Are you looking for a good Shopify theme for your pet stores? Shopify pet store themes need to look good and run well, whether you’re selling pet accessories or grooming services. Create an online store that not only makes it interesting for pet lovers but also lets your stall selling pet products shine.

Here are the top 10+ best Shopify pet store themes picked by BSS Commerce Shopify, along with their costs, features, layouts, and some steps to pick the right themes for pet stores that you shouldn’t miss.

Why are Pet Stores a Good Fit For Shopify?

There are various reasons why Shopify is ideal for pet stores. To begin with, Shopify has a user-friendly platform, making it possible for pet shops to setup and run their virtual shelves easily without much technical know-how. As such, they can make use of these elements to create an attractive internet store that displays their pet product, even if they have no prior knowledge of web design.

Shopify comprises numerous e-commerce-specific features and tools

They allow the pet shop’s owner to control inventories, handle payments, and stock products easily. These include options like product galleries, customer comments, search filters, and shipping integrations, among others.

Shopify is a platform that you can scale as your business expands

These include adding new products as expansion occurs, changing the store’s design, and integrating with other platforms for the advanced functionality of the pet shop.

Shopify offers great customer service and resources for pet stores to prosper

Such benefits include a round-the-clock customer service help desk, detailed user documentation, and interactions with other Shopify users, providing mutual information exchange and mutual assistance.

In general, this makes Shopify quite recommended for pet shops wanting to achieve powerful online visibility and boost their businesses.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Pet Store Themes

Let’s consider the 7 steps in the section below to pick the right Shopify pet store themes:

Step 1. Identify Your Store’s Needs

You should first determine what your store’s needs are and how to choose the optimal Shopify pet themes. Think about the features and functionality that might be relevant to the business, such as product galleries, customer reviews, search filters, a blog section for pet-related articles, etc.

Also, consider what your ‘brand image’ looks like and the themes you like in order to choose a theme that matches your store’s overall appearance. Once you have identified your store’s specific needs, you are in a better position to pick a suitable theme that meets your customers’ requirements more efficiently

Step 2. Budget Considerations

In selecting perfect Shopify pet store themes, remember to think about how much you are able to spend. You have access to free themes in Shopify, which can serve as a starting point for the store. Nevertheless, if you are interested in something more complex or exclusive then it’s better to spend on premium Shopify themes.

Pricing of paid themes varies from as low as fifty dollars upwards of hundreds of dollars based on what the theme has to offer and its aesthetics. It is difficult not to opt for the most cost-effective solution. However, one should bear in mind that an expensive theme might have great added value in the long run and bring much more revenue.

Moreover, you should add other expenses including app and developer fees in case of a need to customize the theme. In general, with a well-thought-out budget and consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of various themes, one can easily locate the appropriate Shopify pet store theme that matches her or his requirements and is affordable at the same time.

Step 3. Test Demo

Testing a demo of the theme helps one to know the appearance and performance of the theme. Almost all of the themes on the Shopify theme store will include a demo for you to review their style, structure, and functions.

Let’s consider the overall arrangement and order of the shop, where product illustrations, detailed descriptions, and prices are placed. Also, check whether the theme is user-friendly or not and what the customer experience is like when using it.

It is recommended to try any crucial functions for your online shop, including product filtering and customer evaluations. Confirm that they function normally and that users can utilize them comfortably.

Lastly, evaluate its flexibility in terms of personalizing the theme according to the brand and design preferences. Find one with a simple theme that does not require programming skills and can be easily modified in design and function.

In general, having a look at the demo or some preview of the Shopify pet store themes will let you know all about the features the developers have described in the demo, so choose a theme that fits all your needs as well as the store’s style and branding.

how to pick the right shopify pet themes

Step 4. Assess Compatibility

When choosing the Shopify pet store themes, there is a need to assess compatibility in aspects such as design, features, response, customization options, SEO optimization, support, and updates.

Analyzing such aspects will help stores choose a theme that matches their brand image, contains the necessary functionalities for a pet store, has a mobile version, is easily modifiable, optimizes SEO principles, and is constantly updated by the developer efficiently.

Step 5. Check For Customer Reviews and Ratings

The best practice is to check for customers’ reviews and ratings. Other users’ reviews offer important information on this, which could come in handy for someone planning to use the theme.

Let’s begin by looking up the themed page in the Shopify theme store. Search for user reviews and ratings coming from customers with experience using the particular theme in their purchases about positive and negative feedback.

