Shopify is one of the most powerful platforms for eCommerce businesses. However, what makes it different from its rival is its variety of functionalities that enables users to gain extra sales and revenues for their store just simply by adding Shopify’s massive ecosystem of applications, affiliate apps are amongst the most useful of these.

If you are a Shopify user, you are fortunate because the eCommerce platform already has a list full of affiliate apps to select from, and we have ranked and listed out the best of them. In this Shopify review article, let’s figure out why and how you can be using these top 10 best Shopify affiliate apps to increase your online sales.

Best Shopify Affiliate Apps

What are the functions of those best Shopify Affiliate Apps?

An affiliate program is a commission-based online advertising approach in which affiliates advertise your goods and refer new buyers to your Shopify store in exchange for a commission. Shopify Affiliate Apps help you to collaborate with influencers and affiliates who have a fancy for advertising your brand and merchandise. They get a fee on purchases made after referring consumers to your brand. This could be a very profitable collaboration.

Your influencers will use the apps to apply, gather connections, and monitor campaign results. This will assist you in determining how well they are performing. It will also help you automate the management of your services, helping you to focus on what you do best.


10 Best Shopify Affiliate Apps In 2021

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing


  • Free plan,
  • 14 days free trial for all pricing plans
  • The plan ranges from $21.99/mo to $139.99/mo

Rating: 4.9/5 (1342 reviews)

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing enables users to create several affiliate programs, each with its own commission structure. You can also manually tier commissions and set product-specific prices.

This app makes it easy to recruit affiliates and you can invite anyone to join your affiliate network, including influencers, competent affiliates, and even clients. Moreover, with a quick post-sale popup, customers can be invited to join. Affiliates will use store ads to help their promotions fit in with the brand for better conversions and sales after they’ve joined the program.

Payment is made automatically by PayPal and manually if you use cash or store credit.

UpPromote Pros/ Features

  • Easy to use
  • Finding your affiliates via UpPromote Marketplace
  • Put commissions depending on sales, groupings, or products
  • Auto-generate referral affiliate links and coupons. 
  • Communicate directly with your ambassadors via the in-app chat feature. 
  • Keep track of how well the affiliates are doing
  • Order of referral control
  • Auto-payment by PayPal
  • Multi-language

UpPromote Cons

  • Tiers of pricing based on the number of orders obtained from affiliates

Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro

Price: Free Plan $0, Premium Plan $24/mo

Overall rating: 4.8/5 (1183 reviews)

If you are just getting started, Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro is a perfect option since it comes with an engaging free plan. This app’s main goal is to convert your new customers into affiliates. This encourages them to post more about the brands and exclusive deals on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Shopify users can turn current customers into affiliates via a customized portal, set up product-level commissions, monitor transactions through various methods, create discounts, and process payments through PayPal.

With Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro, you can set commission prices based not only on the affiliate and the program but also on the affiliate and the goods. You can also monitor partner orders using two different methods: referral links and coupon codes. Coupon codes can be allocated to individual affiliate advertisers or clustered together for a specific promotion. Coupon codes can also be produced automatically.


Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro Pros/ Features

Users can run a comprehensive partner scheme with a generous free rate

Codes and links can be shared via websites, email, or social media

Set up your affiliate program in minutes with a one-click configuration and sensible defaults

Payouts can be made via PayPal with ease

No restrictions on how many affiliates you can have and how much money you can make

No coding required

Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro Cons

A premium plan can be expensive for some

Customer service is not that good

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Refersion: Affiliate Marketingby Refersion, Inc.

Price: 14-day free trial, Professional Plan: $89/mo

Rating: 4.8/5 (858 reviews)

Refersion is a big major in affiliate marketing, and their end-to-end Shopify affiliate marketing software combines all of those top-notch features into a single, powerful tool. It’s a fantastic tool for Shopify eCommerce store owners who want to keep track of referrals and pay fees to affiliates and influencers.

With the help of a customized dashboard, you can easily monitor, and pay your affiliates. Their Shopify integrations allow you to generate exclusive coupon codes instantly, allowing you to monitor transactions through several channels.

You will get access to over 5000 thousand possible partners with just 10 minutes of setup, allowing you to quickly scale up your affiliate marketing platform.

Affiliates get their own customized dashboard after signing up. They will then evaluate their results, build campaign ties, update their personal information, and run reports.


Refersion Affiliate Marketing Pros/ Features

End-to-end Shopify affiliate marketing

Affiliate commissions can be customized at the product level, making it simple to get started

Allows affiliate marketers to monitor their efficiency

Different commissions can be set depending on the products

Get access to over 5,000 already subscribed members when signing up

Coupons for affiliates can be produced automatically.

