Having a successful eCommerce store is no longer easy these days. If you make one mistake, you will easily lose business to your rivals. Thankfully, eCommerce platforms like Shopify have a plethora of helpful applications to make you stand out from the crowd. According to Sumo’s statistics, popups convert at greater rates than any other call to action. Shopify is well-known for its enormous app treasure compared to any competitors. You can find over 100+ different popup apps in Shopify Apps Store. So which one could make the most profitable to your store. 

Let’s figure out in this article and decide which one is the best Shopify popup app for your store.

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best shopify popup apps

Why Are Pop-Ups Important?

Boost brand awareness

Pop-up advertisements are normally designed to appear in the middle of the screen, where the customers’ attention is centered. As a result, it plays an important part in catching the customers’ interest, and the user can almost certainly take a look at the ad’s content before closing the store website.

Increase the conversion rate

The primary goal of any advertising placed by a brand is to maximize revenue. Pop-up advertising will assist you in achieving your sales target if they are positioned appropriately on the website and at the proper time.

Customer feedback

Pop-up advertising can be a great way to get a quick response from consumers. You can place the advertising on the website so that it is prominently displayed, and clients can quickly comment or ask about the product or service you are providing.

Top 11 Popup Apps To Grow Your Store

Sender — All-in-One Solution with Popup, Email & Automation Builder 

Price: $8 per month; Forever free plan for up to 2500 subscribers 

Rating: 5/5, 88 reviews

Sender is a robust marketing automation solution with a powerful popup form builder. The platform allows you to create embedded and popup forms that can be integrated into your Shopify store within minutes. 

Sender also has a powerful email and SMS automation builder that allows you to attract, nurture, and convert leads and potential customers via elaborate automation campaigns. 

You can use the platform’s behavioral tracking features to create exit intent popups, run automated abandoned cart campaigns, set up a follow-up, win back, and upsell/cross-sell campaigns to increase your Shopify store revenue. 

Popup Display

Sender allows you to create embedded or popup forms based on your requirement. You can create signup popups, exit intent popups, spin-to-win wheel popups, subscription popups, etc. The popup builder lets you customize the design based on your Shopify store’s design and branding. 

The template library comes with many readymade form templates to save you time. The behavioral and activity tracking features help you show the popup at the right time. So, you can be sure of maximum engagement on your Shopify store. 

Privy ‑ Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

Price: 15 day trial, free plan (up to 5000 average monthly page views), plans range from $13/mo to $30/mo

Rating: 4.6/5, 24494 reviews

Privy is one of the best Shopify popup apps for increasing conversion, and email lists, whatever types of your businesses are. 

The app features entirely customizable, mobile-friendly, exit-intent-driven popups and banners that don’t require any coding or development experience.

You can also use surface coupon codes in your popups and aim campaigns focused on events such as cart abandonment, departure, and a number of visits, among other things.

Privy also allows you to run split tests to see how and why minor variations impact conversion rates, as well as deliver alert emails, messages, and autoresponders to turn signups into transactions.


Popup display

Privy comes with a variety of mobile-friendly display styles that can be used for a variety of purposes such as pop-ups, banners, flyouts, products, spin to win wheel, announcement bars, & embedded forms for email collection.

For full interaction, Privy allows users to creatively combine light-box popups with well-structured content bits or coupon deals.

With Privy, you can also use bars as a display form. These are small full-width strips often mounted at the top or bottom of the panel and are suitable for discreet advertisements such as sale pieces. You can use them to obtain email addresses from your leads as well.

Privy developed a “Spin-To-Win” display option (like a typical raffle wheel). Furthermore, Privy’s Thank you pages are an effective popup option. This might appear shortly after visitors send their details as a means of expressing gratitude. 

Justuno Pop Ups & Conversion

Price: 14-day trial, free to install, plans range from $29/mo to $99/mo

Rating: 4.6/5, 2271 reviews

Justuno is one of the best Shopify popup apps (also conversion) for your Shopify store. Lead capture modes, pop-ups, and push alerts make it simple to generate sales and grow an email list.

The free Justuno plan allows for 5,000 monthly visits, making it a decent option for low-traffic locations. The app comes with a variety of design options to help you balance the store’s look and feel. You can also choose where pop-ups, flags, full-page takeovers, the navigation bar, and corner slide-ins show on the screen.