Furthermore, look for impartial reviews of different types of Shopify themes in forums where customers share their experiences. With this, you will refer to various viewpoints that may assist in making your final choice.

Through reviewing customers’ feedback and ratings, businesses can understand how well the theme performs, whether its reliability and support level meet standards or not.

Step 6. Evaluate Responsiveness

Selecting a suitable Shopify pet store theme requires a measure of its responsiveness. It is a critical reason for shoppers on mobile to get a smooth browsing experience since customers are increasingly making purchase orders via their telephones. Responsive Shopify themes resize their design according to the type of device being used for viewing—a desk-top, tablet, or mobile phone.

Through this way, you provide to customers with an easy way to access their website on any device, view the goods, and make purchases. When analyzing themes, seek ones with compatibility with all device platforms for easy access for their users.

Step 7. Consider Support and Updates

The next factor to be considered is the support and updates offered by the theme developer. Let’s select a theme with dependable service that is prompt in addressing any concerns or queries that come up during set-up or customization.

On top of that, verify whether the theme upgrades regularly and its additional options are compatible with the most recent version of Shopify. With a reliable theme that is regularly updated, you will always feel relaxed when operating the website’s look for your pet store Shopify theme since its features will correspond to the changing, flexible requirements of your business.

10+ Best Shopify Pet Store Themes to Enhance Online Stores’ Look

The collection of the top 10+ Shopify Pet Store Themes will be shown below:


Honey Shopify by Archer Commerce is a premium theme with a highly flexible, quick-set-up theme made for tiny customers or pet shops. The Honey pet Shopify theme’s main color is neutral, like gray and milky; its minimalist theme style is a big plus to attract the pet shop’s attention.

Although the Honey theme only has two main theme styles: Paws and Treasure, it is still highly reviewed by customers, with 100% positive reviews.

honey Shopify pet store themes

Paw theme styles will be a great choice for stores selling cats and dogs. The surprising point is that the color swatches of the Honey theme match the color interface of cats and dogs. As a result, this is a great opportunity for the websites, which want to build a store to offer the necessary items for pets.

Pricing: $380 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Paws and Treasure

Top Features:

  • Make Any Image Shoppable: It’s simpler than ever to convert your visitors into buyers with Honey’s ‘Shop the Look’ feature and three QuickShop options.
  • Bundles & Upsells Included: Without using an app, you may combine related products, upsell them, and even add gift wrapping!
  • Flexible Branding: With our wide range of setting options, you can easily adapt Honey to your brand without writing any special code.
  • Endless Free Trial: You can use your own items, brand colors, and adjustments to test the theme without cost. $380 one-time payment is required if you decide to add the theme to your store.


For pet stores aiming to boost sales, the premium-paid theme Vision by Fuel Themes is a wise investment because it can optimize to maximize conversions. The pricing of the Vision theme is $300 and includes four alluring presets designed for particular sectors like Default, Emerald, Poochy, and Velocite. In there, theme-style Poochy is a great choice for pet stores that want to change the look.

vision Shopify pet store themes

The variety of theme designs, which offer aesthetically pleasing designs that appeal to their customers, makes them suitable for a variety of enterprises. For stores of pet products, the poochy style theme is so vibrant to showcase the pet products booth. Overall, they improve the way products are presented and offer a great customer experience when shopping for their pets.

Pricing: $300 USD

Review: 80% positive

Theme styles: Default, Emerald, Poochy and Velocite

Top Features:

  • 36+ Custom Sections: Using a variety of custom sections and conversion-optimized templates, Vision enables businesses to design any layout they need. By streamlining the setup procedure, this feature enables enterprises to rapidly begin taking orders.
  • Product Card Variations: By giving businesses the freedom to design many product card variations, Vision gives them the power to personalize the appearance of their online stores. This function enables distinctive product displays that appeal to B2B customers and improve the shopping experience.
  • Video support: The theme fully supports Shopify-hosted videos in areas devoted to media. B2B companies may create a contemporary and interesting shopping experience by integrating films into their stores, which will ultimately boost sales.


The Champion Shopify theme by Loess, Inc. is a premium and visually stunning Shopify theme for landing pages in the pet sector to inspire shopping for customers. It includes five main theme styles: Flash, Vivid, Exhibit, Roast and Fringe. Vivid Theme is a fantastic option for online stores to display products for pets: toys, food, treats, and more.

