programs with marketers.
  • Paying for your affiliates is easy.
  • There are a variety of pricing options to suit your store.
  • Limit referral order approval/rejection with a free plan and two low premium plans.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • Free Plan: Free
  • Grow Affiliate: $29.99/month
  • Professional: $89.99/month
  • Enterprise: $199.99/month
Because Secomapp gives you comprehensive features for affiliate marketing, instead of just focusing on influencer marketing, the price of plans is higher than other apps. 

Why Should You Use The Best Shopify Influencer App?

The role of influencers is as a link connecting the brand and the target customer group of the brand, which is also the group of influential influencers. If a brand chooses the right influencer, it benefits not only from the influencer’s following but also from their friends. And the best Shopify influencer app helps you find famous, quality, and, importantly, the right influencers for your brand.
Influencer marketing is an effective way to attract target customers because customers tend to be more and more apathetic and wary of traditional advertising and TVC. Using a good Shopify influencer application can help increase brand awareness, sell products, and even navigate your website. In particular, the construction process of the marketing campaign will be done automatically by these applications. That means you won’t waste time and effort on tracking and measuring performance.
Furthermore, the commission levels are all displayed on the dashboard, keeping both you and the influencer on track. And yet, instead of manually paying, these apps will help you pay multiple influencers at once. You can also choose from various payment methods for your influencer.

How To Use Shopify Influencer App Effectively

Take advantage of influencers

Influencers all have different strengths, even in the same niche, making them unique and social media. A simple way to increase the effectiveness of influencers in advertising campaigns is to exploit their strengths to gain attention.

Content is natural and associated with the life of influencers

How To Use Influencers Effectively
Brands need to understand the preferences of the influencer’s fanbase to see what content they are liking and interacting with. From there, the brand adjusts the range to suit the actual activities of the influencer. Brand images and messages can be integrated into updated content naturally to increase recognition.

Allow influencers to create their content

One of the common mistakes brands make when posting on influencer channels is using much similar content. That makes the advertising content somewhat out of place compared to the daily language of the influencers. Influencers who create content themselves always bring higher engagement than influencers who post scripted content.
How To Use Influencers Effectively

Bring influencers into action throughout the campaign

In recent campaigns of big brands, there are a lot of online and offline activities. That’s because the brand wants to maximize the effectiveness of its actual product and make the product famous on the online channel. That creates transparency in the operation of an extensive campaign and erases the online-offline boundary.

Cleverly combine various forms of content marketing

Instead of articles with purely promotional content, many wise brands have sought to change advertising content to diversify and be more popular.
To do these things, brands first need to understand the characteristics of the influencer’s fanbase. The brand then works with influencers to create relevant content.

What Are The Benefits Of Influencer Marketing?

Increase brand awareness

This is one of the five benefits influencer marketing brings to businesses, with many followers on social networks. Most influencer posts have always received the attention of many people. Therefore, an influencer’s use or mentions of a specific brand name will make users naturally welcome.

Create credibility and trustworthiness

Users increasingly lose trust with flowery advertisements. Therefore, a shared message, reviews of influencers they follow will make them trust and feel secure in choosing the products and services of the business. Judging through an influencer will help increase customer confidence in the product.

Increase the percentage of potential customers

Using influencer marketing will help users to have a positive outlook on your product. They believe in shares and reviews from a reputable influencer. From there, consumers will be interested and learn more about your business. You can choose from 1-3 influencers or more to promote products that will help spread the word to users on social networks better.

Increase ROI

Choosing the right influencer at the right time and audience helps businesses increase profits. Increasing revenue is the best influencer marketing benefit. Compared to other marketing channels, influencers are highly appreciated by experts for ROI. At the same time, reduce unnecessary costs incurred for the business.

What Are Channels For Influencer Marketing?

In recent years, social networks seem to have become channels to help businesses reach users effectively, instead of just through traditional media such as television, newspapers. In today’s market, influencers operate mainly on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Accompanying influencer marketing, Instagram is the perfect social media channel to showcase new trendy fashion designs. A statistic from Joseph Communication shows that 99% of influencers this year are using Instagram as their primary channel to express themselves. Therefore, fashion brands approach this audience to promote new messages and products, then gradually spread to become a marketing trend that is applied and strongly invested.
In addition, in recent years, youtube is also a platform that many brands choose to implement influencer marketing campaigns. For example, doing music videos with influencers, sending products for YouTube reviewers, and so on.

Final Verdict: Best Shopify Influencer App

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns today. However, when influencers are covered on all media channels, and the public is starting to get used to famous faces, the brand’s content needs to be refined to be more attractive, natural and search for new faces. That’s also why your store needs the best Shopify influencer app.
Besides refreshing content, these apps also help you measure each influencer’s performance during and after the campaign.
Hopefully, with this article, Shopify store owners can find themselves a suitable influencer application and bring good results soon.