Along with 2020, this year is a year affected by COVID-19. Your Black Friday Shopify marketing strategies from there must also adapt and change to suit the circumstances. In Black Friday 2021, with more and more people shopping online, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for the e-commerce market in the face of limited preparation, inventory, fulfillment process, etc.

So how can the store operate smoothly in these difficulties? Thorough preparation is an essential thing, which should be a top priority. So, this article will help you have a perfect checklist from the Shopify Black Friday promotional ideas from preparation to after Black Friday. All you need to do is prepare according to the list and cross off the things done.

When Is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday is probably no stranger to e-commerce store owners because of the excellent sales it brings to the store every season. However, for those who are still in doubt, let’s take a look at the impressive numbers about last year’s Black Friday:

  • According to Adobe Analytics data, US customers spent $9 billion online on Black Friday 2020, a 21.6 percent increase from the previous year. Significantly, it was the second-largest internet shopping day in American history, trailing only Cyber Monday 2019.
  • As reported by ABCNews, on Black Friday, both large eCommerce and smaller merchants said gains: Large businesses had a 403 percent increase in sales over the October daily average, while smaller retailers saw a 349 percent gain.
  • Online and other non-store Christmas sales increased by 9%, compared to a 3% increase for traditional retail.

The above statistics show the strong development of the e-commerce industry during Black Friday in recent years. So why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity?

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

In 2021, Black Friday falls on November 26th, signaling the start of the Christmas shopping season. Are you thinking about when to prepare Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies? Then your answer is now before it’s too late. Why?

According to surveys, more than half of consumers tend to start shopping or learn about Black Friday products one month before. That means, at this point, many customers are searching for keywords related to Black Friday. So if your store is not prepared, you have lost potential customers.

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Moreover, on Black Friday, there will be countless discounts from many different brands. If you do not ensure that your customers can find you and know about the sale early, you will find it difficult to stand out from the crowd. In the end, when the show went on, you were well prepared and didn’t have to scramble at the last minute.

Things You Have To Prepare Before Black Friday 2021

Let’s start with the things you need to prepare for your Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies in advance. The preparation step will play an important role and lay the foundation for the program’s success on Black Friday and the whole holiday season.

Check The Stock And Fulfillment Process

An essential thing that many people overlook when preparing their marketing strategies. Before thinking about your online store, you need to ensure your business support processes are always up to date. Because at the start of the sale, it will all look like “chaos”. The constant increase in orders will make you overwhelmed and unable to meet without preparation. In particular, make sure your inventory, fulfillment, customer support, and returns processes are robust enough to handle the business flow.

fulfillment process Shopify

Check out the best fulfillment apps that help you save time and deliver customer satisfaction.

In addition, you need to be prepared with popular products. You can rely on sales statistics of previous years or learn shopping trends to understand which items are often sold out during this Black Friday. From there, take advantage of the opportunity and fill up your inventory.

Build Your Email Lists

Are you thinking of email marketing as one of Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies? So start with an effective email list of subscribers interested in your upcoming offers.

In the lead-up to the Thanksgiving weekend, you should be putting extra effort into preparing your Shopify store for Black Friday. Specifically, use pop-up emails to build your email subscriber list. For example, “Sign up for our newsletter and get access to our Black Friday offers before anyone else” is a way to make customers curious and easier to sign up.

Another smart choice is to subscribe newsletter to access pages with the B2B Login & Lock Access app. Instead of doing everything manually, let the app provide access for subscribers to receive attractive store deals. Depending on your budget, you may design the pop-up with an additional discount, free delivery, or a gift, as well as a forceful call-to-action (CTA) to persuade customers to sign up for emails.

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

As a result, you can save time and focus on other tasks with this app.

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Schedule Your Black Friday Pop-ups

One of the Shopify Black Friday promotional ideas mistakes is that pop-ups are just for collecting customer emails. The truth is not like that at all. It has dozens of beneficial effects, such as reducing cart abandonment or providing delivery time information, and so on.

Because Black Friday buyers have so many alternatives and so little patience, make sure you’re well prepared for pop-ups. Planning ahead of time and scheduling them is a good Black Friday promotional ideal. With a slew of well-targeted pop-ups, you can ensure that your most critical messages reach the appropriate individuals at the right time.