No coding required

Refersion Cons
For several small enterprises, the lowest rank is not affordable

Only up to 130 affiliate orders a month are tracked

Only funding from the United States is available

Professional price Enterprise-level expenses are available on request for $89 a month


Pricing: 30-day free trial, from $29/mo to $149/mo 

Rating: 4.5/5 (602 reviews)

LeadDyno is a fantastic marketing tool for Shopify business owners, particularly for those with limited knowledge and experience in this area. It provides a simple affiliate and influencer marketing approach for your online store. Launching an affiliate campaign for your online store is only a matter of minutes thanks to LeadDyno.

It only takes a few minutes to set up an associate program for your online shop. The app aids in the recruitment of eCommerce affiliates that can assist you in promoting the store’s merchandise. Also, You probably can start your partner plan with the assistance of the Marketing Director (a service included in the app).


LeadDyno Pros/ Features

Exclusive dashboards for affiliates 

Customer service is available 24/7

Easy affiliate recruiting

Mobile app for affiliates

Connection to their partner network is given for free

LeadDyno Cons

Technical savviness and expertise are needed

Only US-based assistance is available, causing response times to be delayed

Costly for small companies

Outlink External Links Button

Pricing: 7-day free trial, free plan (unlimited links), basic plan 5$/mo, pro plan 10$/mo

Rating: 5/5 (64 reviews)

Outlink is suitable for users who wish to sell affiliate products on their Shopify store. When clients press the Outlink button, the program will send them to the affiliate product website, resulting in higher sale prices without you needing to pay any extra costs such as packaging, tax, or inventory.

Otherwise, Outlink offers a bulk editor that allows users to group multiple items together on a single page, as well as maximize the selling rate by allowing them to add multiple connections to each product. 


Outlink External Link Button Pros/ Features

Redirect clients to the product’s desired affiliate website

No extra costs

To maximize the sale volume, several connections can be added to a single product

A bulk editor helps edit the Outlinks of several products at the same time

Increase the scale and reliability of your store’s catalog

Outlink External Link Button Cons

No built-in search feature for unique items

Tapfiliate Affiliate Marketing


  • 14-day free trial
  • Pricing plans start from $59/month

Tapfiliate is a one-stop affiliate tracking solution developed to help businesses launch, manage, and optimize affiliate and referral programs.

The Tapfiliate software seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, so no coding is required. It lets you track affiliate campaigns in real-time, set flexible commissions, and provide performance-based bonuses to your promoters. 

The platform also allows you to add and track marketing materials such as banners, videos, and shareable social media posts. With Tapfiliate, users can easily white-label their affiliate and referral programs to increase brand awareness. 

On top of that, Tapfiliate users get access to Admitad Partner Network with 100K+ active publishers ready to promote them.

Tapfiliate Pros/Features

  • One-click integration with your Shopify store
  • Easy affiliate recruitment and onboarding
  • Referral links and dashboards matching your brand
  • Flexible commissions system
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Real-time reporting
  • Enhanced social media sharing

Tapfiliate Cons

    • For affiliate marketing newbies, there’s a possibility that a slight learning curve may be involved. 
    • Six supported languages for an affiliate dashboard may not be enough for some businesses running internationally. However, the Tapfiliate team plans to enrich the list.


Pricing: 30-day free trial, plan ranges from $16/mo (unlimited visitors, tracking requests, orders) to $129/month (unlimited affiliates)

Rating: 4.4/5 (105 reviews)

Affiliatly allows users to place an infinite number of referral orders although there is a limit to the number of partners they may have. This ensures you can keep an eye on the number of participants in the program to get rid of any deadwood you’ve accumulated.

You can monitor your program using a variety of methods, including a link, coupon code, QR code, customer’s email. You can keep an eye on and track the affiliate network while still keeping track of each affiliate’s account. Discount code monitoring, per-visitor discounts, annual fees, two-tier partner tiers, and gift card payouts are among the other services.

Also, you can provide banners and other content to your affiliates to help them sell your products/services. Affiliates can be paid through PayPal or shop gift cards.


Affiliatly Pros/ Features

Setup of an affiliate program with ease

Ideal app for small start-up stores

Unlimited transactions 

Provide affiliates with all of the promo materials used to promote the goods

Affiliate marketers can be paid through PayPal or store credit

Affiliatly Cons

No extra marketing support

Offer only two-level payouts 

Instant Traffic & Ads by Eggflow

Pricing: 7-day free trial, free plan, premium plan $9/mo, extra plan $29/mo

Rating: 4.4/5 (1427 reviews)

Instant Traffic & Ads allows users to create their own goods and sell them in other Shopify stores. Instant Traffic displays goods as ads with details so that prospective consumers can get a sense of the suggested goods’ core concepts, such as name, price, image, definition, and so on.

The app does not charge any additional payments if the store receives a lot of traffic from the ads. Instant Traffic also helps users to configure the fonts, text color, and backdrop of their advertisements to produce a seamless piece of art.

Furthermore, you can select which product types should be shown in your store and which should be hidden.


