Are you wondering how to choose products to sell online? But did you know that one of the great things about selling online is that you can easily offer customized products to your customers? And once you’ve made the choice that you’re going to sell something more unique, more personalized, it’s time to know about the best Shopify theme for custom products.

If you don’t believe me, these numbers will surprise you. Up to 59% of customers choose stores that offer personalized products that can deliver precisely what they want. Or, even 53% of consumers trust that online custom product stores provide a better customer experience. And finally, 56% of customers will return to these websites.

So what makes these stores so unique? That’s thanks to the best Shopify theme for custom products. And best of all, Shopify Themes offers you a wide variety of themes from free to paid. If you are curious to learn about it, then this Shopify review article is for you.

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Why Should You Use A Dedicated Theme When Selling Custom Products?

Shopify stores that offer custom products allow customers to choose from colors, styles, textures, prints, and more. A custom product can be very appealing in the eyes of the customer. But this is also a problem for store owners. When you allow your customers to choose from the available options but add the details they want, common themes just can’t accommodate. You need separate sections for personalization, such as further customization of text, graphics, striking images, and so on.

Although you can go with the traditional themes and use the coding knowledge to upgrade your store, do you have enough knowledge and time for those things? Even a lot of shop owners do not know technology. And this is where the best Shopify theme for custom products comes into play.

First, the best Shopify theme for personalized products will provide the best user experience for your customers. Not only are they beautiful in design, but these themes also give you the features that are essential for your store. A streamlined homepage look and layout, a purposeful navigation menu, and more are what these themes can offer you.

Theme for custom product

Besides, most of the themes in the list below have more than one style option, even if it’s free. That means you can still choose the look you want, classic, playful, or unique. In addition, these themes are all mobile-friendly. When customers prefer to shop by phone, this is a criterion that cannot be ignored.

And finally, the Shopify theme for custom products will help you navigate intuitively and stimulate customer discovery. When a website is not intuitive, the user experience suffers. This is especially true in e-commerce. Navigating the site helps customers visualize your arrangement; they are in the women’s shirt category, finding a related product such as women’s pants, towels, bracelets must be accessible.

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Best Shopify Theme For Custom Products Review [Free]

#1 Brooklyn

Brooklyn: Best Shopify Theme For Custom Products

Review: 71% positive (80 reviews)

Brooklyn is a free theme created by Shopify, so you can rest assured of compatibility. It is the best Shopify theme for custom products, especially suitable for clothing stores. However, you can use this theme with any niche, not just clothing stores. Examples of custom products include clothing, accessories, electronics, and more.

Besides, if you own a store with a product catalog of small to medium sizes, then Brooklyn will be the perfect choice for you. This theme offers you two styles, which are classic and playful. But if you want to use it for custom products, then Playful will be the idea for you. Collections in a Playful style will be arranged in a lovely way. Precisely, an extensive photo will be lined up next to smaller images to create a beautiful feeling.

In addition, the Brooklyn theme also provides you with many outstanding features, such as creating banners with vivid images or sliders with complete customization of product information, and so on.

Standout Features:

  • Mobile-friendly with clean and elegant design.
  • Offer two distinct styling options, including Classic and Playful. Among them, Playful is especially suitable for custom products.
  • Include basic features like header slideshow, automatic product grid, slide-out cart, drop-down navigation, home page video, and more.
  • Provide optimization for search engines.
  • Include free theme upgrades and are fully documented.


  • Frequent introduction of new updates annoys users.
  • Without embedded videos, videos cannot add to product pages.
  • There is no option to set the video link.
  • Bad slideshow resizing.

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#2 Minimal

Minimal: Best Shopify Theme

Review: 82% positive (95 reviews)

Minimal is a theme that, right from the name, shows its elegance and simplicity. This theme gives you detailed minimalist designs that can increase your store’s conversion rate and popularity. Minimal is the best Shopify theme for custom products with the highest popularity and ranking among the free Shopify themes. Of course, not only custom products but every kind of niche can use this theme.

In addition, this theme also offers three designs for you to choose from, including Vintage, Fashion, and Modern. First, with Vintage, the style is mainly white, and the slider takes up 60% of the area. Besides, Fashion style will be a great choice if you want to upload many marketing images. Because it provides some space below the collections, helping to highlight your products. Finally, the Modern layout is the perfect combination of Vintage and Fashion. It includes a short slider and up to eight collections on its website.

In short, each layout will give your store a different feel. Make your choice based on your brand style and preferences.

Standout Feature:

  • Completely mobile-friendly.
  • Include three layouts, Vintage, Fashion, and Modern.
  • Provide basic features like slideshow, image zoom, intro video, product description, and more.
  • Support advanced product filtering.
  • Provide documentation and support quickly.
  • Include an entirely free theme upgrade.
  • There is powerful customization on the homepage.
  • Optimize search engine.
  • Easily integrates with social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and more.
  • It was built in various styles and color palettes.