The Champion pet Shopify theme is designed to optimize the brand’s look and focus on an enhanced experience that controls usage and conversion rates. Also, it provides a seamless and enjoyable customer journey.

champion Shopify pet store themes

With a selection of interchangeable parts and features, all carefully considered for the most impressive visual appeal, users have the creative freedom to nurture their brand story and create lasting value.

Pricing: $350 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Flash, Vivid, Exhibit, Roast and Fringe

Top Features:

  • Leading Theme Expertise: The developers of the Champion theme are a group of former Shopify employees who have a combined total of more than 7 years’ experience developing cutting-edge Shopify themes. This achievement can guarantee a dependable and high-quality theme for stores, especially pet stores.
  • Packed with Features: The Champion Shopify theme provides a number of features, such as giant menus, color swatches, custom product badges, and fast view, all of which are intended to improve the entire shopping experience and increase conversions for B2B businesses.
  • Highly Flexible: The Champion theme enables businesses to quickly modify their online store, enabling them to successfully express their brand story. Plus, this theme has a robust collection of sections and features built for visual impact more efficiently.


Fetch is a Shopify theme developed by Archetype Themes, specifically a professional Shopify theme for pet stores that has a minimalist style and adaptable layout options to boost conversions.

Beside providing themes for pet stores, this versatile theme is ideal for selling accessories, children’s toys, and beauty goods because of its amusing features. Combining powerful features, a flexible layout, and a mobile-first approach, Fetch is a reliable pick for the best Shopify pet store themes.

fetch Shopify pet store themes

The Fetch theme’s commitment to uniqueness is confirmed by its avant-garde graphic design scheme. It ignites unmatched creativity that sets the brands apart and captures the audience with a visually stunning story. This powerful marriage of artistic and strategic thinking inspires action, inspiring visitors to become loyal customers.

Pricing: $350 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Hush, Play and Bark

Top Features:

  • Favorite Theme Agency: Get top-notch designs, performance, and support from Shopify’s premier theme agency, trusted by 100K+ merchants worldwide.
  • Continuous Mobile Experience: With rapid add-to-basket and cross-selling options, create a smooth mobile purchasing experience for all the customers.
  • Various image layouts: With the distinctive design and image layout, unleash your creativity and stand out. Engage your audience and spur them to action!
  • Construct for performance: Full of features that increase conversions, like Quick Buy, Mega Menu, Shop the Look, Countdown, Scrolling Text, Pop-Ups, and more!
  • Actual mobile-first: Design that is quick, small, and easy on the thumb and optimized for mobile SEO. On any device, your business will load swiftly and look amazing.
  • Sections everywhere: With our 20+ drag-and-drop parts, you can easily modify your theme. With little to no coding, you have lots of room to add your unique flair thanks to our minimalist approach to design.


Automation pet Shopify theme by Stickyt is a fantastic option, so it’s easy for you to start selling on an online platform. This theme is ideal, especially for pet stores on Shopify and those planning to improve the store’s appearance.

The Shopify Automation theme is a must-try for anyone aiming for a visually appealing design for pet products, improved loading performance, and other advantages in terms of conversion rates.

automation Shopify pet store themes

Almost all of the features needed to develop a modern Shopify store are included in the automation Shopify theme. Building a dream store should be as easy as walking in a park with many different features and flexible sections. The Automation theme offers two example presets, ‘Default’ and ‘Cute’ styles, to give more professionalism to the shop’s appearance.

Pricing: $250 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Default and Cute

Top Features:

  • Feature original image covers: Use image covers to highlight features on your product page or just to give it a more cinematic look, especially in dark mode.
  • Adding bundles without using an app: Boost average order value by offering customers a discount or free shipping when buying a bundle or frequently bought-together products.
  • Return of stock alert: Customers can register to get an email when a product is restocked. No need for outside applications!
  • Product reviews, countdown clocks, color samples, hotspots, before-and-after sliders, and other conversion-boosting elements are available.
  • Promotional features are abundant, including banners, tiles, popups, slideshows, galleries, image hotspots, and more.
  • In the cart and check-out sections: Gift wrapping, sticky cart, cart notes, slide-out cart, pre-order, in-store pickup, etc.
  • Unlimited Free Trial and Download a Free Theme


In the collection of the 10+ best Shopify pet store themes, Upscale Shopify is a premium theme supercharged for pet shops thanks to its features and customization. The Upscales theme has five example presets, including Gem, Silk, Onyx, Clay, and Amber. In there, the Amber theme is a great choice for stores in the pet sector, where they provide items for cats and dogs.

