In the age of E-commerce development, Shopify is an integral tool that allows most enterprises to start a business by opening up online stores. The ability to sell digital products is one of the most important benefits provided by Shopify. In this blog, BSS Commerce Shopify will provide you with all the information you need to increase income with Shopify digital products.

Why Should You Sell Shopify Digital Products?

Digital products are intangible electronic goods, usually distributed via the Internet or digital devices. There’s not much you need to invest in selling digital products online, which means this is also one of the greatest ways to start your own eCommerce store for little money, but lots of profit.

So let’s explore some of the top benefits of selling digital products on Shopify:


Selling digital products will save you money with one of the best e-commerce platforms available – Shopify. It’s easier & less expensive than setting up a brick-and-mortar establishment. With many different membership options available to fit your budget and unique needs you’re able to sidestep high costs related to leasing brick-and-mortar locations or having large amounts of inventory on hand.

High-profit margin

The architecture matches the high-margin digital goods business model. The platform provides powerful tools for product management, payment processing, and order fulfillment to ease the sales process. Furthermore, as digital products don’t require any physical inventory, you won’t have to worry about warehousing and shipping expenses, which will considerably lower your operational costs while increasing the potential of your income.

Unlimited reach

The worldwide scope of Shopify easily syncs with the unbounded market prospects of virtual item offerings. It has an intuitive administration interface allowing proprietors to adapt their shops for various crowds globally. On top of this, Shopify’s wide array of payment methods means that you can cater to payment processing options for customers in different geographical areas and thus increase the breadth of your customer base.

Constant Availability

Shopify takes over the responsibility of ensuring they’re available to their users at all times with the round-the-clock customer service they provide, and also by maintaining an impeccable technical infrastructure. Customers have access to you 24/7 wherever they’re located in regards to time zone or schedule. Reliable hosting on the platform and encrypted file storage ensure your product is always available, raising customer happiness.

Top Shopify Digital Products to Sell

Now that you’re convinced of the advantages, let’s explore some popular digital products that can transform your digital products on Shopify store into a hub of creativity and innovation.

Digital products to sell online

Online Courses

The online education market is on an exponential rise these days and rightly so. Online courses have emerged as a dynamic means to disseminate knowledge and experience in diverse fields. By building and selling digital products, especially online classes, on Shopify, you address the worldwide desire to learn throughout life. By having an efficient marketing process and captivating course material, you create consistent streams of revenue while educating others on gaining additional knowledge and abilities.

Digital Templates

The times have changed and visual design is more important in the digital age. Creating and selling editable digital templating solutions for websites, presentations, resumes, etc. is a booming business. Create specialized templates for certain professions or demographics and let your clients design beautiful creations in no time.

Stock Photography

Quality visual assets matter to online presence and companies hungry for top-notch. So if you’re a photographer, then selling stock photos on Shopify could work for your business too. Create an expansive library of photos on different subjects to satisfy different necessities.

Digital Product Licenses

In such cases, the creators themselves may also continue to own both physical goods and intellectual property through licensing or selling off rights.

Music or Art

Digital downloads can be sold by musicians and artists. That’s artists — singers, bands, music albums, digital art prints, to name just some. Shopify presents an opportunity for you to tap into a worldwide fan base.

Graphic Design Services

Digital products that graphic designers can perform are logo design, personalized illustration, and brand packages. Demonstrate your abilities and engage with potential clients searching for high-quality design services.

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How to Sell Digital Products on Shopify?

Now, let’s delve into the steps to successfully sell Shopify digital products:

Step 1: Setting up your Shopify store

Firstly, you must create and open your Shopify store. To start, go to and sign up with your email address. Then click on Start free trial. Moreover, since Shopify has a free trial of 3 days there is nothing to be worried about on the payment side.

open store on Shopify

After that, you will be redirected to the next page where we will ask you some questions about setting up your store. You have the liberty to skip this and head over to your store’s dashboard. But it’s suggested that you should answer the following questions in advance first.

create Shopify store

After that is completed, Shopify will prompt you in order to enter your store domain name and business location so that you are able to create a Shopify account. Once you have created an account successfully, you can enter your name and continue.

On your dashboard, there is a setup guide that will lead you through every important point of setting up your shop. You could just jump over it and begin exploring the settings to see everything line by line.

