Using bulk discount campaigns to entice customers and stimulate them to increase order value is no longer a novel method in e-commerce. However, if you have to do it manually, it will be very complex and time-consuming. That’s why you need a quantity breaks Shopify app.

Like custom pricing Shopify app, using these Shopify quantity breaks apps is a great way to tailor pricing to each customer – and generate the most positive conversions. When a consumer places an order with you and successfully delivers it, the chances of the customer ordering from you again increase.

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Benefits Of Quantity Breaks Shopify App

wholesaler Shopify app

Quantity breaks are a great way to increase sales and accelerate slow-moving inventory items on your Shopify online store. The proof is that most stores now apply discounts when customers buy in bulk or orders reach value. And best quantity breaks Shopify app will help you set up discounts easily without any additional codes.

There are many ways to create a discount like fixed price, percent discount, fixed discount amount. Specifically, apps that help you create discount offers based on quantity/levels that take place within a particular time (usually minutes) to optimize for the highest conversion rates. This will create scarcity and urgency for customers, motivating them to increase order value in the shortest time.

In addition, the apps offer flexible design customizations based on your personal preferences and in line with your brand (fonts, colors, discount stable, etc.). Choosing good apps will make your store professional and user experiences better.

Most of the apps on this list feature B2B businesses (Shopify B2B app) to motivate wholesalers with their incentive campaigns. You also can limit the minimum number of purchases to avoid regular customers receiving this discount.

In short, with the features of these applications, you will save a lot of advertising budget and still generate large orders.

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Best Quantity Beaks Shopify App Review

#1 Shopacado ‑ Volume Discounts

quantity breaks

Rating: 4.9/5

Like the name, Shopacado ‑ Volume Discounts is mainly aimed at features that support discount campaigns such as upsell, quantity break, or custom pricing. Especially with quantity break, the app offers many great options that make setting up discounts for your Shopify store easy.

Specifically, with the quantity break feature, the application divides discount levels based on the number of products and splits in the customer’s order. Besides, you can completely set up custom prices on each product category.

In addition, this one of the best quantity breaks Shopify apps also helps you create loyal customers with exclusive discounts for members. Even if you are doing business in the direction of B2B, this Shopify B2B app is also a great application to stimulate wholesalers to fulfill bulk orders.

Last but not least, this application’s features are continually being enhanced. Shopify Multi-Currency and AJAX Carts support are two new features.

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Highlight Features:

  • Increasing sales: Create discounts based on quantity breaks and volume discount
  • Raising the number of registered members: Create exclusive member-only discount strategies.
  • Increasing cart value: Motivate customers to increase cart value to receive attractive discounts.
  • Custom pricing: It also has the feature from custom pricing Shopify apps such as automatically generating discounts according to your customer categories
  • Custom feature: Edit the design and appearance of the brand in line with the brand; discount rules; create a notification bar on the shopping cart page.


  • Include discounts based on customer data
  • Offer member discounts
  • Provide notification bar in cart page to remind customers


  • The design customization feature is not rich: Can’t change the design table


  • 7-day free trial
  • Basic: $7.99/month
  • Professional: $15.99/month
  • Advanced: $23.99/month
  • Plus: $31.99/month

🎁 Try Now: Shopacado ‑ Volume Discounts

#2 B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS

best quantity breaks shopify app 2021

Rating: 4.9/5

Among the best quantity breaks Shopify app, BSS Wholesale Solution is the best Shopify B2B app. The app includes all the necessary wholesale solutions, from wholesale pricing to an intuitive dashboard and compatibility with most Shopify themes for each store model.

Specifically, it automatically uses tags to categorize customers in the first place. From there, it makes it easy for you to set the right price based on customer data. In particular, you can completely customize the minimum amount to limit payments of low value.

best quantity breaks shopify app 2021

Highlight Features:

  • Quantity Breaks: Create flexible discount offers based on product quantity/order value. Besides, it offers discount tables that display directly on product and cart pages.
  • Custom Pricing: It also has features from the custom pricing Shopify apps, such as customizing product prices based on established customer tags and making a specific quantity or percentage discount.

custom pricing Shopify app

It comes with limiting the number of products or the minimum value applied for the discount.

  • Multi-currency: The app allows your store to display offers in multiple currencies, making your store accessible to wholesale customers globally.
  • Auto Tags: Add tags automatically to customers based on intelligent data
  • Registration: Create registration forms that help categorize customers from the start.

multiple currencies Shopify app

>>> You can discover many features of B2B/Wholesale Solution


  • Provide beneficial quantity breaks for wholesale parts.
  • Ability to create manual orders with a custom pricing backend (custom pricing Shopify app) for each customer.
  • Easy installation and professional support team.


