If you are a merchant who has business growth quickly and is looking for an eCommerce platform that suits your business, Shopify Plus will be the best option. With robust Shopify Plus features, it’s easier for you to scale your business and enhance customer experience. In this article, we will dive into features of Shopify Plus that make Shopify Plus one of the leading eCommerce solutions for enterprise-level businesses.

What is Shopify Plus?

Before going to the Shopify Plus feature list, we will find the answer to the question “What is Shopify Plus?”

Shopify Plus is an advanced version of the Shopify store platform with advanced features and benefits for merchant to run their business effectively.

It is specifically created for fast-growing enterprise-level businesses. It offers many robust features to meet the needs of ambitious merchants who are expanding their digital storefronts rapidly. If you are wondering about all prices when building a Shopify Plus store, check out the article on Shopify Plus Pricing Review.


Shopify Plus Features List

Let’s discover remarkable Shopify Plus plan features to see the huge difference between Shopify & Shopify Plus features:

Intuitive Organization Admin Dashboard

With this Shopify Plus feature, merchants can manage their multiple stores in a breeze. The organization admin feature enables you to control multiple storefronts, users, and billings from a centralized dashboard. It will help to save tons of time for store owners.

Shopify Plus features organization admin

Also, an Analytics page is designed to display aggregated metrics across all stores in your organization. Thus, you can have an overview of the health of your stores view details of each store, and compare the data among stores as well.

Additional Advanced Apps and Channels

Shopify Plus includes a wide range of additional specialized apps and channels in comparison with Shopify. Those apps will be a good help in growing your business. They allow you to optimize your stores with stunning tools and integrations such as B2B, Wholesale channel, Launchpad, Bulk Account Inviter, and ShopifyQL Notebooks.

Shopify Plus B2B features allow you to sell business-to-business through the online store without a third-party integration. Except for all features available to merchants on Shopify, it has other features such as customer-specific catalogs, payment terms, discounts, custom pricing, custom themes, and APIs.

Shopify Plus b2b features

The Wholesale channel is to help you expand your business into wholesale by creating a separate store. It allows you to track all your wholesale customers and orders from the Admin dashboard.

Another app in the Shopify Plus plan is Launchpad which you can use to schedule, track and analyze events namely product drops, sales, or inventory restocking.

In case you want to invite many of your customers to activate their accounts on your store, the Bulk Account Inviter app – a feature of Shopify Plus will serve you well.

And if you get hard to retrieve the data, don’t worry. In the Shopify Plus plan features, there is the ShopifyQL Notebook app that enables you to query and present the data visually.

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Checkout Extensibility

This one is one of Shopify Plus new features, instead of Checkout.liquid which will be deprecated on August 13, 2024. With this Checkout Extensibility, merchants can customize the Information form, Shipping method, or Payment pages in their checkout. Also, it lets you add apps from other developers and customize pages to fit the store branding.

Shopify Plus new features checkout extensibility

Extensive API Resources

Shopify Plus opens up a world of possibilities with its API resources. This allows for seamless integration with many third-party platforms as you wish, enabling merchants to expand their reach and enhance customer experiences.

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Dedicated Team Support

When using the Shopify Plus plan, merchants will receive dedicated support from an expert team called “Launch Team”. They will assist you in getting your store online quickly with strategies and solutions that suit your business requirements. Therefore, you can start to sell quickly.

Merchant Success Program

The Merchant Success Program feature of Shopify Plus provides merchants with exclusive access to resources, tools, and insights to foster growth and achieve success in the competitive eCommerce industry.

Shopify Plus features Merchant Success Program

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Unlimited Staff Accounts

Running an enterprise-level business is much easier if you can share jobs with others. Knowing that Shopify provides merchants with the ability to add unlimited staff/collaborator accounts and delegate tasks to them. Through this feature, you can work effectively with your team to rock the business to the next level with Shopify Plus features.

Staff’s Store Permissions

Moreover, Shopify Plus releases the feature of permission settings to safeguard your store’s private data and more control over various aspects of your eCommerce operations. Depending on the position of each staff member, the Shopify admin can give them permission to access particular parts of the whole store administration and specific functions and features.

Shopify plus store permission feature

Expansion Stores

Expand your e-commerce business with ease using expansion stores as Shopify Plus supports 9 expansion stores. This feature of Shopify Plus allows you to create and manage multiple stores under one centralized dashboard, maximizing your earnings and saving your time.

Unlimited Development Stores

One of the stunning Shopify Plus features is unlimited development stores. This feature enables you to create duplicate stores for testing & experimenting with new functions/features without affecting the main store.

Shopify Plus Partner Program

Are you looking for Shopify Plus experts who will help you give the best solutions to enhance your store’s capacities and grow your business? The Shopify Plus Partner Program is exactly the one you need. This program will connect you with Shopify Plus experts who understand your industry thoroughly – inside and outside.

BSS Shopify Commerce is one of trust-worthy eCommerce experts and is recognized as a certified Shopify Partner. The full services are offered to merchants by BSS Shopify Plus Agency including migrating, building, integrating, and growing your business.

In case you would like to calculate the amount to build a store with Shopify Plus, this tool will help you quickly – Shopify Plus Store Development Cost Calculator. Just take 2 minutes to fill in the form and you will get the result quickly.

shopify plus expert feature

Shopify Plus Themes

With Shopify Plus features package, you can choose from a wide range of pre-made themes and add up to 100 themes to your Shopify account. Leverage your store power and optimize the user experience with the premium Shopify Plus themes feature.

shopify Plus themes feature

Shopify POS Pro

This Shopify Plus feature is made for retail purposes with a variety of features. It provides a completed point-of-sale (POS) solution for your online store so that you can sell your products anywhere you want. Shopify POS also syncs with Shopify to track your orders and inventory across your sales systems.

Shopify Plus POS pro feature

More about POS program from Shopify:


Shopify Plus enables you to integrate with many third-party applications and tools such as CRM, ERP, 3PL, OMS, IMS, etc. It allows you to optimize your store’s functionality and cater to your customers’ diverse needs. For details, check out this article in the Shopify Plus integration guide.

Shopify Plus Academy

Merchants can access the Shopify Plus Academy feature to update with the latest eCommerce knowledge, insights, and online training programs on topics related to their business. All are for merchants to grow their business quickly and effectively.

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Final Words

A wide range of Shopify Plus features makes Shopify Plus a must-try package for businesses seeking an easy-to-scale and powerful eCommerce solution. Whether you’re planning to migrate to Shopify Plus or exploring its capabilities, the platform’s robust features and user-friendly interface are sure to revolutionize your eCommerce journey. Embrace Shopify Plus features list, and unlock the potential for unprecedented growth and success in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.