According to McKinsey & Company, 46% of users pay for an online streaming service, and 15% have subscribed to an e-commerce service within a year. Therefore, a subscription model to help online stores increase revenue and build customer loyalty. However, it will be difficult for you to manage this model without the top 10+ best Shopify subscription app. 

Besides, Shopify has just begun an intriguing expansion beyond the simple one-time purchase platform to which many merchants are now restricted. New APIs and tools are now available to enable the creation of subscription experiences that link directly with the Shopify Checkout. Because subscription programs are top-rated among shops, the demand for Shopify subscription app solutions has skyrocketed.

With this in mind, we’ve researched customer reviews, developer information, and features to compile these best apps to sell subscriptions on Shopify. Let’s dive into it now!

What Is A Shopify Subscription App?

Subscription (subscription business model) allows customers to subscribe to a service/product for a specified period, usually monthly or annually. At the end of the subscription period, the customer can cancel or extend the subscription period.

Currently, subscription is one of the models pursued by many e-commerce businesses. Even the Covid19 pandemic could not stop the growing popularity of this business model. That’s why more and more Shopify apps appear to assist you in managing your subscriptions. 

For example, you may utilize a Shopify monthly subscription app to set up a repeat order that is fulfilled every month for a customer. The frequency of the subscription and product details are maintained and handled by the app when using a Shopify membership app.

In addition, the three most popular types of selling subscriptions on Shopify include replenishment, curation of products, and membership. 


This often provides customers with commodity items at discounted retail pricing. Beauty products and cosmetics, infant essentials such as diapers, grooming essentials such as razors, and health essentials such as vitamins can be found here.

Replenishment subscription example RitualRitual is a subscription-based company that sends out a monthly dose of vitamins.

Curation of products

Customers are presented with various things they did not choose with this subscription model, becoming increasingly popular with fashion merchants such as Stitch Fix. These “surprise” subscriptions are a great approach to keep things interesting for your clients; the element of surprise adds intrigue.

Curation of products example store Stitch FixStitch Fix promote fashion subscription box to suggest other products


When your consumers subscribe to a membership-style subscription, they gain access to something. These have grown in importance for media companies such as Netflix and Hulu. Instead of charging an annual cost (which may appear pricey to new consumers), they charge a considerably cheaper monthly rate, encouraging users to stay signed up.

Membership example store

JustFab offers a VIP membership subscription that saves you 30% off retail prices on products available on their e-commerce site.

In fact, the membership form is currently the most popular form of registration today. Therefore, the number of Shopify membership apps is also vast. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve rounded up the best ones below. But first, let’s take a look at the great benefits when you use the Shopify subscription app.

Why Do You Need The Best Shopify Subscription App?

We all know that subscriptions have become extremely popular these days. But what makes it so popular? And will using the top 10+ best Shopify subscription app make your e-commerce store better?

First, one of the primary advantages of using a subscription app is increased client retention. The subscription model is ideal for keeping your consumers coming back for more because it is easier to sell to existing customers than discover new ones. Furthermore, if you don’t want to fall behind, automated processes are necessary.

Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App To Increase Your RevenueThe monthly increase in subscriptions proves this model to be successful for online stores.

Second, implement a subscription model and use the tool to help you forecast your monthly orders. Anticipating demand allows you to keep your inventory fully supplied, schedule delivery ahead of time, and avoid many problems with order fulfillment.

Refer to Manage Inventory Easier in Q4 2021 Comprehensive Shopify App Recommendation if you want to optimize the process for even one-time purchases.

Third, the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps we are about to introduce below are all eligible for use without coding knowledge. Instead of creating each subscription option yourself, with just a few taps and predefined rules, the app will help you make them.

Overall, the subscription model and taking advantage of the app’s features are quick and easy ways to grow your sales with high-performing deals. Besides, any model has certain advantages and disadvantages. But ideally, the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps can help you eliminate downsides like sign-up procrastination, high cancellation rates, or the need for frequent renewals. 