Send A Black Friday Email Marketing

Once you’ve gathered a quality email list, the next step to get your Shopify store ready for Black Friday is definitely to send out marketing emails. Besides, the emails you just collected and the past online shoppers make the most of them.

Even though social media is prospering, email marketing is still a tried-and-true approach for growing your revenue and customer base. Best of all, Custora stated that email marketing accounted for 25.1% of sales throughout the Black Friday promotion season. In addition. an online shop launched an email marketing effort that resulted in a 330% increase in revenue per email sent.

Keep the following three things in mind while crafting the ideal email:

  • Make sure that the topic line sticks out.
  • Timing: Schedule your emails according to time zones or the peak number of online email users.
  • Include the “save the date” button
  • Provide a personalized “Add this event to your calendar” section that connects to your website.

Improve Website’s User Experience

You already know how important your website is in navigating your customers. And preparing for Black Friday means you need to be ready to drive traffic while maintaining quality, fast loading times for your landing pages.

Besides, customers need tools to help their purchase process become faster with many visitors and limited offers. The B2B Customer Portal/ Net Terms application’s “Quick Order” feature is ideal in this scenario. This app, in particular, allows your consumers to simply view the entire product catalog on a single-page order form. They also can rapidly add several things to their cart and checkout directly from the quick order page.

quick ordẻ shopify black friday 2021 promotional ideas

The app has brought a great customer experience in holiday shopping with just one feature, making your store different. Don’t forget to experience the effective utilities that the app brings in just a click.

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Furthermore, if you’re looking for unique Shopify Black Friday promotional ideas, alter your website design to fit the holiday season. It can be an excellent way to help your company stand out and let customers know you’re offering Black Friday offers. Therefore, prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday as follows:

  • Prepare engaging artwork, eye-catching banners, and eye-catching gifs.
  • To generate curiosity, include the holiday sale colors in your banners and pop-ups in addition to your regular branding. Furthermore, if you’re looking for unique Shopify black Friday promotional ideas, alter your website design to fit the holiday season.

Leverage Your Best Advertising Channels

Selecting advertising channels is also a difficult task for Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies. Currently, there are countless advertising channels such as Social Media, SEO, Paid Advertising, etc.

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

Featured in 2020, up to 82 percent of Shopify retailers plan to pitch their Black Friday ads on Facebook and Instagram, according to a report. However, that doesn’t mean other channels don’t work, which you decide to use will depend on your business.

Use SEO if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on advertising. Discovering seasonal keywords and prior Black Friday shopping trends will assist you in meeting your SEO goals and attracting Black Friday traffic to your store. Refer to the best Shopify SEO apps to help you increase organic traffic quickly.

Also, suppose you intend to use paid advertising. In that case, you may need to raise your bid price on specific keywords or for particular audiences to maximize the exposure of your ads during significant holiday sales.

Things You Need To Do During Black Friday 2021

In addition to having pre-prepared Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies, in the process, you also need to ensure your store with the following checklist:

Listen & Interact With Customers

Not just during Black Friday but almost every day, what customers want is not simply a discount. They need a store that cares about them and their needs.

When thinking of Black Friday promotional ideas, stores often only care about how much to discount, what product to ignore, forgetting that customer experience is also an essential factor.

Therefore, taking care of customers after the sale is essential, especially when turning them into long-term customers. Some suggestions for you to listen and interact with customers more:

  • When someone purchases from your store, send out a survey along with “thank you” emails.
  • Reach out to VIP customers to give them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to influence your next transaction.
  • Send SMS feedback requests and provide incentives for feedback.

thankyou letter for black friday 2021

Utilize Standout Product Labels & Badges

Comparative pricing research revealed that 94 percent of online shoppers spend time looking for the cheapest goods, with 36 percent spending an additional 30+ minutes comparing prices before making a purchase choice.

Incorporating a countdown timer can further increase the sense of urgency among clients, and you can even provide a “last chance” discount when you buy a few products to prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday. Specifically, labels and badges with colors and a bold typeface should also be used. Red, for example, emphasizes low stock. This technique employs color psychology to increase the purchasing power of clients.

