In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, Shopify Plus stands as a notable platform, catering to businesses with high growth ambitions. One of the core of Shopify Plus lies in its powerful API, a game-changer that empowers enterprises to achieve seamless integrations and enhanced functionalities. In this article, we’ll explore what is the Shopify Plus API and how it can amplify your eCommerce journey.

API Overview

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which essentially serves as a digital protocol enabling communication between two or more software programs. This communication includes tasks such as requesting, sending, and receiving data. API appears a lot in real life. For example, when you log in to a website using Facebook/Gmail, you pay your bill on a website with PayPal or a banking account, and more.

What is Shopify Plus API?

Shopify Plus API is a robust application programming interface developed by Shopify, designed to empower businesses with advanced tools and functionalities to optimize their online stores. This API serves as a bridge that allows different software applications to communicate effectively with the Shopify Plus platform. This interface enables a smooth exchange of data and information, facilitating the creation of personalized, efficient, and dynamic eCommerce experiences.

What is API

The Benefits of Shopify Plus API

The Shopify Plus API is a stunning feature among Shopify Plus features. It brings forth a range of benefits that elevate your eCommerce operations to new heights:

Increased API Rate Limits

Shopify Plus offers increased API rate limits compared to the standard Shopify plan. It ensures faster and more efficient communication between your systems and the Shopify Plus platform. This leads to quicker data synchronization, streamlined processes, and reduced waiting times for your customers.

Apps installed on Shopify Plus stores will now get 500 points/second on the GraphQL Admin API and 20 requests/second on the REST Admin API. This means that Shopify Plus merchants can make more API calls per second, which can be helpful for businesses that need to process a lot of data or make frequent updates to their stores.

The increased API rate limits of Shopify Plus can help businesses improve their performance and scalability. They can also help businesses save time and money by reducing the need to purchase additional third-party services.

Here are some specific examples of how the increased API rate limits of Shopify Plus can be used:

  • A large e-commerce store can use the increased limits to process orders and inventory updates more quickly.
  • A marketing agency can use the increased limits to create and send personalized email campaigns more efficiently.
  • A shipping company can use the increased limits to track shipments and generate shipping labels rapidly.

Overall, the increased API rate limits of Shopify Plus can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. They can help businesses to improve their performance, scalability, and efficiency.

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Exclusive API Resources

The Shopify Plus API boasts an array of powerful resources that can revolutionize your eCommerce venture:

Gift Card API Resource

A gift card is one of the payment methods on Shopify. It’s a prepaid card and has a unique code used to redeem the gift card. Customers can use it to make purchases during the checkout process. The balance of a gift card can be redeemed over one or multiple checkouts depending on the amount on the card.

With the Shopify Plus API Gift Card resource, you can create, retrieve, and update gift cards for your own store with ease. As a store owner, you can assign a gift card to a specific customer. This means that the gift card can only be used by that customer. It’s an interesting strategy to expand your brand’s reach, get more conversions, and enhance customer loyalty for your site.

Shopify Plus API Gift Card resource

Multipass API Resource

Seamlessly allow your customers to access and navigate multiple storefronts with a single login. This resource simplifies the user experience, catering to the modern shopper’s desire for convenience.

Multipass is a convenient API for Shopify Plus merchants who have a webstore and another website. It’s a handy API that lets you link your sites together. For example, if you have a website where you share your passion about how to take care of ‘little friends’ for animal lovers and a webstore where you sell related products for dogs & cats, you can direct your site visitors to your shop easily. You can add a link to your website that takes them straight to your webstore, and logs them in with the same email they used for your website.

In this way, your visitors don’t have to log in twice or create multiple accounts. They can enjoy a smooth and simple shopping experience. And you don’t have to worry about syncing different customer databases. Shopify Plus API Multipass does it all for you.

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Multipass Shopify Plus API

User API Resource

Shopify Plus User API will be great for any store owner who has many staff joining to manage eCommerce websites. It lets you manage user accounts and permissions for your staff as you can retrieve all information about your workers including their permissions on your site.

Get access to Shopify Plus User API resource

Shopify Plus Development Services

If you are struggling with Shopify Plus web development, API, and Shopify Plus integration with 3-party systems, Shopify Plus migration and need an expert team to resolve your issues, BSS Commerce Shopify offers you dedicated Shopify Plus development services. Just take a minute to share your thoughts with us and we will come back with the optimal solution for your concerns.

Wrap Up

The Shopify Plus API is a stunning feature that you should utilize for your store. Connecting software applications and the Shopify Plus platform opens a new space of efficiency, customization, and growth. The increased API rate limits ensure swift interactions, while the diverse API resources: Gift Card, Multipass, and User, give unparalleled personalization and convenience.

As you embrace the power of the Shopify Plus API, you turn your business for success in the digital age of commerce. Have this transformative tool in hand and go on a journey towards elevated eCommerce experiences and high user experience.

Reference: Shopify help center

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