  • Some advanced Shopify themes are not compatible with this app. However, with quick support, they can help you right away.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Free Forever: For development store and store under the free trial.
  • Essential Plan: $25/month
  • Advanced Plan: $50/month
  • Platinum Plan: $100/month

🎁 Try Now: B2B/Wholesale Solution


#3 Convert+ | All‑in‑One Upsells

best quantity breaks shopify app 2021

Rating: 4.2/5

One of the basic features of the best quantity breaks Shopify app is offering discounts by quantity and order value. Therefore, this app is no exception. You can make your discount campaign by percentage or a specific amount of order value.

Moreover, this app can easily give discounts by level. It only takes a minute to create and apply them to your product.

Additionally, the application will give you many other advanced customizations, such as discounts on variants or scheduling the start and end of the sale campaign, color and style notifications, etc. And yet, you also can edit email marketing to suit each occasion to send to customers.

Highlight Features:

  • Quantity & Volume discount: Increase your AOV by bulk discounting; encourage wholesalers to visit your shop.
  • Tiered pricing: Provide tiered pricing to persuade buyers to order multiples of a product.
  • Custom features: Customize the style and language of the app’s content to integrate it into your website.
  • Converting slow-moving inventory: Turn your slow-selling inventory into profit with the Buy one, get one campaign.


  • Provide solutions for slow-moving inventory
  • Quick support team
  • Easy to install and use


  • Users complain that the updated app will lose the discount chart on the product page.
    Not many languages are ​​available.


  • Free Plan
  • Unlimited Plan: $19.95/month
  • Priority Support: $28.95/month

🎁 Try Now: Convert+ | All‑in‑One Upsells

#4 Bundle Bear ‑ Volume Discounts

bulk discount app

Rating: 4.9/5

Coming from the developer of Conversion Bear, Bundle Bear is the best quantity breaks Shopify app – allowing you to set up discount campaigns based on amount and order value.

Firstly, the reason we have included this app is that it gives you unlimited discount customization. This means that you can set up discount packages according to the needs of different stores and target groups without any difficulty.

In addition, the application includes a live chat feature to help you answer and fix all customer inquiries as quickly as possible. This will help increase the customer experience in your store, turning them into loyal and long-term customers.

Highlight Features:

  • Quantity breaks: It arranges bulk discounts on your shop or product-specific items. Moreover, customers can combine numerous coupons in a single order.
  • Tiered pricing: Strong tiered pricing options include built-in cost rounding (.99), hidden mode, infinite quantity-based promotions, and more. Furthermore, customers can add several things to their order with a single click.
  • Product bundles & gifts: Create bundles on product pages to motivate customers to increase order value.


  • Powerful customization with JS and CSS codes
  • Personalize your brand, keep a lasting relationship with your customers
  • Provide flexible combined discount solutions


  • There is no free plan and it has only one price.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited Bundles: $19.99/month

🎁 Try Now: Bundle Bear ‑ Volume Discounts

#5 QD (Quantity Breaks/Discounts)

custom pricing Shopify app

Rating: 4.6/5

If you are looking for a Shopify B2B app, you should not miss this application. Not only does it feature the same features as the apps on this list – Add quantity-based discounts, QD can also be used to help you start a loyalty or wholesale program.

In addition, the app also allows your customers to mix collections to achieve order value. If wanted, inform customers that they can combine items from a specific group to get a volume discount, or you can accept it when they purchase a certain amount of the same thing.

Furthermore, there are various types of deals you can provide. You have the option of offering a fixed price, a %, or a fixed sum. They can be applied to an entire shop, collection, or individual goods. Excellent if you only want to sell a slow-moving item or halt a specific line.

Highlight Features:

  • Quantity discount: Offer a variety of discounts; allows you to customize your discount base flexibly. Besides, it includes easy management with an automatic discount option.
  • Tiered Pricing: Make use of bulk discount rates. If a customer picks certain goods, you can decrease X percent from the cost of the product using this tiered pricing option.
  • Ability to quickly update: When a quantity discount is applied, the total amount a consumer saves on each item is automatically updated. In this method, your offer will encourage customers to buy more.


  • Offer a variety of discounted solutions with simple admin control.
  • Avoid the double-discount problems that other Shopify bulk discount apps can cause.
  • Quickly update your price list.
  • Mobile-friendly.


  • One user commented that sometimes the app doesn’t work automatically.
  • There is no 24/7 support, so the response time is quite long.


  • Free
  • Basic: $12.95/month
  • Pro: $19.95/month
  • Unlimited: $29.95/month

🎁 Try Now: QD (Quantity Breaks/Discounts)

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#6 Quantity Break & Tiered Price

best quantity breaks shopify app 2021

Rating: 4.8/5

If the above applications integrate many other advanced features besides quantity breaks, Quantity Breaks & Tiered Price only focuses on this feature. So if you are looking for an efficient way to order a minimum quantity of products and encourage customers to buy more with promotions, consider this app.