Moreover, displaying stock levels when your inventory is running low is an excellent approach. To be specific, it establishes a sense of urgency with your customers. This ideal informs clients that a specific item is popular and makes them feel compelled to purchase it right away before supplies run out.

Above all, Product Labels & Badges by BSS is a great solution that includes all the above features for you. There is no limit to the number of products. You can add labels to any product you want and customize its design. You can also choose from the pre-design in the app’s library, which includes many designs specifically for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Sales, Discounts, X-mas days, and more.

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

This useful feature helps you navigate your customers quickly to find products at the right price. Additionally, it always shows your customer inventory levels. Besides, it is indispensable for a countdown timer for sale to offer customers the urgency, which is also integrated right into the app.

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Highlight VIP, Rewards, And Referral Schemes

It would be a waste if you only focused on increasing sales on Black Friday without knowing how to retain potential customers. Instead, a brilliant Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategy will take advantage of the opportunity to acquire new customers by highlighting the benefits of your VIP, rewards, or referral programs.

Referral program pages, pop-ups, reward rules, and email marketing are great opportunities to retain customers and find new customers from word of mouth. With BLOOP REFERRALS & REWARDS, you can ultimately create reward systems quickly. Specifically, the app gives you additional space to call attention to the referral program on your Shopify store. Encourage affiliates to suggest friends and increase sales for you, and then reward them with attractive incentives.

rewards program for black friday promotional ideals

Besides, the app makes your affiliate and referral programs customized to your brand, helping to increase recognition from customers. You could also provide limited-time discounts to anyone who signs up for the VIP program or refers a friend during the Black Friday 2021 marketing strategies weekend. Try to create attractive rewards, increase engagement and increase profits in the purchase cycle completely quickly and simply with Bloop.


Increase Customer’ Average Order Value

As mentioned above, in the last year, consumers spent a considerable amount on Black Friday week. This has proven that customers tend to spend more easily during sales. So to prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday, think about how to increase their average order value.

There are many ways to stimulate customers to buy more such as up-sell, cross-sell, bundle, custom pricing, quantity breaks, etc. Especially if the customer you want to target has both wholesale and individual customers, custom pricing and quantity breaks are the two best ways. In other words, you’ll want to encourage customers to buy more to get a better deal.

So, if you sell many products/customers and set up separate rules for each group, B2B/Wholesale solution by BSS is the intelligent choice. The app has a lot of discount features. Starting with automatic tagging makes it simple to tailor the price to a specific client and product groupings. You can quickly develop Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies for each customer group such as wholesale, non-logged-in, signed-in customers, and VIP clients are tagged separately and more from there.

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

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Another Shopify Black Friday promotional concept for this part is the bundle kit feature of B2B Customer Portal/ Net Terms, which allows store owners to create and sync bundles easily. When a consumer orders the bundle, the app automatically syncs the inventory levels of the bundle as well as the bundled products sold in real-time.

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bundle kit for Shopify black friday marketing strategy

In addition, along with increasing the average order value, you also need to reduce the cart abandonment rate by making checkout as quick and straightforward as possible by giving a guest checkout option and explicitly stating all costs (including tax, shipping, and any additional fees) in the basket.

Improve Shopping Experience By Connecting Physical Stores And Online Stores

Perhaps when starting Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies, store owners often ignore mentioning their physical store. Of course, this step of Shopify Black Friday promotional ideas only works for stores selling on multiple channels, including online stores.

Although online shopping has become much more popular, customers prefer to see products in person and try them. Meanwhile, you can ultimately meet this problem. It’s just that you are “forgetting” about connecting physical stores and online stores on your website.

During Black Friday, the Dealer & Store Locator app will automatically help you create a Locator map page on the Online Store. This address suggestions feature helps customers find the store address and nearby store easily, which naturally improves the customer experience at the website.

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

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Furthermore, I believe one that is particularly appropriate for you to use in this circumstance is channel-specific offers. For example, you may discount only your email subscribers or customers who purchase in a physical store.

The truth is that many famous brands have adopted this strategy and have been surprisingly successful, like Heineken. Therefore, channel-specific promotions are a great way to allow your audience to interact with your brand freshly and excitingly, and they can be an excellent way to build enthusiasm for your Black Friday deals.

