Currently, with the prevalence of “online shopping culture”, a series of e-commerce platforms have been born, providing convenient and optimal online business solutions. Among them, Shopify emerges as “a shining star” – a comprehensive solution that helps businesses set up their own store that shows personal style. However, whether or not a business on Shopify is successful depends on many factors. The biggest problem facing businesses is finding the best products to sell on Shopify.

Don’t worry, the article below will give you tips for finding products to sell on Shopify and suggest some million-dollar products on this platform, promising to bring high revenue.

Before starting to decide what to sell on Shopify, let’s learn a few things about Shopify.

Shopify can be simply understood as a platform that allows businesses to set up a virtual store. Unlike Amazon – a giant online shopping market, focusing on standardizing the shopping market and directly fulfilling orders, Shopify serves as a platform providing tools to create and manage stores. Users have the right to build a store according to their style and use Shopify store management software to sync online and offline sales and manage their businesses effectively.

So, why should you start your business with Shopify?

  • Easy to use: Shopify is a user-friendly application. You can completely set up a unique and impressive Shopify store in a short time without too much coding and design knowledge. Don’t worry too much about the operating method because Shopify will provide detailed installation instructions for users.
  • It’s for global: Shopify does not limit users to any network or region. Anyone can access Shopify as a seller or buyer.
  • Integrating many features: Shopify has great payment and marketing tools, unlimited sales channels, and is especially friendly to mobile devices. It creates an optimal buying and selling experience for users and increases sales for businesses.
  • Intelligent and effective security: Secure socket layer (SSL) encryption along with advanced backup solutions from the Rewind application helps maximize data security, allowing businesses to back up and archive data regularly.

How to Find out the Best Products to Sell on Shopify

After having an overview of Shopify, to start a business, you need to determine what your product is. To save time researching products and make the right choice, do the following to identify potential products:

Amazon’s best-sellers

As the world’s largest retail e-commerce platform, purchasing power on Amazon accurately reflects consumers’ interests in items. A way to help you determine which products are receiving the most attention is to check the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) which lists the best-selling products in each category in real-time. The method Amazon Best Sellers Rank is calculated based on sales volume over time. By tracking changes over time in the rankings of best-selling products on Amazon, you can easily assess demand for products and then make decisions about the products you want to sell.

Amazon best sellers rank

Recommended products

Product recommendation works by extracting data about the products that visitors are buying. As soon as you click on any product, a row of similar products is suggested. Notably, the recommended products are all in high demand, have good conversion rates, and have received good customer reviews. That will give you business product ideas for your Shopify store.

recommended products on amazon

Product research

Besides researching BSR and Amazon Recommended Products, you can research products in more depth on the platform by using product research tools. It cannot be denied that the products on the BSR list are the best-selling and most popular products. But it does not seem enough for you to make the final decision. Product research tools allow you to get a comprehensive view of products that are trending or have the potential to grow in the future which are assessed on sales, views, revenue, ratings, product’s score for reselling,… This also helps you build a database and a solid base to set up a product catalog on your Shopify store.

Some of the product research tools we can mention here are Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Seller App, AMZ Scout,…

Keyword research

Defining what products people are searching for at a given time is the key to your successful business. The data from keyword research work shows the level of public interest and demand for that product. All you need to do now is to choose the product that both you and most people are interested in.

A useful support tool in keyword research is Google Keyword Planner. As soon as you search for any keyword, Google Keyword Planner will show results about the number of people searching for that keyword in the most recent month, related keywords, difficulty level, and competition of the keywords. As a result, it provides you with a clearer view of the popularity of the product you intend to sell.

Google Trends

Similar to Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends also provides information about what people around the world are searching for, indicated by the number of searches and search frequency in many countries and various languages as well. The best products to sell on Shopify are what align with people’s interests.

And if you don’t have too much time to do the aforementioned research yourself, fret not! Here are some ideas of the best products to sell on Shopify that you can immediately consider and implement.

Check Out top 14+ Best Things to Sell on Shopify

#1 Lipstick

lipstick best product to sell on shopify

Everyone in the world loves beauty – as a basic need of human beings, regardless of gender. Lipstick is a must-have item in everyone’s make-up work. Breaking the prejudice of “Men are not allowed to wear makeup” in this modern life has played a positive impact on cosmetic consumption in a general sense and lipstick in particular.

Also, the word “ Lipstick” was shown to gain over 60,000 searches per month on Google. Therefore, lipstick would be one of the best items to sell on Shopify.

#2 Dog toys

The boom in the pet care industry has caused the consumption of pet toy products to a significant increase in 2023. According to, the expected value of the pet toy market is USD 15 billion in 2032, and the Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 6.7%. Dog toys are predicted to have the leading market share with the highest CAGR during 2023 – 2032.

With 210,000 monthly searches for the phrase “Dog toys” and a high growth rate, this is certainly a breakthrough product that brings high revenue to businesses. Some dog toy products are expected to witness stronger growth shortly such as Balls, Rope and Tugs Toys, Interactive Toys, Chew Toys, and more.

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#3 Phone Accessories

phone accessories as top products to sell on Shopify

Being an inseparable thing of humans, phones are present everywhere, at all times. Along with people’s habit of following new technology, whenever a new product line is released, phone accessories, of course, are always among the top most purchased products.