Popup display

With Junto, you can use easy upselling suggestions to propose additional services to your clients, or simply provide exit deals before your customers reach the back button to prevent abandoned carts. 

Cross-selling: Use corner pop-ups, message bars, full-screen pop-ups, and other tactics to notify the clients of specific items that complement the items in their basket. You can also sell add-on services such as service contracts, warranties, and other related products.

Upselling: Enhance your sales opportunities by sending related messages that aim to boost order value. You can display center pop-ups with alternate purchasing choices, send out personalized deals to different segments, and monitor specific actions for up-selling opportunities.

Exit pop-ups: Remind customers of the value you have to give before they leave your website without making a purchase with exit pop-ups. You can also provide discounts and exclusive offers in your exit messages.

OptiMonk Description

Price: Free, $29/month – $199/month.

Rating: 4,9/5 from 491 reviews on Shopify

OptiMonk is a smart popup tool that helps eCommerce stores grow their email list, increase their revenue, and maximize their Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). The feature-rich popup builder allows you to create stunning popups that convert at high rates and won’t annoy your site visitors.

OptiMonk’s free Shopify plugin detects about-to-bounce shoppers, then shows targeted messages to them. Popups containing discount codes or free shipping offers are often enough to convince on-the-fence shoppers to buy immediately.

You can use OptiMonk to personalize your visitors’ entire customer journey—ensuring that you deliver the right message at just the right time. You can also use OptiMonk’s plugin to add a free shipping bar and email popups.

You can boost your revenue by at least 10% with OptiMonk popups.

It’s clear that customers love OptiMonk. The company has more than 400 5-star reviews in the Shopify App Store.

Shopify OptiMonk popup app

Popup display

Seasonal templates for Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Back to School & more.

Any popup type: Full-screen Popups, Side Messages, Sticky Bars, Gamified Popups, Teasers, Embedded Content.

Any campaign goal: Exit Intent Popups, Email Popups, Messenger Popups, Upsell Popups, Discount Popups, Free Shipping Bars.

Gamified popups: Lucky Wheels, Scratch cards, Pick-a-gift Popups.

ONE+ Sales Pop Ups, SMS, Email

Price: Free to install, three paid plans including Kick Starter Plan $15/mo, Small Business $29/mo, High Traffic Shop $79/mo

Rating: 5/5, 449 reviews

ONE+ Sales Pop-Ups, SMS, Email is a Shopify app that provides additional social proof for your store. Customer focus is truly drawn to Social Proof, which builds brand credibility. Show actual sales popups to generate a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of losing out) for your customers. 

The app comprises package social evidence with an instant discount/coupon/email popup or disguise subscribe popup as a fun game of chance (i.e. Spin to Win Wheel) on exit intent to drive purchases, retrieve discarded carts, and grow email marketing lists.


Popup display

ONE+ provides packs such as social proof sales sniper, happy email capture/email set before exit, displaying newsletter pop-ups & drip campaigns, spin to win, raffle, giveaways, discount wheel, ultimate exclusive deals, split tests, and more, all of which help to build trust, boost purchases, and increase transaction rates for your Shopify store.

Sales Pop Master 

Price: 3-day trial, plans start from $9.99/mo to $20.99/mo

Rating: 4.7/5 stars, 5439 reviews

Sales Pop Master aims to address the low conversion issues, give new customers reassurance, and build their trust in your product. The efficient transaction and conversion rate are captured by social proof.

The app respects the customer’s and brand’s privacy. The customer is informed of the discounts and the remaining quantity by the countdown timer. This aids in the consumer’s buying process and encourages them to pay, resulting in an increase in revenue.

Popup display 

The app has different popup display features such as social proof (sales notifications of recent orders), quick view mode, countdown timer, and countdown stock, etc.

The cart feature is kept up to date on a daily basis. It never fails to show all of the goods in the cart, as well as the message ‘Any orders yet?’ when the cart is empty. When consumers press the product name, the popup appears in view mode. If a discount is valid for the items in the cart, a pop-up will appear displaying the details.

Customers can also choose to highlight their favorite goods in the cart and make the pop-up appear exclusively for certain merchandise.

Other choices for popups

Quick view mode: Customers can see the popup when they press the product name in the quick view mode.

Countdown counter: A countdown timer will appear on the popup if any orders or items added to the cart are discounted.

