Esty is known as one of the best online marketplaces for selling goods, particularly handmade goods. However, when picking high-quality goods for the Etsy shop, bear in mind that if you don’t know how to find products and segmentation to fit with Esty, you could not get the revenue you want.

As a result, in this blog, BSS Commerce Shopify has collected the 20+ Best Things to Sell on Etsy, which has the potential to help you boost sales efficiently. Scroll down to learn more.

Etsy: At a Glance

Etsy is a global marketplace with much potential for one-of-a-kind and original products. Known as a reliable business, Etsy always works hard to develop more each day based on core values and to promote ideas of responsibility and sustainability. It is a gathering place for a vast array of exceptional and unusual products, including handcrafted rarities and vintage treasures.

etsy platform

Etsy’s mission is to retain human interaction at the heart of commerce in an era of increasing automation. For this reason, Etsy created a space where creativity may flourish because it is fueled by people.

At the same time, Etsy also assists the sellers in the community in transforming their ideas into profitable ventures. Through Etsy’s marketplace, they may reach millions of customers seeking an alternative—something unique with a personal touch—for those moments in life that deserve imagination.

Why Should You Sell on Etsy?

Etsy’s worldwide marketplace business model is a thriving neighborhood of passionate people interacting over special goods. The marketplace gives vendors the freedom to pursue their passions and aids consumers in discovering their products.

Not only that, Etsy’s search features also assist customers in learning more about all the unique, one-of-a-kind things supplied by Etsy sellers. However, that is only one of the outstanding benefits that the Etsy marketplace brings. To know more about the useful reasons why sellers should pick Etsy for business, let’s scroll down to read below.

Low Investment

Although the Etsy pricing structure may first be confusing to eCommerce newcomers, setting up (and maintaining) an Etsy business doesn’t cost much. In addition to listing, transaction, and advertising fees, there are no ongoing monthly subscription fees.

Simple and Powerful Tools

With this smart feature, you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time operating the store:

  • Manage the business from anywhere: Thanks to the Etsy Seller App, you can handle orders, modify listings, and reply to buyers right away from anywhere.
  • Seamlessly accept payments: You can use the promoted listings form and free social media platforms to reach a wider audience of customers outside of Etsy.
  • Evaluate and enhance the store: Let’s get thorough statistics regarding the performance of the shop to assist in increasing sales efficiently.

Reach a World of Shoppers

Develop the brand with effective marketing tools from Etsy

  • Attract and approach the target customers: Thanks to Etsy’s marketing tools, making the ideal posts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram is now easier.
  • Boost the visibility: With the advertising solutions Offsite Ads and Etsy Ads, you may reach millions of customers both on and off of Etsy and check out the listings more easily in an Etsy search thanks to Etsy ads.

The Etsy marketplace will pay to promote the listings on websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bing using offsite ads. And you only pay an advertising cost for each order generated as a result of such advertisements.

  • Approach more new customers: Create a discount or coupon to attract customers’ attention, or send them a customized offer directly to their inboxes.

With these beneficial solutions, you can approach all types of customers around the world easily. However, that is not all; in the section below, BSS Commerce Shopify will carefully analyze some critical criteria to evaluate the best things to sell on Etsy.

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Best Things to Sell on Etsy: 5 Criteria to Evaluate

When talking about the best selling items on Etsy, there are many answers to persuading reviews. As a result, when picking the best products to sell on Etsy, the right way is to consider whether they are suitable for the field you want to sell them in or not, among other factors.

If you intend to start up or operate a small business then you must know what sells the best from Etsy and what standards to consider while doing so. Don’t be worried; in the section below, BSS Commerce Shopify will show the 5 critical criteria to analyze the best things to sell on Etsy, including its detailed feedback.

Follow Etsy’s Rules

You can totally use Etsy to launch your dropshipping business with specific products and categories. Bear in mind that whatever you plan to sell must comply with Etsy policies before that item is showcased on the homepage.

The e-commerce Etsy has been developed to cater exclusively to the originality of extraordinary, handmade items, with the aim of delivering a fantastic shopping experience for every customer.

As a result, to make sure that all the products you want to sell are browsed on Etsy and meet its rules, you need to upload products with complete information, including product descriptions (usage information if any), high-quality images, and videos.