Either way, let’s go into the detailed review below.

Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription Apps

Appstle℠ Subscriptions

Appstle℠ Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 5.0 

Appstle℠ Subscriptions, one of the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps, is a comprehensive subscription solution that allows you to deliver items and services to your consumers monthly.

The app assists you in managing subscriptions by providing valuable merchant options to increase income, such as segmented plans, targeted upselling, etc. The remarkable thing about the application is that it offers a seamless purchase process from product selection and payment to shipping selection, which few Shopify apps provide.

Appstle℠ SubscriptionsAppstle℠ Subscriptions reduces friction by enabling combined checkout

Besides, if only evaluating the subscription feature, the app also offers full options like pausing or skipping upcoming deliveries, refilling or reconfiguring the subscription (swap/add /delete products), includes additional products once, and adjusts all shipping dates.

Overall, Appstle℠ Subscriptions will be a worthy option for you to encourage customers to choose to subscribe. From there, easily reach customers and turn them into loyal customers.

Highlight Feature:

  • Provide rich features for subscription customers: pause, cancel, change, and so on
  • Seamless checkout process, allowing customers to checkout for mixed carts.
  • Automatically pay and invoice for registered orders
  • Create and manage multiple shipping profiles for subscriptions
  • Monitor inventory and forecast next period’s demand
  • Set up a questionnaire for canceled applications
  • Powerful subscription widget customization


  • Suitable for many models such as subscription, build-a-box, upselling, and more
  • Include full utilities to bring a good experience for registered customers
  • Automatically track, update in real-time, and forecast future demand
  • Powerful customization


  • The price of the advanced packages is relatively high
  • Some customers reviewed that the support team was not agile.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Free to install
  • Starter: $10/month
  • Business: $30/month
  • Enterprise: $100/month

Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.7 

Among the top 10+ best Shopify subscription app, Recharge is currently the application with the most users. Specifically, it offers a list of outstanding features and the ability to create multiple subscriptions simultaneously. In addition, the most popular payment processors are integrated into the ReCharge payment page to make the most convenient for customers wherever you are in the world.

And yet, this app provides order management account and purchase history for your customers. And of course, you will also benefit from this as you can also control the number of subscriptions more easily. When needed, you can also send notifications to customers with customer information.

Additionally, ReCharge integrates with lots of other third-party apps to extend the features of your store. Indeed, that link will help ReCharge improve its focus and provide far-reaching user support.

Highlight Feature:

  • Offer a customer portal / RechargeSMS that allows customers to manage their subscriptions.
  • Allow customers to add multiple products at the same time
  • Includes features for customers to skip, schedule delivery, or exchange products
  • Monitor and measure store performance
  • Real-time product performance tracking

Recharge Subscriptions


  • Link with many popular payment methods, suitable for international stores.
  • Optimize your company’s performance by measuring it.
  • With automatic notifications, you can keep everyone up to date.
  • Use our robust APIs to scale your subscription business.
  • Integrate with the best commerce tools (Klaviyo, Gorgias, Avalara, and more)


  • There may be additional costs.
  • The premium package is much more expensive than the general.
  • Other underlying concerns were not addressed upfront.


  • Free to install
  • Pro: $300/month

Subscriptions by BSS

Subscriptions by BSS - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.9 

Being the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps, BSS’s subscription offers a seamless and robust purchasing process that ensures you can quickly build customer relationships. Furthermore, the app doesn’t simply provide options with subscription orders, but on the store owner’s side, the app offers many benefits. 

Subscriptions by BSS - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription AppSubscriptions by BSS offers a seamless purchasing process

Specifically, merchants can tailor messages, recommendations, and ads to each subscriber, providing a memorable experience. With trials and discounts, you can easily reach out and drive them to become loyal customers, even with new customers.

Besides, to minimize churn rate, the application continuously collects feedback from customers to help you understand the motivations and needs of customers. From there, it is easier to offer reasonable subscription packages and forecast demand for the next period.