Stocks on the way down: On the sales pop-ups, display the residual quantity of each commodity in stock and generate a shortage of items.

Email & Pop-Ups by Automizely

Price: FREE

Rating: 4.7/5, 1419 reviews

Email & Pop-Ups app helps you to create fancy popups with exit intent and coupons in order to close sales and receive emails. The app requires no technique code and also helps you to launch wonderful call-to-action pop-ups and bars within a minute to gain more conversion.


Popup display 

Email & Pop-Ups includes a lot of pop-up display types such as email popups, coupon bars, free shipping bars, instant search, sales stickers, blinking tabs, Facebook chat, social proof, countdown timer, etc.

Sticky coupons are another popup feature. A sticky coupon bar/banner will appear automatically after a client subscribes to your store. As consumers come to your store, their browsers will show a pop-up telling them to opt-in for internet push notifications. When visitors leave your website, your tab name is automatically changed to pique their curiosity.

Furthermore, sale stickers and countdown timers generate a sense of urgency, which inspires shoppers to act faster, resulting in better conversion rates in your store.

POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof

Price: Free plan, plans range from $29/mo to $129/mo

Rating: 4.7/5, 6742 reviews

POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof by CartKit app helps you to build trust and urgency for your goods. Visitors will be conscious that your product is in high demand, instilling fear of losing out (FOMO) and a sense of urgency. With an overall rating of 4.7 above 5, POP! is deserved to be one of the best Shopify popup apps in 2021.

Cart Kit is a pure Sales Pop app that lacks the extra notification formats that other solutions have. However, you can change and customize your Sales Pops in a variety of ways, and adding your own CSS classes to your alerts is a relatively inexpensive choice.


Popup display 

With Cartkit Sales Pop & Social Proof, you can select which pages, and where on the page to display your pops on. The app can also be personalized to suit your store’s needs. Add your types, colors, and CSS to complete your store look. 

You can find a variety of professional-designed models to make your sales pop-up updates more appealing in a variety of ways and stunning gradient designs to attract visitors’ eyes and get their attention.

Promotion Popup by Secomapp

Price: FREE

Rating: 4.8/5, 678 reviews

Promotion Popup is a great app helping you improve your conversion rate. You can feature exclusive deals or popups anywhere on your website and the app also helps you to reach your clients, increasing the success of your marketing strategies.

This app is one of the best email popup apps for Shopify because it allows you to show popups to individual customers on your mailing list, customers who have a specific number of items, or customers who have a certain product entirely.


Popup display 

You can create and put popups or special offers anywhere on your Shopify store, including your home page, all pages, cart page when a client visits/leaves the store.

The app also supports various types of popups such as newsletter (convert your visitors into subscribers & clients), video (play a video anywhere you want), product (show a good with good price and Buy now button), checkout popup (encourage clients to check limited items), coupon popup (discount or special gifts with the coupon), countdown, ​and automatic discount popup.

Quick Announcement Bar

Price: Free plan and Premium plan $9.99/mo

Rating: 4.9/5 stars, 5041 reviews

The app is a useful Shopify popup tool used for announcements. You can use a popup banner on your website to remind clients, and a call to action button to direct consumers to your website with only one click with this pop-up app.

Also, you can deliver discounts based on your store’s dynamics, convey the holiday and marketing spirit to your consumers, and ultimately increase revenue!

Quick Announcement bar can be translated into many different languages to help users boost sales by reaching global customers, and you can offer discounts based on your business.



With Quick Announcement Bar, you can set auto-scheduling bars monthly and build as many as you wish. It also provides a call-to-action button on the banner to guide visitors to the page you want them to see.

Advanced targeting features include Display Page targeting, which allows you to customize bars to only appear on specific pages (all pages, home page, list, and product pages), and Exclude Page targeting, which prevents bars from appearing on specific pages, and source targeting, which allows you to generate separate bars for users who arrive from different sources.

Popup | Email Pop Up & Sign Up

Price: Free plan, plans range from $3.99/mo ($3.59/mo billed at $43.09 once per year), to $79.99/mo ($71.99/mo billed at $863.89 once per year)

Rating: 4.3/5, 567 reviews

PopUp is a basic Shopify popup app that lets you convert website visitors and expand your subscription list.