The biggest benefit of the Upscale theme is that it is highly customizable and packed with functionality, enabling the majority of merchants to effortlessly convey their brand however they want without the need for an app.

upscale Shopify pet store themes

About supporting, the products of the developer Loess Inc. offer lifetime help to its customers and make a commitment to regularly update the support information based on the most frequently asked issues. As a result, pet stores can be free to be creative according to the best way to improve the store’s look efficiently.

Pricing: $350 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Gem, Silk, Onyx, Clay and Amber

Top Features:

  • Flexible design with ease: Built to be flexible without becoming complex. Take full control of your online store on any device and express your brand there.
  • Boost conversion: Upscale themes include everything you need to market products, cross-sell, and boost conversion. It was inspired by the most tested conversion drivers.
  • Best-in-class user experience: Enhanced navigation, filtering, and search. Nothing stands in the way of your clients finding and purchasing your stuff.
  • Features in the cart and check out sections, including gift wrapping, cart notes, slide-out cart and in-store pickups


The Shopify Paper theme by Brickspace Lab is a feature-rich theme designed for stores or businesses of all sizes, from small to large. This is certainly a reliable option for those who are interested in cats or dogs, especially in pet shops.

About theme styles, the Paper theme has 5 example presets, including poster, parts, play, pastel, and pull, with a variety of colors. In there, the pull theme may be one you need to find to change the pet store’s appearance.

paper Shopify pet store themes

Along with outstanding features like a sticky header, a back-to-top button, or collection page navigation, Paper pet Shopify theme will make a perfect layout to efficiently emphasize the loveliness of pets on your online stall.

Pricing: $320 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Poster, Parts, Play, Pastel and Pull

Top Features:

  • Conversion boosting design: The paper theme is designed to boost conversion rates. Customers will take advantage of deals, enjoy browsing, and complete quick checkouts.
  • Feature-rich: The Paper Shopify theme is a solid and feature-rich theme. It’s easy to bring stores to life using the many expertly designed drag-and-drop sections.
  • Optimized for performance: Speed is important for e-commerce businesses or stores on an online platform. A few seconds can have a big impact. From the start, the Paper theme was built with performance in mind.
  • Collection page navigation and infinite scroll in the product discovery section
  • Fully provide shipping and delivery information and ingredients or nutritional information to support customers when shopping for pet items on the website


The modern versatility and simplicity of the Shopify Yuva theme can easily adapt to a range of product categories and sectors, especially for pet stores or shops providing toys and food for cats and dogs.

The Yuva theme by Shine Dezign Infonet is popular, with 5 main theme styles: amazing, woofy, elegant, bold, and classic. And Woofy’s theme preset cannot be ignored if you are seeking a fantastic appearance for pet shops. Thanks to the message “Pets have the power to bring joy, companionship, and love into people’s lives,”, Woofy has succeeded in tapping into the insights of customers.

yuva Shopify pet store themes

Regarding the design of the Yuva theme, its minimalist design ensures that your items are the star of the homepage by giving them a polished and professional appearance. You are given the ability to design a bespoke shopping experience that complements the look and feel of your business, thanks to its flexible layout options and sectional customizations.

Pricing: $210 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Amaze, Woofy, Elegant, Bold and Classic

Top Features:

  • Modern Design: Modern design elements like multi-level menus, crisp typography, and responsive design are all incorporated into the theme’s construction.
  • Countdown sale banner: Always keep customers informed of the store’s operations and special offers. Visitors are drawn in by the sale counter.
  • Introducing “Re-Order” feature: Allowing users to quickly and easily reorder things they’ve already ordered from the account page will save them time and effort.
  • Quick view: The theme enables visitors to rapidly access the product & their evaluations in one click without refreshing the entire site in order to provide them with a pleasant experience.
  • Three Different Product Pages: The Yuva theme provides 2 distinct options for how your e-store’s product pages are displayed. Your online store can look even more stunning by using the slider view and stacked view.
  • Bar for Free Shipping: Enable free delivery options for every purchase so that your consumers may see them in the cart drawer (mini cart).