Specifically, this best quantity breaks Shopify app will help you build the limit of the increment reduction according to the number and level. In particular, it can tiered pricing for many products, which saves you a lot of time.

In particular, you can encourage customers by offering discounts on the items they have purchased. You also can use three different ways to calculate the discounted price like most apps in this list.

In short, it’s an app with basic discount features and is easy to use. Although there are no great points, this will be the right choice if your store has just opened.

Highlight Features:

  • Allow the quantity price break to be set.
  • It is simple to set an automatic discount based on product quality.
  • Three pricing computation methods are supported.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for small businesses and beginners
  • Good customer service


  • Not many advanced features
  • Discounts table are not displayed on the product page
  • On/off mode needs to be done via code
  • There is no free plan


  • 30-day free trial
  • Premium: $12.99/month

🎁 Try Now: PriceBazi: Volume Tiered Price

#7 Smarty Quantity Discounts

Shopify B2B app

Rating: 4.1/5

Smarty Quantity Discounts is one of the few custom pricing Shopify apps that offers a “Buy it now” feature. This is also the most significant difference in features compared to other applications on this list.

Besides basic features like creating quantity breaks, tiered product pricing, member discounts, etc., this app has an upsell feature with just one click. This is an effective way to highlight tiered savings and encourage customers to shop and increase the value of their orders.

In addition, another feature that not all Shopify B2B apps have is limiting quantity breaks according to customer cards. To be specific, there are discount campaigns specifically for wholesalers, so this is essential for reaching them more easily.

Highlight Features:

  • Set pricing tiers for specific products.
  • Make bulk discounts available for large wholesale purchases.
  • It also provides bulk discounts on the quantity purchased of any item in a category or a quantity price discount on the number of goods in their total order.


  • Support multi-language/multi-currency
  • Offer “Buy it now” feature
  • Compatible with AJAX carts and mobile.
  • Quick and easy setup


  • The discount table section is poorly designed.
  • Theme customization does not show widgets on product pages.
  • Support is not good.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Free Forever: Free
  • Basic Shopify: $9.99/month
  • Professional: $19.99/month
  • Advanced: $29.99/month

🎁 Try Now: Smarty Quantity Discounts

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#8 Bundle OS | Quantity Breaks


Rating: 5.0/5

Although this best quantity breaks Shopify app is a newly launched application and not many users yet, the 5-star rating proves the effectiveness. In addition to the features of quantity break, volume discounts, tiered pricing, upsell/cross-sell/bundle, what makes this Shopify B2B app stand out is the ability to customize and the exciting offer display – an equally important factor to stimulate customers to shop.

Specifically, the app helps you deliver a great shopping experience with a beautiful store. The scarcity feature and coupon timer that the app provides make it easy to highlight your store’s offers to customers. Besides, the app allows you to customize the design in line with your brand entirely.

Highlight Features:

  • Offer quantity breaks (allows customers to buy multiple variations), upsells, cross-sell, and tiered pricing.
  • Allow users to customize the design: colors, fonts, and so on to match the brand.
  • Additionally, it provides an effective discount display board with timer and scarcity offers.


  • Offer efficient features and powerful customizability
  • Fast loading speed
  • Quick support
  • Quick to install and easy to use


  • Not many users have used it, so it is difficult to access the reliability.
  • There is no free plan.


  • 14-day free trial.
  • Basic Plan: $14.99/month

🎁 Try Now: Bundle OS | Quantity Breaks

#9 DiscountDuck ‑ Quantity breaks

best quantity breaks shopify app 2021

Rating: 5.0/5

In terms of features, DiscountDuck – Quantity breaks app is introduced to be similar to most quantity breaks applications on the market. Still, if you want to know how those applications are in reality, you must rely on real experiences and reviews from users.

Fortunately, this application is among the custom pricing Shopify apps trusted and rated very well by users. Besides the usual discount features, the app is praised by users for its brand-appropriate theme customization.

Furthermore, another cool feature is the generation of stackable discount codes. Many stores have limited discount codes that cause customers to abandon carts because of the lack of this feature. So, with this app, you can comfortably stack discounts on one product, i.e., including quantity breaks, multiple discount codes, automatic discounts.

Highlight Features:

  • Provide quantity breaks with many advanced utilities such as display messages for each discount level, automatically hide expired discounts, display the price after the deal in the shopping cart.
  • Create overlapping discount codes to increase customer experience.
  • Link your existing quantity selector to DiscountDuck
  • Make “Buy X Get Y” deals.