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The Product’s Creative

Regardless of the best online marketplaces or leading eCommerce platforms you decide to use as sales channels, you must constantly take product orientation and segmentation into account.

If you have researched carefully about the Esty marketplace, you might have seen that this sales channel does a fantastic job of moving materials and crafts.

In addition, it can be claimed that products like jewelry, home décor, sculptures, and handmade goods are the best selling items on Etsy. If only by examining its pricing and shapes, each item has its own creativity and uniqueness, which are bullet points to attract the customer’s attention.

This is justified by the fact that Etsy not only has always placed a strong emphasis on the unique and creative spirit but also does a fantastic job of orienting and attending to its customers. And if you prioritize products, individuality, and taste, certainly the business on Etsy is really convenient.

Selling Fees on Etsy

Etsy seller fees are always one of the top factors for any seller to take into account. It’s time to look at the mandatory selling costs you must pay in order to begin selling on Etsy.

You must pay listing or insertion fees on Etsy in order to list products on this marketplace. Listing fees are likely familiar to you if you have previously sold items on other online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

Listing Fees

If you list an item for sale using or any of its mobile applications then there is a charge of $0.20 for each item listed according to Etsy’s listing fees policy. However, that item if it’s already in stock will not incur additional costs.

Bear in mind that unless select not to use automatic renewals for a particular listing or for a shop, Etsy will have an automatically recurring subscription after every 4 months.

You won’t be charged a listing fee by Etsy for the items made in your Etsy shop as long as you sell them on both Etsy and Etsy Pattern with identical listings. Furthermore, Etsy Pattern listings don’t expire, leading to no renewal expenses. But for newly generated or updated product listings on the marketplace, the rules continue to apply.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are the next cost. Whenever make a sale through Etsy, you will be charged a transaction fee of 6.5% of the price to showcase each listing plus the cost of shipping and gift-wrapping.

Let’s bear in mind that this element depends on the nation you are selling from, transaction fees are charged differently. The fees for currency conversion are to blame for this. And only retailers from countries other than the United States must convert the currency.

Shipping Fees

The Etsy marketplace provides a range of services to help businesses or retailers deliver their goods to customers promptly and safely. The Shipping Policy includes the seller’s duties with regard to the shipping process as well as the legal rights and obligations while using Etsy’s shipping label services.

Sellers on the Etsy marketplace need to buy shipping labels to fulfill orders in certain nations. Mostly, the cost that ship label goes by depends on the courier company, weight, destination, and size among others that are related. Etsy’s rule for payment is that all retailers need to use PayPal or Etsy Payments as payment options for shipping costs.

Advertising & Marketing Strategies on Etsy

Through Shop Manager’s Advertising Dashboard, sellers may buy sponsored advertising on Etsy. Etsy ads are shown in one or more places, involving users’ search results, based on at least 4 main ranking factors: the relevance of the search, the quality of the listing, the bids to display the listing, and for some listings, the likelihood of views or sales. As a result, you can decide to use Etsy Ads to promote part or all of your shops or listings.

About Etsy Offsite Ads

At the moment, Etsy syndicates listings to numerous channels, and it covers all of the up-front expenses associated with advertising on these websites under the Offsite Ads program. You will be charged an advertising fee on these orders if such advertising features your listing, a customer clicks on it and then places an order from your shop within 30 days of that click.

Sales and Coupons

Sales and coupons are the two promotional options that Etsy currently provides.

A sale is a promotion that includes free delivery or percentage discounts off the listing price(s). You have the option of running a sale on either one listing or several listings. Because Etsy may occasionally compile sales and advertise them on its websites, apps, and emails, when operating a sale, in addition to these Etsy Terms, you are required to abide by all applicable laws (including those governing consumer protection).

A coupon is a word code with which one gets discounted services or free delivery of goods. It is up to the seller to come up with coupons, coupon schemes, promotions, and distribution, but keep in mind that each buyer may use a coupon code for several listings till any term date determined by the seller.

Consider SEO Keywords on Etsy

People typically start their searches in the search box on Etsy when they are looking for specific products. If you want to know which of these descriptive keywords potential consumers will most likely use to find the products, you must think about their insights as a buyer.

