Shopify Plus currently has over 25,743 active brands and has processed billions of dollars in sales. But what is it about these institutions that makes them so appealing? The following is a list of the Top successful Shopify Plus stores and information on what makes them unique.

Without further ado, let’s start now!

Amazing Shopify Plus Stores Statistics 2023

As of July 2023, the global presence of Shopify Plus stores stands remarkably high at an impressive count of 32,990, spread across an extensive network of 175 countries. Among these nations, it is the United States that boasts the highest number of Shopify Plus stores, a staggering 27,308 establishments. This clearly reflects the widespread adoption and popularity of Shopify Plus among retailers in the United States.

However, it’s not just limited to the US; the influence of Shopify Plus has been consistently expanding in other regions as well. One of the prominent examples is the United Kingdom, where retailers also favor this platform as a go-to choice for their businesses.

Shopify Plus Benefits To Online Store

The impressive reach and usage of Shopify Plus stores across diverse countries are testaments to its effectiveness and appeal in the global retail landscape.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus not only stops at store growth but also shows a strong association with social media. ECommerce firms use social media platforms to interact with millions of customers. Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms for eCommerce companies, with Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube also seeing significant usage.

When comparing Shopify Plus stores to other Shopify stores, Facebook and Instagram usage is around 50% higher on Shopify Plus stores. In general, Shopify Plus merchants are far more likely than other merchants to add contact information.

  • 70.8% of Shopify Plus stores use Instagram
  • 68.8% of Shopify Plus stores use Facebook
  • 37.4% of Shopify Plus stores use LinkedIn

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Top Categories For Shopify Plus Stores

Since its first release in 2014, Shopify Plus has quickly become a must-have product for the eCommerce business. With over 1 million business customers, this platform is an appealing alternative for hyper-growth companies looking for specialized support and bespoke eCommerce solutions. On the other hand, Shopify Plus quickly grabbed the attention of large and well-known eCommerce firms.

But what is the standout category in Shopify Plus?

The industry breakdown is similar to all Shopify stores (regardless of pricing plan). However, merchants in the Beauty & Fitness and Arts & Entertainment categories are more likely to use Shopify Plus, while merchants in the Food & Drink are less likely.

Top Categories For Shopify Plus Stores

Source: Store Leads

Here are the top 3 categories for Shopify Plus websites:

  • 36.3% of Shopify Plus websites sell fashion & apparel products.
  • 11.9% of Shopify Plus companies sell beauty & fitness products.
  • 10.8% of Shopify Plus merchants sell home furnishing products.

Top Outstanding Shopify Plus Stores

Many of the most rapidly growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) firms use Shopify Plus as their eCommerce platform, frequently upgrading from a Shopify site. These Shopify Plus merchants may use it to streamline their marketing, advertising, customer service, eCommerce warehousing, and order fulfillment to create an end-to-end eCommerce solution that allows for growth.

BSS Commerce, for example, is a certificated Shopify partner for store design and development, assisting fast-growing Shopify Plus firms in integrating robust eCommerce solutions that will help you boost your store.

Kylie Cosmetics

Shopify Plus stores - Kylie cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s online shop is a perfect example of the Shopify Plus website. Every year, there are several well-known flash deals. Kylie Cosmetic also ranks first in our list of Shopify Plus stores in the first half of 2022. Products like eyeliners, lipsticks, and the like are frequently sold out within minutes of being publicized on social media (sometimes even seconds).

Moreover, a solid technical infrastructure, such as the one provided by Shopify Plus, must go smoothly. Using Shopify Plus expert setup, Kylie does not have to make up for any inconvenience.

They believe in Shopify Plus and its themes, not because it is simple to use. But it allows them to provide a premium user experience, which is exactly what their customers expect. And that is Kylie Jenner’s long-term business goal: to give her customers what they WANT.

In addition, Shopify themes are designed to meet the needs of a growing business. With converting Shopify themes, managing increasing traffic and revenues is a no-brainer. It also guarantees that your consumers will not have to wait for your website to load.

What you can learn from them:

  • Provide customers with what they desire.
  • Complete market awareness is an unrivaled advantage.
  • If you want to stand out, offer complementary products.
  • Leverage Shopify Plus: The platform avoided going overboard in design and navigation. They took the ‘less is more approach to bringing one of the most well-known celebrity brands to life.

Eyewear by David Beckham

Eyewear by David Beckham - Shopify Plus websites

Coming to the next on the list of top best Shopify Plus Stores is Eyewear by David Beckham. David Beckham is another A-list celebrity who sells things through a Shopify Plus store. The former football/soccer player sells fashionable eyewear through his internet store called Eyewear by David Beckham. On the other hand, this store is an excellent example of employing one of the numerous designs to improve the customer experience and increase buy conversion.

In fact, David Beckham has been selling branded apparel on the Shopify platform since the beginning of his business. Furthermore, all of the expansions are powered by Shopify platform capabilities, so developing companies may find this example very beneficial.