  • The ability to integrate with social platforms sometimes does not work well.
  • An error occurred during color change.

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#3 Simple

Simple: Best Shopify Theme For Custom Products

Review: 86% positive (28 reviews)

Just like Minimal, Simple is a theme that focuses on simplicity with a highly minimalist layout. This means that the redundant designs will be removed by Simple and only use neutral, gentle tones. Specifically, the primary color of this theme is white tones combined with neutral colors that amplify your website and highlight your products.

Moreover, this theme will be great for stores with medium-sized categories, with around 20 products. In addition, Simple’s layout makes it easy to navigate and prevents customer bounce rates. It offers the most seamless and intuitive user experience. However, even if you have a vast product catalog, Simple keeps your site layout clutter-free thanks to a large area to display product photos.

In addition, Simple also provides enough basic features to help you get your e-commerce store up and running quickly. The theme includes three styles, Light, Beauty, and Toy.

Standout Feature:

  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Include three styles, Light, Beauty, and Toy.
  • Includes basic features like image zoom, drop-down navigation, the ability to customize the content, and more.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Provide available styles and color palettes.
  • Include free theme upgrades.
  • Built-in product recommendations to increase customer discoverability, giving,
  • Easy integration with social networks.


  • The header contains a large amount of space that makes the theme look incomplete.

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#4 Supply

Supply: Best Shopify Theme Supply

Review: 61% positive (56 reviews)

Are you worried that free Shopify themes won’t sell as many products? That’s when you don’t know Supply with the ability to sell more than 50 products. The Supply theme can intelligently organize products by collection, and it also helps stimulate your customers to buy more. Specifically, customers can search for products easily with collection filtering, reducing bounce rates due to unclear navigation.

Besides, it focuses on inventory and is perfect for stores that sell custom products or sporting goods. And yet, Supply has two styles, to organize products by collection intelligently including Blue and Light. And importantly, both are aesthetically pleasing and neat. Supply’s simple color scheme will help your products stand out and be presented to customers in the best way.

Standout Feature:

  • Include two styles: Blue and Light.
  • Provide the ability to hold extensive collections.
  • Include collection filtering in the sidebar by brand, price, and other options.
  • Provide basic features like slideshow, featured gallery on homepage, drop-down navigation support, and more.
  • Allow free theme upgrades.
  • SEO friendly.


  • Potential issues with page speed in recent updates
  • Not too mobile-friendly.

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#5 Debut

Debut: Shopify Theme Review

Review: 49% positive (84 reviews)

Debut is a theme suitable for stores with small product categories in the best Shopify themes for custom products. In particular, it is ideal for most niches from fashion, accessories, furniture to electronics. And make sure it’s completely free. Besides, this theme enhances your brand and products with a variety of placeholders for promotional banners.

The theme is on this list because it stands out and stands out from the multitude of themes available on Shopify. Not only looks elegant, but with a simple design, Debut also gives your store a professional look. Plus, you can completely customize the theme to make it unique and more in line with your brand.

And yet, Debut gives you two different layout choices, including Default and Light. Each layout will give your store a different look. The Default layout is sharp and striking, while the Light format has a light, elegant feel.

Standout Feature:

  • Extremely mobile-friendly and suitable for all types of screen sizes.
  • Provide two layout options, including Default and Light.
  • Include advanced search predictions.
  • Provide basic features like slideshows, customer testimonials, home page videos, product recommendations, product filtering options, various promotional banners, and more.
  • SEO-friendly, helping your store rank higher in search engines.
  • Officially supported by Shopify and includes completely free theme upgrades.


  • Not too invested in technology.
  • The grid system does not support some layers.
  • Debut is not updated regularly, so it does not respond quickly to customer needs.
  • Slideshow images sometimes do not display correctly.

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Best Shopify Theme For Custom Products Review [Premium]

#6 Eurus


Eurus is definitely the top-notch on this list. Built with new-edge technology, it’s known as a fast, feature-rich and mobile first theme.

This latest theme by BSS is most suitable for stores with medium to large catalog sizes, whose owners aim for optimized speed and user experience on the site with many mobile customizations, and guaranteed loading speed on mobile devices.

Eurus theme is most suitable for sellers aiming for speed, UX, and mobile optimization and wish for high conversion rates and driving more sales but need to balance between budget and functionality.

Standout Feature:

  • Break Free From Apps: This theme provides all you need for a high conversion rate without costly apps: 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges, per-page Pop-ups, etc.
  • Speed Optimized, Mobile-First: Boost sales with faster page speed, improve store’s UX and SEO with our mobile-first approach and device-detected Light/Dark modes.
  • Highly Customizable: Design your desired store with 35+ powerful sections and blocks, giving you full control on creating captivating visual impact.