Instant Traffic & Ads Pros/ Features

Gain free traffic to your store 

No additional costs

Remove any products from your store that aren’t acceptable

Using requirements to tailor the ads to particular customers

Instant Traffic & Ads Cons

Extra coding for special or custom monitoring needs is not enabled

OSI Affiliate

Pricing: Plan ranges from $47/mo to $247/mo

OSI Affiliate is a solution that helps you not only to connect with your existing clients but also to encourage them to recommend your brand to their friends then they are paid with a commission. One of its advantages is not offering any added fees like transaction fees when using the service.

OSI offers a lot of amazing features for affiliate programs allowing your clients to advertise your brand on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can incorporate pre-written posts and visuals for your consumers to view on any of the main social networks by allowing social media. This makes it incredibly convenient for them to encourage with only little effort.

OSI has added a free incentive survey tool to help you figure out who your most loyal and happy clients are. You can send an email to all of your clients asking how likely they are to suggest your brand to others. You can automatically enroll them in your referral program based on their response.


OSI Affiliate Pros/ Features

Customers can advertise your brand on social media

Assign promo codes to all of the consumers and influencers

Send out a one-question email survey to find the most faithful clients

OSI Affiliate Cons

Support 3 languages only


Pricing: 7-day free trial, $59/mo

Rating: 4.6/5 (76 reviews)

Shoutout is a Shopify-based affiliate marketing solution for online retailers. Regardless of traffic, revenue, or the number of affiliates in the program, this app charges a single low flat fee.

By using the influencers’ network, if you use them as affiliates, you can boost traffic and revenue while not losing money by paying upfront. Shoutout encourages you to pay your affiliates depending on the real revenue they make.

With Shoutout, you can encourage your existing customers to become marketing agents, affiliates, and help spread the news about your store with a single click.


ShoutOut Pros/ Features

Track discount code 

Commissions for specific affiliates

Offer sign-up templates and affiliate dashboards

Automatic Shopify refund sync

ShoutOut Cons

Only one plan offered

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Pricing: 15-day free trial, $47/mo

Rating: 4.7/5 (32 reviews)

OSI Affiliate Software helps users to create and manage an affiliate and referral marketing program. The app is simple to set up and incorporate into your store, and it helps you build and maintain your affiliate program easily.

Besides, the app provides free networking tools such as social media networking widgets, email templates, and banners, as well as a user-friendly dashboard for handling affiliates.

Customers, affiliates, and influencers can easily be recruited and empowered to support the businesses using the app. Omnistar Affiliate Software provides all you’ll need to get started with an affiliate network that lets your customers advertise your brand on social media.

omnistar - best shopify affiliate apps

Omnistar Affiliate Software Pros/ Features

Referrer perks include discount cards, vouchers, and other bonuses

Set up a multi-tier referral network

Affiliates can sign up easily, and commissions are paid out by PayPal

Excellent customer experience

Omnistar Affiliate Software Cons

Extra coding for special or custom monitoring needs is not enabled

No support for recurring affiliate earnings

To contact affiliates, you’ll need to use an external email service

Free Trial

Unlimited Features

Payout Options

Language Supported

Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro


Free plan, Premium Plan $24/mo

Unlimited Affiliates, Revenue


17+ language


14 days

Professional Plan: $89/mo

Unlimited affiliates, offers, traffic, clicks


Multi language


30 days

$29/mo to $149/mo

Unlimited affiliates, orders, sales volume, and bandwidth

Paypal or Dwolla

Eng only

Outlink External Links Button

7 days

Free plan, $5-10$

Unlimited links


Eng only


14 days

$19.99/mo to $119.99/mo

Unlimited affiliates, program


Multi language


30 days

$16/mo - 129$/mo

Unlimited visitors, tracking requests, orders, sales

Paypal or Gift Card

16 different languages

Instant Traffic & Ads

7 days

Free plan, $9/mo - $29/mo

Unlimited traffics, support


Eng only

OSI Affiliate


$47/mo to $247/mo

Unlimited pre-written email templates, affiliates


Chinese, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish


7 days


Unlimited visitors, affiliates, tracking requests, orders, sales

Paypal or Manual Payment

Spanish and French

Omnistar Affiliate Software

15-day free trial


Unlimited orders, sales volume, support

Paypal or Gift Cards

Chinese, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish

Final thoughts 

An affiliate program can assist you in increasing your business. While having a varied marketing mix is indeed a smart thing, we think affiliate marketing plays a major role in that endeavor.

To help you run an affiliate campaign, luckily, there is a fantastic set of Shopify Affiliate Program Applications/ Shopify Affiliate Apps that can help you navigate your affiliate programs so you can hire, manage, and reward those willing to advertise your products/services. So, what is the best Shopify Affiliate App? And which one will you choose?

Although there is a multitude of affiliate apps that serve similar roles, it’s vital to make the most of your monthly fees. As a consequence, we suggest undertaking detailed research on each app.

Use posts like this to help you narrow down your scope, and sign up for as many free trials and tech samples as you can to get the ultimate try before you buy experience.

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