In particular, Subscriptions by BSS offers both a subscription and a one-time purchase. So your customers can buy mixed cart checkout with products once and periodically in one transaction.

Subscriptions by BSS - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription AppYou can easily manage orders through the Shopify admin page or BSS’s portal

Highlight Feature:

  • Offer incentives to entice new customers.
  • Automatically send personalized email notifications to your customer.

Subscriptions by BSS - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

  • Fully control to Enable/Cancel/Pause/Skip/Cancel,… a subscription
  • Provide subscriptions as well as one-time purchases. 
  • With Shopify Native Checkout, you can provide users with a secure way to pay online.
  • Accurately and consistently predict your company’s revenue stream.


  • Lower your customer acquisition expenses and retention spending
  • Easy to use, doesn’t require any coding knowledge
  • Build a customized subscription plan in a blink.

Subscriptions by BSS


  • There may be problems with the control panel, but the support team is ready to help you 24/7, even with the free plan.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Free Forever
  • Starter Plan: $5/month
  • Pro Plan: $10/month
  • Advanced Plan: $20/month

Seal Subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.8

Seal Subscriptions is an option with the most valuable features to sell subscriptions on Shopify and increase your store earnings. The app’s distinguishing feature is placing a subscription widget next to the shopping cart on the store’s product page, making it easy for customers to see and click. 

Seal Subscriptions

In addition, the app enables customers to make seamless recurring payments through Shopify’s checkout process, and it provides comprehensive order management for store owners.

Nonetheless, an email reminder will be sent to the customer’s inbox when the subscription payment is due. More importantly, customers may view and unsubscribe without having to register. Furthermore, the customization options allow you to create discounts for early enrollment or long-term orders.

Finally, Seal Subscription automatically calculates standard shipping rates and product swaps. This creates convenience for customers, thereby increasing customer experience and satisfaction.

Highlight Feature:

  • This top 10+ best Shopify subscription app has powerful automatic features: Auto-charging mode, automatically recalculate shipping costs, automatic product swap.
  • Offer mixed subscriptions in the same cart.
  • Customers can easily view or cancel their recurring subscriptions by clicking on the secure magic link provided in the email.
  • Allow customers can manage their subscriptions directly on the customer site by removing and adding products.
  • Set up a variety of email notifications to keep clients up to date on their active subscriptions.


  • Set up numerous subscription intervals, discounts, product swaps, prepaid subscriptions, requirements, and languages to meet your specific demands.
  • Customers can easily view or cancel their recurring subscriptions without the registration needed.
  • Set the weekday/monthly/yearly date for charging your subscribers.


  • Payment function not working well
  • Lack of integration with 3rd party platforms

Pricing: 15-day free trial

  • Free For Life
  • Rising Star: $7.95/month
  • Legend: $20/month
  • Leader: $50/month

Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.4

Bold Subscription is trusted by more than 20,000 brands worldwide, so, understandably, it’s in the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps. 

First and foremost, this app improves the speed of the checkout page. With the most popular payment options, your clients can quickly select the appropriate payment gateway and make a payment. Furthermore, it enables your consumers to create accounts, update their information, and view their purchase history. Your store may quickly examine shopping trends and product orientation for each customer based on the information provided by customers.

Most notably, Bold Subscription allows for customizable registration in three ways: subscribe to each product, subscribe to the full shopping cart, or subscribe to a combination of shopping carts. Even better, this is the first Shopify app that enables you to sell Build-a-Box or Meal-Plan subscriptions.

Highlight Feature:

  • Add subscribe and save choices to a single product, a specific collection, or your entire store with ease.
  • Offer robust APIs, developer tools, and webhooks to tailor your subscription business.
  • Customers may manage their subscriptions, payments, and personal information in their native language.
  • Allow your team to use vital customer management tools to edit and manage subscriber accounts and log in as a customer.

Bold Subscriptions

  • Set buffer days between your billing and fulfillment cycles to prevent a subscriber’s first and second orders from occurring too close together.