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#7 Impulse

Review: 96% positive (471 reviews)

Impulse is one of the most loved Shopify themes for personalized products by luxury brands, designers, and boutiques, and custom products are no exception. First, it promises to bring a bold and fresh design to e-commerce stores. Not only does it provide the best lighting, but it also offers a clean and creative layout that stimulates the customer’s purchasing ability.

Moreover, Impulse will amaze you with the results it brings to your Shopify store interface. Instead of restricting you to the available designs, this theme also gives you the freedom to be creative and tweak the interface to your desired style. This is what makes your store unique.

Besides, it provides you with tons of functions like slideshows, fixed headers, Google Maps, newsletter subscriptions, social icons, and more. Everything you can think of when you visit a website is at Impulse. The design is optimized for all mobile devices, which is indispensable in this day and age.

And yet, the theme allows you to showcase special promotions with an intelligent layout that customers can access with just one click. That means you can advertise products and discounts to customers quickly. It also optimizes the user experience with filters and custom tags.

Standout Feature:

  • Extremely mobile-friendly design.
  • Include three styles, Modern, Clean and Bold.
  • Provide sub-collection lists by displaying them in other collections.
  • Allow you to create promotions and customize advertising content on collection pages.
  • Include custom promotion boxes to boost sales and highlight products.
  • Make navigation easy with the menu list displayed right on the homepage.
  • Allow your customers to filter products using a set of jars and custom tags.
  • Have basic features like SEO, custom homepage content, social icons, and more.


  • There is no search by SKU code.
  • The advertising feature is not working as expected.

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#8 Warehouse


Review: 88% positive (168 reviews)

The Warehouse theme is developed by Maestro, one of the manufacturers with extremely successful pieces. Therefore, Warehouse must have integrated many valuable features and highly aesthetic design. As the best Shopify theme for custom products, Warehouse has a simple design and is suitable for many niches. Besides, if you own an extensive product catalog, then Warehouse is a reasonable choice for you. With simple to use with just a few clicks to add products and prices, you can already start selling.

In addition, this theme has up to 3 designs of Metal, Wood, and Fabric covers. All three offer a clean and modern experience, but the color scheme will be different. In particular, you can completely personalize the theme by customizing colors and images to suit yourself. Last but not least, when you install the theme, it will provide your customers with the correct product predictions while stimulating them to sign up for emails with bounce pop-ups.

Standout Feature:

  • Mobile-friendly.
  • There are three styles, including Metal, Wood, and Fabric.
  • Capable of containing large product categories, it is very suitable for stores with many products.
  • Display customer-relevant product predictions on product pages quickly.
  • Providing cards for trust badges help increase payment security and customer trust.
  • Include email subscriptions when exit pops up.
  • Allows you to customize promotion boxes to promote sales.
  • Show the stock level on the progress bar.


  • The collection section has not been optimized for the latest iPhone generation.
  • Limited languages ​​​​translated.

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#9 Avenue


Review: 98% positive (167 reviews)

More than just custom products, Avenue is a multipurpose Shopify theme. That means Avenue is suitable for most niches in the e-commerce market. While other multi-purpose themes often bring a high aesthetic, Avenue gives a polished and professional feel with clean designs and respects your products. Especially in the field of fashion and high-end stores, this theme is even more suitable.

Like the other themes on this list, Avenue includes default features for every Shopify theme, such as Flexslider slideshow, drop-down cart, newsletter sign-up window, and strong customization capabilities, and so on. Additionally, this theme integrates with MailChimp making it easy to control your customer subscriptions. The theme also promotes creativity by allowing you to make tweaks to colors, blocks, and scrolling modules to personalize your website.

Last but not least, the author of this theme is Halothemes, developer of many elite fashion and apparel themes, including Ella. That proves you can completely trust the responsiveness of this theme.

Standout Feature:

  • Include basic default features of the Shopify theme.
  • Integration with MailChimp.
  • Include three designs: Casual, Lively, and Precise.
  • Offer advanced product filters that make it easier for your customers to find products.
  • Allow you to place a range of product price codes below the slider. This feature is called the product row.
  • Offer advanced customization capabilities.


  • Customizable sub-collections are not supported.

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#10 Symmetry


Review: 93% positive (211 reviews)

With the best Shopify theme for custom products, a large inventory is indispensable. And Symmetry fits that perfectly, along with many other great features that help satisfy the need for an extensive product portfolio. Without limiting you to any of the default designs, Symmetry allows you to customize your images on top of existing structures with full-width slides. Specifically, this theme includes four style choices: Salt Yard, Beatnik, Chantilly, and Duke.