What you can learn from them:

  • Increase online sales by improving faceted navigation and search.
  • There is a clear division of collections to help customers quickly find the messages they need.
  • Have a clear product description

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Fire Dept. Coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee - Shopify Plus companies

This coffee roaster began as a pastime in Illinois but quickly grew into a thriving, full-fledged business with roughly 25 people. Fire Dept. Coffee‘s reputation skyrocketed due to its high-quality roasts and the company’s commitment to hiring active and retired firefighters and veterans.

They wanted a website that could keep up with their expansion and found it in Shopify Plus. With a focus on user experience and SEO and the addition of subscription services, the platform enabled the company to achieve a 300 percent growth in year-over-year sales. Furthermore, subscriptions now account for 25% of revenue.

Some of the outstanding data of this one of the top Shopify Plus companies:

  • Online sales increased by 300 percent yearly, with subscriptions accounting for 25 percent of revenue.
  • Revenue increased fourfold year on year (online and in-store)

What you can learn from them:

  • Focus on user experience and SEO
  • Bring value to products
  • Provide related items for cross-selling
  • Include a custom pricing strategy.
  • Offer review section

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Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor - shopify plus merchants

Lord & Taylor was one of the most well-known and longest-running companies in the world of brick-and-mortar department shops. However, as the world shifted to eCommerce, the company lost money since it lacked an online store to refer its clients to.

They chose Shopify Plus and got an online store in under 100 days. Not only was there a lot of traffic on the site (approximately 2.14 million visitors), but they were also making a lot of purchases using Shopify’s payment system, Shop Pay. This well-known firm transitioned from in-person to online (and mobile) in months, increasing income by 44 percent.

Some of the outstanding data of this one of the top Shopify Plus stores:

  • 63% of revenue is processed with Shopify Payments.
  • Revenue from the Shop Pay sales channel accounts for 44% of total revenue.
  • Shop Pay orders result in a 3.5% increase in average order value.

What you can learn from them:

  • Provide email pop-up
  • Use Shopify’s payment system
  • Great customer navigation

Ideally, your store can also offer an excellent customer experience by leveraging BSS Commerce’s Shopify Plus development service. BSS accompanies you on your entire journey with Shopify Plus set up and maintenance service to help your store avoid difficulties and security risks, in addition to constructing your website. Meanwhile, this Shopify developer works hard to increase your sales through optimization.

BSS Commerce - shopify plus development

Skinnydip London

Skinnydip London - Shopify Plus stores

Skinnydip London is a lifestyle brand aimed at millennial women. Their vibrant pink and white website makes it simple to find what you’re looking for (and persuade you to buy more than you had intended).

  • 11.62% increase in AOV
  • 38% increase in sales
  • 62.97% increase in revenue

To be more specific, Skinnydip London has become one of Shopify Plus stores thanks to the hover function that changes the photo’s perspective on all products. Besides, the store also has a “you may also enjoy” section depending on products you’ve previously browsed through, which encourages customers to buy more.

Last but not least, the other two unique points are unique product tags that show what Skinny Dips recommends and the “Shop our Instagram” section, where you can click on photographs to be taken to product pages.

What you can learn from them:

  • Obtain the hover feature, shop our Instagram area, and other fun features on your site.
  • Optimize site search


Allbirds - Shopify Plus stores

According to their website, AllBirds sells the “world’s most comfortable shoes.” You are fully immersed in a delightful multimedia experience when you enter their homepage. Besides, infographics, movies, and bright photographs make the purchasing experience distinctive and enjoyable.

Following that, Its goods are known for being the most comfortable sneakers globally, but as Allbirds expanded beyond its website and into the real world, it wanted to provide just as comfortable a shopping experience for its customers. Allbirds, which has more than 20 stores worldwide, has benefited from Shopify POS system (point of sale) running its omnichannel operation.

  • Conversions increased utilizing the technologies of buying in-store and shipping to the customer.
  • More competent inventory management allows it to maintain less merchandise in-store and operate in less retail space.
  • Use up to 18 Shopify POS systems in each business simultaneously to expedite client checkout.

What you can learn from them:

  • Include sign-up pop-up
  • On the homepage, there is an eye-catching photo carousel.
  • An excellent addition” image explains how the organization is environmentally friendly and essential to customers.
  • A video shows someone flexing their foot in a comfortable pair of AllBirds sneakers on the homepage.
  • “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” section includes the logos of major corporations that agree with that notion.
  • When you go on either the men’s or women’s page, there is a scale with photographs of several sorts of shoes that range from wool (soft and cuddly) to tree (light and breezy), making it much easier to browse for a particular style of shoe.


Shinesty - shopify plus stores

Shinesty‘s website is worth a look if you like silly, quirky, and vintage-style clothing among thousands of clothing Shopify Plus Stores. Their homepage is vibrant and eye-catching, which lures customers in right away.

Their merry and flamboyant team has designed a website experience that embraces the party animal in all of us. This one of the top Shopify Plus websites displays the many styles that should be worn in some cases. Shinesty’s colorful website will keep you smiling and eventually purchasing, whether making a fashion statement on the mountain or showcasing your patriotism with some Rex Kwon Do American flag trousers.

In addition, the “You Vote, We Make” section was added to the website recently. This feature lets buyers and Shinesty fans vote on which styles they’d like to see produced. Thus, it engages customers and fosters a sense of community connecting with the business.

