Shopify Plus is introduced with many advanced features and valuable support. Still, with a price many times higher than the standard plans, many merchants have doubted whether it is really worth the investment.

Although Shopify is always at the top of the best eCommerce platforms today, perhaps for large-scale stores, three standard Shopify plans are not enough. Indeed, Shopify Plus is an enterprise option for organizations that want to go beyond the limitations of Shopify’s most basic subscription, “Advanced Shopify.”

Therefore, take a look at this Shopify plus review to clear up misunderstandings before you consider joining the big playground of eCommerce. Let’s get started now with all the necessary information about Shopify plus features and pricing to kick off your Shopify plus online stores.

A quick Shopify Plus review

Things To Consider About Shopify Plus

Shopify launched the Shopify Plus program in 2014 to attract large-scale and wholesale eCommerce businesses. Shopify Plus is a fully hosted corporate eCommerce platform for merchants and companies with a strong growth rate. Currently, Shopify Plus’s offering includes a robust set of capabilities. The company has also gained considerable market share from business incumbents.

Therefore, many businesses have wanted to migrate their existing websites to Shopify Plus. When switching from another eCommerce platform to Shopify Plus, there are a few things to consider. For example, you must consider your store’s present storefront functionality, which must be reproduced before being expanded, as well as your current company operations and backend admin system capabilities during the transfer process.

shopify plus overview

Although Shopify Plus merchants will also have access to a Shopify Launch Engineer who will help them with their technological needs and advice, moving from one platform to another is a complicated operation with many moving elements. It takes skilled technical know-how to ensure a smooth transition that doesn’t waste time or money for your eCommerce firm.
In this case, choosing a reputable developer is the fastest and most optimal solution. BSS Commerce, for example, can assist you in making the switch to Shopify Plus as effortlessly and securely as feasible. At the same time, improve code quality to improve website performance, aid data migration, and ensure SEO.

👉 A Complete Guide To Shopify Migration Without Coding Knowledge

Key features Shopify Plus

Besides the same parts as those found in Shopify’s three basic plans, the features of Shopify Plus have specific unique characteristics that you may require. Let me give you a quick rundown:

  • Cart Scripting: You’ll have complete control over the cart scripting logic. Complex or unique checkout rules such as individual discounts can also be implemented.
  • High-performance APIs: Be able to use proprietary APIs such as Multipass. Users only have to log in once, making selling articles across several websites more accessible.
  • Modify the checkout process: Customers will check out on your domain. You may customize the entire design with the Liquid.
  • Internationalization: The standard plans are primarily designed for single-language stores. You can add a transaction by using an app. This plan adds two more installations to your account that can be synchronized with each other using the API.
  • Avalara Tax integration: If your company is based in the United States, this tool makes it much easier to do it right.
  • Enterprise Roadmap: New features will be available to you automatically as a Plus customer. There is no need to upgrade.

Shopify plus cost reviews

Because Shopify Plus pricing is highly influenced by usage and sales volume. As a result, it varies significantly from one business to the next – and even month to month.

shopify plus cost

Shopify plus review about costs & fees for various elements:

  • Setup & Building costs (Template): It’s possible to use a pre-designed template, but most corporate merchants will want something unique to match their logo. Expect to pay for a reputable Shopify Plus development service from BSS Commerce. This service will improve user experience and conversions by customizing Shopify themes to match your brand identity. Indeed, BSS always provides customers with responsive, user-friendly, and engaging storefronts.
  • Shopify Plus license: The starting pricing is $2,000 per month and runs to $40,000 per month. This license allows you to construct up to 9 expansion stores, which many merchants utilize to open businesses in multiple regions (and languages). Remember that you get these additional expansion stores for free when calculating your monthly cost! If you distribute the $2,000 between several sites, those expansion stores will lessen your effective monthly fee.
  • Transaction fees: If you use Shopify Payments, you’ll be charged 1.6% + $0.35 for each transaction. If you use a third-party processor, you’ll also have to pay a 0.15% fee.

Other Shopify Plans vs Shopify Plus Review

shopify plus vs. shopify

In essence, Shopify Plus features include everything in the standard Shopify subscription, plus a few extras. So, we’ll focus on showing you the differences between these two to help you understand the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus.

A Dedicated Account Support (Launch Engineer)

First, users can generally contact Shopify for help by phone, email, or live chat. In some cases, you should hire a Shopify expert when things get too complex.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus provides personalized and dedicated support for your store. It appoints a Launch Engineer to your website, guiding you through the store setup and migration process. Besides, the Launch Engineer will be available to assist you, whether with third-party integrations or finding partners to work on custom projects for your business.

More Theme Customization With Access To Liquid

You can alter your Shopify templates using the editor with ordinary Shopify plans, though switching to an entirely different theme will be difficult.
In contrast, the key features in Shopify Plus allow for extensive customization. You’ll be able to access Liquid theme language and make changes in the backend with Liquid in your toolkit.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

staff account Shopify

Source: Zestard Technologies

Staff accounts are another feature when comparing standard Shopify plans and Shopify Plus. Only a few limited staff accounts are allowed with basic Shopify subscriptions.

At the same time, Shopify Plus will enable you to add an infinite number of staff accounts and other authorization options. This means you’ll be able to provide any members of your team access to your online store. In addition, you’ll have additional control over staff actions in your store admin.

More Control Over The Payment Process

Ideally, Shopify Plus allows you to modify your checkout experience based on the contents of your shopping cart or any other condition.
Additionally, users get access to Shopify Scripts. You may adjust delivery methods, customer information, and payment options in the Script Editor, which offers you more control. With Shopify, you’ll need to use 3rd-party apps to alter the checkout process.