  • The display part is obvious and distinct, so visitors understand how to earn savings right away.
  • Powerful widget customization, compatible with most themes
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Quick support


  • There are not many users and reviews yet


  • 14-day free trial
  • Basic: $19.95/month
  • Professional: $27.95/month
  • Advanced: 43.95/month

🎁 Try Now: DiscountDuck quantity breaks

#10 Quantity Breaks & Discounts

custom pricing Shopify app

Rating: 4.1/5

Unlike the Quantity Breaks & Discounts app above, this best quantity breaks Shopify app comes from the developer Thrust Apps.

Specifically, it creates multiple discounts based on product quantity and bulk orders. Besides, this application only provides two ways of discounting as percentage-based discount or fixed discount. However, in terms of how they work, these two custom-pricing Shopify apps are pretty similar.

In addition, the Shopify B2B app has a one-click add to cart feature that saves customers time and increases their experience. Best of all, it personalizes the design based on your storefront and is compatible with most inventory apps.

Highlight Features:

  • Provide price tiers with no upper limit, quantity breaks, volume discounts
  • Generate and applies a discount code for any specific quantity of any product you select, eliminating the need to enter any code snippets manually
  • Moreover, it Includes one click on the “add to cart” button.


  • Have a plethora of built-in functions and customizable options
  • Design (colors and fonts) to match each store’s theme
  • Quick support team


  • One user complains that some features don’t work
  • There is no free plan.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Premium: $9.95/month

🎁 Try Now: Quantity Breaks & Discounts

#11 BOGO+ Free Gifts & Promotions

Rating: 4.9/5

BOGO+ is a powerful boost sale app that turns your visitors into customers and helps you win the conversion rate game effortlessly. With a variety of promotion types, including BOGO, Buy X Get Y, Flash Sale, Free Gift with Purchase, and Volume Discount, this app provides a range of options to attract and engage customers.

The customizable widgets, such as countdown timers, offer tables, header banners, and product badges, make your promotions even more enticing. Launching multiple promotion campaigns is a breeze with its user-friendly interface.

Highlight Features:

  • Multiple Promotion Types: BOGO+ offers a variety of promotion types, including BOGO (Buy One, Get One), Buy X Get Y, Free Gift with Purchase, and Volume Discount. You have the flexibility to choose the promotion type that suits your business strategy.
  • Customizable Widgets: The app provides customizable widgets such as countdown timers, offer tables, header banners, and product badges. These eye-catching elements enhance the attractiveness of your promotions, grabbing customers’ attention and increasing conversion rates.
  • Free Gift Option: With the Auto-add gift or manual add-on popup feature, you can easily offer free gifts to customers. Whether it’s an automatic addition of a gift or a manual selection by the customer, this feature adds a sense of value and incentivizes purchases.
  • Volume Discount: Encourage customers to buy more by offering volume discounts. By setting up tiered pricing based on the quantity purchased, you can incentivize customers to increase their order size, leading to higher average order values and improved conversion rates.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app’s simple interface allows you to launch multiple promotion campaigns quickly and easily. You can set up and manage your promotions in minutes, saving you time and effort.


  • Increase your average order value and customer loyalty with attractive promotions
  • Save time and hassle with automated sales campaigns
  • Customize your widgets to match your store’s branding and theme


  • Free plan is not available


  • Shopify Basic: $9.85/month.
  • Shopify Profession: $19.85/month.
  • Shopify Advanced: $35.85/month.
  • Shopify Plus: $54.85/month.

🎁 Try Now: BOGO+ Free Gifts & Promotions

Shopacado ‑ Volume Discounts B2B/Wholesale Solution Convert+ | All‑in‑One Upsells Bundle Bear – Volume Discounts QD (Quantity Breaks/Discounts)  

 BOGO+ Free Gifts & Promotions

Provider Shopcado BSS Commerce Amai Conversion Bear TenGrowth WizzCommerce
Price $7.99/month







Free Plan



$19.99/month Free








Ease of use 5/5 5/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 5/5
Quantity breaks 
Tiered pricing  
Wholesale discounts  
Auto tags x x x
Custom design option 4/5 5/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 5/5 
Advanced features x 5/5 4/5 5/5 x 5/5
Support 5/5 5 /5 5/5 5 /5 4/5 5/5
Overall 4.5★ 5★ 4★ 4.5★ 4★    4.9★


There are many quantity breaks apps on the Shopify application market, but the apps all have specific differences. So we selected the best quantity breaks Shopify app and compared them based on ratings, customer reviews, features, provider’s support, and price. So you can thoroughly consider the app that best suits your store.

Above all, if you are targeting wholesale customers, you should not ignore these applications. Finally, We hope this article will be of help to you.