Step 2: Uploading your Shopify digital products

Now it’s your turn to add your digital item to your Shopify account along with the information.

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products from the left-hand menu

2. Click on Add Product, which will take you to the page where you can enter details of your product and export it to Shopify.

3. Using this screen you can give a name to your Product and also a description if required and also have some image for it (which you can do through the Media option)

If this is a pure Digital Product, i.e., you won’t be selling it along with any Physical Product, choose Digital product or service as a Shipping option.

Choose digital product or service on shipping option

4. When you have completed your product description and uploaded some pics, click on SAVE

5. To upload the actual digital product, you will need to click on the Actions button in the top right corner of the product info page and select the Add digital file function. Then you will have the opportunity to add a File to your item. Click on the Add file and then upload your file.

Step 3: Optimizing Your Shopify Store for Digital Products

How well you optimize your Shopify store for selling digital products depends on how far you’ll go with your e-commerce success. If you want to sell the most, there are just a few things you should concentrate on.

The product page is the most crucial part of the e-commerce site. Your ability to sell your products rests in great measure on your site’s product page (and product descriptions are an important component). In doing so, they enable consumers to understand what they are buying.

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Be sure to use keyword-rich content in your product descriptions, keep them clear, concise, and showcase your products’ value. To do this, you can copy and paste out the product descriptions for each product in Products on the Shopify Dashboards section.

Then, quality photos of your products can increase your sales massively. You want to offer your audience a compelling visual of what your digital products look like. Be really careful if you attach images that don’t represent the physical products you sell.

Because you are offering digital goods, there will be an option for creating a download link using Shopify’s Digital Downloads app, or any other third-party app for that matter, which enables customers to grab the digital product with ease.

Of course, there are many other elements to consider that impact the success of your store. When you’re selling digital products, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage things like customer reviews, email marketing, and an upsell/cross-sell strategy to boost your sales.

  • Positive reviews and testimonials will make you win the confidence of buyers and improve conversion. Hence add a feature of showing customer reviews on your site.
  • You can communicate with your audience, sell your digital products, build an email list, etc. Attract your subscribers towards converting through the use of compelling subject lines and special offers.
  • Creating upsells and cross-sells can improve the value of orders for you. You can suggest complementary services and other products linked to these, persuading them that they are making a suitable purchase. And you can do this using an application like ReConvert from the Shopify store.

Step 4: Marketing Your Digital Products on Shopify

In order to successfully increase income with Shopify digital products, you need good online marketing tactics for visibility and sales generation. Happily, Shopify has quite a few internal tools that can aid sellers in selling their items.

SEO is one of the most important tools. With an online store on Shopify, you have the built-in SEO tools in optimized Shopify themes for SEO or Shopify SEO apps integrated into your store to optimize your blog content. This handles some of those for you (e.g., canonical tags on each page) so that you don’t have duplicate content issues appearing in SERPS. Additionally, when you choose a certain theme, the title tag will come out with your store name embedded already.

  • You can also create an email list to send emails out to potential buyers and existing clientele to update them about your latest offering/new arrival, ongoing sales and discounts, etc.
  • You have lots of options to promote your products and brand, from the Shopify App store. With the help of this technique, you might promote your digital product to your target audience’s favorite social media platforms. You can take any marketing or Conversion tools from Shopify Marketplace to fulfill your requirements.

In fact, for instance, you may link your online shop to Facebook or Instagram system to auction your things utilizing Facebook & Instagram.

Step 5: Analyzing Your Shopify Store’s Performance

Digital product marketing in Shopify involves using the platform’s native features and studying the performance of the store to enhance your marketing tactics.

Quickly from the Shopify dashboard, you can either click Marketing or Analytics to see lots of important analytics metrics of your online store: session, conversion ratio, averages of billing,… which allow identifying which to work out for progressing up

Tracking the success of your email campaigns, social media marketing, or any paid advertisement will let you know what channels are producing the maximum traffic, as well as conversions. With this information in hand, you can optimize your advertising budget and target the right audience at the right time through the most effective channels.