  • Access to over 3,000 apps that may be integrated to automate your marketing, reporting, and customer management operations.
  • Shopify discount codes are seamlessly integrated.
  • Dunning management automatically reduces unsuccessful credit card transactions.


  • There is no free plan.
  • Expensive
  • This app is currently suffering a slew of troubles due to changes made by Shopify in November.

Pricing: 60-day free trial.

  • Core: $49.99/month

PayWhirl Subscription Payments

Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App PayWhirl Subscription Payments

Rating: 4.8

PayWhirl is one of the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps, offering simple subscription and payment management options. It has over 158 reviews and hundreds of verified Shopify stores. It interacts with Shopify’s payment system, which supports several payment processors, just like Seal. Furthermore, it interacts effortlessly with other Shopify order management systems. That is why PayWhirl Subscription Payments is ideal for managing and selling subscriptions on Shopify.

PayWhirl Subscription PaymentsYou can easily manage subscriptions order through the admin dashboard

Nonetheless, the app gives your clients flexibility and control by allowing them to quickly purchase and manage their subscriptions straight from their online store. Customers, for example, can log in to their accounts and examine their personal information, view payment history, make adjustments as they see fit, and so on. 

More importantly, the designs provided by the software are easily customizable and may be seamlessly integrated with the Shopify store theme if desired. Therefore, it gives you excellent control to sell subscriptions on Shopify.

Highlight Feature:

  • Customers are automatically billed on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.
  • Works with Shopify checkout, no off-site redirection
  • Management of rejected payments and automatic dunning
  • Control your branding by white labeling widgets.
  • Compatible with Shopify’s built-in reporting
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions, credit cards, and personal information.


  • Support for migration from Shopify Payments, Stripe, Authorize, and PayPal.
  • Support for several languages and currencies
  • All plans offer unlimited subscriptions.


  • A transaction fee will be charged.
  • Not have any reporting or analytics.
  • There is no support for swap products.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Starter: Free to install
  • Pro: $9/month
  • Plus: $49/month
  • Ultimate: $249/month

Ongoing Subscriptions

Ongoing Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 5.0

Despite being new software, Ongoing Subscription is deserving of a spot among the best Shopify membership apps due to its comprehensiveness, which includes discounted frequency, automatic repeating payments, and valuable reports.

Specifically, the app increases your revenue and motivates customers to place repeat orders on products customers love with savings by offering subscriptions with flexible delivery options such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly (or a combination of options).

Ongoing SubscriptionsOne of the best Shopify membership apps to turn any product into a subscription

Besides, like the other in the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps, Ongoing offers a series of automatic registration utilities, saving both you and your customers time and effort. It also provides subscription discounts that are used to incentivize pricing.

Highlight Feature:

  • PCI and GDPR compliance
  • Recurring Payments on Autopilot
  • Make a subscription plan for any product you choose.
  • History of subscription orders and management
  • Provide revenue reports
  • Customers can select from a variety of delivery options and billing cycles.


  • Excellent support
  • Include robust subscription widgets
  • Able to customize your discount based on how frequently the customer orders the items.


  • A transaction fee will be charged.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Free To Install
  • Pro: $49/month

Loop Subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.7

Loop Subscriptions is an application launched not long ago, but its features are not inferior to any of these top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps. To sell subscriptions on Shopify, the app rewards customers who become subscribers by providing a frequency of tiered discounts on initial or subsequent orders, which helps you to optimize costs work.

Besides, the indispensable feature for any subscription application is the ordering options. And of course, Loop also allows your customers to control their subscriptions by enabling them to pause, skip, postpone, and even change the billing date of future orders.

In addition, to reduce subscription cancellations, the app built in more than 20 notifications such as payment reminders, failed payments, skipped orders, and so on. Also, automatically suggest retry failed transactions caused by expired or denied cards.

Loop SubscriptionsThis best Shopify membership apps includes customer tags that make you quickly sell subscriptions on Shopify.