The optimal way to get the most out of the keyword strategy is to brainstorm words or phrases that customers might use to find the products. Once you have a long list of options, circle the most important ones.

The next step is to enter those terms and phrases into the listings editor and add them to the product tags, item names, and the start of the item descriptions. And then let’s check the Shop Stats once per week to determine which keywords are working and replace those that are not with something that may work better.

By doing this, the search capability of the store will be higher and it will be easier to approach the target customer more efficiently.

Discover the 20+ Best Things to Sell on Etsy

The collection of the 20+ Best Things to Sell on Etsy will be shown below:

Accessories & Jewelry

Accessories and jewelry are the first items in the collection of the 20+ Best Things to Sell on Etsy that you should try. Jewelry and accessories are products that may put the finishing touches on any ensemble. In the catalog of the Etsy marketplace, scarves, belts, and bags are some of the highlights of accessories, whereas necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings for jewelry items are so attractive.

Accessories and jewelry etsy

These jewelry pieces can be made up of various materials, like metals to diamonds, leather, or other valuable items. Jewelry and accessories can be worn to express individual style, enhance an ensemble, or make a statement. They are fantastic accessories for any girl shopping online on Etsy because they are eye-catching and bling-bling.

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Women’s Clothing Store

The women’s clothing store is an impossible item in the shopping categories on Etsy. With more than 9,390,481 search results on Etsy, it can be claimed that the clothing store items for women belong to the top-selling items on Etsy. 

The brand features a wide array of products such as tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and accessories that can fit the various desires of different consumers. Clothing stores frequently feature a mixture of branded and non-branded goods, giving buyers a wide range of trendy options.

The women’s clothing stores on the Etsy marketplace strive to offer customers a good shopping experience and assist them in expressing their unique sense of style via clothing, whether it be for casual wear, formal attire, or particular fashion trends.

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Home Decor

Home decor is the art of decorating and furnishing a living space to create a comfortable and visually appealing environment.

home decor etsy

Home decoration is known as one of the creative catalogs on the Etsy shopping marketplace. It offers fully necessary items for your home, including wall decor, throw pillows, mirrors, clocks, picture frames, and displays. This catalog is displayed with an impressive number—more than 17 million search results.

The benefit helps the customers shop for items that help them change the appearance and atmosphere of their homes into welcoming environments that anyone would love to stay in.

Souvenir Gift

The next item on the list of the 20+ best things to sell on Etsy is a souvenir gift. A souvenir gift means a memento or keepsake given during a trip or bought as a memory of a special occasion, location, or happening. They include cheap items such as keychains and magnets but can also include expensive things like clothes, jewelry, and artwork.

With tourism, souvenirs come in handy when helping someone remember their trip by having something that represents the place they visited. They may be presented as gifts during such events as a wedding, graduation, etc.

Therefore, souvenirs, which are usually special, are usually named or branded in relation to the specific place or event where they come from, this, makes them unique and personalized.

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Vintage Items

These refer to the products that have been perceived as possessing certain historic values. Apparel, accessories, furniture, artwork, collections, etc., are some highlight examples of these things. These things may be found among old catalogs as well as on the homepage of Etsy when searching for them online.

Vintage items are often valued for their uniqueness, quality, and craftsmanship. Collectors and people who want to give their houses or outfits a nostalgic feel frequently seek out vintage products. As a result, no matter how many years pass, the vintage items are still always received from the buyers.

Skincare and Beauty Products

On the list of the best things to sell on Etsy, skincare and beauty products are must-have items. There is a range of cosmetic products for skin care, hair treatment, personal care, etc. The list involves cleansers; moisturizers; bleach, fade cream or lotion, exfoliators, peels, and other beauty items. These may include naturally extracted, specialized-purpose ingredients aimed to tackle specific skin and hair issues, such as dryness, and acne.

skincare beauty products etsy

To use skincare and beauty products every day to have a beautiful appearance with clean and nice-looking skin and hair, one can go for the Etsy channel. In this case, one may find nearly all the modem items such as soaps, bath bombs, and various cosmetic makeup products.