It’s also crucial to follow the market trends. Keeping in touch with the latest developments in the industry can give you ideas on how to expand the line of businesses offering digital products. Market research helps you see what your potential clients want, and when you use this information to personalize your marketing message to them.

Shopify Digital Products Store

To provide you with inspiration, here are three Shopify digital products examples:

Troop Themes – Premium Shopify Themes

Troop Themes - Shopify digital product store

Troop Themes is a premium Shopify theme developer for professional webstores. Troop Themes stands unique with integrated package features oriented to selling online digital products. These topics offer consumers pleasant interfaces, secure virtual downloads, adjustable merchandise listings, and repute responsive design for maximum purchaser revel. Troop Themes is where you can find all kinds of digital product business-related themes with excellent design and features that will perfectly suit your needs.

Violet Field Threads – Patterns and Tutorials

Violet field threads - Shopify digital product store

Violet Field Threads — Your Online Destination For Sewing Patterns & Tutorials! Giving detailed templates and instructions, the site allows the learners to start stitching their own outfits easily. The thing that differentiates Violet Field Threads from others, aside from their beautiful patterns, they have a very user-friendly website, which makes browsing patterns easier and painless. Convenience and trust come first with secure payment methods and instant file availability. Patterns can be altered through the customisation settings. It provides the best of both worlds — creativity meets function for any level sewer with violet-field threads!

RabbitRoom – Music, Books and Deals

RabbitRoom - Shopify digital product store

RabbitRoom ( has built an interesting digital marketplace with a wide selection of songs/music, books, and unique deals. It offers an intuitive platform allowing easy, smooth access to customers willing to buy and download the digital content they love. RabbitRoom puts customer satisfaction first with its easy checkout process and quick delivery of products. If you’re in tune with music, and books or get early access to exclusive content — this is the perfect all-in-one location for any lover of digital media because Rabbit Room offers variety alongside an easy-to-use platform.

Shopify Digital Products Apps

Check out some stunning apps that help you perfectly with selling digital products on Shopify.

#1 Sky Pilot ‑ Digital Downloads

Sky Pilot - Shopify digital product app

Sky Pilot is the #1 all-in-one e-commerce platform for selling and distributing digital goods (physical or downloadable) and streaming content on a global scale in real-time. By integrating with Sky Pilot’s direct-in-store service the retailer has the full freedom to customize the product (both the case itself and its digital screens) and the sales process, giving the shopper the ultimate in-store experience.

📌 Check out: Sky Pilot ‑ Digital Downloads

#2 EDP ‑ Easy Digital Products

EDP - Shopify digital product app

With their easy-to-use platform, you can sell digital downloads, files, and license keys directly from your website or store. Convert your products into digital with an easy-to-use user interface; add attachments, show custom download buttons, or send elegant email notifications to customers about their digital products. In addition to allowing for sophisticated functions such as PDF stamping and bandwidth management, EDP makes eCommerce transactions easy.

📌 Check out: EDP – Easy Digital Products

#3 Digital Downloads ‑ Filemonk

Filemonk - Shopify digital product app

Filework is an easy way for you to sell digital products digitally. Add your files in 3-steps: upload, associate with products, and send them via email; customers instantly gain access to their digital downloads after checking out; change every setting to reflect your style and keep your content safe with custom settings such as PDF watermarking and download limits. Filework makes selling files as simple and painless as possible – whether these are digital goods, license keys, or custom work.

📌 Check out: Digital Downloads ‑ Filemonk

The Final Words

Selling Shopify digital products is an exciting way to start an e-commerce business quickly. No setup fees, low overhead costs in most cases of sales, and the profit margin can be high – all of this adds up to a great way to begin selling online or grow your business.

This guide shows you how to use Shopify digital items and gives tips on ways to achieve an active online shop by doing as mentioned above with this guide’s advice and the best Shopify apps and more. This is why, as an artist, educator, entrepreneur,… anyone really – you have everything you need at your disposal in order to thrive within the digital product marketplace with Shopify’s help. This is your chance to reach a worldwide network and achieve a consistent revenue flow.

When you want to set up a Shopify store or migrate to sell on digital platforms, the best option is BSS Commerce Shopify with our Shopify website development services. Our goal is to provide the best Shopify solution to organizations around the world in different sizes. Reach out to us and speak to experts on the call immediately.