Highlight Feature:

  • In a single checkout, both one-time purchases and multiple subscriptions are available.
  • Set maximum and minimum order limitations for subscription orders; sell some products as subscriptions only, such as memberships, monthly boxes, and so on.
  • Able to construct complicated subscription processes such as auto-changing items based on rules, adding trial products for future upselling, and so on.
  • Customized subscription widget and customer portal support in the premium and ultimate plans. 
  • API and webhook support for customizations.


  • Third-party integrations that are extremely powerful
  • In minutes, you can set up customer-managed subscriptions.
  • A strong merchant portal


  • A transaction fee will be charged.
  • Outstanding features available only in paid plans
  • Customer support is weak.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Free: Free to install
  • Growth: $5/month
  • Premium: $49/month
  • Ultimate: $499/month

Native Subscriptions

Native Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.8

Native Subscription is an excellent method to sell subscriptions on Shopify and recurring billing options to your Shopify store. On the other hand, Native Subscription is a complete subscription app that integrates with Shopify’s Native Checkout and uses the most recent Subscription API. Therefore, this app is ideal for recurring orders with secure billing options.

The first sentence in this best Shopify subscription app about section touts simple migration from ReCharge and Bold, two higher-ranked subscription providers with a strong market presence. To entice additional clients, they provide unlimited subscriptions as part of their free package.

Moreover, Native excels at focusing on value and trimming the bloat found on some subscription service platforms. Customers can skip, suspend, or cancel subscriptions, as well as alter personal information such as address or payment, all on their own time, thanks to an easy-to-use client site. This top 10+ best Shopify subscription app also allows you to optimize the sales flow directly, providing you the ability to ensure that every step is exactly how you want it.

Native Subscriptions

Highlight Feature:

  • Control email notifications.
  • Customers can modify and change their addresses at any moment.
  • Provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to configuring subscription rules and onboarding flows.
  • Include analytics allows you to keep track of your subscribers in real-time.
  • Customers can skip, stop, or cancel their subscriptions at any moment through their custom site.
  • Provide subscriptions based on the customer tag.


  • Among the best Shopify membership apps, this app has quick support
  • Operate flawlessly in Shopify and capable of working with Orders, Taxes, Themes, and so on
  • Provide a customizable look that blends smoothly with your store’s design


  • A free plan is not available.

Pricing: 60-day free trial.

  • Starter: $9/month
  • Business: $24/month
  • Enterprise: $49/month

Subscription & Recurring Order

Subscription & Recurring Order - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.5

Among the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps, SpurIT’s Subscription & Recurring Order takes a more manual yet flexible approach to subscription billing and payments. Each product subscription that a customer signs up for will receive a personalized invoice generated automatically at the stated intervals. 

Besides, the invoicing method eliminates transaction fees for subscriptions and removes the need for clients to create an account or check in to begin a subscription.

The widget used is customizable to match and work on 95% of Shopify’s themes, making it available to almost every currently operating shop. Subscribers are notified when an invoice is due so that they may ensure payment is ready.

Subscription & Recurring OrderSubscription & Recurring Order has been continuous updated to meet customer needs

Highlight Feature:

  • Create several different subscription product kinds.
  • Create automated invoices for flexible payment options.
  • Option to send email reminders.
  • Customization options abound.
  • Allows for a mixed cart, including subscription and non-subscription products


  • Ideal for digital subscriptions, recurring donations, magazine subscriptions, software subscriptions, coffee subscriptions, and other similar uses.
  • Make a subscription option available next to the add to cart button.
  • Automatically generates invoices, resulting in a user-friendly method of collecting payment.


  • A free plan is not available.
  • Do not allow customers to edit subscriptions and start over.
  • The built-in features are pretty basic.

Pricing: 60-day free trial.

  • The one: $19.95/month

Skio Subscriptions (YC S20)

Skio Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 5.0

Skio is one of the best Shopify membership apps built on the success of ReCharge and other established platforms to improve the user and customer experience. Customer accounts are generated automatically with each subscription order, allowing them to log in without a password, removing the need to manage angry emails citing forgotten credentials.