One of the Shopify pet store themes named Boost by Clean Canvas is a playful and powerful premium theme built to boost sales effectively. It has four example presets: Spark, Flourish, Bloom, and Inspire. The Spark theme is a fantastic option for pet shops thanks to the various colors and cartoon design to emphasize the lovely items for pets.

boost Shopify pet store themes

In addition, the Boost Spark theme has rounded sides and a pleasing color scheme, which give it a lively appearance. In order to help customers improve the aesthetics and usefulness of stores, the developers have preserved the basic style while also integrating certain apps and custom code, such as product badges, store locators, and banners.

Pricing: $320 USD

Review: 88% positive

Theme styles: Spark, Flourish, Bloom and Inspire

Top Features:

  • Interact with your customers: Let your brand personality shine through with feature-rich sections, interactive content, and customizable promos.
  • Compete with big retailers: Loaded with all the tools you require, including powerful product filters, configurable sections, promotions, SEO, and performance.
  • Endless free trial: You can use your own items, brand colors, and adjustments to test the theme without cost. If you add the theme to your store, you’ll receive a one-time payment of $320
  • Cart notes and in-store pickups


The Loft theme by Trailblaze Media is a great Shopify theme for pet stores. Loft has three main theme styles, including Lawrence, Kansas City, and Nashville. In there, theme style Kansas City is individually designed for the websites in the pet sector.

With its modern and adaptable design, Loft is suited for various features of arrangements on multiple designs in a number of styles. This enables the stores to cater to the changing preferences of customers by satisfying their needs and boosting their promotion drive.

The theme offers various promotional means that can assist in the implementation of sales strategies, such as up-selling tools, eye-catching banners and tiles, and visually appealing image options, among others.

loft Shopify pet store themes

The Loft Shopify theme is optimized to suit larger images, thereby providing the highest quality representation for the images about pets. As a result, pet stores can display various colors, and at the same time, customers will not hesitate to shop at your store, for shopping here is a great experience.

Pricing: $280 USD

Review: 92% positive

Theme styles: Lawrence, Kansas City and Nashville

Top Features:

  • Custom promotion tiles allow you to promote sales, discounts, and featured products
  • Mega menu helps customers to navigate the store easily
  • Cart notes in the cart and check out
  • Optimized for longer-form text sections to support brand storytelling
  • Suggested products, advanced search, product filtering and sorting in the product discovery section
  • Stock counter, product reviews to make an impression for customers when shopping


The Minion Shopify theme by Softali is simple and elegant for the pet industry, with premium features that increase conversions for stores and give your Shopify store a clean, expert appearance.

The product catalogs of the Minion Shopify theme have fully functional functions to help the stores sell items for pets. It includes shopping by pet, like a cat, dog, fish, small pet, reptile, bird, pharmacy, or other pet services.

minion Shopify pet store themes

On the other hand, the Minion – pet store Shopify theme supports the policies about shipping and returning for customers when shopping online. With more than 24 customizable elements available, this highly adaptable theme not only makes it simple to design a website, but Minion’s jovial typography and flexible design help customers feel more comfortable when using it.

Pricing: $250 USD

Review: 100% positive

Theme styles: Vertical, Classic, Tiles, White and Red

Top Features:

  • Fast Shopify theme with compacted, and thumb-friendly design with a focus on mobile
  • 3 different types of navigation: the widest range of layout, design, and alternatives for stores
  • Customizability. 24 components: Create a customized layout for any page. Options for flexible design and personalization to realize the customer’s desired vision.
  • Theme setup procedures are simplified to enable a quick launch
  • Fully featured in merchandising sections: product tabs, size chart, slideshow, and animation
  • Ingredients or nutritional information about the products for pets
  • Cross-selling, press coverage, product badges, and trust badges in the marketing and conversion section.
  • Blog posts to share useful knowledge about caring for pets or the best menu food for them

The Bottom Line

As a result, to draw website visitors, you must have an outstanding and attractive Shopify theme. Let’s think about the top 10+ Shopify pet store themes in this post. It will help you successfully connect with the customer’s needs, and businesses can create a professional and engaging online presence that showcases all the products effectively.

BSS Commerce Shopify hopes that, whether you’re selling pet supplies, accessories, or services, the list of the best Shopify themes for pet stores above provides a convenient and customizable solution for your e-commerce needs.

However, if you have the intent of opening a fashion shop, the Eurus Shopify theme may be a good choice with its reasonable pricing. With the Eurus theme, you are permitted an endless free trial until you are totally satisfied and make a purchasing decision.