The app is mobile-friendly and open, and it makes use of exit-intent technologies to help you capture guests before they leave your site and re-engage them. The app is also easy to use, with no code technique required.


Popup display 

You can use the Countdown Timer to gain feedback or to build urgency for your products, as well as to monitor exclusive deals and coupon codes. Users can also use their own personal dashboard to build their ideal mailing list or newsletter sign-up popup and gather email addresses.

Users can also configure their website by placing their popup at the top, bottom, or corner of the page so that visitors can see it on any page, changing the background color of their popup, using a full-screen or narrow popup window, adding borders to their popup, selecting custom fonts, and more.

Smart Push Marketing

Price: FREE

Rating: 4.7/5, 1483 reviews

Smart Push Marketing helps you to restore lost carts by using automatic and tailored notifications.

This Shopify app aims to boost store traffic and revenue by instantly delivering back-in-stock, price-drop updates, and discount reminders to your soon-to-be buyers. Visitors can be involved in all mediums, and website visitors can be transformed on both mobile and desktop without the need for their addresses or the development of a mobile app.



The push notification app helps users to fully customize the images and text of a message right inside the application. These tools can also include detailed metrics, allowing a business to track details including message arrival rates and click-through rates.

The solution exists as a feature within mobile marketing software or includes features of A/B testing software so that users may test the results of sending customers different messages.

The app is available as a tool of mobile marketing applications or as part of A/B testing software, allowing consumers to compare the effects of delivering multiple messages to customers.

Apps Price Rating Support Types Custom popup design Popup position Mobile Responsive Ease of use Others
Privy Free plan, $13-$30/mo 4.6/5 Popup, spin to win wheel, banners, flyouts, announcement bars, autoresponders Limited Top-right hand corner, Bottom popup Responsive Easy A/B Testing, Email Support
Justuno Free,  $29-$99/mo 4.6/5 Pop ups, banner offers, exit offers, upsell promotions Limited Fullscreen overlay, center pop-up, corner slide out, top or bottom banner. Responsive Medium A/B Testing, Live Chat,
ONE+ Free, $15-$29/mo 5/5 Sales sniper, happy email capture, newsletter, spin to win, raffle, giveaways, discount wheel, ultimate exclusive deals No Center popup, Top/bottom, left/right-hand popup Responsive Easy A/B Testing, Exit Popups, 24/7 Live Chat
Sales Pop Master 3-day trial, $9.99-$20.99/mo 4.7/5 Quick view mode, countdown timer, and countdown stock Limited Bottom left popup, Top popup Responsive Easy Email Support
Automizely FREE 4.7/5 Email popups, coupon bars, free shipping bars, instant search, sales stickers, blinking tabs Yes Top popup, Bottom right-hand popup Responsive Medium Exit popup, Reporting
POP! Free, $29-$129/mo 4.7/5 Custom template Yes Customized No Easy A/B testing, Live Chat Support
Promotion Popup FREE 4.8/5 Newsletter, video, checkout popup, countdown, automatic discount popup Yes Corner tab, Center popup Responsive Medium Email Support
Quick Announcement Bar Free plan, $9.99/mo 4.9/5 Popup banner, Display Page targeting, Exclude Page targeting Yes Top/Bottom popup Responsive Easy Email Support
Popup Free, $3.99-$79.99/mo 4.3/5 Newsletter, Click coupon, survey popup, time display (schedule) Yes Top, bottom, or corner popup Responsive Medium Live Chat Support, Exit popup
Smart Push Marketing FREE 4.7/5 Checkout popup, Time display No Top, bottom, right popup, Center popup Responsive Medium A/B testing, Email Support

How to choose the right popup apps?

There are many Shopify popup apps for you to select from. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the app that best suits your needs. Here are some questions to consider before making your decision:

How much do you like the popup to be customized? Will a basic design suffice for you?

What reporting standard do you require? Are you a Google Analytics regular who spends a lot of time there? Or does a basic new subscriber counter suffice?

Do you want specialized segmentation and targeting rules?

What is the highest price you are able to pay for this app?

Wrapping up

There are various solutions open to Shopify users who choose to use pop-up ads. The approach can be a powerful weapon for increasing traffic, purchases, and eventually revenue. All of these Shopify applications come with a lot of benefits and great features. I hope this article can help you figure out which are the best Shopify popup apps for your store.  

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