Market value up to USD 88.07 billion in 2022 and the predicted CAGR rate for the period 2023 – 2030 is 6.8%, phone accessories definitely will be an ideal business product. Products designed according to personalization are even more popular such as Phone cases, Earphones, Screen Protectors, and Chargers,…

#4 Power tool accessories

top products to sell on Shopify power tool accessories

Alongside Home Decor products, power tools, and accessories also experienced strong revenue growth thanks to the home repair and renovation preferences of people – who want to renew their homes themselves. The proof is that the keyword “power tool accessories” had a growth rate of 23.42% compared to the previous year – according to Shopify Report.

Some suggestions for selling products in the power tool accessories category for you such as power drills, sanders, polishers, impact drivers,…

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#5 Coffee Mug

coffee mug to sell on Shopify

Do you think the coffee mug business has become obsolete and saturated? The truth is that coffee mug is still one of the most purchased products in the print-on-demand segment.  How we can explain this is that people are gradually becoming more aware of climate change and more conscious of the environment. Hence, the demand for reusable products increases.

In addition, cups designed in a personal style will motivate people to use them more often, not only as drinking utensils but also as decorative objects for the house. Thus, there is no surprise with the appearance of coffee mugs in the list of best things to sell on Shopify.

#6 Fashion sunglasses

fashion sunglasses to sell on Shopify

According to a report from Statista, in the US, sunglasses revenue is expected to reach more than USD 5 billion in 2022. The keyword “Sunglasses” receives 1 million to 10 million searches per month. In particular, in the peak summer months, the demand for UV-protective sunglasses increases strongly.

Grand Review Research also indicated that the global sunglasses market size was valued at USD 29.72 billion in the previous year. It is also expected that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of sunglasses in general will be at the rate of 6.2% and that of the online purchase segment is 7.6% in the 2023 to 2030 period. This means there’s a lot of room for selling this product online.

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#7 Skincare product

skincare products best things to sell on Shopify

Similar to Lipstick, there is always a huge demand for skincare products. The global skin care products market size is estimated to reach USD 135.83 billion by 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% from 2023 to 2030.

Skincare products are also one of the most searched categories on Amazon. The demand for creams, sunscreens, and body lotions is increasing worldwide thanks to men’s changing awareness of the importance of body care. In addition, the promotion and use of skin care products from celebrities and influencers also have a positive impact on growth in this industry.

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#8 Candles

best products to sell on shopify candles

Expected to reach a revenue of USD 13.3 billion, candles continue to be a home decoration product included in the list of best products to sell on Shopify. Not only that, candles are used to burn, and create a pleasant scent and a romantic, warm atmosphere. It can also be one of the best sellers during the Valentine’s Day or Christmas season.

#9 Water Bottle

Predicted to gain a total value of 1.4 billion USD by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% in the period 2023 – 2027, water bottles will still be a potential business product. Recorded search data about glass bottles is 5 million searches/month, proving that the demand for water bottles worldwide is huge.

#10 Clothes

best items to sell on shopify clothes

Not only on Shopify but with any form of business or sales platform, Clothes have been selling like hotcakes. The need to buy clothes happens every day and will increase dramatically on special occasions.

There are countless ideas for clothing stores on Shopify. You can choose to sell products designed according to customer’s needs, items made from environmentally friendly materials or products for specific industries and purposes, etc. Your job is to do research carefully to understand human needs, products, and target audiences then offer test products that reflect your brand’s style. When everything goes the right way, you will gain a certain customer base who love your products.

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#11 Watch accessories

trending product on shopify watch accessories

Watch straps, watch boxes, watch repair kits,… are the most sought-after products in the watch accessories category. Notably, the market for watch accessories products is developing relatively well, shown by a market volume of 335 billion USD in 2023 alone.

The search trend of the keyword “watch accessories” also reaches about 5,400 searches per month. Although the search volume is not too high, related keywords such as “Apple watch strap” or “watch stand” record huge numbers: 450,000 and 14,800 searches per month respectively. It also proves people’s high demand for these products.

#12 Yoga Mat

After the Covid-19 period, people’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle has been greatly enhanced. Thanks to that, Yoga has also become more popular, leading to an essential need for yoga mats. Markets and Markets calculations show that the value of the yoga mat market reached USD 8,984 million in 2020 – the time the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and is expected to reach 10.43 million USD by 2025. By setting up a smart pricing strategy and good product quality, this is definitely a winning product in the best products to sell on the Shopify list.

#13 Shoes

bets products to sell on shopify shoes

Statista showed that revenue of the global footwear industry in 2033 is expected to reach 140.3 billion USD, recording an increase of 19.6% compared to 2022 and a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% from 2022 to 2028. Moreover, research by Power Reviews points out that 74% of shoe sales are from online platforms. We all can perceive that buying shoes online is a trend and of course, the market for selling shoes on Shopify is also extremely large.

#14 Digital products

best digital products to sell on shopify

Not only physical products but also digital products deserve to be on the list of best products to sell on Shopify thanks to the print-on-demand business model – creating products that meet customer needs or simply selling copyrighted products. With many advantages such as low overhead costs, high-profit margins, potential to automate and be flexible, digital product is one of the most profitable products when it comes to selling online.

Popular digital products that can be found on Shopify include E-book, Graphic design, Image packs and templates, Online courses,… Check out our blog about all digital products to sell on Shopify.


Starting an online business with Shopify is simple, but being successful with this platform is not easy at all. To become a successful entrepreneur with Shopify, you need to be able to adapt to change, research the market, and sell the right products.

The above list is a suggestion of some of the best products to sell on Shopify. There will be countless other good and potential products to help you succeed on Shopify but remember, a winning product will go hand in hand with effective business and marketing strategies.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you make an easier decision in choosing products for your Shopify store. Now, let’s start perfecting your own store with BSS Commerce Shopify!