What you can learn from them:

  • A vibrant first page with a slew of busy patterns.
  • A “apologies in advance” section on the homepage features all their SEO keywords.
  • Theme area that categorizes outfits by holiday
  • Pre-order button, so folks can be notified when new costumes are available.
  • “Free $$$” clickbait page that tells you to suggest a friend and earn $20 off your next purchase, retargeting consumers successfully.
  • “Mad labs” is an area where you may submit your designs, and if enough people vote on them, Shinesty will produce that outfit.

Heinz UK

Heinz UK - shopify plus websites

Companies worldwide were impacted by the pandemic’s outcomes in 2020, including global behemoths like Heinz UK. As people were instructed to remain in their homes, the corporation discovered that many of their loyal consumers, especially seniors and vulnerable groups, were having difficulty accessing their products. They planned to sell direct-to-consumer (D2C) packages of popular products that could be delivered straight to customers’ homes.

Heinz picked Shopify Plus because of its stability and convenience of use and its capacity to meet rules and compliance. Because of the need to develop this site, the store was up and running in seven days, making it one of the quickest Shopify Plus stores built recently.

Furthermore, they curated customer-focused bundles easily accessible to their core customer categories by putting their customers first.

What you can learn from them:

  • Business models ranging from B2B to hybrid.
  • Food and privacy regulations were met.
  • Gifting was also a big trend during the epidemic, and Heinz capitalized on it with personalized gifting alternatives.


Simba - shopify plus companies

Simba is an excellent example of targeting a worldwide market with a cross-border necessity: mattresses. Specifically, this one of the successful Shopify Plus stores began just when the mattress-in-a-box market was taking momentum, with a commitment to recognizing individual market demands in different nations.

They also were able to design highly tailored and targeted branding, and Shopify Plus enabled them to create various shops to satisfy the needs of varying clients worldwide. Simba has managed to open almost ten stores in different global countries, accumulating more than $100 million in online sales.

What you can learn from them:

  • Simba uses Shopify Plus to handle all of its global shops, relying on its extensibility.
  • It’s added up to more than $100 million in global sales, collected in numerous currencies via distinct, personalized storefronts worldwide.
  • Unique payment method: Allow customers to pay in installments for 12 months


Gymshark - shopify plus stores

Gymshark is a well-known athletic apparel and equipment firm that has experienced significant growth in revenue and traffic as its social media fame grew. Their abrupt, quick expansion came when they were amidst a Magento site construction. Because of the platform’s complexity, the project took just over a year to complete, and by then, the company had outgrown the site. However, it wasn’t until the website broke on Black Friday and was down for eight hours that Gymshark decided to switch to SaaS and chose Shopify Plus.

Since then, this one of the top Shopify Plus companies expanded globally, launched immersive online-offline consumer interactions with Shopify POS system, and used Shopify Scripts to create custom code on Shopify Plus’ servers to modify the checkout experience.

What you can learn from them:

  • Provide an excellent customer experience by organizing globe tours for fan meetups and exhibitions and in-person sales for clients using the Shopify POS system.
  • Using Shopify Scripts, which allows merchants to write their custom code on Shopify Plus’ servers, retailers may modify the checkout and surprise consumers with freebies that reward loyalty.
  • Operate multi-Channel Campaigns Increase Holiday Revenue by 3X

Shopify Plus & BSS Commerce: The Winning Tech Stack

Shopify Plus is a dedicated platform for large businesses with powerful features, but it could still be better. The platform itself has said that Shopify Plus stores still need to use a third-party app or integration if you want to optimize the user experience.

Fortunately, BSS Commerce can assist you in extending the potential of your Shopify Plus store by integrating third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, and marketplaces. The expert tries to provide a consistent and smooth eCommerce experience that adds value to businesses and customers.

BSS Commerce - shopify plus expert

Not yet, BSS Shopify Commerce will collaborate with you to thoroughly comprehend your user experience and problem. Meaning the company will help you supercharge Shopify Plus websites and boost your brand on Shopify Plus by using the expertise of their professionals.

Wrap Up

This collection of Shopify Plus stores from various industries are successful examples. Looking at current patterns and assuming Shopify continues to perform, there is no sign of a slowdown shortly.

Even though we only showcased well-known corporations in this post, Shopify Plus might also be an appealing option for minor, fast-growing eCommerce businesses. If you are an online merchant who uses Shopify and wonders when and why you should switch from Shopify to Shopify Plus, this article will help you find the answer.

Whatever decision you pick, it is usually a good idea to consider outsourcing a tech developer. A certified Shopify partner, BSS Shopify Commerce provides a robust Shopify Plus website development. Their services will give you access to the most recent technologies and cutting-edge analytics.


1. How many Shopify Plus stores are there?

There are 28,359 domains that use Shopify Plus, but only about 18,906 unique merchants that have it.

2. Who are Shopify Plus customers?

Shopify Plus customers encompass a diverse array of businesses, typically established brands, high-growth companies, and enterprises seeking a platform that can accommodate their unique needs and aspirations.