Additional API Integrations & Apps

GiftCard, User, and Multipass API resources have been updated in Shopify Plus to help users get the most out of third-party apps.

  • GiftCard is a type of alternative payment.
  • Visitors to your website are automatically redirected to your Shopify store when they use
  • Multipass login. You can do without separate login credentials and the need to synchronize any customer database.
  • You can add, remove, amend, and retrieve information on staff accounts using the User.

Shopify Plus also lets you interface with third-party apps and even create your private apps. In this circumstance, BSS Commerce can create a new bespoke app on demand, improve current Shopify applications with new features or functions, or integrate with a third-party app. The app development team of BSS Shopify Commerce will provide you with precise solutions based on your company’s insights and target audiences.

BSS Commerce - Shopify development agency

Moreover, Shopify Plus members have access to some unique Shopify apps that aren’t available to ordinary Shopify users via their app store. For example, users with a high volume of B2B sales will benefit from the wholesale channel. Some other exclusive apps to consider are Shopify Flow – a platform for eCommerce automation, Launchpad (for automatic sales), etc.

Last but not least, while you can connect an unlimited number of apps to your Shopify AppStore, it may make more sense for high-growth and complicated enterprises to integrate with their existing platforms. With Shopify Plus API, this is doable.

Wholesale Channels

The wholesale channel is another feature in this Shopify vs Shopify Plus review & comparison. As your company expands, you’ll definitely attract customers that want to buy in bulk. It’s also logical to assume that an enterprise-level platform will make wholesale sales easier.

This one of features primarily allows you to construct a separate, password-protected site based on your online store. This implies you can offer wholesale buyers specific products or the same products at exclusive prices.

You can also give customized price lists or promotional coupons. In a nutshell, Shopify Plus merchants can send invoices, track orders, and use current product data and connectors. It can also manage B2C and B2B enterprises from a single dashboard.

If you are interested in wholesale, you can’t miss How To Set Up B2B And Wholesale Stores On Shopify In A Effective Way.

shopify plus features

Source: Shopify

Furthermore, you can also choose a faster and more professional way to build a website, hiring a Shopify website development service. In which BSS Commerce can assist merchants in creating and developing a Shopify website from the ground up quickly and easily. Your website will perform high, has responsive functions ready for business expansion, and specialized solutions for each industry niche with a reputable developer.

Many Resources Are Available

Starting with a Merchant Success Program is available on Shopify Plus new features to assist users in getting the most out of the platform. They can assist you with product organization, third-party integrations, as well as training to help you maximize your potential. Besides, aside from 24/7 assistance, the staff can help you keep up to date on industry trends and assist you with events like flash discounts.

Moreover, subscribers have access to more than just the Merchant Success Program. They also have access to the following resources:

  • A Facebook group where you can connect with other Shopify Plus members and share your experiences
  • You may find technology, agency, and solution partners in our partner directory.
  • Exclusive beta programs are available to you.
  • Access to the Shopify Plus Academy provides training on using the platform.

Manage Multiple Stores With A Single Dashboard

Users of Shopify Plus may now manage all of their stores, analytics, staff accounts, user permissions, and automation tools (such as Shopify Flow) from a single dashboard.

This dashboard gives you a complete picture of your business, encourages collaboration, and increases automation. This is especially true if you manage many stores or locations.

In-Depth Analytics Options of Shopify Plus Review

shopify plus features

Shopify features a comprehensive analytics dashboard where you can see data such as sales, popular goods, landing pages or referrers, and more. You can use this application to create professional reports and get up-to-date information about your store.

While this may be sufficient for most businesses, Shopify Plus core features collaborate with premier analytics firms to keep you informed about the most recent trends in your niche.

Shopify Plus Review: Is Shopify Plus The Right Choice?

The key features of Shopify plus might provide an exciting opportunity for a developing online store. However, due to the platform’s power and relative cost, it is not suitable for everyone.
If you are a larger company that currently operates and hosts your eCommerce platform, upgrading to Shopify Plus could save you money.

This is because, while monthly hosting prices for non-managed platforms like Magento may appear to be affordable, the additional costs of paying for website downtime, support, security updates, and maintenance can result in much higher expenses. Furthermore, these are frequently hidden and unanticipated, whereas, on Shopify Plus pricing, all costs are disclosed in advance and straightforward to budget for.

It’s a matter of opinion. But first and foremost, be sure that the Shopify Plus costs aren’t going to bankrupt your company. Therefore, there are a few indicators that may indicate you’re ready:

  • Obtaining a monthly revenue of at least $85,000 ($1 million per year).
  • You’re growing swiftly, and you can expect that trend to continue.
  • Your growth plan includes a global expansion.

Conclusion of Shopify Plus Review

To summarize, Shopify and Shopify Plus have the same core offering when it comes to the dashboard and basic eCommerce features. The main difference between the two is that Shopify Plus provides you with a lot more flexibility, support options, and access to your site’s core code.
While Shopify Plus features are massively robust that can skyrocket a store’s growth, it’s also pricey, with a monthly minimum of $2,000 each month. However, compared to other non-managed platforms, Shopify Plus pricing comes with many features and guarantees for your store. Especially for large-scale businesses, using Shopify Plus will be a worthy investment. Due to the fact that you get automated features, support, and efficient management.

Have you considered utilizing Shopify Plus capabilities for your company? Contact BSS Commerce if you need further Shopify Plus review.