Skio Subscription also supports group subscriptions and discounts, which increases customer retention by exploiting the natural urge to not raise costs for others after agreeing to join up. Additionally, The transition from ReCharge is painless, with no interruptions to customer subscriptions or loss of payment method data. 

Overall, Skio’s most significant advantage? It combines contemporary frameworks and React/Next.js technologies to construct and update subscriptions much faster than competitors.

Skio Subscriptions An example store using Skio Subscriptions (YC S20)

Highlight Feature:

  • You may easily transition from ReCharge.
  • Offer PayPal to be used as a payment method for subscriptions.
  • Allow for password-free access (4-digit code by SMS and email).
  • Provide a ready-to-use headless subscription portal with pages that load rapidly.
  • Increase referrals by offering a group discount on all orders to friends who subscribe together.
  • Discounts for group subscriptions also enhance retention.


  • Use current technology such as React/Next.js, which allows the app to be built 100 times faster than ReCharge.
  • Editing takes only 10 seconds, thanks to Skio’s rapid loading.
  • Instead of updating the customer’s address in both ReCharge and Shopify, you can do it once.
  • Increase referrals


  • Expensive, a transaction fee will be charged.
  • A free plan is not available.
  • Do not support all themes.
  • Not support multi-language.

Pricing: 60-day free trial.

  • $299/month

Ordergroove Subscriptions

Ordergroove Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 5.0

Ordergroove is a popular option for larger enterprises to sell subscriptions on Shopify. Ordergroove provides a single checkout experience for Shopify Plus businesses, and companies such as Intelligentsia Coffee and 4Ocean leverage Ordergroove’s integrated cart experience to increase recurring income.

Furthermore, Ordergroove’s technology partners provide a variety of integrations to assist you in scaling. Littledata’s new Ordergroove integration provides a unified data stream for any Shopify site that uses Ordergroove for subscriptions.

Ordergroove SubscriptionsOrdergroove Subscriptions – one of the best Shopify membership apps will help you sell subscriptions on Shopify smoothly.

Highlight Feature:

  • All components of your membership program may be easily customized to be on brand and match the appearance and feel of your store.
  • Using our migration tools, you can quickly migrate your existing subscribers.
  • To entice people to sign up for subscriptions, offer them unique discounts or prizes.
  • To encourage opt-ins, make subscriptions the default option.
  • Allow clients to change their subscriptions on your store’s account page.
  • Retry credit cards for rejected orders automatically for up to 30 days.
  • Predict which of your customers is most likely to cancel.


  • The software is simple to use, has a lot of functions, and is constantly being improved.
  • Have a fantastic and prompt customer service
  • Provide your consumers more power and freedom, and create a better subscription experience


  • External charges may apply.
  • Not many users yet


  • Free Plan: Free to install
  • Core: $60/month

Subscription Plus

Subscription Plus - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 5.0

Subscription Plus began by focusing on all aspects of subscriptions; from giving your subscribers the option to purchase one or more subscriptions to combining them with disposable products for one-time fees to recurring payments, you can create business opportunities. Revenue is limitless.

Furthermore, the app simplifies the management of your business by allowing you to create continuing relationships with customers and comprehend nuanced behavior swiftly.

However, not all discount schemes are created equal. With this top 10+ best Shopify subscription app, you can configure discounted promotions with attractive percentage discounts or fixed prices. Similarly, you can provide further discounts by utilizing Subscription-Specific Discount Codes.

Subscription Plus

Highlight Feature:

  • Allow your clients to manage their subscription selections through a customer portal easily.
  • Enable you to set up regular payment plans: Pay in advance; pay-as-you-go subscription.
  • The Subscription Plus widget may be easily customized by altering the CSS, and subscriptions can be created in whatever language you choose to show by utilizing the language settings.
  • Subscription Plus’s built-in HTML editor allows you to tailor emails to match your branding and make an impact.
  • On the “Customers” page, you can easily manage your customers’ subscription payments, renewals, and orders.