Checklist To Do After Black Friday 2021

Last but not least, end the sale, but your work doesn’t end there. Suppose you want to gain experience for many other promotions throughout the year. In that case, you need to know how to track and summarize the results along the Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies.

Turn Seasonal Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers

As mentioned above, the relationship between you and the customer does not end within a day or a holiday. They are potential customers for your store, so why not turn them into long-term loyal customers by maintaining and nurturing that relationship through Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies.

You can maintain year-round client engagement by remaining active on social media and sending out post-sale emails to your subscribers. Moreover, if you use retargeting pixels, one-time buyers can become consumers you advertise all year. Bring them back to your website with engaging ad language, and keep exposing them to your most recent or most relevant product.

In addition, another tip for you to both retain customers and increase sales is subscriptions. Subscriptions purchased will make it challenging for customers to leave your store, resulting in more excellent client retention. Furthermore, because you can estimate the use of items, it reduces inventory waste.

Therefore, if you want to grow subscriptions alongside regular products, consider Subscriptions by BSS. With the app, you can completely turn your store into a subscription-based or just some products that fit your business needs entirely without any coding knowledge.

subscriptions for Shopify black friday 2021

Best of all, the app’s strong point is that it offers both a subscription and a one-time purchase. So your customers can buy mixed cart checkout with products once and periodically in one transaction.

Shopify subscriptions apps

Create a long-term relationship with the customer right on this occasion with Subscriptions by BSS that is the perfect choice for you.

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Track Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy Performance

After you have completed Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies and received results, this is the right time for you to evaluate its effectiveness. Use Google Analytics or whatever analytics tool you want to assess the store parameters and the advertising channels you use during the promotion, such as bounce rate, shopping cart abandonment rate, average order value, and so on.

Through these actual numbers, you will be able to tell what works and what doesn’t. This is also a valuable lesson that you can learn for later promotions. Because Black Friday promotional ideas are just the beginning of a series of year-end holidays.

Shopify track performance

Take notes as you implement new Shopify Black Friday promotional ideas and approaches this year to document your decisions and results. These profiles will serve as a baseline for next year’s holiday season and will allow you to identify what is working well for your company so you can get more done.

Overall, understand what worked well and could have been done better to make your next transaction even more successful.

Suggestions For Next Campaigns

As I previously stated, Black Friday begins much before the actual day of the holiday. However, your Shopify marketing strategies do not finish on Friday.

Consider teasing your next colossal shopping day after Black Friday to maximize most of the holiday shopping season. You can try to promote Cyber Monday, Christmas, or a local holiday now. Consider implying that a fantastic deal is on the way.

An excellent example of a brand that does this exceptionally well is Man Crates. After Black Friday, the firm announces its Cyber Monday deal in a humorous tone.

Shopify promotional ideas

Man Crates informed clients that their Black Friday promotion would be extended to Cyber Monday, the year’s biggest online shopping event. This allows them to attract clients who did not shop on Black Friday and enhance total revenue.

Madsen Cycles is another brand that capitalizes on the post-Black Friday market. Rather than participating in Cyber Monday, they promote Small Business Saturday, which aligns with their image. Specifically, in this letter, they tell you that even if you missed their Black Friday sale, you’re not out of luck.

promotional ideas

They show you their family and how they created their small business to demonstrate why they participated in Small Business Saturday.

In conclusion, whatever your next campaign is about, you must tease it after Black Friday so you can convert the prospects who didn’t buy from you during this period.

However, be cautious when continuing your Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies. It can be reputation damage if you overuse it.

Conclusion: Black Friday 2021 Shopify Marketing Strategies

To prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday, you need to have a specific plan with the steps above. Besides, you can ultimately create Black Friday promotional ideas based on what we suggest. Your creativity will attract attention and make your store stand out from the crowd. However, no matter how good your strategy is, you cannot ignore the basics. For example, you need to improve a landing page, fulfillment, etc., to ensure your customers have the best shopping experience.

Finally, don’t forget to create long-term relationships with potential customers instead of just focusing on discounts with Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies. Remember that organizing a sales campaign is just a premise for growing your store and overall sales.