Here, you can display a product line just below a slider that customers can click on. Besides, you can ultimately add photos and brief introductory text about the store right below the product line section. With its product presentation capabilities, Symmetry is an excellent theme for images.

In addition, Symmetry offers a multi-level menu that makes navigating your site enjoyable. Not only that, but customers can also interact on the store’s Instagram with the ability to integrate Instagram with the theme’s website. Finally, it integrates with Google’s location maps to showcase your physical store location to customers.

Standout Feature:

  • Include full-width slideshow and left-right arrows allowing customers to move the banner.
  • Provide a long-form homepage containing sliders, products, collections, texts, and images.
  • Allow you to add drop-down menus to each link. The multi-level menu feature makes it easy to categorize your products and navigate the site with ease.
  • Allow your customers to purchase by clicking the buy button and adding the product to the cart without leaving the page.
  • Integrate with Instagram.


  • Do not add a call to action to the product.
  • Some basic features are missing.

📌 Try It Out: Symmetry theme

#11 Responsive


Review: 97% positive (315 reviews)

Responsive theme, right from the name, gives a sense of confidence in its responsiveness and compatibility. Not only that but Responsive is also the best Shopify theme for custom products. In particular, it will become a practical assistant for stores in the household and garden industry. This means you can give your customers the most comprehensive and intuitive view of the product and its suitability for the space of their home.

Besides, Responsive is a product from the Out of the sandbox brand, one of the most famous third-party Shopify theme makers. Because of this, the theme is highly versatile and technically powerful; even on mobile phones, the images are incredibly sharp. And yet, Responsive is probably one of the best customizable Shopify themes as it allows you to change the layout, typography, colors, and even featured ads.

In addition, it also offers a total of 4 available designs, including London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco. Each style will be arranged differently. London includes a long split-screen slider and a full-screen slider in the center of the home page. Meanwhile, Paris and New York have sliders at the top. And finally, San Francisco, which again includes gallery pages that show up right after the slider.

Standout Feature:

  • Include default, essential features of the theme.
  • Provide flexible sidebars, including menus, search bars, gallery content, and blog pages.
  • Allow your customers to double currency to their currency.
  • Can link Shopify accounts with Instagram accounts quickly. This feature increases social proof and makes it easy for customers to follow your store on social media.
  • Includes a comprehensive layout that allows full-width homepage videos to be displayed and centered on the navigation menu.
  • Multiple layers of sub-menus can be created to make navigating the site easy.


  • Slow customer support.
  • Switching from right to left doesn’t work.

📌 Try It Out: Responsive theme

What Is The Trend Of Selling Custom Products On Shopify?

Creating an online store with a good design, good user experience, intuitive navigation menus, etc., is not enough to increase sales. The best approach is to study consumer trends. This is especially important when you sell custom products.

As you also know, customized products have many advantages and disadvantages, such as difficulty predicting sales quantity, long waiting time for customers, inability to mass produce, etc. Researching trends to forecast customer needs is the right thing to do.

3D Product Customization

First, online brands are now looking for ways to make their customers feel the products most clearly. One of the current trends is 3D product customization. This helps your customers see every nook and cranny of your product in 3D. Besides, they can also customize every element they want.

Focus on user experience

This is not only a trend of stores selling custom products, but this is a general trend of all e-commerce stores today. Focusing on customer experience gives you high conversion rates, increases sales, and builds a loyal customer base for your store. If you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, then use the best Shopify theme for custom products to make your customers happy with every purchase.

Options available should be simple

In fact, the more complex the options available to you, the more difficult it will be for your customers to customize. For example, with an original t-shirt with too many details or complicated designs, it will be difficult for customers to customize it further. We should keep the available options as simple as possible, such as a plain t-shirt or a plain mug, giving the customer the freedom to design their product.

Using print fulfillment centers

Most Shopify stores that offer custom products don’t have a print shop. Instead, they will use print fulfillment centers, where the purchaser will print, store, and ship the goods for you. There are many print fulfillment centers that you can find on Shopify Appstore like Printful, Teelaunch, Printify, and more. Besides, they also provide discounted shipping services with preferential rates. So, for small and medium businesses, this is a great choice.

Conclusion: Best Shopify Theme For Custom Products

In addition to the themes on Shopify Theme, you can also check out custom product themes from third parties like Proto, Shella, ShopCast, Turbo Florence, and more. To sell custom products, your store must bring the best user experience with professional designs to present your products and brand to customers in the perfect way. Indeed, customers will be more eager to learn what the final custom product looks like if your site is easy to navigate.

With this list covering every niche market with a wide range of products, you can find the best Shopify theme for custom products to suit your store. We – BSS commerce Shopify team hope you will succeed in this business with the help of the best pieces.

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