Pet Supplies

One of the most popular catalogs on Etsy is certainly Pet Supplies. With more than seven hundred thousand search results, it can be concluded that this is also a potential item to sell on Etsy.

pet supplies etsy

The category of pet supplies, refers to a wide range of products that are used to care for and enhance the well-being of pets. It includes pet collars, leashes, pet clothing, accessories and shoes, pet carriers and houses, pet bedding, and custom portraits for pets. As a result, if you are a pet lover, this category is great for you. Let’s access the Etsy and try it right now.


Stickers also stand on the top best things to sell on Etsy that you should know. To meet every customer’s requirement, Etsy has stickers: wall decals, labels, bumper stickers, scrapbooks, planners, water bottles, stationery—anything colorful and adhesive. Retailers can access this field thanks to the designs, which range from humorous to professionally customized labels.

Stickers are a great product for beginning businesses because they are inexpensive, simple to make, and easy to send. You can choose the best production partner for your needs from a wide range of excellent custom sticker suppliers offered at different pricing ranges.

Although some of the most popular stickers on Etsy are straightforward, you’ll need some fundamental graphic design knowledge and software to create the most recent product and keep up with trends.

Etsy’s stickers are totally best-sellers and attract more of the target customers if you can make them new, interesting, and specifically catered to the needs of the market. As a result, let’s determine the purpose of the stickers and concentrate the design on that objective. Those are the keys to using stickers effectively.

Kitchen & Dining Instrument

Some important instruments that are required for the making, preparation, cooking, and presentation of food are kitchen and dining instruments. It is also one of the top-selling on the Etsy shopping marketplace. This is an ideal field for businesses to sell on Etsy because it has more than 4 million search results in kitchen instrument catalogs.

kitchen and dining instruments etsy

There are numerous other kinds of such tools that include various shapes, sizes, and materials depending on one’s culinary preferences. Cooking equipment includes pots, pans, baking sheets, and cutting boards, while kitchen tools consist of knives. Whisks, spatulas, and measuring cups, among others. The use of expensive cookware and kitchen implements can add value to tastier dishes.

Visual Art

The visual art items in the Craft Supplies & Tools catalog, known as one of the best selling products on Etsy, were created to express emotions, ideas, or concepts, or to communicate a message. The highlight products of visual art usually include items like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and printmaking.

It can be created using a range of mediums and techniques, and it can be either representational or abstract. Galleries, museums, public places, and private collections all contain visual art. It contributes significantly to society by facilitating social commentary, cultural interchange, and artistic expression. Visual art has the ability to arouse emotions, alter perceptions, and spark original thought.

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Wedding Gifts

The wedding gifts are the next products in the collection of the 20+ best things to sell on Etsy. Wedding gifts are used as presents for the couple on the wedding day or close to it. Some suggestions for a well-liked wedding gift are fine china, crystal stemware, silverware, and home decor. Wedding presents are a way to honor the union of the couple and express support for their future together.

These presents can be totally handmade; they can also be selected based on the couple’s hobbies or interests, like travel or sporting goods. Thanks to the diversity of these wedding gifts, you can easily open a small online shop on Etsy to do business.

Toys & Games

With over 1 million impressive searches on Etsy, toys, and games are definitely possibilities you can count on to build an online store on Etsy. The games & toys are designed to entertain and play children, both male and female.

toys and games etsy

Also, it includes classic games like chess or card games, puzzle games, sports & outdoor entertainment that can be played alone or with others. The creative, imaginative, social, and educational opportunities that toys and games provide are essential for a child’s development, as well as appealing to people of all ages, that’s why you should consider selling these products, so don’t hesitate to breed; now let’s try it on Etsy.


Books can be found easily on the online Etsy marketplace, which sells a variety of handcrafted and original goods. The highlight products on Etsy that you can refer to, like children’s books, coloring books, comics, and graphic novels, are some of the many genres of books.

For book aficionados, Etsy’s selection of books makes for many great options because many of them are vintage or uncommon editions. At the same time, with a praiseworthy number of more than 1,700,000 interested searchers for the various genres, it can be claimed that books are the most promising field that anyone attends to sell on Etsy.

Electronics & Circuitry

Electronics and circuitry are categories of products available on Etsy. These products might be either individual electronic parts, like computers, peripherals, cell phone accessories, and more.