  • Excellent support
  • Powerful customization
  • For your convenience, you can add “Tags” and “Order Notes.”


  • Can occur issues with some CSS.
  • A free plan is not available.

Pricing: 60-day free trial.

  • Basic: $4.90/month
  • Shopify: $9.90/month
  • Advanced: $14.90/month
  • Shopify Plus: $19.90/month

Assemble Subscriptions

Assemble Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 4.6

Assemble Subscriptions is 100% committed to having your store up and running with subscriptions as soon as you sign up. Self-service is embedded into this top 10+ best Shopify subscription app, allowing consumers to manage their subscriptions when convenient for them. Expertly designed interfaces ensure that they enjoy every time spent on your site.

Furthermore, Assemble Subscription has no branding, ensuring that your clients have a consistent experience. A mixed cart makes the checkout process easier for the customer, which leads to more conversions and purchases because they are less likely to abandon the cart out of irritation. 

Subscriptions model

Also, when it comes to conversions, you can refer to the ways to increase this rate at How To Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions.

Last but not least, the staff even provides a complimentary onboarding call that you may plan to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Highlight Features:

  • Smooth checkout experiences for all of your consumers
  • It’s never been easier to set up specific rules for your delivery and shipment.
  • There are no Assemble logos or clunky integrations here, just a consistent, on-brand subscription experience.
  • Allow your consumers to pause, adjust the frequency of their subscriptions, and manage them.
  • With fully customizable emails, you can tailor your post-checkout consumer interactions.
  • You can see everything from AOV to subscription growth, so you can figure out what works and double down.


  • There are no Assemble logos or clunky integrations here, just a consistent, on-brand subscription experience.
  • Fit it wonderfully with Shopify themes. 
  • Simple to use, with fantastic assistance.
  • Offer dynamic discounts for loyal customers.


  • A free plan is not available.
  • Migration of your subscription data to another platform is not supported.

Pricing: 30-day free trial.

  • Standard: $25/month
  • Shopify Plus: $75/month

Simple Subscriptions

Simple Subscriptions - Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription App

Rating: 5.0

Finally, Simple Subscription is one of the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps useful for subscriptions. Besides, this program offers free installation and trial before you decide to purchase it. 

Furthermore, you can create subscription plans for things that are unique to you. Similarly, because of the app’s robust Shopify connectivity, all of this can be accomplished without ever leaving the Shopify admin area. 

Best of all, you can give a variety of variable discount policies for each week or month to attract an increasing number of consumers. Customers, for example, can earn a 7% discount on weekly purchases and a 5% discount on monthly purchases when you use this one of the best Shopify membership apps.

Simple SubscriptionsManage subscription plan via Shopify admin section

Highlight Features:

  • Allow customers to pay in advance for many deliveries and automatically renew the prepaid purchase.
  • Customer tags can be used to filter customers, establish secret member-only areas in your store, and much more.
  • Create a prepaid plan that cancels after only one billing cycle.
  • Work with Shopify Payments and PayPal Express out of the box to provide customers with a native, fast, and secure checkout experience.
  • Offer subscription features such as rent-to-own, custom add-to-cart buttons, and more are available.


  • Provide analytics, including trends in new and canceled memberships every month and a monthly snapshot of all active memberships
  • If you’re using one of Shopify’s free themes, you won’t need to do any coding to get the app up and running.
  • Prepaid and subscribe and save product subscription options are available.


  • A free plan is not available.
  • Not many users yet.

Pricing: 30-day free trial.

  • Essential: $19/month

Subscription model

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FAQs: Top 10+ Best Shopify Subscription Apps

Is Shopify Good For Subscription?

If you choose the right niche, selling subscriptions on Shopify is a terrific model to emulate. They can provide you with consistent recurring revenue, allowing you to make more certain future predictions than a traditional business would.