Electronics and circuitry etsy

The majority of the handcrafted and independently created electronics and circuit products are available on Etsy. To satisfy certain requirements, these vendors could offer specialized designs or product revisions. A variety of DIY kits Electronic kits are also available on Etsy, enabling customers to create their own electronic creations or learn more about circuitry.

Whether are a retailer, a hobbyist, or a professional engineer, Etsy is a fantastic resource for discovering distinctive and cutting-edge electronics and circuit products.

Women’s Shoes

If you are wondering what are the best things to sell on Etsy to make money, women’s shoes maybe an idea. Women can choose from a broad selection of handcrafted and distinctive shoes on Etsy, such as boots, sandals, sneakers, and flats. Etsy is really a terrific place to practice the dream of selling handcrafted and environmentally friendly women’s shoes.

High-quality materials like leather, suede, and organic materials like cotton and wool are used to make up the shoes sold on Etsy. In this marketplace, several retailers provide made-to-order shoes that can be customized to a customer’s unique requirements or tastes.

Furthermore, many of the shoes sold on Etsy are sustainable and eco-friendly since use recycled materials or natural colors.

Hats & Caps

Hats and caps are the next categories of products worthy of selling on Etsy. It includes many various types, such as scrub caps, cowboy hats, sun hats and sunglasses, fascinators and mini hats, and more.

hats and caps etsy

Along with the number of outstanding searchers on Etsy, this is certainly a reliable and potential field to sell on Etsy. Bear in mind that whether being a retailer, a startup, or a small business, Etsy is always a great marketplace to sell handmade and sustainable hats and caps.

Hair Accessories

If you are finding the best selling items on Etsy, hair accessories should be a choice. Hair accessories are known as one of the most valuable products to sell on Etsy. The customer’s requirements for hair accessories are increasing day by day, so this is an ideal item for businesses, especially for retailers or small businesses.

The types of products that are top-selling on Etsy include wreaths and tiaras, ties and elastics, fascinators and mini hats, headbands and turbans, and others. These custom hair accessories may include customized designs or modifications to the accessory’s size, shape, or color.

As a result, when shopping online, customers can confidently pick from the size tables in the product descriptions section.

Sunglasses & Eyewear

Sunglasses and glasses are probably the top best selling products on Etsy for profit.  Sunglasses and glasses store is suggested as top brand that consumers think they should look for and buy at a store that specializes in selling glasses and eyewear. However, the Etsy online shopping site allows you to buy all things, including sunglasses and glasses.

sunglasses and eyewear etsy

It’s pretty simple, only need to access the Etsy homepage, and then type in the keyword “sunglasses and glasses” in the search bar. More than 140 thousand searches will show a wide range of products. And in each category, you’ll have plenty of options, including sizes, colors, and shapes.

At the same time, it will also have a complete and detailed description of products and components to pick and choose easily. For this amazing experience, try selling sunglasses and glasses on Etsy today.

Bags & Purses

Bags and purses are the next products on the list of 20+ best things to sell on Etsy. This catalog allows all customers to see a complete range of accessories, such as totes, handbags, backpacks, wallets, purses, bags, and wallets. As a result, if you have a plan for a small business to sell leather bag products, bags, and wallets are definitely the best choice.

Paper & Party Supplies

The paper accessories to decorate for a party are indispensable products on Etsy. This field is great for retailers or small-scale event businesses, which usually organize the party, birthdays, or home decor.

Paper & Party Supplies is the easiest item to sell on Etsy; therefore, let’s build an online shop on this platform to sell right now.

Final Words

Etsy is a great marketplace for retailers and small businesses. From before to today, this online platform is really reliable and easy to adapt for everyone because you can sell all the items on it, especially handmade items.

Finally, the discussion of what is worth selling on Etsy indicates that you should seek out unique, handmade, and other potential products that target a group of buyers on Etsy. Such items as custom jewelry, bespoke home decor, personalized gifts, and handcrafted wear are common on Etsy.

Also, knowing about current trends and customer service can greatly help you boost your Etsy store’s success. BSS Commerce Shopify believes that the 20+ Best Things to Sell on Etsy, which we’ve collected in this blog, will help you pick the most suitable categories for your business.