However, there are drawbacks to running a Shopify subscription box business, mainly if you sell non-consumable or collectible items. You must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this business model, as well as whether the products you sell subscriptions on Shopify are acceptable for it.

Which Shopify Products Are Eligible For The Subscription Model?

As subscriptions become increasingly diverse, a plethora of products is creatively utilizing this model. There are, however, some product categories that are well-suited to the subscription model. When you apply the subscription business model to the following product categories, your chances of success will be higher than in other types.


Beauty products, such as makeup and skincare, are at the top of this list. Several subscriptions can be utilized for this type of goods, including replenishment, curation, and access. The majority of the weight of a full-size skin care product is just enough to last clients up to three months. Customers are eager to try new types of cosmetics, and the same is valid for make-up.

Birchbox subscription example storeBirchbox operates in six countries, has over one million members, and has 500 brand relationships, including well-known brands like MAC and Lancome.

Supplements And Health Products

Bulletproof is a company that sells supplements and health goods. The company invites users to create their subscription box using 10+ best Shopify subscription apps.

Specifically, customers can save money by subscribing to a product and selecting the frequency they receive it. They save 10% by shopping this way.

Bulletproof’s business model revolves around the checkout page, where buyers can purchase a single product or subscribe and save. This is essentially an upsell, and the business isn’t based primarily on subscription boxes – you can easily buy a single product without subscribing.

Bulletproof example storeBulletproof has successfully incorporated the subscription box concept into its existing retail design in order to increase order volume.


Underwear should be changed every 3 to 6 months, according to specialists. Subscription boxes for lingerie products are thus a fantastic idea. This is undoubtedly convenient for your customers while also providing a stream of ongoing cash for your business. Of course, enhancing your store’s subscription procedure fast will necessitate the assistance of the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps.

BootayBag subscription modelBootayBag, a women’s underwear company, used the best Shopify membership apps, boosted its membership by 350% in just 2.5 years.

Home Maintenance

Saving time is a compelling value proposition for a wide range of consumer segments. People who have limited knowledge and time to cope with house repairs are drawn to the home maintenance industry. A rising number of businesses are looking into ways to enter this market through a subscription-based business model.

Super subscription typesThe membership of Super covers the cost of house maintenance and repairs, which saves the homeowner money compared to the price of a total product replacement plus the time saved.

Pet Care

Indeed, if you’re a pet owner, you’ve had moments when your pets ran out of food, but you forgot to get it, or when the products you wanted to buy were out of stock? That is why I believe that the advent of pet care periodic subscription packages is critical. 

Moreover, to keep in mind, you should thoroughly observe client behavior to build appropriate subscription packages for each customer. Personalization is significantly more complex than one-time purchases, but it provides numerous advantages for your shop.

Bullymake Box subscription boxBullymake Box created subscription boxes by capitalizing on the challenges associated with growing customers’ pets.

If you are wondering why the themes of the example shops above are so neat and well-navigated, don’t miss Top Best Shopify Themes For Each Store Model.

How To Choose The Best Shopify Subscription App?

Due to the tremendous rise in popularity of Shopify subscriptions, there are now a plethora of Shopify recurring payments software alternatives available to assist you in managing your subscriptions. So, what should you search for top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps? While some of it comes down to personal opinion and selecting an app that matches your specific use case, there are vital things that you should make sure your Shopify membership app of choice includes.

It’s important to note that some subscription apps charge a transaction fee; ensure to choose one of the best Shopify membership apps with a plan that fits your budget. You should also consider whether you intend to offer discounts with your subscriptions. If this is the case, look for a Shopify recurring payments app that includes this capability.


With increased demand comes an influx of subscription apps, which can be challenging to choose from. Hopefully, the top 10+ best Shopify subscription apps we have given above can help you quickly find the right choice.

In addition, remember that each subscription solution includes everything you’ll need to offer product subscriptions to your Shopify store. Finally, the decision is determined by which extras best suits your objectives and how pricing influences that value.

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